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  1. Hollywood Zombies
  2. Eight is Too Much wig - just in time for Halloween
  3. Cute Spam commerical
  4. Sweden's Got Talent! NSFW in Alabama
  5. Cosmetic surgery faith healers
  6. Seeing a male gynecologist is adultery if not rape. WTF????????
  7. The Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll
  8. Fancy fast food - hilarious!
  9. Star Trek IV in real life: Scotty's "Transparent Aluminum" may be around the corner
  10. Dustin Hoffman, various funny moments
  11. Miss Teen South Carolina’s title of ‘dumbest person alive’ threatened
  12. My Vagina is 8 miles wide
  13. Best Wedding March EVAH!
  14. Peephole video strikes again
  15. Breakdancer vs. Baby - Street Fighter style
  16. Amazon.com coffin kit
  17. Sarah Palin's resignation speech: the edited version
  18. My quiet time
  19. An atheist meets God
  20. Britney Spears' lip balm
  21. Muffin tops
  22. The Tiddy Bear
  23. Dog vs. mirror
  24. Dancing Christians
  25. Glenn Beck screams at caller
  26. Hilarious parody of gendered advertising
  27. Nudist trampolining
  28. Musical C-Span, CNN, FOX etc
  29. highDEAS - the best ideas (while you're high)
  30. Moar Misspelled Tattoos!
  31. Easy there, President Obama!
  32. Evian water skating babies ad
  33. Australian spider prank
  34. Best robot dance
  35. The Banana Bunker (?nsfw)
  36. Random pictures that make no sense
  37. Sharleen Spiteri vs Paris Hilton
  38. Insane extreme breakdancing
  39. Your #1 source for your #2 business
  40. Why you don't answer your phone in a public bathroom
  41. Saddam Hussein still alive?
  42. Celebrities upside down faces thing....
  43. What the hell is this thing?
  44. Rubber Johnny. I really have no idea.
  45. 6 new personality disorders caused by the internet
  46. Greatest freak out ever
  47. Beautiful vampire-Twaghtlighter singing her original song
  48. Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight remixed
  49. Florida mayor arrested when found nude at campsite
  50. The orgins of Easter, (to be safe NSFW sort of)
  51. Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton and Simon Cowell get "noodled"
  52. Cat playing with itself (NSFW)
  53. Vibram Five Fingers
  54. Another hilariously inappropriate Burger King ad
  55. Best educational children's book EVER. NSFW?
  56. Dicks everywhere!
  57. The Kush - fabulous new product that will titty-f**k you to sleep
  58. Teenager's awesome basketball shot
  59. Something fishy going down Eliza Dushku's skirt
  60. Men in belted sweaters
  61. The cornstarch is ALIVE!!!!
  62. The boss calls in sick
  63. "This is what the bear probably looked like.......except real" Go Fox news!
  64. Hugh Laurie interviews Michael Jackson
  65. My life is average, the anti 'fuck my life' page
  66. You're too fat to wipe your own ass, use this stick thing
  67. Awkwardboners.com
  68. Twilighters reacting to the New Moon trailer
  69. The Big Penis Book
  70. Dlisted CAPTION THIS contest winner for june 9th
  71. Chat with strangers
  72. DJ Cat
  73. A realistic love song
  74. 17 year old beat boxing champion
  75. Literal video: Total Eclipse of the Heart
  76. Hey Mickey! Video with hot guys
  77. "How to shave your balls" video
  78. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert & Conan O'Brien "Fight"
  79. Kitten afraid of remote control mouse
  80. Cascada- Only if you really wanna laugh!
  81. 14 more of the most unintentionally gay rap lyrics ever
  82. A series of emails from Cyberdyne’s new tech guy
  83. White whine
  84. `Keyboard Cat' phenomenon spreads on Web, TV
  85. Kitten beatbox
  86. Parking machine attacks car
  87. Stuff White People Like - Hilarious blog
  88. Best selling T-shirt at Amazon.com
  89. Woman finds Cheesus
  90. Broken picture telephone - Addicting game!
  91. Bush beatbox
  92. Forget air guitar....
  93. Overheard in NYC
  94. Resume template of awesomeness
  95. Stop motion with wolf and pig (awesome!)
  96. Sexy Subaru!
  97. Physics, FTW!
  98. Texts from last night
  99. Stealth cat
  100. Technical support, kitty style
  101. Cat in a box
  102. Awkward family photos
  103. Obama-tourage
  104. I just love this commercial. Turn up your volume. LOL
  105. Babies: talking, arguing, speeching etc.
  106. Wanted: Young virginal female to share tacky digs with creepy old man
  107. Proof that the Internet has magnified human idiocy
  108. Harry Potter in the Hood
  109. Insane eyebrows
  110. The Cuchini
  111. Not the smartest way to try to be excused from jury duty
  112. Bea Arthur reading from Pamela Anderson's book
  113. Wanna feel old?
  114. The amazing Ross sisters
  115. Dr. Ronald Chevalier
  116. WTF pianist performance (NSFW)
  117. Star Wars gangsta rap
  118. Bert and Ernie's gangsta rap
  119. Golden Girls in glitter!
  120. Gaythering Storm - another anti gay marriage ad
  121. Bad captioning
  122. Whore - ze fragrance for today's black hooker
  123. Redneck BBQ artist
  124. Happy 420 Day!
  125. Names that fit the profession
  126. Japanese Paris Hilton doll -- for YOU! (adult)
  127. Crazy fundie ad spoof
  128. Uncomfortable plot summaries
  129. Top 60 ghetto names
  130. Couple bent out of shape over yoga molestation
  131. Breast milk bottle
  132. Mr T Fashion
  133. "Sound of Music" dance at Antwerpen's Centraal Station
  134. Who's mommy's little genius?
  135. Princess Anne takes inspiration from Vietnam's rice fields for her Easter bonnet
  136. Drag queen mocks Britney Spears in "Filthy Whore" (Gimme More)
  137. Baby got front (I like big dicks) LOL
  138. Artist turns thousands of photographs into sculptures
  139. The girl's guide to lesbian cliches and stereotypes
  140. Jackson in the Box
  141. Debbie Does Dallas - the porn soundtrack for your sexytimes
  142. How Catholics know they're driving too fast...
  143. Toilet paper sculptures
  144. Canadian kids shows were on fucking DRUGS back in the day
  145. Check out these 2 douches
  146. Richard Simmons swears a lot and shit
  147. Before...and after..
  148. Schick Quattro commercials
  149. Laughing birds (mainly parrots)
  150. Is this a photograph of a ghost? The science of hauntings
  151. High-speed photographs by Alan Sailer
  152. Fake tan, fascinators and overdressed fillies: Welcome to race day at Aintree
  153. This little kid has some sweet moves
  154. Unique wedding memento
  155. The vagina prom dress
  156. Massachusetts girls soccer coach resigns over hilarious but possibly insane email
  157. Poop for Peace April 17-funny and safe
  158. Final words from Death Row inmates....
  159. Pope condoms
  160. Judy the inflatable love maid
  161. Fashions of the future: AD 2000
  162. The farting preacher
  163. An honest pizza joint
  164. Cutest letter from the Easter Bunny
  165. Cock shot
  166. Why men are happier
  167. Jon Lajoie's hilarious music videos
  168. My Little Pony movie characters
  169. Conan O'Brien bloopers
  170. Portia De Rossi gay marriage PSA
  171. Hysterical impressions
  172. Rihanna and Chris Brown: Celebrity Sock Puppet Theater
  173. On what planet is this attractive?
  174. Where the hell is Matt? - beautiful video
  175. Beer2D2: Most useful robot ever!
  176. Baby hair weave
  177. How to confuse an idiot
  178. Leave your used hair out for nesting
  179. These golfers are taking the piss
  180. Chubbettes fashions
  181. Math teaching through the ages
  182. The OctoMom omelette
  183. The trials and triumphs of Marijuana Pepsi Jackson
  184. FMYLIFE.com
  185. Just what you needed: Disney branded eggs
  186. Sears ad for kids clothes in "Chubby Sizes"
  187. Break in case of emergency...
  188. Hilarious Harry Potter spoof
  189. Skateboard Mama aged 84. Go Liz!
  190. Drifting
  191. The Drunken Alphabet Song
  192. How well can you hear?
  193. Redneck mother's letter to her redneck child
  194. How I want to die
  195. Bananaphone!
  196. Poopy time
  197. Funny (read: mean) e-cards
  198. Scratch my nuts
  199. Freaks
  200. Sexy couch dress
  201. Flaming balls of shit!
  202. Food Court Musical :)
  203. The Life of a Star
  204. Bill O'Reilly showing his awesome personality
  205. Valentine's Day gifts: tips from the 99 cent store
  206. This guy is my personal hero
  207. Why didn't you think of this?
  208. The Love Rug
  209. Bro's Before Ho's - The Musical!
  210. Duck with a dick
  211. Pride and Prejudice just got better
  212. A present for Heart Leigh
  213. Dr Who comic
  214. The Vagapocalypse.. with special guest star, Oprah's vajayjay
  215. The WTF blanket (Snuggie parody)
  216. Safe sex education - Super Mario style
  217. Cheers to you
  218. Installing a husband
  219. Save the Sea Kittens / Peta Campaign
  220. Video guide to successful seduction
  221. Kid high after dentist trip
  222. A smuggler
  223. The aquarium phone booth
  224. Quality you can feel: Joe the "plumber" on velvet!!!
  225. Little dog humping big lioness!
  226. Worst toy ever
  227. A visitor to Madame Tussauds museum
  228. This raccoon will NOT be raped!!
  229. Wordle "Word Cloud" Generator
  230. Children love President Obama
  231. Best complaint letter ever
  232. Martha Stewart keeps "prison-like environment" for employees
  233. Singing, dancing condoms promote safe sex in India
  234. Kids' letters to President Obama
  235. Sometimes renting makes far more sense...
  236. What goes through your mind when someone says "Let's go for a drink"?
  237. Goat in police custody for attempted armed robbery
  238. Sexy bathroom
  239. My hobby . . .
  240. "Goodbye Bush" from Veet
  241. Cheers to you!
  242. You can has lolcats- Craigslist Best Of
  243. Funny comic review about ghosts with haunted vaginas
  244. Home decorating by a 3 year old
  245. Washington DC Metro's Inauguration tips video
  246. Fairy tale
  247. Father can't spell...Father
  248. Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)
  249. An example of why spelling is important!
  250. Pop Locking Christians (Getting Funky For The Lord)