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  1. Britney Spears' lipsynching concert woes
  2. Britney Spears gets off plane minutes before take off because seats were not leather
  3. Oprah Winfrey Gets Sued For “Racial Bias”
  4. Jude Law thinks he's too pretty
  5. Jessica Simpson says she's "very happy" post-split
  6. Ryan Phillippe seeks joint custody of kids
  7. Marilyn Manson: 'Dita Von Teese drove me mad'
  8. Bra-less Victoria Beckham shows off her little 'flowers'
  9. Alan Bates's secret gay affair with ice skater John Curry
  10. The withering verdict of Chris Tarrant's wife
  11. Amy Winehouse weds in Miami
  12. Joel Madden kicks Nicole Richie's bony ass to the curb
  13. Kelly Clarkson enjoys being a fatty
  14. Creepy Joe Simpson just lurves John Mayer cuz he's no competition for his daughter
  15. Justin Timberlake fails to charm a woman, world yawns in surprise
  16. Is Brad Pitt's new tattoo of Angelina Jolie or the Iceman?
  17. Finito: John Mayer and Jessica Simpson
  18. Anne Heche and Coley Laffoon's divorce war starts
  19. Johnny Depp: My family is my treasure
  20. Britney Spears throws the wig out
  21. Amy Winehouse's not-so-glamorous poolside display of tattoos and scars
  22. Delusional R. Kelly compares himself to Martin Luther King
  23. Lindsay Lohan NOT being prosecuted for felony grand theft
  24. Paris Hilton drops appeal & agrees to do 23 days
  25. Charges filed against Jesse James' alleged attacker Marcia Valentine
  26. Is Zahara Jolie Pitt bow legged?
  27. Michael Jackson tries to block auction
  28. Paris Hilton hides from photographers!
  29. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to play the next Bond Twins??? WTF???
  30. Farrah Fawcett's cancer has returned
  31. Britney Spears thanking her fans via her website
  32. Calum Best cheats on Lindsay Lohan and spends all her money
  33. Paris Hilton's jail sentence HALVED!
  34. Liz Hurley muscles in and steals the limelight at Cannes
  35. Lindsay Lohan: hottest woman in the world?
  36. Who nose what's up with Kate Moss?
  37. How low will Britney Spears' jeans go?
  38. Jodie Marsh launches husband search
  39. Jennifer Garner the next Barbara Walters?
  40. Britney Spears out clubbing - Start the countdown......
  41. Denise Richards pimps out her girls for Mattel/Fisher-Price product launch.
  42. Denise Richards whining again, this time in Glamour Magazine.
  43. Does Oprah Winfrey have six toes?
  44. Bruce Willis has a new 23 year old girlfriend
  45. Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds heat up in L.A.
  46. Marilyn Manson: 'Little sympathy for Virginia Tech victims'
  47. Britney Spears won't use album to blast Kevin Federline
  48. Kim Kardashian offers Victoria Beckham Hollywood advice
  49. Brad Pitt spoils daughter Zahara, Pax loves the bath
  50. Beyoncé Knowles feels sexiest when she looks messy
  51. Paris Hilton finds comfort in Stavros Niarchos' arms
  52. Lindsay Lohan speaks about new lover Calum Best
  53. Britney Spears SO mad at mother that she snubs hospital visit.
  54. Kathy Hilton urging young people to "learn" from Paris Hilton's DUI
  55. Marilyn Manson tried to strangle his mentally ill mother....
  56. Extras' Ashley Jensen rocks her Hollywood makeover
  57. Peaches Geldof - sore loser....
  58. Queen could be forced to give evidence at Lady Diana inquest
  59. Heartbreak for Minnie Driver as fiancé runs off with Cameron Diaz
  60. Lily Allen blames Cheryl Cole for 'fat and ugly' crisis
  61. Pete Doherty's blood paintings for sale in London
  62. Melanie B has a new boyfriend
  63. Sanjaya Malakar dancing on stage with drag queens
  64. Jessica Alba is sick of her 'hotness'
  65. Paparazzi trouble again for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
  66. Mick Jagger to marry?
  67. Poor Paris Hilton gets caught again smoking a joint
  68. Lindsay Lohan tops Maxim's 'Hot 100' list
  69. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are too busy being parents to go on dates
  70. Cameron Diaz dating magician Criss Angel?
  71. Eva Longoria to fly her wedding cake from California to Paris
  72. Nelly Furtado and Fergie fall out
  73. Victoria Beckham anxious for her boys to receive a good education
  74. Calum Best is not recognised in the USA without Lindsay Lohan
  75. Marilyn Manson thinks he is romantic like a vampire
  76. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher in trouble?
  77. Justin Timberlake flies Jessica Biel to the UK to join him on tour
  78. Oprah Winfrey: I've got good white folks
  79. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora are dunzo
  80. Poor Joe Francis cries himself to sleep every night in jail
  81. Petra Nemcova at play with Stavros Niarchos, Paris Hilton's ex
  82. Johnny Depp Vetoed Pirates Of The Caribbean Toothpaste
  83. Ewan McGregor's Underwear Obsession
  84. Tori Spelling's mother writes a 'touching' letter to Paris Hilton
  85. Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger in hot and sweaty workout
  86. Laura Dahm: My husband would never leave me for Kylie Minogue
  87. Kylie Minogue's makeover a sensational step back in time
  88. Jerry Hall: 'Mick Jagger was tight and made me pay for everything'
  89. Chris Tarrant denies cutlery assault at curry house
  90. Paris Hilton coming unglued?
  91. The final days of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
  92. Run from your local cineplex: Madonna directing first film
  93. Sylvester Stallone pleads guilty to import charges
  94. Cat-lover Pete Doherty takes his new kittens to work
  95. Anna Nicole Smith's will officially filed by Howard K. Stern
  96. Former SNL & SCTV star Tony Rosato languishes in jail for 2 years with no trial
  97. Lindsay Lohan sued by photographer after being hit by her mom's car
  98. Bruce Willis' catchphrase fury
  99. Lindsay Lohan to have sex on screen to prove her talent
  100. Keira Knightley's sex tool
  101. Patty Hearst delivers an old-school smackdown to Paris Hilton
  102. Avril Lavigne whinges and announces she wants to be an actress
  103. Faye Dunaway, still Bonnie at 66
  104. Lily Allen's meltdown: 'I'm fat and ugly'
  105. The bitching is back as Joan Collins and her Dynasty rival come to blows on stage
  106. Calum Best "serious" about Lindsay Lohan
  107. Red-eyed Whitney Houston celebrates Stevie Wonder's birthday
  108. Dita Von Teese: I tried to help Marilyn Manson
  109. Paris Hilton advised to get jail over and done with ASAP
  110. Leonardo DiCaprio sued by neighbors
  111. Tracey Edmonds: 'Eddie Murphy never said he wasn't the daddy'
  112. Is Kylie Minogue a self-confessed Beard?
  113. Paris Hilton Dealt Her 'Get Out Of Jail' Card
  114. Anold Schwarzenegger 'too busy' to bother with Paris Hilton
  115. Angelina Jolie fights for the name 'Shiloh'
  116. Fan ordered to stay away from Sandra Bullock
  117. Jane Fonda is happy Paris Hilton is going to jail
  118. Now Don Ho's daughter has passed away...
  119. Cameron Diaz interview "Don't be prejudice against pretty people"
  120. David Beckham makes plea for missing girl
  121. Shanna Moakler to Paris Hilton -- Karma's a Bitch!
  122. Mary Cheney due to give birth - what should they name it?
  123. Sheryl Crow adopts newborn
  124. Amanda Peet says daughter is adorable but boring
  125. Brokeass Bobby Brown reopens divorce case - for money
  126. Joe Francis will not see daylight anytime soon
  127. John and Kelly Travolta ignore their son's autism
  128. Sun newspaper rapped for Charlotte Church baby story
  129. Robbie Williams' online rant at ex-lover
  130. After fashion failure Lily Allen faces arrest
  131. Jessica Simpson gets into the wrong car (video)
  132. Kylie Minogue slams "offensive" married man affair rumours
  133. David Beckham makes mosquito nets ad plea for Africa
  134. Convicted parasite Paris Hilton's "Free Paris" protest fizzles big time
  135. Jennifer Lopez is receiving death threats
  136. Angelina Jolie wants more biological and adopted kids
  137. Brandon ("Greasy Bear") Davis appears to have got a job!
  138. Orlando Bloom afraid that women only want him for his fame and fortune
  139. Lindsay Lohan defends Paris Hilton, describing her sentence as 'terrible'
  140. Britney Spears wants dancers to shave their heads too, despite her wig-wearing!!!
  141. Cameron Diaz engrossed in a 2 women sex show in New York
  142. Jason Wahler (the Hills) in rehab
  143. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker...no sex until wedding
  144. Angelina Jolie says Shiloh was planned
  145. Jared Fogle the Subway Guy sold pornography
  146. Jessica And Ashlee Simpson - Sister Cat Fight
  147. Paris Hilton taking responsibility
  148. Singer Amy Winehouse reveals she's a toothless wonder
  149. Sting and Trudie Styler are rocked as chef wins sacking case
  150. Lindsay Lohan nearly gets run over at premiere for 'Georgia Rules'
  151. Kate Moss: 'I'm just a normal girl'
  152. "Tired and lonely" Kylie Minogue nearing burn-out
  153. Victoria Beckham's car breaks down
  154. Johnny Depp reportedly marrying this summer
  155. Victoria Beckham's credit card gets denied while out shopping
  156. Jessica Simpson is literally worthless without John Mayer
  157. Madonna Ciccone and Guy Ritchie: Seperate beds and seperate lives
  158. Paps snap Angelina Jolie bathing her kids
  159. Paris Hilton snapped driving yet again
  160. Dina Lohan still riding Lindsay Lohan's coat-tails
  161. Jessica Simpson reinvented: Now with more brains and bigger boobs.
  162. Nikki Sixx to release his 'Heroin Diaries'
  163. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 'serious' over Paris Hilton's plight
  164. Inmates threaten Paris Hilton; "we will beat you to a pulp and steal your shoes"
  165. Britney Spears' "rehab boy" Howie Day trashed by Kevin Federline
  166. Paris Hilton cries after leaving lawyer's office
  167. Britney Spears is set to sing a duet with the late Marilyn Monroe
  168. Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman removed from plane over wife's verbal abuse
  169. Kirk Douglas's 2007 ambition: to meet Angelina Jolie
  170. Lindsay Lohan sneaks Calum Best into her hotel suite
  171. Pamela Anderson wants to have another baby
  172. Lily Allen says Kate Moss's new clothing line is only for perfect people
  173. Jessica Simpson: Dairy products make her pass gas from "all ends"
  174. Penelope Cruz dating rocker Lenny Kravitz?
  175. Courteney Cox and David Arquette get a bit tipsy at dinner
  176. Bricks and stones may break Sean Stewart
  177. Denise Richards: 'Split could have been more mature'
  178. Janice Dickinson hits out at "jealous" Tyra Banks
  179. Pete Doherty pays taxi driver by offering Kate Moss's belongings
  180. Marilyn Manson's music video shocker begins with steamy love scenes
  181. O.J. Simpson tossed from steakhouse on the eve of the Kentucky Derby
  182. Governor Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger has no love for Paris Hilton
  183. Angelina Jolie threatens to quit filming due to paparazzi
  184. Nick Cannon & Selita Ebanks engaged
  185. Paula Abdul blows multimillion cosmetics deal by talking on cell during a meeting
  186. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer fight over her boob baring and club hopping
  187. Paris Hilton supports Sober Day USA 2007
  188. Terri Irwin (Crocodile Hunter widow) made to cry on camera
  189. Courtney Love gets trailer longings and Akon faux-screws up Gwen Stefani's tour
  190. Madonna and Guy Ritchie don't cuddle because her vajayjay is ice
  191. Expensive ho Lindsay Lohan demands $1 million from any club throwing her b-day party
  192. Kylie Minogue to leave Chile, angry at allegations of affair
  193. Petition to support Paris Hilton - will you sign it?
  194. Paris Hilton eligible for "Good Time/Work Time" credit
  195. Keira Knightley looks to Sienna Miller for red carpet inspiration
  196. Annie Lennox's house trashed by party
  197. Pamela Anderson embarrasses kids
  198. Brad Pitt wanted for He-Man role
  199. George Michael pleads guilty to driving charge
  200. Elizabeth Taylor "too sexy" for Maggie Simpson
  201. Shakira bonds with Angelina Jolie
  202. Kevin Federline embarasses himself plus more gossip from the Derby
  203. Paris Hilton re-hires Elliott Mintz, fires lawyer and files appeal
  204. Naomi Campbell kept diary during community service
  205. Paris Hilton smoking herb at music festival
  206. David Hasselhoff blocked from seeing his kids
  207. Gisele Bundchen to start lingerie line with H&M
  208. Gwyneth Paltrow to educate her children in the UK
  209. Ty Pennington arrested for DUI
  210. The whole parish loves Judge Michael T. Sauer
  211. Keira Knightley admits: 'I don't shower enough'
  212. Kevin Costner welcomes baby boy
  213. Amy Winehouse to be the next Bond girl???
  214. Was Britney Spears sexually assaulted?
  215. Paris Hilton's jail no longer overcrowded; serving a full sentence is looking good
  216. Party of Five's Neve Campbell plans a secret wedding
  217. Paris Hilton is a victim of being too hot for cops to resist
  218. File under least shocking news of the year: Pete Doherty arrested for drugs...again
  219. Paris Hilton gives Elliot Mintz the boot
  220. Brittany Murphy elopes
  221. Harry Potter and the mystery of Hermione Granger's curves
  222. Reunited: Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz's 'fairytale' kiss
  223. Helen Mirren snubs dinner invite from the Queen
  224. Smiley Kylie Minogue and her married friend
  225. Christina Ricci takes rape issues to congress
  226. Pete Doherty travels back to old locale.
  227. Danielle Brown's (sister of Mel B) visit to GUM
  228. Chris Martin is horrible!
  229. Beyonce talks about the negative publicity she has experienced throughout her career
  230. Paris Hilton's response to her jail sentence
  231. Lindsay Lohan doing coke after rehab!!!
  232. Michelle Williams aka chipmunk-cheeked c**t might be cheating with Ewan McGregor
  233. What Paris Hilton can expect behind bars
  234. Kid Rock talks about run-in with Anna Nicole Smith at Kentucky Derby...classy guy
  235. Top 5 possible replacements for Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 4
  236. Paris Hilton ordered to serve 45 days in jail
  237. David and Victoria Beckham had "blazing row" on his birthday night?
  238. Justin Timberlake to record a duet with Paris Hilton?
  239. Marc Quinn (sculptor of Britney Spears & Paris Hilton) does Kate Moss
  240. Jessica Biel delivers the most vapid interview ever
  241. Cameron Diaz has gone blond again
  242. Rumour: Jay-Z (aka Sean Carter) in a plane crash; now confirmed not aboard.
  243. Joe Francis says he can't afford black girls
  244. Colin Farrell involved in fatal love triangle
  245. Haylie Duff and Kim Kardashian fight on MySpace
  246. Alec Baldwin will be a no show at today's court hearing
  247. Pamela Anderson tells Scarlett Johansson to do Playboy
  248. Jada Pinkett Smith wades into the Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes debate
  249. Britney Spears come-back show getting shorter - 11 minutes this time.
  250. Madonna screams to release stress