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  1. My chihuahua
  2. Henry the 'lizard' becomes surprise father at 111-years-old
  3. Cupcake cruelty
  4. Dog stops attempted rape in Florida by biting woman's attacker
  5. Missing dog is reunited with owner
  6. Earless Kalamazoo cat finds a permanent home
  7. My sister's pug puppies :)
  8. Some animal pictures
  9. The newborn lamb who needs an extra woolly layer to cope with the cold
  10. The penguin who hates to get wet
  11. Wolf escapes from zoo by gnawing out of enclosure
  12. Deaf puppy learns sign language
  13. Deer takes revenge on hunter armed with rifle
  14. Puppy stabbed with sword during domestic violence dispute
  15. Designer wigs for pets
  16. Pony shot in eye at point-blank range by air-rifle
  17. Baby monkey given own seat on plane as he flies to Germany to meet his new mother
  18. Puppy mill raided in Washington
  19. Baby aardvark born at Detroit Zoo
  20. Baby elephant needs a nap
  21. The baby lemur clutching its teddy 'mother'
  22. The frog that pokes its bones through the skin to make claws
  23. No brainer: Pedigree dogs are getting stupid
  24. Thai zoo hopes cold spell will put pandas in heat
  25. The abandoned baby rhino afraid to leave his keeper's side
  26. Family dog eats Inauguration ticket
  27. Firefighters revive dog and cat caught in burning building
  28. Ratchet the dog reunited with the soldier who rescued him in Iraq
  29. Cat attacks picture of a cat
  30. Orangutans released into the wild
  31. The pups of war, by the British soldier who saved them
  32. Liesel, Budapest's oldest gorilla, goes under the knife
  33. Rat falls for cat and the pair kiss and cuddle on the mat
  34. Dog nearly killed by flying Wii remote
  35. Poodle survives 19 days without food or water in cold temperatures
  36. Dog winched to safety after cliff fall
  37. Flying high… dogs flown to safe shelter
  38. Mini-Dachshund loves hot tubs
  39. Socialising my rescue pup
  40. At 60-plus pounds of pooch, this dieting dog has a lot to lose
  41. The orphan elephant calves rescued in Kenya from slaughter by poachers
  42. Does Pedi Paws work?
  43. White horse in the snow
  44. Cat wanders onto set during weather forecast
  45. Man saves dogs from frozen river
  46. George the 140-year-old lobster to be released by New York restaurant
  47. Tim Gunn video on fur industry
  48. The dalmatian who gave birth to a litter of eighteen pups
  49. Dog and elephant are best friends
  50. Why does my cat come to the bathroom with me??
  51. Scientists spot new pink iguana
  52. Woman sues for $10 Million for being denied subway rides with dog
  53. Horse is star film attraction after bursting into cinema
  54. Dog owner plunges into icy pond to rescue his pet
  55. Grizzly bear enjoys a swim
  56. Neglected dog nursed back to life from brink of death
  57. Bassett Hound and owl strike up unusual friendship
  58. Orangutan rides a jetski
  59. Newfoundland Alfie named RSPCA dog of the year
  60. Fire dog investigates 100th blaze
  61. American alligator found in Australia leaves experts baffled
  62. Guard dogs save Namibian cheetahs
  63. My dog eats everything!
  64. You will rub my belly and you will like it
  65. Jasmine, the rescue dog who has become a surrogate mother for the 50th time
  66. Want to see my new kitten?
  67. Firefighters use baby oxygen masks to revive 6 cats overcome by smoke in house blaze
  68. Man gets chased by a polar bear
  69. The 6ft 7in shire horse that keeps getting bigger
  70. Look at that belly
  71. Guide dog eats charity money
  72. Shoplifting dog caught on tape
  73. Theo, the puppy dumped at a rehoming centre on Christmas Day
  74. Lioness gets presents
  75. Orangutans like giving to receive
  76. Voodoo the cat: falls 34 stories and lives
  77. Gorgeous seals Fred and Ginger
  78. Jack Russell in 'Lassie-style' mission to raise alarm of burglary
  79. Pandas Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan jet in to Taipei
  80. Purple squirrel baffles experts
  81. The little monsters under the sea
  82. Many dinosaurs were stay-at-home dads
  83. Meet Vincent the rabbit born without ears
  84. Angry momma squirrel kicks ass
  85. Dogless shepherd uses wolf poster to control his flock of sheep
  86. The grinch that stole Christmas
  87. Dog lover leaves £7million estate to animal charities
  88. Dugongs' debut at the Sydney Aquarium
  89. Sea turtles make a break for the sea
  90. Dog chases burglar from home
  91. Trainer who beat his animals receives taste of his own medicine
  92. A white Christmas? The stoats seem to think so
  93. Venice art gallery to exhibit paintings by horse
  94. Woman accused of trying to sell 'Gothic Kittens'
  95. Swimtime for Berlin's baby hippo
  96. Socks has cancer
  97. Need help, my dog is irritated by my toddler
  98. Goodbye Petunia, you were a good hamster
  99. Dogs dumped because they didn't go with the sofa
  100. SF Zoo plans to bond gorilla with mom
  101. The Japanese snow monkeys who enjoy hot baths
  102. The angriest cat, ever
  103. Mainland panda pair ready to travel to Taiwan
  104. White lion cubs born in Serbia
  105. My new puppy
  106. Disabled boy gets to keep therapy pony
  107. Dog takes bullets to save family
  108. Joe Biden buys a puppy
  109. Jingle cats are back!
  110. California man pleads guilty to killing child's kitten
  111. Hope for world's rarest monkeys as 20-strong colony uncovered in Vietnam
  112. Santa clawed by big cat
  113. Xi Lan is name of Atlanta's newest Panda cub
  114. Hamster has Corn-Fu skills
  115. Frankie the cat burglar stole toys from his neighbours' homes
  116. Cat's face re-attached by vet
  117. Are Mini Pinschers good dogs?
  118. Playful baby seals have their first taste of beach life in England's biggest colony
  119. Zoo wants to evict polar bear Knut
  120. Rare leopard cubs born
  121. Tigers
  122. Panda love
  123. Mountain gorillas in the Virunga national park, Congo
  124. Toddler Emily and baby orangutan Rishi monkey around together
  125. Dogs love cat
  126. Tearjerker: Dog saves dog!
  127. The hugging cat
  128. My dog loves his leash
  129. Dogs who bring joy
  130. Australian animal hospital makes festive appeal to adopt cute koalas
  131. Rare gorilla twins born in Uganda
  132. Mischief, the 27-year-old cat
  133. Jonathan the 176-year-old tortoise
  134. Pipa pipa - Surinam toad (may be disturbing)
  135. Cat loves dog
  136. Baby elephant
  137. Baby pandas
  138. George the Monkey
  139. Deaf dalmation given a new lease of life after learning sign language
  140. 100 St Bernard dogs rescued after being abandoned without food and water at kennels
  141. Wildlife staff use yellow dusters and milk formula to care for 300 abandoned bats
  142. Burying/resurfacing loved ones
  143. Real-life Bambi and Thumper
  144. Best friends
  145. My cat left me again!
  146. Panda in China zoo bites student who wanted a hug
  147. Cat rides a Roomba!!!
  148. Baby chimp rescued from Congo army
  149. Disabled rabbit gets 'wheelchair'
  150. Fat cat
  151. Britain's smallest horse
  152. Sumatran tiger cubs make debut at Perth Zoo
  153. Max, the dog on wheels
  154. Shakira the Serval kitten finds puppy love with a pack of Rhodesian Ridgebacks
  155. Chico the hungry pygmy hippo gets a helping hand to rediscover his appetite
  156. Dancing Border Collie, Gin
  157. "My dog gave me back the will to live after I was left paralysed"
  158. Tortured Michael Vick dogs inspire 'Vicktory Dog' brand of wine
  159. Dog saves 3-year-old boy from snake
  160. Kitten and pitbull in love
  161. Pampered pooches Lulu and Lola and their £40,000 of tutus, tiaras and £8 tins of food
  162. Talking parrot saves toddler's life
  163. Missing cat back in California home after 13 years
  164. Komondor dog gives birth to nine puppies
  165. Hamster on a piano eating popcorn
  166. Labrador gets honorary law degree for helping quadriplegic student
  167. Odi the bear enjoys splashing about for the first time, freed from 10-year captivity
  168. Kate Nicholas and her border collie Gin dance it up
  169. Kiteboarder's close encounter with a huge whale
  170. Puppy cam
  171. Soft toy surrogate sibling for baby penguin
  172. No one hurt after dog accidentally takes car for a drive
  173. 100 frozen cats removed from woman's house
  174. The moment a rabbit came face to face with a rhino
  175. Monifa the baby pygmy hippo
  176. Berlin opens soup kitchen for dogs
  177. Baby colobus monkey
  178. Minty the pony finds love online
  179. Gorilla back from the brink after NHS surgeon guides world first operation
  180. Baby lion's got no name, so let's call him cute
  181. Barack Obama puppy to follow in pawprints of presidential pets
  182. "Ugly" dog Hubble searches for new life after being abandoned
  183. Caught on CatCam: What moggies get up to is no longer a mystery
  184. Bear killed out of worry for trick-or-treaters :(
  185. British teenager takes Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  186. Effects of drugs on spiders-UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
  187. Bronx man stabs wife's dog to death
  188. Dogs have evolved 'face reading' skills to detect if their owner is happy or sad
  189. Chihuahua in Halloween costume
  190. Black animals more for treats than tricks
  191. Lioness cub
  192. Australian fuckwits charged over attack on 75-year-old blind flamingo
  193. Life-saving hernia operation performed on exotic fish who is 'almost family'
  194. Could you care for Chacoan Peccary babies?
  195. Rascal, the spaniel who got too close to a paper shredder
  196. Man hits dog with hammer to euthanize, doesn't work
  197. Dog hotel equipped with its own chauffeur service, four-poster bed and soothing music
  198. Puppy love
  199. Look at this Piglet Squid
  200. Wildlife group applauds EBay's global ban on ivory sales
  201. Scarlett, the cat heroine, has died
  202. Dog risks life to save kittens
  203. Fishermen save a dog a mile out in North Sea
  204. Hamster who evaded firemen with chocolate camera is found safe and well
  205. Riley the amputee horse saved from slaughter after a vet fits her with a false leg
  206. Homeless man's discovery rescues eight abandoned pups
  207. Should I take a dog that isn't mine to the vet?
  208. Marula -- The African booze tree
  209. Rare Bornean Orangutan born at Brookfield Zoo
  210. Horned frog
  211. Leopard cub
  212. The brand new $15m hospital for America's four-legged war heroes
  213. Have you ever seen a Vicuña?
  214. Octopus love! (really cute)
  215. The pair of sea lions who paint to combat stress
  216. The horse who got its head stuck in a tree
  217. The baby tigers who like nothing more than a daily dip in the swimming pool
  218. Scientists map panda genome
  219. A house optimized for kittens
  220. Animal fact or fiction
  221. Police arrest evil bitch who burned dog on stove (RIP Bobo)
  222. Mozart the pug who lives in his very own pie-shaped pub
  223. The surfing rats who were taught to ride 4ft waves
  224. Baby rhino, only 5 days old
  225. There's three times the cute with three Berber Lion cubs
  226. Our rescue...the forage cat
  227. Abused dogs Baldrick and Meg saved by love
  228. Little turtle
  229. Baby sloth
  230. 'Punch drunk' pony rescued from swimming pool
  231. Pelicans catching rain in their bills
  232. Chimps: Not human, but are they people?
  233. Siberian tiger cubs venture out at Howletts animal park
  234. Award for dog who saved her owner's life - twice
  235. US soldier in fight to take home war zone dog
  236. Dewey: The small-town library cat who touched the world
  237. New baby giraffe at Memphis Zoo
  238. Polly the pancake tortoise has surgery
  239. The donkeys free to wander around a family's home
  240. Two white tiger cubs find an unusual surrogate mum...Anjana the chimpanzee
  241. Simon's cat
  242. Dog dies after saving man in Trinidad from fire
  243. Does America have a favorite animal shelter?
  244. The Great Penguin Rescue
  245. Cell-phone sniffing dog to search Florida prisons
  246. More men are embracing their love of cats
  247. Images of the beautiful white lions that have gone back to the wild
  248. Stowaway kitten stuck in Amsterdam
  249. My cat is missing
  250. Cadbury the cat gets his miaow back - for £10,000