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  1. The nice guys of OK Cupid. Why are these men still single?
  2. Creepy Santas....
  3. 54 Best Animated GIFs of 2012
  4. Must-see clip: Pastor Terry Jones drowned out by “All You Need Is Love”
  5. To my, like, totally OLD friends at GR
  6. Everybody DOES have a twin!
  7. Prank: Surfer Pushed into Water with Shark
  8. NSFW I guess (?) picture of cow-woman photoshop cosplay whateversomethingyouhavetosee
  9. Adults enacting the storytelling/explanations of children
  10. 20 worst mug shots - volume 3 (NSFL)
  11. Exorcist prank, probably from the same show as elevator prank
  12. 19 People having a worse day than you
  13. Giant Anaconda regurgitates entire heifer
  14. Really Bad Analogies Written by High School Students
  15. NYC Steampocalypse
  16. Elevator Prank - funny or cruel?
  17. How to Conquer Gwyneth Paltrow’s Evil Gift-Giving Goop Army: A Guide
  18. 'Dumb Ways to Die' train safety campaign creates a viral hit
  19. New Thanksgiving song from the people who unleashed Rebecca Black on the world
  20. Halloween Light Shows
  21. Vintage Halloween Costumes
  22. Cast of Friends Remember their Lines on Ellen
  23. It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf***ers.
  24. Artist paints self portraits under influence of different drugs
  25. Rush Limbaugh Blames Feminists For His Tiny Penis
  26. The most AMAZING bus you will ever ride....
  27. #myfriendsaremarried
  28. Glamour shots gone bad
  29. Your Mom Is at the club
  30. Seeing ‘Twilight’ In A Whole New Light Via Bad Lip Reading
  31. The heart-warming venomous head crab....
  32. Best Responses to Celebrities on Twitter
  33. Amazon Customers Go Rogue, Hilariously Review Bic’s Idiotic Pen for Women
  34. The Dirty Etymology of 9 Everyday Words
  35. Guy pretends to be a celebrity and people fall for it
  36. Watts Zap Olympics 2012 oddities
  37. Here’s What Happened When an Elderly Woman Took It Upon Herself to Restore a Painting
  38. EPIC "Odd Life of Timothy Green" reaction (spoiler alert)
  39. How (plane) nose art and pin-ups boosted WWII USAAF troops' morale
  40. Them darn Yahoo Answers
  41. Your New Russian Boyfriend
  42. "Baby Got Back" by movie characters
  43. Most Interesting Names In The 2012 London Olympics
  44. French Ads Mercilessly Mock Athletic Prowess Of Brits (artistically NSFW)
  45. Aussie runner's interesting warm-up
  46. The awkward sleeping positions of kitties
  47. Guys who like My Little Pony gather for 'BronyCon'
  48. Glamour shots of carnival “freaks” of the 1800s were oddly touching (NSFL)
  49. Dr. Gino DiGiannantonio, DDS - Dentist and Total Hair God
  50. Leonardo DiCaprio Is Actually A Woman Named Judy Zipper From The 1960s
  51. Would you date these men? The world's weirdest dating website profiles
  52. PBS's Mr. Rogers remix
  53. The Social Justice Buzzword Bingo card!
  54. 23 Female Celebrities With Facial Beards
  55. Lion tries to eat a baby
  56. Lana Del Ray "dancing" all over the world
  57. Man Mistakes Girlfriend for Hog
  58. Forget All Five Things You Know About History Because They’re Wrong
  59. The gays. What you think they do, and what they actually do
  60. Adding Monsters to Thrift Store mediocrity
  61. So this is what the job market has come to
  62. Official Canadian temperature conversion chart
  63. Prank Telephone Call: The Cake Lady
  64. The lovely ladies of Aintree 2012!
  65. Texts from Hillary
  66. 2012 Peeps Diorama thread
  67. Truths For Mature Humans
  68. Hand-drawn stereographic GIFs (not sure if it can cause seizures)
  69. Mitt Romney captioned by Commander Data quotes
  70. OMFG Watch Out, Here Comes a Huge Group of Girls
  71. UK Cracks Down on "Sofa King" Furniture Store Ads
  72. Let's go to the mall - Canada's answer to Tiffany. NOT a parody. *facepalm*
  73. Jersey Shore Dialogue done in the style of an Oscar Wilde play
  74. Best Cry Ever - Autotuned
  75. A Particularly Good 'Fan Fiction Friday' featuring Batman and Robin (NSFW language)
  76. The Illuminati, the Conspiracy Theory That Connects Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth
  77. Tit Thinks it's People (technically nsfw)
  78. The most ridiculous and misspelled tea party protest signs
  79. Jimmy Kimmel show takes the piss out of the Oscar 2012 'movie lovers' theme
  80. Collapsing Cooling Towers - tragically anthropomorphized
  81. Spoiled brat daughter writes nasty post on Facebook, father shoots her laptop
  82. Literally Unbelievable
  83. Karate rap
  84. Man almost beheads himself dropping firecracker down manhole
  85. Irish actor wins George Clooney lookalike competition
  86. Valuable household and fashion tips
  87. Google translate fail
  88. Hag tells 911 operator the emergency is "None of your business!"
  89. HILARIOUS Review of the Diva Cup
  90. Vegetarian Zombies
  91. It's like Pedobear but for purity!
  92. Get perfect looking nails
  93. Oddity: 100 year old prostitute still going strong
  94. Chatham, Ontario Police Department posts most ridiculous police phone calls of 2011
  95. Your Man Reminder
  96. Ron Paul is a babbling lunatic!!
  97. I've never had a father/son fantasy before...
  98. Ursula Martinez-NSFW magic trick
  99. Sh*t my pets ruined!
  100. Fenton! Oh, Jesus Christ!!
  101. Transsexual with no legs dancing to Beyonce
  102. There is a site
  103. What your Global map says about you
  104. Notorious B.I.G. soothes crying baby
  105. Marney's OCD Thanksgiving Letter
  106. 101 Romantic Ideas
  107. Volkswagon vs car bomb
  108. A wee bit of Scottish humour
  109. Dogs bake homemade bread
  110. Family stuck in corn maze calls 911
  111. Scared Bros at a Haunted House
  112. Upload an amazing, odd, or funny picture YOU took yourself
  113. Awkward Wedding Pictures!
  114. iPhone Campout Blog
  115. Incredible dubstep liquid dancing. Love it!
  116. Like mah status, bitch!
  117. Don't jump, Edward!
  118. Man accused of having sex with pool raft had also violated inflatable pumpkin
  119. Pictures of Walls
  120. Maxi Pad honesty
  121. Gordon Ramsey Sex Dwarf Found Dead In Badger Sett
  122. Jeff Bridges for Summer's Eve feminine hygeine product
  123. Animals being dicks
  124. Man Vs. Kids
  125. Zombie Engagement Photos‎
  126. Giant hill o' lard thinks she's sexy and wants to be twice as big and twice as hawt.
  127. Ugly 90's fashion!
  128. If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman
  129. Kris Jenner music video from 1985
  130. E-Trade Baby Loses Everything (NSFW Language)
  131. Caption Competition: The Two Duchesses
  132. Saved by the Bell parody by Final Destination' star
  133. Suri's Burn Book
  134. Severus Snape says "It Gets Better" - LOL!
  135. Dancing twins
  136. Summer's Eve Hail to the V ads
  137. If there had always been internet
  138. Cats in tanks
  139. How commercial airplanes SHOULD be laid out
  140. Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy
  141. Little boy reacts to meeting his first gay couple
  142. The flashed faces distortion effect
  143. Patrick Duffy & The Crab discuss virginity and threesomes
  144. Random funny shit
  145. Emotions with Jon Hamm
  146. Banana at Large After Attacking Gorilla
  147. BonQuiQui at King Burger
  148. When Harry Met Sally, Part 2
  149. Lamebook.com It is soo freakin funny!!!
  150. Smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs
  151. Attention Whore walking around Topless; what do you think? (NSFW duh)
  152. Pilipinos hab sols
  153. Fat cat walking on underwater treadmill to R&B
  154. Disturbingly real Charlie Sheen Mask
  155. The revolving internet. Just what it says.
  156. Scientology sing along propaganda video from the 80s. LOL.
  157. Cat Caught Barking Begins to Meow. How Embarrassing!
  158. Whole Foods Parking Lot
  159. Paddle dancing :)
  160. What did Robert Pattinson have to do to get the part in Twilight?
  161. "You want him to do you so much that you could do anything" LOLWUT?
  162. Sexy sax man - guerrilla sax 'Careless Whisper' video (genius!)
  163. She really loves cats
  164. Girl tattoos 152 facebook friends on arm
  165. Best Commercial Ever
  166. Where's Willy?
  167. Springboard malfunction
  168. Little Johnny Plays Safe
  169. Facebook Manners And You! (A Cautionary Tale)
  170. Very Funny But If Ya Get Offended Easy Don't Watch
  171. Funny Richard Simmons prank call
  172. Funny Family Guy Prank Call
  173. Best Drunk Dial Ever
  174. That must have been a high curb
  175. Quiet Barker
  176. Parents name child after Facebook "like" button. Sterilize these idiots pronto.
  177. The Great Wall of Vagina - art installation
  178. Osama Bin Laden's diary: "Are dishwashers blasphemous?"
  179. The Ultimate Revenge - guy superglues a dildo on his girlfriend's forehead
  180. Shit my Students Write
  181. It's Ladies Day, Chester style
  182. High five for first kiss
  183. Japanese lab invents Internet kissing machine
  184. It's the first of May! You know what that means...
  185. Why Obama's birth certificate isn't valid
  186. Avalanche Cliff Jump
  187. Police respond to rogue vibrator
  188. Dads: The Original Hipsters
  189. Marshmallow people - I LOL'd till I almost passed out
  190. Important Health Tip
  191. Big Black Woman Flaps Her Bingo Wings About Crazy Neighbors
  192. It's that time again - 2011 Peeps dioramas!
  193. Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga Rap Battle
  194. Time to get creative with Jesus
  195. Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes
  196. Parents of the year
  197. It's a mushroom, dammit! (A/C)
  198. Just in time for Easter: PEEP SHOW!
  199. Fake tans and tacky outfits at Aintree 2011
  200. Maria Jose Cristerna - worse than Joyce Wildenstein
  201. "Don't disgust me, please --"
  202. Twin baby boys have a conversation
  203. Man superglues tiny sequinned hat to head
  204. This Is How White People Have Sex
  205. Middle Eastern Regime Change - as explained by Angry Birds
  206. Obama spent TEN MILLION $ on booze and steaks!!
  207. Hey rich ass Manhattan-ites, looking for a dog walker?
  208. 11 chefs that look like old lesbians
  209. A Whole New World - A Cover Version
  210. Cats Break Up
  211. Ugly Furniture!
  212. Either Rachael Ray is a cannibal or this headline needs commas
  213. Baby Trashes Bar In Las Palmas
  214. Adorable Ellie
  215. Armstrong & Miller (hilarious)
  216. The Ab Hancer
  217. Hyper-realistic sculptures by Ron Mueck
  218. Sad and pathetic Facebook pages
  219. Thai singer with 2 voices (Thailand's Got Talent)
  220. Sexy Sax Mullet man?
  221. Cutest drummer ever!
  222. The difference between a tea partier and a Taliban member
  223. The 30 Best Anti-Westboro Baptist Church Protest Signs
  224. If the Archie comics were made into a modern teen drama
  225. STFU Parents!
  226. Dance Attack (as seen on Ellen)
  227. Fun website - Dear Blank, Please Blank
  228. We pay CASH for your unwanted eyes, breasts, testicles and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!
  229. Glen Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator
  230. Reddit finds Ke$ha's old yearbook photo
  231. How Apple would market water
  232. Sarah Palin derpa derp. Turn your speakers down, der.
  233. Glorious Insults!
  234. Simon's Pie Charts
  235. Family Feud's greatest answer ever
  236. Two time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey picks up F Bomb award from Conan O'Brien
  237. National Crystal Meth Hallucination League - episode 1
  238. Crazy texts from parents
  239. Marcel The Shell
  240. Oddity - Artwork by Leigh McCloskey (the actor)
  241. George Carlin on boys names
  242. Best fight ever
  243. Showerman. Experience him.
  244. Cabbie does Michael Jackson impersonation
  245. Cybersex!
  246. Thousands of fishermen empty lake in minutes
  247. Another fat guy dancing in his underwear. I just don't know.
  248. Pale Kid Raps Fast
  249. The Last Episode of The Road Runner Surfaces -- Language NSFW
  250. And The Role Goes To...