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  1. The Last Episode of The Road Runner Surfaces -- Language NSFW
  2. And The Role Goes To...
  3. Skyjack DUI
  4. My blackberry isn't working...
  5. My Son is Gay & More - John Roberts
  6. Yahoo gives you advice on how to copycat the worst haircuts in Hollywood
  7. How to survive a zombie apocalypse during Christmas - a how to video
  8. A Love Story
  9. The digital story of the Nativity
  10. Grandma Got Molested At The Airport!
  11. Texting For Seniors
  12. Important Message from Women Everywhere
  13. Tom Cruise's awkward wannabe hetero PDA moments with his robot wife
  14. Swedish Chef does Popcorn Shrimp
  15. Pop Candies tv (Videos of celebs)
  16. An Italian Boy's Confession
  17. BooBoo Kills Yogi
  18. Clock .......quite amazing!!
  19. Wire turned hilarious works of art
  20. James Franco Seduces Himself
  21. Get it Granny!
  22. Funny site: Hello Kitty Hell
  23. Never evah wax the hoohaaa
  24. Leaked: Sarah Palin's Unedited Book Pages
  25. Mariah Carey's drunk speech redux
  26. Angry Birds treaty
  27. TREEVENGE! Fuck xmas!
  28. Well it does look comfortable...
  29. News anchor wig fail
  30. Damn You Auto Correct!
  31. SNL's TSA parody
  32. Oprah Invites Hundreds Of Lucky Fans To Be Buried With Her In Massive Tomb
  33. For the person who has everything: artisanal pencil sharpening
  34. Go! Bwah!
  35. Whip my hair - Exorcist edition LOL
  36. Dogs don't understand moving
  37. Girl sets record in arcade basketball game
  38. How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?
  39. Solve the U.S.'s deficit problems!
  40. Ky. Man Forced To Eat Own Beard
  41. Woman assaults police officer with “rigid feminine pleasure device”
  42. New book for kids: "My First Cavity Search"
  43. "Sexy" female bodybuilder works out (NSFW)
  44. Time Crisis Fer realz
  45. Funny Halloween mugshots/arrests
  46. Dear Public Toilets of the World
  47. The Scottie Dog Who Knew Karate
  48. The Akinator
  49. Katy Perry Peacock Chatroulette
  50. The Creepy Scientific Explanation Behind Ghost Sightings
  51. The weather is a dick
  52. Student Hides Rick Astley’s Song In School Assignment
  53. Robot sings and dances
  54. Chris Rock earns $20k for charity
  55. Gene Simmons -1974. Full KISS gear - freaks out panelists
  56. How did James Cameron really come up with Avatar? :)
  57. Hipster Hitler
  58. Electronic voting machines vs. slot machines
  59. Grover does Old Spice - total win
  60. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey!
  61. Youtuber mystified by rainbow - thinks it's a conspiracy!
  62. Your favorite memes
  63. Women's Magazines
  64. Singing on Divorce Court
  65. How To Tell If Your Kid Is Gay
  66. Japanese Crystal Ball Performer (Contact Juggling)
  67. A hunter shoots a bear!!!
  68. I read some Marx and I liked it
  69. Adrian Brody's best day ever... BRODYQUEST
  70. Vote For Phil Davidson For Stark County Treasurer's Office!!!!!
  71. Tower worker in action
  72. Gay Hipster Fight Club (audio NSFW)
  73. For you!
  74. Gay-ish Ikea Commerical
  75. Kids Reenact: E!'s "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"
  76. Johnson Boating commercial from the '80's
  77. Herding cats at IKEA
  78. Suck on my Golden Gaytime - it's got nuts
  79. Guide to Bathroom Use for Men and Women
  80. Dad Life
  81. Japanese fireworks
  82. Hippy Kitchens-people from the 60's and 70's
  83. Canadian Stayfree Commercials
  84. My big thread of Fan Art
  85. If Facebook existed years ago
  86. 7 year old girl talks smack on Xbox Live
  87. Chimpy McSmirkface
  88. Bitches Ain't Shit...
  89. Fatso dances badly in his undies in tribute to Justin Bieber
  90. Toddler Ballet (not the Toddler and Tiara kind)
  91. Best Commercial EVAH!
  92. Giant bubbles = awesome
  93. Let the Ghetto preacher free you from your sins
  94. Robert Downey Jr. The Pinup Portraits
  95. Cats confused by treadmill
  96. Awesome Indian pole dancer
  97. Halloween Starts Early: These Are the Official 'Jersey Shore' Costumes
  98. Chinglish... try not to laugh, if you can lol
  99. Jackson Murphy the 11 year old Early Show movie critic
  100. Crispin Glover's Boots are Made for Walking
  101. Recreating Old Photos
  102. Double Rainbow Oh My God! Double Rainbow All The Way!!
  103. The Kitty Cat Dance
  104. A Surefire Way to Stop Kids from Peeing in the Pool
  105. BP coffee spill
  106. Rapists Be Climbin In Yo Windows, Snatchin' Yo People Up
  107. The Nipple Bra - 1970's
  108. Jane Austen's Fight Club
  109. Fighting off sleep
  110. Brazilian Dancing Baby - Waka Waka "Shakira"
  111. Baby vs. Lobster
  112. eElven Supremacy 2010: 27 years Dalliance; LUIS, Armand & Angel; the Violet Lights
  113. Best All-Star male Cheerleader EVER...
  114. New hilarious (and adorable) wedding video
  115. How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking
  116. Just because you're in a fashion show at the mall....
  117. How to be the best sheep possible, for ladies only
  118. Terrorist sorcerors want to rape American cars says Florida senatorial "candidate"
  119. I Be-Weave hair salon for you nappy-ass weave
  120. Lebowski fans? Please vote for The Dude.
  121. Realistic Halloween Mask
  122. Don't overdo the Clitter just before your wedding
  123. Every woman's magazine, ever.
  124. Whoops!
  125. Who Needs An Edumacation?
  126. "Love you still" - a funny and cute home-made music video!
  127. Mishka the talking Husky is NOT stupid!
  128. Bully cat
  129. Grandpa Poker Face
  130. Better Marriage Blanket
  131. AT-AT Day Afternoon
  132. You will never know happiness like this
  133. Cowboy Hip Hop
  134. Super Mario Beatbox
  135. Dancing Bear
  136. 12 Years
  137. Top 10 Facebook Statuses That No One Gives A S**t About
  138. Are you afraid of the ocean? Great paintings of sea monsters
  139. This baby is a better dancer than you
  140. Eleven Reasons Why Women stay single (NSFW)
  141. Dad pulls out kid's tooth with a rocket
  142. Stop motion Super Mario Bros.
  143. Dapper Dicks
  144. Trololo man trololo's over Skype with fans
  145. Rue McClanahan & Betty White telling jokes
  146. Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung
  147. E-mail error ends up on road sign
  148. The perfect gift for the family lunatic
  149. The most awful trannytastic tacky song: "money can't buy you class"
  150. Teenage Werewolves?
  151. The 20 male poses of Facebook
  152. "I've Got Chic in My Pants"- cute Huggies commercial
  153. WTF creepy lip-sync of the day
  154. Peanut Butter, The Atheist's Nightmare!
  155. Mr W
  156. The White Women's Workout
  157. Accidental Penis
  158. Six Million Dollar Man vs. Sasquatch
  159. Ghost riding the whip
  160. Kissing is for whores
  161. My Parent is an idiot
  162. He-Man said Hey yay yay yay
  163. If you hate hipsters
  164. For people with more money than sense
  165. Bronte Sister Action Figures
  166. Prince William talks about his gap year
  167. Insane Japanese commercial
  168. Sh#t My Kids Ruined
  169. Intimate Gymnastics
  170. Weird manchild sings about peeing in girls mouths to get them pregnant
  171. If I Am Pregnant Will The Baby Be Part Of My Man's Wife Too?
  172. Lord Jesus Christ hit by a sinner
  173. Everything poops
  174. For twitchy
  175. The Fart Blanket
  176. They really are fantastic
  177. U.S. Soldiers' version of Lady Gaga's Telephone
  178. Talkative Baby
  179. The (Potential) Intern From Hell
  180. The Killing of SATAN!!1!1!oneone!
  181. The 11 Funniest Unintentionally-Sexual Books Of All Time
  182. Best Movie Mash-up Trailers
  183. Ostrich Attacks Kid on Pony
  184. How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
  185. A tribute to all the inept folks in infomercials
  186. Show me your genitals
  187. Report: China To Overtake U.S. As World's Biggest Asshole By 2020
  188. Sound of Music Trailer (The Horror Cut)
  189. What Facebook is for
  190. A Gluteal Cleft Shield Is What Every Classy Girl Needs
  191. Michael Jackson's Ghost Caught on Video During Larry King Interview
  192. Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls
  193. Charlie the Unicorn.. IN GERMAN
  194. "Just Like Mom" - pedo moments from an 80's Canadian kids gameshow
  195. A Beautiful Message About Growing Old
  196. A Letter To Jesse James
  197. Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse! site
  198. Tranny(?) models lingerie on Ebay
  199. Girl Directions - Psychostick
  200. Judge Judy vs. Perez Hilton
  201. Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays
  202. Racegoers' annual display of orange skin and clashing colours at Aintree
  203. Nominations for Douchebag of the Year 2010
  204. The Japanese have created an asian robotic Helen Hunt that will destroy us all
  205. The sigh inducing internet tutorial for complete retards
  206. Creepy evangelist kids show with awesome racist references
  207. Pope Vows To Get Church Pedophilia Down To Acceptable Levels
  208. "The Year the Easter Bunny Died"
  209. Every political argument you've ever been in on Facebook
  210. The Little Mermaid - God I'm a whore
  211. The 6 Biggest Badasses Who Lived As The Opposite Sex
  212. theburg.tv - hilarious spoof of gentrification and hipsters
  213. April Fool's jokes 2010
  214. The Daily Mail Song
  215. Guy on Youtube thinks he's a rockstar...from his kitchen
  216. Scarface for kids
  217. Epic treadmill failures
  218. The Creepiest Kids Books Ever
  219. Hilarious Japanese TV "We are the World" cover
  220. Baby and Toddler Talk
  221. Just Chillin' and Waitin'....
  222. Art's Greatest Masterpieces, Made Slightly Funnier
  223. Parody of Lada Gaga and Beyonce's stupid ass "Telephone" video. Lulz.
  224. The Golden Shower Girls - post op tranny sitcom
  225. 90 Types of Bitches
  226. The best ChatRoulette screencaps
  227. An interesting place to spin a web
  228. Flights attendants REALLY want to service you. Thuper awesome.
  229. Jonah Falcon, Man With World's Largest Penis, Unemployed In New York
  230. State of the economy, according to Maxine
  231. How to break into Heavy Metal without getting screwed
  232. Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy Quotes
  233. No means no.
  234. Drunkest people falling compilation
  235. Charo teaches everybody how to do the Macarena.
  236. The .. sigh.. carrot rap. Yes, I'm serious.
  237. Indian dude in a red silk shirt puts a condom on a banana
  238. That's My Penis
  239. The nightmare
  240. It's a wonderful world - death metal version
  241. How to recognise a Persian cat
  242. Japanese hair product commercial
  243. Celebrities and their animal look-alikes
  244. Trolololololololooooooolololololoooooololooololoo!
  245. Obama does Thriller
  246. The magic of pregnancy and the ugly men who endure it
  247. KFC biscuits fo shizzle my dizzle wizzle tizzle
  248. Today Show Wii game goes wrong
  249. How to take better pictures of yourself
  250. Moobs the website