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  1. Coastguards rescue lamb who got stuck in the mud
  2. The hippo who ditched his muddy waters to catch some sun and surf
  3. Pandas fly the friendly skies post-earthquake
  4. Do monkeys like music?
  5. A cute hot dog
  6. Adorable dog
  7. Mini White Schnauzer puppy
  8. Doesn't this seal look content?
  9. Little Red Panda
  10. Sharks swim closer to extinction
  11. Curtains made just for Kitty
  12. Orphaned piggies love their doggie foster mom!
  13. What agency can I contact?
  14. Gorgeous British Bulldog puppies
  15. Whales die after stranding on Senegal coast
  16. Bilbo, Britain's favourite lifedog
  17. The tiny owl chicks being fed at the dinner table
  18. Dramatic sea rescue of dog stuck on beach
  19. Is Labrador cross, Bella, the oldest dog in the world?
  20. Lost parrot tells vet his name and address
  21. Cute puppies and little boy
  22. Baby lion gets Anthelmintic Therapy
  23. Lonegan the wonky donkey finds his feet again after surgery
  24. Thousands of tiny amphibians dice with death to flee polluted river
  25. Starfish mountain revealed under the sea
  26. Special Bearlivery
  27. Rescued baby squirrel
  28. Beautiful Hummingbird video
  29. Parrot wrestles teddy
  30. Losing racehorses in Puerto Rico condemned to die
  31. Gorgeous Gorilla pics
  32. Panda snow rolling
  33. Sneezey Panda
  34. The pygmy hog, once thought extinct, is reintroduced to its native habitat
  35. Baby Koala eating some Eucalyptus
  36. It tastes of beef and it's non-alcoholic, but this beer is strictly for the dogs
  37. Pandas safe at famous park after China quake
  38. Skybark: The bar for Humans and Dogs
  39. Controversial artist dedicates sculpture to Oprah Winfrey's deceased dogs
  40. Found this sweet little couple in my driveway!
  41. Jellybean the pup has a broken heart
  42. Food mission for pets in volcano town
  43. Gorgeous newborn black Otorongo
  44. Golden Retriever fosters kittens
  45. The moment jumbo elephant went on the rampage - and crushed a couple's car
  46. The giant 6ft cow that is as big as a small elephant
  47. The bears are hogging the playset again
  48. "I'll just fill up my bowl myself"
  49. Awww mummy Rhodesian Ridgeback and puppy
  50. Giant panda hope for Scottish zoo
  51. Chihuahuas top list of most expensive dogs, costing pet owners £90,000 over lifetime
  52. Psychic pet rescue
  53. Rarest big cat caught in camera trap
  54. Lisa Deanne Young: A rare breed of animal lover
  55. Fat Rhesus monkeys in Japan
  56. Female rattlesnakes are stay-at-home moms
  57. With help from her dog, woman overcomes bullying
  58. Custom wheelchairs keep disabled pets moving
  59. Soldiers find loyal comrades in war dogs
  60. An engineer's guide to cats
  61. Great Dane makes a deer friend
  62. Gin the Dog on Britain's Got Talent show
  63. This Rhino cutie is only one day old
  64. This baby elephant is only 33 hours old
  65. Jenny, the world's oldest gorilla, celebrates her 55th birthday
  66. It's all in a day's playful fun, but what has caused this polar bear to look so blue?
  67. Zeus, the 70-stone manta ray takes to the sky (with the help of a helicopter)
  68. The baby manatees abandoned by their mother need to be bottle fed to survive
  69. The tiny hedgehog family born a month early thanks to Britain's unpredictable weather
  70. The 6 cutest animals that can still destroy you
  71. Question: Do you tip Pet Groomers??
  72. Meet baby hippos
  73. Piglet pics... enjoy
  74. Dachschund adopts a Piglet
  75. Hamster nibbling sweetcorn
  76. The day the lamb moved in
  77. The world's most intelligent fish - he plays football, basketball and limbo dances
  78. Otter Mum shows off her baby
  79. Frolicking cuteness
  80. Labrador puppies
  81. Little four day old Rhino
  82. Dog nurses "pittens" back to health
  83. Sand cats
  84. The world's first bionic sea creature: Winter the dolphin gets a prosthetic tail
  85. Cats who didn't match the carpet & other shocking reasons people dump their pets
  86. Having a dog could be the best remedy for hay fever
  87. Goose attack!
  88. Update on my puppy!
  89. Animal hoarding: The crazy cat lady, explained
  90. Put those polar bears on a diet!
  91. Balding penguin's wetsuit lets him swim again
  92. Ape Genius reveals depth of animal intelligence
  93. Gizmo, the boxing cat
  94. The baby monkey that thinks its mum's a teddy bear
  95. More pics of Cabbage the dog, mutilated by dog-fighting thugs
  96. The robin who hatched her babies in a hardhat
  97. Ling Ling passes away
  98. Do you like this hanging aquarium?
  99. Beautiful white lion cubs
  100. The moment a baby antelope should have run... as hungry cheetah cubs learn to kill
  101. Angels Gate - Home for unwanted dogs
  102. Missouri = puppy mill of mid-west?
  103. Seals, anyone?
  104. Orangutan attempts to hunt fish with spear
  105. Scary animal toys for toddlers
  106. Adopting a kitty today! I'm excited!
  107. I just tested out "The Furminator" on Bella...
  108. World to moths - GET SOME FREAKIN' LIVES
  109. For KrisNine: The Pandas' Secret
  110. Some cute puppy pics
  111. How cute is this kitten?
  112. Beautiful baby bears
  113. Cute kitten sneezes
  114. Cute kittens!
  115. My puppy is having surgery tomorrow!
  116. Owl Cam
  117. Top 20 family pets
  118. Atkins diet hedgehog slims down
  119. Ancient elephants lived in water
  120. RSPCA domestic violence ad
  121. Sheep gives birth to five lambs
  122. Cats can learn pointless tricks too!
  123. Question - telling a child about a pet's death
  124. Cute pup pic of the day
  125. Arthritis in pets
  126. The new pygmy hedgehogs you can keep like a pet hamster
  127. Spiders in YOUR HOUSE
  128. The tired little duckling that jumped on mum's back for a ride across the river
  129. Dog-rape suspect wanted by Sheriff
  130. Four new baby tigers named after Suns players on display
  131. Saved seal makes it back into sea
  132. Confused emu tries to hatch ball
  133. Kitten tamed by bird
  134. Sleepy pups
  135. Incoming!
  136. The two-and-a-half stone ginger cat who's too big to get his head through a cat-flap
  137. Dog takes out the trash
  138. Found baby black bear
  139. Yogurt Kitten before and after
  140. Very cute clip
  141. You seem... how you say? Tense
  142. Gorgeous polar bear photos
  143. Mini-Pug on Mini Lounge
  144. You got any erasers in here—WHOA
  145. Freddie is being desexed on Friday
  146. Barney the foul-mouthed parrot teaches other birds how to swear at tourists
  147. Meet Flocke, the new polar bear cub superstar
  148. Suggestions: Parents getting new dog!
  149. How Yeppa the dog helped 11-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Harriet learn to walk
  150. Do you like the Cat Washroom Cabinet?
  151. CatGenie is unlike all litter boxes...
  152. Do you like these dog shaped soaps? I do
  153. Cat Castle - modular cat playground
  154. Would your cat like the Lotus Cat Tower?
  155. Meet Whitey the albino alligator
  156. Question about adopting pound puppies
  157. This penguin cutie is only one week old!
  158. Killer polar bear? I'm just a big teddy, really!
  159. This is adorable: Best mates, the baby kangaroo and the wonder dog that saved it
  160. My kitty is sick
  161. Do you like the Sniffany and Co dog bed?
  162. Jumbo jet airplane pet bed
  163. Savvy Tabby Neptune Nappers for kitty cats
  164. Incredible Story -- Jeff and Freedom, The Eagle
  165. What animal are you?
  166. Puppy potty training
  167. My beautfiul dog, Daisy, has passed away
  168. Do you like the Feline Funhouse?
  169. Cute puppy and dog
  170. Adorable agouti are the first of their kind to be born in the UK
  171. 'I've just eaten all your chickens': The fox who was too fat to flee the coop
  172. Nicolas the frog recovers from his broken leg in bright blue plaster
  173. Kitty bitchslap
  174. Anyone work at, use a doggie day care?
  175. My dumbass mother lost my third bird
  176. China uses 'panda porn to sexercise' zoo population into mating
  177. How a camera attached to an elephant's trunk captured amazing jungle views
  178. Knut the polar bear is a 'publicity-addicted psycho', says keeper
  179. Dog-Job
  180. Some cute pics to help you through the day
  181. 10+ puppies vs. 1 cat ~ lolz ensue!!!!!!
  182. Lolcats has your pets!
  183. Ultimate dog toy
  184. Miniature 'guide pony' who helps her blind owner trot to the shops
  185. Lonely goose moves in with a colony of swans
  186. Geeky cat toys
  187. Double Decker KittyWalk pet stroller
  188. LOLseals Photo Caption Contest
  189. The tiny tortoise who's a fraction of the size of his 550lb mum
  190. These are the newest and cutest cubs on the block
  191. The elephants who just love to make jumbo snowballs
  192. So cute it hurts: French Bulldog puppy
  193. Elephants killed by spear attacks in Kenya
  194. My dog is very sick... maybe dying
  195. Food recall - one year later
  196. Who needs friends?
  197. Rejected baby gorilla Tia is being lovingly raised by zookeepers
  198. Panda playtime as giant bears enjoy a snowy winter wonderland
  199. Can different species 'talk'?
  200. I inherited my daughter's puppy...
  201. Classic video: Kaziranga National Park tiger attack
  202. Dog Bed Cubby
  203. Court convicts a bear of stealing honey - and fines it £1,700
  204. Lion kisses and hugs his human rescuer
  205. Beautiful elephant born at Howletts Animal Park
  206. Frog tries to get horny with a plastic duck
  207. Cat owner teaches her five felines to kitty paddle in garden pool
  208. Anyone here ride or have a horse?
  209. Dolphin saves stranded whales
  210. Penthouse dog potty: spoiled sweet or spoiled rotten?
  211. Sleepypod Mini for the little kitty
  212. What do you think about tail docking?
  213. 2008 Crufts winner: Best in Show
  214. A surprise for me Saturday
  215. Kashmir suspends stray dog cull
  216. Inside Beijing's shocking death camp for cats (DISTURBING PICS)
  217. Polar bear twins enjoy their brave new world as mum looks on
  218. In pictures: Crufts opens at NEC
  219. Sat-nav dog collar to stop thefts
  220. Indian Kashmir to poison 100,000 strays
  221. Polar Bear love
  222. Any cat lovers here?
  223. Fail Dogs
  224. Senator Vest's "Tribute to the Dog"
  225. After 52 days in the cold, beloved dog is on the mend
  226. Paragliding dog rescued from tree in Australia
  227. Call for 'serious debate' on wolf
  228. Dog of the day: Labrador
  229. The biggest creche on earth - and surely also the coldest for these king penguins
  230. Dog of the day: Miniature Schnauzer
  231. Meet Pork Chop
  232. Dog of the day: Basset Hound
  233. Billy the Boxer befriends Lilly....the baby goat
  234. Minni, the Labrador, loses nearly 3 stone
  235. Rare leopard cub takes her first steps outside
  236. An angel in the Post Office
  237. Dog of the day: Boston Terrier
  238. Pug wants yummies
  239. Giraffe calf born overnight at zoo
  240. Cockatiel dancing & singing TOOO CUTE!
  241. How NOT to release a bear!
  242. Python eats Australian family dog
  243. Dog of the day: Dachshund
  244. Henry the stumpy-legged bulldog skips the stairs and hitches a lift
  245. The balancing spaniel who proves you CAN teach an old dog new tricks
  246. How could you?
  247. Dog of the day: Yorkshire Terrier
  248. The woman who keeps 75 hibernating tortoises in her fridges
  249. Beautiful images captured by an amateur photographer underwater
  250. Jesus is everywhere