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  1. Britney Spears' raunchy underwear
  2. Cameron Diaz slams cosmetic surgery
  3. Celebrities will do your dumping.
  4. No Sign of Rowling at Harry Potter PRemier
  5. Prince Charles and Camilla Wrap Up U.S. Tour
  6. Kirstie Alley Dances Off The Pounds
  7. Nicollette Sheridan's fake porn fury
  8. Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhall - flirtatious?
  9. Pierce Brosnan says Bond too "bland"
  10. Lindsay Lohan's student plans
  11. Lindsay Lohan's little sis begged to vent anger in Lohan's video
  12. Jennifer Aniston refuses to discuss Vince on Larry King Live
  13. MTV Europe says Halle Berry pregnant
  14. Food Turns McConaughey On
  15. Howard Stern Suspension
  16. Sarah Jessica Parker fights to look stunning
  17. Jennifer Aniston upset with Vanity Fair
  18. Tom Cruise Drops Sister as Publicist
  19. Paltrow Replaces Hurley for Perfume face, are they kidding?!
  20. Kids Shocked at Chicken Little Suicide
  21. Cameron Diaz hates being attractive
  22. Movie Goers Tell Britney Spears to SHUT UP!!
  23. Michael Jackson to do stuff with Kids...AGAIN
  24. Hilary Duff at Porn Party and XXX Video Premiere
  25. Jake Gyllenhaal's Speedo Shame
  26. Shar Jackson's Kevin dating claims
  27. Lindsay Lohan: I'll Be Blonde Again Soon
  28. Madonna Will Never Kill Again!
  29. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to marry new lovers
  30. Jennifer Love Hewitt Left Pushing Her Mini Cooper - HA HAA!!!
  31. Victoria Beckham's slimming secret
  32. Kate Hudson sues Heat Magazine
  33. Eva Longoria's Brazilian love-life
  34. Nicole Richie speaks about Paris split and her drug addiction
  35. Prince Albert receives EU farm subsidies
  36. Victoria Beckham loses contract with Cavalli
  37. Sharon Osbourne vs. Madonna
  38. 7 Things Jennifer Aniston would rather talk about.
  39. Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal are no more
  40. Hugh Jackman, Porn Star?
  41. Best and Worst star trends and moments of 2005
  42. Paris Hilton's aunt says stuff
  43. Guy Ritchie upset about Madonna's EMAs outfit
  44. Ashlee's Daddy Loves It!!!
  45. Harold Ramis wants Ben Stiller for 'Ghostbusters 3'
  46. Kate Moss competely first post-rehab modeling job
  47. Richard Gere calls for an end to capital punishment
  48. Russell Crowe helps nab a robber
  49. Mariah Carey donates fur coats to the homeless
  50. Shannen Doherty In Love With Randy Quaid
  51. Sanaa Lathan gives birth
  52. Madonna's Opening Performance At Europe EMA
  53. Angelina Jolie removes Billy Bob tattoo
  54. Nick Lachey disappears
  55. Ashlee Simpson's rep speaks of McDonald's incident
  56. Hilary Duff's mother sued
  57. Victoria Beckham almost became a PETA target
  58. Charlotte Church embarrassed after criticizing James Blunt
  59. Vince Vaughn and others honored at 13th Annual Diversity Awards
  60. 'The Simpsons' under fire in Russia
  61. Elizabeth Hurley to wed this weekend
  62. Kathy Hilton defends Paris' sex tape shame
  63. Kate Moss urges Doherty into rehab
  64. George Clooney denies fight
  65. Jake Gyllenhaal beats up co-star
  66. Does Angelina let Maddox have play dates?
  67. Vote For The Sexiest Man Alive!
  68. Does Angelina Have Any Girlfriends????
  69. Bai Ling love Nick Carter long time
  70. Brad and Angie have wed!
  71. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards officially back together
  72. Oprah Used To Do The Nasty With Roger Ebert!
  73. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi consider becoming parents
  74. Madonna called a "transvestite" at the EMAs
  75. Ice T versus Omarosa
  76. Mandy Moore
  77. Blog Updated!!!
  78. Margaret Cho, on the Harajuku girls
  79. Justin Timberlake raises money for Katrina with T-shirt
  80. Hilary Duff snubbed Joel Madden
  81. Gwen Stefani, "I didn't copy Madonna!"
  82. Kirsten Dunst, "I'm sooo normal!"
  83. John Mayer's Rap Messages for Kanye West
  84. Nicole Richie Queen of Beverly Hills
  85. Ashlee Goes McWild! *link to video added!*
  86. General Gossip lurkers need to post!
  87. Kate Moss gearing up for a comeback
  88. Brad Pitt and George Clooney buy gay bar to convert into B&B
  89. Lindsay Lohan signs on to star in Lennon assassination film
  90. Michael Madsen a daddy for the 6th time
  91. Matt LeBlanc to direct WWII sci-fi horror movie
  92. Scarlett Johansson to play Lucretia Borgia
  93. Zeta-Jones knows nothing of a rivalry with Sharon Stone
  94. How to Lose a Fortune: Michael Jackson and the Squandering Stars
  95. Shar dishes to magazine
  96. Leonardo DiCaprio dumped for swooning over Sienna
  97. Madonna Scorns Paris Hilton
  98. Brad and Angelina in bear attack
  99. Britney kicks kevin out
  100. Jude and Sienna exclusive: it's back on
  101. Victoria: David dresses me
  102. Kirsten Dunst Nude Scene
  103. Terry Gilliam goes into attack mode toward former 'Python' cast
  104. Kenneth Branagh - film opera of "The Magic Flute" set in WWI
  105. Kim Basinger blasts back at Alec
  106. Brad Pitt calls police on snooping photographer
  107. Carmen Electra's half-brother commits suicide
  108. Brook Shields isn't afraid to face post-partum depression again
  109. Kirstie Alley denies rumors of stomach stapling
  110. Paris Hilton considering England?
  111. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sing a duet at Scientology bash
  112. Tyra Banks goes undercover... as an obese woman
  113. Tomkat - Trouble in paradise
  114. Jennifer and Brad still in business with Plan B
  115. Tom Cruise to buy Zellweger's Conneticut home?
  116. Chloe Sevigny snarks on Renee's short marriage
  117. Paris Hilton's Stavros humiliates homeless man for laughs
  118. Has Jake Gyllenhaal had it with Kirsten?
  119. Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto about to go public?
  120. Brad Pitt's publicist denies marriage rumors
  121. Kevin Raps
  122. Beckham boys' blingin' watches
  123. Jennifer Aniston wants a child to Vince Vaughn
  124. Tom Cruise Gives Katie 5 Commandments
  125. Publicist denies Brad and Angelina married
  126. Shar has words for Britney
  127. Cocaine Kate makes cover of Vanity Fair.
  128. Jolie & Pitt Married???
  129. Jennifer Aniston trespasser gets a year in jail
  130. Christina Aguilera wants fan input on her new album
  131. Paris/Nicole fight - money making ploy?
  132. love has softened Marilyn Manson
  133. Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen split
  134. Jason Bateman has Throat Surgery
  135. Jessica Simpson Saw Therapist Over Rumors
  136. Donnie Wahlberg defends his sexuality to his son
  137. Tom Cruise and Crowe won't team up for Phil Spector biopic
  138. Bai Ling burst into tears over "Like a Virgin"
  139. Lauren Hutton to pose nude for 'Big' magazine cover at 61
  140. Monica Bellucci doesn't understand youth obsession
  141. Hilary Duff in talks to star in next Poltergeist
  142. Jennifer Lopez's tv drama faces hurricane setbacks
  143. Reese Witherspoon works with police to fight aggressive paparazzi
  144. drunken Christian Slater falls from roof during party
  145. Baldwin, Basinger in Custody Battle
  146. Prince Charles next target of PETA
  147. Rachel Weisz doesn't feel beautiful
  148. Gabrielle Union and husband split
  149. Brad and Angelina pre-nup in the works?
  150. Kenny Chesney compares divorce to losing his tv
  151. Orlando Bloom hits out at Dunst rumors
  152. Minnie Driver defends her singing career
  153. Jennifer Aniston: "I'll never talk of the divorce again!"
  154. Claire Danes attends premiere despite death of best friend
  155. Zeta and Pre Nups
  156. Gael Garcia Bernal and his production company
  157. Debi Mazar expecting second child
  158. Brad Pitt to Host PBS Health Documentry
  159. Mary Kate & Paris Feud
  160. Michael Jackson ban on ex-wife
  161. David Beckham's £100k car stolen
  162. Halle Berry knows nothing about Theronís flowers
  163. Tom Cruise, John Travolta at major Scientology meeting in UK
  164. Reese Witherspoon didn't bash Simpson
  165. Mary-Kate Olsen cast in 'Factory Girl'?
  166. Jennifer Garner to star in and produce erotic thriller
  167. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) dating an older woman?
  168. Nick Lachey house hunting?
  169. Lennon's White Abbey Road sells for 118 Grand
  170. Jay-Z and NAS prove that their OK
  171. Woody Allen and wife Soon-Yi
  172. Brad Pitt can't live without Angelina
  173. Carmen Electra finds Scarlett Johansson "hot"
  174. Article Condemns Jolie.
  175. Liz Hurley has low self-esteem
  176. George Clooney won't take painkillers
  177. Owen Wilson tops list of Hottest Bachelors!
  178. Jennifer Aniston November Elle interview
  179. Gerard Depardieu to retire
  180. Sandra wants Jesse's baby?
  181. Pete cheating on Kate?
  182. Madonna Kaballah guru facing fraud rap.
  183. Vincent Gallo continues to be a disgusting git.
  184. Eva Longoria's naughty tatts
  185. Beyonce recalls Oscar night shoe hell
  186. Jennifer Lopez's ex drops lawsuit
  187. Scarlett Johansson doesn't think she is a sex symbol
  188. Kevin Federline's new approach to fatherhood
  189. Alec and Kim continue fueding.
  190. Madonna says stuff...lots and lots of stuff...
  191. David Beckham looking for a new home
  192. Daniel Radcliffe wants Harry Potter to die
  193. Britney Spears moving back to Kentwood?
  194. Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese's Gothic wedding plans
  195. Eminem refused to perform at Live8
  196. Anna Nicole Smith to star in Big Brother
  197. Nicole Richie "I have no tits!"
  198. Tom Cruise donates a staggering amount to Scientology
  199. Jennifer Aniston "I'm not a role model" for how to handle a divorce
  200. Britney Spears is furious with Kevin Federline!
  201. The Killer's Brandon Flowers to make a fashion line at Walmart?
  202. Dita Von Teese "My Wedding Will Be Better Than Britney's"
  203. Sarah Jessica Parker in PAIN!!
  204. Is Jennifer Aniston heading straight for another relationship ditch?
  205. Paris Hilton drinks Elisha Cuthbert under the table
  206. Rosie Perez cries during sex scene (28/10/05)
  207. Harry Potter Star chooses University over Acting
  208. Who's the coolest old celebrity?
  209. Tori Spelling's boyfriend is very "hands-on" (30/10/05)
  210. Jessica Parker to play subservient wife in "The Family Stone" (30/10/05)
  211. Neil Gaiman comments on Angelina Jolie in Blog, Clears up a rumor (30/10/05)
  212. Hilary Duff on Marriage (30/10/05)
  213. Madonna "Leave Tom Cruise Alone!" (30/10/05)
  214. Angelina Jolie's Bunny Butt!!
  215. Rapper The Game Arrested at N.C. Mall
  216. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams welcome a daughter
  217. Jennifer Lopez Wants Oscar
  218. Kim Cattrall blames 'Sex and the City' for ruin of her marriage
  219. Madonna: "Stefani ripped me off"
  220. Jude and Sienna back together?
  221. 'Miami Vice' filming so far a disaster
  222. Kate Moss flees to island hideaway
  223. Janet Jackson piles on 2 stone in a year
  224. Lindsay Lohan's possible new album cover
  225. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn engaged?
  226. Ethan Hawke trying to woo Sienna Miller?
  227. Keith Richards shares pot with his kids
  228. George Clooney wants love like Brangelina
  229. Nicollette Sheridan slams Paris Hilton burger commerical
  230. Sharon Osborne lashes out at rock/pop icons
  231. 'Judging Amy' teen actress killed
  232. Tyra Banks not happy with her looks
  233. Christina Aguilera A Little Uneducated
  234. R. Kelly going to trial on a yellow piss road
  235. Paris and Nicole beging filming the Simple Life
  236. Kate Moss to quit UK for America
  237. Catherine Zeta-Jones' Date Is Strictly Business
  238. Culkin and Kunis
  239. Catherine Zeta-Jones on parenting
  240. Pam Anderson and Bryan Adams Duet
  241. Link to Janet video
  242. The truth about Demi and Ashton family fued
  243. Paris Hilton may play Zsa Zsa Gabor in TV movie
  244. Kilmer blasts Hilton
  245. Police think Moss set up by drug dealer
  246. Kate Moss Talks About Her Drug Use! Gossip Rocks! Exlusive!
  247. Janet Jackson's Sunbathing Video Hits The 'Net (27/10/05)
  248. 27.10.05 Eric Clapton's Band 'Cream' Breaking Up
  249. Michael Vartan, crocodile hunter?
  250. Joaquin Phoenix Hates Watching Himself (28/10/05)