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  1. Elephants go gardening in Denmark
  2. Cat clings to car in 30-mile trip
  3. The baby gibbon who thinks a cuddly toy camel is her mother
  4. Dolphins creating and playing with bubble rings
  5. Zookeeper who hand-reared Knut the polar bear found dead
  6. Buffy the bald chicken keeps out the chill with a special sweater
  7. Orphan gorilla gets to grips with her new keeper after being adopted by British zoo
  8. Pet dog fitted with £10,000 bionic leg
  9. The death of Holden Caulfield
  10. WWF puts ad about Sarah Palin's wolf slaughter
  11. Top 10 peeves dogs have with humans
  12. Best of friends: the chicken and the cat
  13. We didn't need another cat, but...
  14. My dog is dying....
  15. The Great Escape!
  16. Dog owners - beware
  17. Ninja cat!
  18. Handicapped Chihuahuas get around on little scooters
  19. Trained dog calls 911, saves owner
  20. Anyone used dinovite?
  21. Pet food recall
  22. First photos of African 'unicorn' in wild
  23. Mouth to Meow-th: Firefighter revives cat
  24. Eight dogs are set for stardom in animal choir
  25. Double triplet joy for endangered Red Pandas
  26. Lost cat returned home after NINE years
  27. Special care for 'prickly blonde' Hedgehog
  28. Giant panda cubs that are hand-reared by researchers
  29. Scooby the dog appears in court as a witness in a murder case
  30. Oldest dog Bella the Labrador dies
  31. The dog who swallowed a mobile phone
  32. Trapped terrier's amazing rescue
  33. Dog escapes death superhero-style
  34. 13 golf balls found inside 'rattling' dog
  35. How baby pandas were rescued from China earthquake
  36. Puppy dragged behind ATV; asshole responsible caught
  37. 8 dogs die in dogcatcher's van
  38. Family of elephants have a muddy bath
  39. Canadian Wolves prefer fishing to hunting
  40. Zoo Atlanta has a new panda cub
  41. A dog is put down every 80 minutes in UK
  42. Everyone needs a friend to play with
  43. This grumpy cat is so cute
  44. Pets not left behind in New Orleans evacuation
  45. 'Inconsolable' baby elephant back with mother
  46. Saving the Michael Vick Dogs on National Geographic
  47. VP candidate Sarah Palin hates Polar Bears!
  48. Dog to sniff out threatened bees
  49. Dog who stayed by dead master's side for 11 weeks honoured with statue
  50. Baby giraffe plunges into the world
  51. Eddy the Seal, ready for the North Sea
  52. Panda Lun Lun is pregnant
  53. The Cat House on the Kings
  54. Gorilla has sore tooth removed by dentist
  55. Magpie steals woman's engagement ring and buries it in nest for three years
  56. The panda that makes giving birth look easy
  57. Meet the cats which have sprouted wings
  58. Evie the Eagle plays fetch with a tennis ball
  59. Fred the Tortoise saved from rubbish dump
  60. Ice helps seal tackle cold phobia
  61. Rescue Ink: Tattooed bikers against animal abuse
  62. Some cute pics
  63. Dogs get beach of their own in Cyprus
  64. Romance for Aztec the alpaca after osteopathy treatment
  65. Bear steals hubcap from car - then gives it back
  66. Q: How do you measure a 110-stone/1540 lb polar bear? A: Very carefully
  67. Baby long-eared owl adopted by a greyhound
  68. BBC could drop Crufts over unhealthy 'freak show' breeds
  69. Please keep my Ruby in your prayers!
  70. Happy panda pictures!!
  71. I lost my dog last night
  72. Magpie 'can recognise reflection'
  73. Meet Yoda the cat with FOUR ears
  74. Kitten thrown from car dies
  75. Favourite big cat?
  76. Disabled turtle uses new wheels to find love
  77. Distraught over dog's death, couple wants officer fired
  78. Gorilla holds her dead baby
  79. Lost baby whale thinks yacht is its mom
  80. Red Lipped Batfish
  81. Penguin is Knighted
  82. Meet Aussie the goldfish who swims upside down
  83. The orphan deer adopted by a pack of fox hounds
  84. Panda Dog
  85. Blind man was turned down for a new guide dog because he walks too slowly
  86. More than 360 animals found at filthy Mo. property
  87. Chupacabra makes rare appearance
  88. Dog stayed with owner's body after death
  89. Having a problem with feral cats
  90. My 1 month old kitty is dying
  91. Making your own dog food?
  92. Baby tiger Antares is a cutie!
  93. French Bulldog pups
  94. Puppies rescued from under school
  95. The dog who swallowed a two-foot long stick... and survived unharmed
  96. Moose family sharing love
  97. A pet's Ten Commandments
  98. Northwood kitten born with two faces
  99. Colorado mountain lion snatches dog from sleeping owners' bedroom
  100. 2 accused of burning, killing cat
  101. Bulldog rescues bag of kittens thrown in river
  102. Adorable bear
  103. Koala hugs
  104. Chihuahuas reign as Los Angeles County's most popular dog breed
  105. Black bear steals the show at US Senior Open
  106. Whale and calf spotted metres from Bondi Beach
  107. Lost beagle back after 5 years, 850 miles
  108. Kitten thrown from speeding car
  109. The confused crow that thinks it's a dog
  110. Stray fat cat named 'Princess Chunk'
  111. Animal lover spends £7,500 on surgery for cat
  112. Hand-reared Gorillas returned to wild in Africa
  113. For KrisNine: Baby boom at China panda centre
  114. Playful Kisses' new Bambi
  115. How the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo keep cool
  116. Rare tortoise 'to become a dad'
  117. Frightened stag leaps café table as it runs amok in Italian town
  118. Rare trio of tiny lemurs make their first public appearance
  119. Penguin wakes up sleepy polar bear
  120. The SIX-legged deer
  121. Koala dozes off ... up an electricity pylon
  122. Dogs help autistic children connect
  123. Help needy pets for free
  124. Pets just sitting
  125. Cat jumps seven feet
  126. Gulliver the kitten travels 300 miles in a coach engine
  127. Baby panda adopted and nursed by cat dies
  128. Animal Kingdom's odd couples
  129. Monkey has a bath
  130. Great story about Mother Duck and her ducklings
  131. Cat adopts baby rabbit
  132. Dog's amazing five-year, 850-mile journey
  133. This koala survived after being struck by a car doing 60mph and dragged for 7 miles
  134. Dog survives for a week wedged in eight-inch underground pipe
  135. Massive increase in dogs poisoned by chocolate & grapes, fed to them by their owners
  136. Little white bundles of lion joy
  137. Tai Shan the Panda turns three
  138. Escaped bull gatecrashes neighbour's pool party
  139. Lily Allen gets a rescue dog called Honey
  140. After relocation, Guo Guo gives birth to panda twins
  141. Do all dogs have frog legs?
  142. The hero dog who helped round-the-world couple fight pirates of the Caribbean
  143. The baby Antarctic penguins being frozen to death by freak rain storms
  144. The abandoned baby red panda being nursed back to health by a zookeeper's cat
  145. Animal lovers please help!!
  146. Parvo
  147. China bans dog from Olympic menu
  148. Cat eats with fork/chopsticks
  149. Moses the Dogue de Bordeaux rescued by firefighters from a cat flap
  150. Donkey rescued after falling down well
  151. Little puppy too tired to drink
  152. Rottweiler who spent 2 weeks up England's highest mountain waiting for her owner
  153. Amazing facts about cats!
  154. Leo the therapy dog (Michael Vick pitbull)
  155. Thieves return tiny foal after owner's emotional plea
  156. One of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick pictured at Gay Pride Parade
  157. The surfing competition for dogs
  158. Do you like the Kitty Bunkbed and Playroom?
  159. Wildlife officer risks his life to save drowning bear
  160. Bison injures boy posing for photos at Yellowstone
  161. Dead tired kitty
  162. Animal shelter mistakenly euthanizes family pet
  163. Dara the hairy-nosed otter settling down in his new Cambodian home
  164. Cheeky bear
  165. Elephant Harry recruited to crush grapes at South Africa Winery
  166. Peacocks attack cars they mistake for love rivals
  167. Close shave for Freddy the feline
  168. The great ocean migration... thousands of stingrays swim to new seas
  169. Baby crocodiles chat to each other inside their eggs 'to synchronise hatching'
  170. I've been adopted by a stray cat
  171. The puppy born without front legs who's now using wheels to get around
  172. My neighbour's dog attacked me
  173. New doggy deli caters to Lady who lunches
  174. Gus is crowned ugliest dog
  175. Rent-a-dog woman has animal welfare chiefs snapping at her heels
  176. The dog and the cheetah who are best friends
  177. Do you like these cookies?
  178. Hedgehog swimming in the bath
  179. Is this Britain's clumsiest dog?
  180. Dog finally finds new owners after 11 years in a rescue centre
  181. Murder
  182. Advice on getting a dog?
  183. Amazing rescue by a mother duck who went the extra mile
  184. My cat just died in a freak accident
  185. The cat and bear who are best friends
  186. Beijing Olympics unofficial live goldfish keyrings are cruel
  187. Swans lead their cygnets across the road
  188. Unicorns exist!
  189. Dolphins stranded after naval exercises in the UK
  190. Some cute pics
  191. Cute enough to eat?
  192. Humpback whales bounce back due to global conservation
  193. White baby rhino
  194. Check out this baby Lemur
  195. Kitten saved by vacuum cleaner
  196. Copenhagen Elephant House, Denmark
  197. Rescued lions join African wildlife sanctuary
  198. Pig in Boots: The pig who is afraid of mud
  199. Moose Halberg age 16 passed away.. aka Eddie
  200. Cat making weird music
  201. My kitty :(
  202. Pugs strike a pose in Vogue
  203. Gorgeous camel image
  204. The Emu who was nearly an omelette
  205. The elephant whose landmine injury has been fixed with a fake leg
  206. Bulldog saves man from knife-wielding robber
  207. Baby Gorilla
  208. Perry Farrell (who?) has gorgeous Great Danes
  209. The monkey mother who lost her baby ... then adopted a puppy instead
  210. Could you relocate an Elephant?
  211. The rare 'albino' foal that's become a star of the New Forest
  212. Basset Hound loves a shower
  213. Super cute gallery: Panda plane touches down in Beijing
  214. The Bark's top four dog-friendly workplaces
  215. Record numbers of baby turtles hatched in Costa Rica
  216. Did JFK cats receive a death sentence?
  217. Do you have America's greatest dog?
  218. Cheeky cat
  219. World's rarest - and smallest - rhino charges the camera
  220. The flying dolphins of the Moray Firth, Scotland
  221. Titan wonderdogs, the £65,000 burglar alarm
  222. Coastguards rescue lamb who got stuck in the mud
  223. The hippo who ditched his muddy waters to catch some sun and surf
  224. Pandas fly the friendly skies post-earthquake
  225. Do monkeys like music?
  226. A cute hot dog
  227. Adorable dog
  228. Mini White Schnauzer puppy
  229. Doesn't this seal look content?
  230. Little Red Panda
  231. Sharks swim closer to extinction
  232. Curtains made just for Kitty
  233. Orphaned piggies love their doggie foster mom!
  234. What agency can I contact?
  235. Gorgeous British Bulldog puppies
  236. Whales die after stranding on Senegal coast
  237. Bilbo, Britain's favourite lifedog
  238. The tiny owl chicks being fed at the dinner table
  239. Dramatic sea rescue of dog stuck on beach
  240. Is Labrador cross, Bella, the oldest dog in the world?
  241. Lost parrot tells vet his name and address
  242. Cute puppies and little boy
  243. Baby lion gets Anthelmintic Therapy
  244. Lonegan the wonky donkey finds his feet again after surgery
  245. Thousands of tiny amphibians dice with death to flee polluted river
  246. Starfish mountain revealed under the sea
  247. Special Bearlivery
  248. Rescued baby squirrel
  249. Beautiful Hummingbird video
  250. Parrot wrestles teddy