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  1. Woman embraced by a lion... this is so cute!
  2. I'm putting my dog down today
  3. The star nosed mole
  4. Flocke the Polar Bear
  5. Your chance to adopt a puppy who will love you for more than your looks
  6. Look at my poor kitty!
  7. Scientists develop computer that can 'translate' a dog's bark
  8. Wallace and Gromit creators unveil new characters - who are all disabled
  9. Poodles, canaries, turtles blessed in Mexico
  10. How gorgeous are these french bulldogs?
  11. Top 10 dog breeds - 2008
  12. Pet food and water outside
  13. Cute dog picture
  14. Tourists at 'tiger temple' continue to put their lives at risk, playing with big cats
  15. It's behind you: Great White stalks ocean canoeist
  16. After a decade in a 20ft cage...the magical moment leopards Sirius and Pitou ran free
  17. What colours do doggies see?
  18. Kitty a Go-Go: spoiled sweet or spoiled rotten?
  19. Fluorescent pig has glowing piglets
  20. Labradoodles, Puggles and other "designer" crossbreeds
  21. Greeting a guide dog
  22. Scores of horses found dead and dying at shocking farm producing meat for France
  23. Perez Hilton's mini Goldendoodle puppy Teddy
  24. Housebreaking in the city!
  25. Please help the purloined pug!
  26. German Zoo to raise another polar bear cub--this is not cool
  27. Do you speak Cat?
  28. Piglet found in lorry is rehomed
  29. German zoo is slammed for letting polar bear cubs starve
  30. Groucho, the bilingual singing Amazon Parrot
  31. The Amazing Lyre Bird
  32. Santa's little helper is worn out
  33. Snoring cat
  34. The laughing seal
  35. Faithful dog does the laundry, tidies up and brings shopping home
  36. Advice: unwell Betta fish
  37. A polar bear who just bubbles with fun
  38. Puppies driving
  39. Jason Taylor loves his dog
  40. How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb
  41. How to make Puppy Pie
  42. Plastic surgery for pets?
  43. Advice: Cat not acting like himself
  44. Hottest cat scratcher
  45. The Puppoose: spoiled sweet or spoiled rotten?
  46. Overweight wombat needs rescuing after getting stuck in a flower pot
  47. Yorkshire Terrier, Charlie, follows his star too far
  48. Monkey bathing
  49. Cute alert: obscenely cute puppies
  50. Cute alert: baby panda wrestling
  51. Shoe-wearing elephant is big hit
  52. Cute alert: baby pandas! (Kris Nine look!)
  53. Recycled computer monitor turned cat bed
  54. Would you give someone a puppy as a gift?
  55. Pet store catering to celebs closed down
  56. Gorilla celebrating Christmas
  57. Dog Christmas cards
  58. Ever seen a Panda bear grow?
  59. Animal activists' anger after aquarium puts Santa hats on whales
  60. Scientists who studied 'dolphinese' claim they are closer to humans than we thought
  61. Giant cat-sized rats discovered in Papuan 'lost world'
  62. Man gets 120 days in jail for abuse of dog
  63. Dog jeopardises pie championships
  64. The Scoop: The Sniffanys Connection
  65. The cats and dogs of war get their own VCs at special awards ceremony
  66. San Diego Zoo panda cub named Zhen Zhen
  67. Sad picture of cats that are caged along with chickens
  68. Any ideas for how to play with cats?
  69. Whistling puppy
  70. Amorous gorilla put on birth pill
  71. Knut the polar bear celebrates his first birthday at the Berlin Zoo
  72. How dolphins woo their partners
  73. My Dog is having an operation this week
  74. Kittywigs. That's right. Wigs for your f#cking cat.
  75. The boy who is best friends with a six-metre-long python
  76. Cat lovers left with nothing in the kitty after £10,000 vet bills
  77. Pawtraits of love
  78. Feeding wild birds during the winter months
  79. Keeping pets happy and entertained during the winter months
  80. Puppy rescued from watering can
  81. California man admits stabbing sea lion
  82. Cat rides donkey
  83. Odd animals
  84. Whale gets stranded in Brazilian Amazon... for the second time
  85. The 1,400 big cats whose body parts are prized on the black market
  86. Snickers got bit by a pit bull.....
  87. Those funny cats
  88. Kittie wants to sleep in late!
  89. In Memoriam: The animals aboard Titanic
  90. Dramatic Polar Bear rescue
  91. Animals found decapitated on Orange County beach
  92. Will doughnut trap lure mystery animal?
  93. Pet peeves
  94. Just some cute pics...
  95. I feel so bad
  96. Panda bitten by drunken tourist takes revenge
  97. Pig brings traffic on carriageway to standstill so she can feed her piglets
  98. Wanted: House-trained bear needs a BIG new home
  99. Masochist pussy likes being paddled
  100. RIP: Washoe the Sign Language Chimp 1965-2007
  101. Polar bears at play - unbelievably cute pictures of a mother and her cubs
  102. Life-saving dog, cat honored for heroic acts
  103. Why are we so obsessed with our pets?
  104. SoCal pets find refuge on beach after fires
  105. Swimming with dolphins ‘should be banned’
  106. Litter box trouble
  107. A 4ft leopard for your living room (if you've got £12,000 in the kitty)
  108. JFK airport cats at risk of being euthanized
  109. German foxes prefer town to country life
  110. Strange/funny outfits for your pets
  111. The two talking cats
  112. For the arachnaphobes: spider videos!
  113. Insane squirrel obstacle course
  114. Crow and kitten are friends
  115. Cat help
  116. Mystery of the cat-napper who takes neighbours' pets... and dumps them 25 miles away
  117. I am so pathetic....
  118. RIP: Scout (1991-2007)
  119. Official Gossip Rocks Cat People Club :)
  120. Dog becomes a classroom assistant
  121. National Feral Cat Day - Tuesday 10/16/07
  122. Rare China tiger seen in the wild
  123. 2007 CFA-Iams Cat Show preview
  124. Pet pictures
  125. "May I have this dance?"
  126. Adorable things your pets do
  127. Goodbye, Gidget
  128. Do you know this dog food???
  129. The £2,500 Vivienne Westwood dog coat
  130. PETA called on its bullsh!t by comedian duo
  131. Gimme some pug love... REEHHHHH!
  132. Funny cats, LOL
  133. Jessica the Hippo
  134. The wonderful pictures that show babies and kittens are more alike than we think
  135. A tale of two Cockies
  136. Best parrot videos
  137. Smart, smart starlings
  138. Polar Bear and Husky at play
  139. The BIG cat who likes getting wet and wild
  140. Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'connell lose dog, had to be put down days after adopting him
  141. Who ate all the ducks? ... Meet Snappy, the 20lb Ninja turtle
  142. Meet my new little guy
  143. My cat Spooky 1990-2007
  144. New web site: Adopt this dog or he will die
  145. Thieving seagull
  146. This made me so mad
  147. Does anyone here own a Ragdoll cat?
  148. Puppy Parties...WTF?
  149. "Love dogs? You must be barking!"
  150. New PETA Commercials
  151. Mad Scientists: Salmon parents give birth to trout
  152. Bite me Spidey
  153. Why dogs need lawyers
  154. Stunning photo of 1.5 million flamingos on lake
  155. The abandoned monkey who has found love with a pigeon
  156. Brainy Alex (the parrot) drops off his perch
  157. Best animal commercial-ever!
  158. My mutt the bikie...
  159. Pietertje, my black bunny died this evening
  160. Puppy born with six legs and two penises!
  161. Extreme dining on live sea animals
  162. My brother's girlfriend is clever; how she got her dog
  163. What do you think of this?
  164. Puppy born with perfect heart shape marking
  165. CUTE ALERT!! New shoes help Trevor the turkey chick to walk
  166. Doggie ear infection?
  167. Some cute dogs
  168. Secondhand smoke causes cancer in pets
  169. Meet the cute cub that will give pride back to her breed
  170. Pictures of the first giant panda cub born in Europe for 25 years
  171. Scary? Or funny? You decide
  172. My dog Fin!
  173. Have you seen a Liger?
  174. Tiger in a flap: hand-reared cub enjoys creature comforts
  175. My dog Orion
  176. Tortured California tortoise returns home
  177. Puppy advice needed
  178. My dog and her bone....
  179. Do Dogs Feel Love?
  180. My baby Sushi
  181. Lion reunites with humans
  182. Strawberry yogurt for dogs? Anyone tried it?
  183. Really cute site "I Do Dog Tricks"
  184. Man to face trial in fatal arrow attack on neighbor's cat
  185. Jettydogs!
  186. New-born lamb has a leg for every day of the week
  187. Potty training advice
  188. Some cuteness
  189. New puppy
  190. The world's tallest horse meets the world's smallest
  191. What's Your Ideal Pet?
  192. Meet the adorable rare Siberian tiger cubs born at Romanian zoo
  193. Hedgehogs disturb the peace making sweet hedgehog love
  194. Dog who searched for WTC survivors dies
  195. My cat died and I'm really upset because..............
  196. Family searches feces of cash-eating dog
  197. Tiny dog saves baby from rattlesnake
  198. Horseback riding
  199. Deaf cat
  200. My Puppy
  201. 'Who needs men? Our cats are the purrfect partners'
  202. Two-week-old tiger triplets make their first appearance at zoo
  203. Stumpy, the duck born with four legs, has found love
  204. My Poor, Traumatized Puppy!
  205. Tips for keeping food separate?
  206. I lost my best friend last week
  207. Duck and Puppy love :)
  208. This chihuahua puppy literally wears its heart on its sleeve.
  209. Meet Britain's largest dog
  210. Dog produces milk to feed kitty
  211. Caring for dog's eyes
  212. Cat survives 3 weeks crossing ocean
  213. Jessica - The hippo in the house
  214. The rare PINK dolphin!
  215. The weighty matter of our overfed dogs
  216. DNA traces origin of domestic cat - over 100,000 years ago!
  217. Meet Eclyse - the amazing Zebra/Horse cross
  218. Smallest Dog In The World!
  219. Why are women so mad about moggies?
  220. Need HELP immediately!!
  221. WARNING! Raisins/Grapes Can Kill Your Dog
  222. What happens when a dog and cat fall in love
  223. Doggysnaps- Cool dog site
  224. Pony Plastic Surgery
  225. I washed my cat !!!
  226. Can Kitties Kiss? Just Look into Their Eyes ...
  227. Puppy snatched from 10-year-old's arms
  228. My new puppy!!!
  229. lol cats!
  230. Cat cares for puppies
  231. Cat grows wings
  232. Orang-utan goes on rampage at zoo restaurant
  233. Litter box training a dog?
  234. Cat eats with utensils video
  235. Captive shark had 'virgin birth'
  236. Gay flamingos' adoption joy...
  237. A dog’s name
  238. Young bear decides to visit N.M. clinic
  239. Gorilla escapes at Dutch zoo, injures 4
  240. Dog nurses tiger triplets
  241. The lamb dressed in panda's clothing
  242. Jealous osprey makes up with mate
  243. The mother of all litters: Poppy the St. Bernard has 13 pups
  244. The cat who nearly died of hay fever
  245. Pet dog's behavior question
  246. Pets doing celebrity impressions!
  247. Don't forget to pack your cat! Pet cat found in traveller's suitcase
  248. Tiny terrier fights off pit bulls, saves kids
  249. Dog boobs
  250. Norah the piano-playing cat!