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  1. Cruise books out Toy Store for Katie's Birthday
  2. Scarlett + Jonathan = Ewan McGregor?
  3. Jennifer Aniston says No to dating older men
  4. Triple H upset with American Support for Troops
  5. Alec Baldwin builds a new home in New Orleans
  6. Jack Black lives in Bilbo Baggins' Home
  7. Shirley Maclaine hits out at paparazzi and tabloids
  8. Nicole gets her own ring
  9. Everybody Loves Paris
  10. Sarah Jessica Parker horrified with Victoria Beckham
  11. Jessica's Divorce Papers (Link)
  12. Jennifer Lopez doesn't smoke, says her spokesperson
  13. Tobey Maguire may be getting engaged
  14. With a house full of cameras, did Nick and Jessica include a split screen?
  15. actor John Spencer (West Wing) dead at age 58
  16. Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce 12/16
  17. Clean Donatella Versace thanks Elton John
  18. Tom Cruise takes Katie ice skating for her b-day?
  19. Ashlee Simpson Hospitalized
  20. Teri Hatcher wins sex slur pay-out
  21. Morgan Freeman criticizes Black History Month
  22. Elisha Cuthbert snuggles up to hockey player
  23. Laguna Beach residents want MTV gone
  24. Kevin Costner's hairdresser accused of stealing laptop
  25. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown top Tackiest Couple poll
  26. Scarlett Johansson in talks for L'Oreal campaign
  27. Jonathan Rhys Meyers says American paparazzi have more respect for stars
  28. Benicio Del Toro and Jeff Daniels being eyed for 'Three Stooges' movie
  29. Tom Cruise stands firm on 9/11 comments
  30. Renee Zellweger on romantic date with ex husband
  31. Britney Spears tries to reinvent her pop career
  32. Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man
  33. Nicole Richie Arrested?
  34. National Enquirer apologizes to Teri Hatcher
  35. Julia Roberts the new face of Gianfranco Ferre
  36. Lindsay Lohan is the new face of Chanel
  37. George Clooney has harsh words for Hilary Clinton
  38. Britney Spears' honeymoon photos on eBay
  39. Madonna's horse nightmares
  40. Halle Berry is diabetic and once fell into a coma
  41. Britney most searched for item on web
  42. More celebs slam fans! Oasis
  43. Howard Stern: "Angelina will get rid of boring Brad"
  44. Pamela Anderson too hot for TV
  45. Keira Knightley jealous of other women's legs
  46. Nicole Richie "had" to be dumped
  47. Jessica Simpson Getting "Desperate"?
  48. Christina Applegates new man
  49. Brad, Angelina, Bono and the Africa Charity Circuit
  50. South Park vs Farrelly Bros
  51. Paris Hilton tops PETA’s worst-dressed list
  52. HIV test plea to Pete Doherty
  53. Mariah Carey's diva days
  54. Ashley Olsen doesn't like fans, either
  55. Posh tells actress to leave her husband alone.
  56. Madonna embarrasses her kid.
  57. Jennifer Aniston rubbishes rumors, including the one about burning her dress
  58. Nancy Grace Gets Restraining Order
  59. Kevin asking for more than pre-nup $ *more news added*
  60. Courtney Love gropes porn star's boobs
  61. Jennifer Aniston fears "gangster" paparazzi
  62. Will Showtime rescue 'Arrested Development'?
  63. Annie Lennox just wants to be left alone... unless you're famous
  64. William Shatner may return for new Star Trek movie
  65. Gisele Bundchen is the new face of Louis Vuitton
  66. Liv Tyler's no to plastic surgery
  67. Jessica Alba doesn't care
  68. 'Sopranos' Star Charged with Murder
  69. Schwarzenegger Shunned in Austria Following Execution
  70. Britney Spears back with Kevin
  71. Linday Lohan & Kate Moss friends?
  72. Jennifer Aniston hides away in Greece
  73. George Clooney says stick to your convictions
  74. Author slams Cruise for Scientology beliefs
  75. Dave Chappelle sued by former manager
  76. Snoop Dogg's Mother launches anti-gang campaign
  77. Ludacris wants to give Jessica Simpson butt shots
  78. Blink 182 and No Doubt face off
  79. Daryl Hannah goes undercover to expose human trafficking
  80. 4.5 Richter Earthquake hits King Kong screening
  81. Sienna's Drunken Poetry Love
  82. Fiennes' embarrassment down below
  83. Serkis: No complaints over King Kong recognition
  84. Zhang Zhiyi's High Flying Ambition
  85. Tom Cruise Hawks Fake Fire Cure
  86. Gwen Stefani....preggers??
  87. Beyonce still not accepted split
  88. Kevin Federline denies slamming their relationship
  89. Renee Zellweger's confused fan
  90. Eva Longoria thrilled to be nominated for Golden Globe, finally
  91. Biggest Loser's Matt and Suzy are Dating
  92. Usher doesn't hang out with gay men
  93. Celebrity prenups can be extreme
  94. Paris Hilton tops 'Lycos 50' list for 2005
  95. Jamie Foxx Admits Racial Prejudice
  96. Sarah Jessica Parker's Empathy For Desperate Housewives Cast
  97. Eva Longoria Loves Being Tiny
  98. Boy George signs on for 'Celebrity Big Brother'
  99. Sienna Miller defends decision to take back Jude
  100. Non-christian groups urge athiests to boycott 'Narnia'
  101. Rod Stewart says ex-wife wishes he were dead
  102. Golden Globe nominations announced
  103. Rachel Hunter hospitalized with stomach pains
  104. Colin Farrell pulls out of promoting 'New World' due to rehab
  105. Paris Hilton wants to make up with Nicole Richie
  106. 'Doctor Who' to air anti-war episode aimed at Tony Blair
  107. Britt Ekland considered euthanizing her sick mother
  108. Mariah Carey says she's not engaged
  109. Beyonce says she will actually be acting in her new movie
  110. producer Robert Newmyer dead at age 49
  111. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might have kids
  112. Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat website shut down by Kazakhstan officials
  113. Beyonce's new perfume reflects her alter ego
  114. Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler laugh off engagement rumors
  115. James Dean museum closing due to debt
  116. Sienna Miller stays away from the internet
  117. Lindsay is kinda dumb
  118. mk david and stavros
  119. Jessica Simpsons New Clothing Line
  120. 50 Cent's girl hunt
  121. Ben Affleck nappy fan
  122. Lindsay Lohan's parents settle divorce
  123. Hayden Christensen chases fan
  124. Joaquin and Lindsay Hohan?
  125. Jenna Bush in trouble again
  126. Learn how to be a star with Joe Simpson
  127. Brandon Routh has a big package?
  128. Sienna has new nanny worries?
  129. Simple Plan create new Youth Charity
  130. Macy Gray in flames over Punk'd
  131. Sharissa's Short Lived Life of Crime
  132. Depeche Mode headlining Coachella
  133. Mills McCartney horrified by Peta video
  134. Keaton afraid to buy her daughter a ranch
  135. A Wife-Swapping Double Date on Desperate Housewives
  136. Justine Bateman to appear on Arrested Development
  137. Brooke braces up in style
  138. Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?
  139. Narnia Star wants Classic Car
  140. Primate nominated for Eight Grammys
  141. Sienna's dad will kill Jude if he cheats again
  142. Tyra Banks' horrible first kiss
  143. Robbie Williams' wealth stops him finding love
  144. Moby re-ignites his feud with Eminem
  145. Colin Farrell in the hospital for "exhaustion" and pills
  146. Luke Wilson is surrounded by transvestites
  147. Patrick Dempsey gets a scare from a fan
  148. Michael Jackson’s Thriller success
  149. Sharon Stone's busy housewife life
  150. Spears Family Hurricane Katrina Foundation
  151. Britney Fans Start "Divorce Kevin" Website
  152. Kate Moss will mock her drug scandal in new Virgin Mobile commerical
  153. Scarlett Johansson says paparazzi are dangerous
  154. Kevin Federline discusses Britney split in German paper
  155. Gary Glitter says nothing happened with 11 year old
  156. Madonna flirting with Uma's man?
  157. Kate Beckinsale's naked web dance
  158. Joss Stone voted best celeb pet owner - Paris Hilton the worst
  159. Special Olympics organizers give ok to new Farrelly Bros film
  160. Prince Charles interviewed by police regarding Diana's death
  161. Bruce Willis buying penthouse in New York
  162. Dennis Hopper once considered suicide
  163. Kelly Preston urges Tom Cruise and Katie to get out of the spotlight
  164. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner holding off on buying their home
  165. Brad's warning from Angelina's Lover!
  166. Charlotte Church's family is crazy and on drugs
  167. Mary Kate interviewed in W Magazine
  168. Tea Leoni on Waitressing
  169. Sarah Jessica Parker used to husband's absence
  170. Bono hates hymns
  171. Madonna's love of Japan
  172. Adrien Brody hates foreign interviews
  173. Claire Danes stumped by sex appeal
  174. Evanescence Amy Lee's abusive past court revelations
  175. Kevin Federline At Britney's Expense?
  176. Where's Jake Gyllenhaal?
  177. Jennifer Aniston, One Year On
  178. Lulu to tour with Take That
  179. Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks get hitched
  180. 'Sopranos' actor held in police shooting
  181. Shaquille O'Neal sworn in as reserve police officer
  182. Mariah sports huge engagement ring...HUGE
  183. A new reality show for Jessica Simpson?
  184. 'Dancing with the Stars' second season lineup
  185. Rachael Ray's troubled childhood
  186. Mel Gibson for governor?
  187. 50 Cent slams police for barring his entourage from entering Canada
  188. Pierce Brosnan gives thumbs up to to new Bond star
  189. Charlotte Church's pedophile uncle jailed
  190. Billy Zane and Kelly Brook stall wedding because of media
  191. George Michael says Princess Diana wanted in his pants
  192. The Ultimate Celeb Party-Crasher Tells All
  193. Matt & Ben's Creepy Similarities
  194. Pathbreaking Comedian Richard Pryor Dies
  195. Tom Cruis-azy and Katie Holmes wedding plans?
  196. I didn't recognize Heath while he was screwing Jake
  197. Regis is quitting!!
  198. Catherine Zeta-Jones to quit smoking
  199. Kate Winslet: 'I was never offered cocaine'
  200. 'Geisha' filmmakers defend casting choices
  201. Rachel McAdams refuses to pose nude for Vanity Fair
  202. Jessica's Divorce Doubts
  203. Michelle Branch shuts down her website and tells off fans
  204. David Arquette sex scandal
  205. Elle Macpherson thinks you should wear nicer underwear
  206. Patrick Swayze would love to do a Dirty Dancing sequel
  207. Did Joaquin Phoenix date and dump his 'Walk the Line' costar?
  208. Sienna Miller launching her own fashion label
  209. Michael Jackson in hospital after overdose!
  210. Nicole Richie and DJ AM will spend New Year's together
  211. Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer... back on?
  212. Kurt Cobain to narrate his own documentary
  213. Noel Gallagher slams Jack White for selling out to Coca-Cola
  214. Brad & Jen back in the day
  215. Sienna and Kiki. Two dirty tramps for leo.
  216. Britney & Kevin: optimism dies
  217. Patrick Swayze cries for the environment
  218. Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro slammed for terrible interviews
  219. Ice Cube's new tv show deals with racial issues
  220. Jenna Jameson battles religious group to keep her strip club
  221. Wife Swap contestant suing producers for making him live with a gay man
  222. Naveen Andrews credits Sex Pistols frontman for keeping him sober
  223. Lindsay Lohan's sister Ali in talks for her own Disney show
  224. Pitt and Jolie Married?!
  225. From Terminator to Mad Max!
  226. Lohan apologizes for missing Regis...more food poisoning
  227. Mariah Carey to sweep Grammys
  228. Matt Damon is a Husband!
  229. Mary Kate quit college to be happy
  230. Witherspoon, "I'm not hard to work with, you bitch!"
  231. No more action for Watts
  232. Jennifer Lopez sends gift to Ben Affleck
  233. Kate Winslet afraid of being an awful actress
  234. Robbie Williams in alien abduction warning
  235. Ken Watanabe Marries!
  236. Mary Kate still loves ex & other interesting gossip
  237. Pocahontas
  238. Daniel Craig's no-smoking Bond
  239. Wilmer Valderrama to Play Ponch
  240. Charlotte Church would quit career for love
  241. Nicole Richie's mystery split
  242. Brittany Murphy loves 'individual' Brits
  243. Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra sympathetic to Britney's marriage woes
  244. Jessica Simpson hires Jennifer Aniston's divorce lawyer
  245. Alec Baldwin: "Kim Basinger is brainwashing our daughter with chocolate"
  246. Victoria Beckham's fitness plan
  247. Who knows where i can download this music video?
  248. Wow: Siskel and Ebert hated eachother...
  249. Stop the Presses!!! Streisand cancels her newspaper subscription!
  250. Matt Damon to be a dad