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  1. Jessica Simpson to be the next Bond girl?
  2. Coldplay get digital
  3. Ashlee Simpson is out of the hospital
  4. Kathy Griffin fired from E!
  5. Jennifer Aniston denies befriending Jessica Simpson
  6. Zellweger and Chesney Annulled
  7. David Letterman Lawyers Fight Restraining Order
  8. Fergie dances with the Prince of Brunei
  9. Grab pen and paper: 50 Cent's parenting tips
  10. Scarlett Johansson moves in with boyfriend Josh Hartnett
  11. Britney and Kevin's row at the cinema
  12. Jude and Sienna to get re-engaged
  13. Kate Moss fans crash website
  14. Flaming Lips return!
  15. Brad and Angelina: Family Photos
  16. Brad and Jen top fascinating break-up poll 2005
  17. Paris banned from club for bad-mouthing Nicole?
  18. Rachel Hunter on Strictly Come Dancing Xmas Special
  19. Michael J Fox in talks for another Back to the Future
  20. Kevin Federline tells Britney Spears to divorce him
  21. George Clooney wants to be a father
  22. Aaron Carter gets robbed, and probably cried
  23. Lil' Kim donates toys to children
  24. Death Cab for Cutie unveils 12 videos
  25. Toby Keith leads son's football team to success
  26. Pamela Anderson has total faith in Malibu police
  27. Paris Hilton received death threats
  28. Sarah Jessica Parker Lists Her Life Regrets
  29. Broken neck helps Brooke Burns fix her broken marriage
  30. Natasha Richardson, I feel like an outcast in New York for smoking
  31. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee planning to go snowboarding
  32. Christian Bale loved working with Daredevil Herzog
  33. Pink gets married
  34. Madonna's 'Hung Up' named best gay hit of 2005
  35. Peter Andre and Jordan to release single
  36. Elton John slams 'miserable' Madonna
  37. Mutya quits Sugababes, Amelle takes her place
  38. Gwen Stefani IS Pregnant
  39. Regis Philbin snubs Kelly for L.A. beauty
  40. Jennifer Lopez - Secret heartbreak
  41. Kylie Minogue's hotpants kept in an airtight case
  42. Bono's fishy retirement
  43. Madonna's Christmas tipple
  44. Charlize Theron turns down Bond Girl role
  45. 'Industry of Death' Museum Opens
  46. Michael Jackson - Child Abductor?
  47. Time to bash Nick on the *newly-splits*
  48. Kate Moss' new clean image
  49. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's last supper
  50. Kylie Minogue prepares comeback
  51. Jessica Simpson plans Hawaii trip *more news added*
  52. Brooke Burns owes her life to Paramedic Pal
  53. Voight wants Pitt and Jolie to reproduce
  54. Jake Gyllenhaal struggled with Ang Lee's coldness
  55. Sarah Jessica Parker: SATC couldn't compete with Desperate Housewives
  56. Carmen Electra's Scorpion Dies
  57. Britney Spears' Sex Suit
  58. Haylie Duff's Maxim interview
  59. Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen to attend "We Hate Paris" party
  60. $1 mil ransom for Marc Anthony's stolen laptop?
  61. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet plan backpacking trip
  62. Michelle Rodriguez Complains About Arrest
  63. Julio Iglesias Senior dies at 90
  64. Jennifer Aniston pines for Friends
  65. Britney Spears' Christmas Vacation
  66. Kevin Federline: The 2 million dollar man
  67. Nicole Richie happy with small breasts
  68. Mary Kate and Stavros Niarchos hug
  69. Ozzy Osbourne's McCartney obsession and hate of Pete Doherty
  70. Marilyn Monroe warned Joan Collins about the dark side of Hollywood
  71. Elton John Reveals His Sadness For Unmarried Gays
  72. Reese Witherspoon Snapper arrest warrant
  73. Elton John's presidential pal
  74. Robbie Williams wears corsets
  75. Michael Jackson leaves animal starving
  76. Claudia Schiffer's home raided
  77. Muhammed Ali awarded Peace prize
  78. Doherty faces 7 years in jail
  79. Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates named Persons of the Year
  80. Sylvester Stallone left unconscious in fight scene
  81. Stars pose for LaChapelle's new book
  82. Garth Brooks' tastes questioned
  83. Emily Mortimer's snotty moment with Samuel L Jackson
  84. Katie, Tom, Christmas carols, detoxification...
  85. Shirley MacLaine names Jennifer Aniston Heroine of 2005
  86. Carmen Electra: "Bid so high I would have felt obliged to sleep with him"
  87. Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth engaged
  88. Naomi Campbell's tears with Kate Moss
  89. How to make a Scientologist out of Tom Cruise.
  90. Michael Flatley..Lord of the Ejaculates
  91. Brad Pitt buys wedding rings
  92. Tyra Banks' Last Walk Down the Runway
  93. Anna lashes back at Posh
  94. Top 10 Mariah Carey Songs - Entertainment Weekly
  95. Sick Aniston pulls out of TV show appearance
  96. Eastwood and Tarantino share screen for Boetticher Documentary
  97. Mariah: "I've just wet myself..."
  98. Jennifer Aniston Going To Bare All?
  99. Grandpa Iglesias Expecting Child Aged 90
  100. Teri Hatcher Accepts Damages Over 'passion Wagon' Reports
  101. Beatles sue EMI
  102. Mary J Blige working hard for debut movie
  103. Heath Ledger's Tight Trousers
  104. Hanks: 'My Time is Numbered'
  105. Madonna's cell phone ban
  106. Daryl Hannah's Christmas expose
  107. Jennifer Lopez inspired to write music by tree leaves
  108. Scarlett Johansson Slams Cinema Costs
  109. Kanye West Stunned By The Publicity From 'Bush Rant'
  110. Bruce Payne Denies 'Drunk' Charge
  111. Ewan McGregor Pleads For Aids Orphans
  112. Jason Orange And Robbie Williams Make Peace
  113. Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown Win Tackiest Couple
  114. Shayne Ward washes knickers
  115. Sarah Harding's Poo Shock
  116. Cruise books out Toy Store for Katie's Birthday
  117. Scarlett + Jonathan = Ewan McGregor?
  118. Jennifer Aniston says No to dating older men
  119. Triple H upset with American Support for Troops
  120. Alec Baldwin builds a new home in New Orleans
  121. Jack Black lives in Bilbo Baggins' Home
  122. Shirley Maclaine hits out at paparazzi and tabloids
  123. Nicole gets her own ring
  124. Everybody Loves Paris
  125. Sarah Jessica Parker horrified with Victoria Beckham
  126. Jessica's Divorce Papers (Link)
  127. Jennifer Lopez doesn't smoke, says her spokesperson
  128. Tobey Maguire may be getting engaged
  129. With a house full of cameras, did Nick and Jessica include a split screen?
  130. actor John Spencer (West Wing) dead at age 58
  131. Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce 12/16
  132. Clean Donatella Versace thanks Elton John
  133. Tom Cruise takes Katie ice skating for her b-day?
  134. Ashlee Simpson Hospitalized
  135. Teri Hatcher wins sex slur pay-out
  136. Morgan Freeman criticizes Black History Month
  137. Elisha Cuthbert snuggles up to hockey player
  138. Laguna Beach residents want MTV gone
  139. Kevin Costner's hairdresser accused of stealing laptop
  140. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown top Tackiest Couple poll
  141. Scarlett Johansson in talks for L'Oreal campaign
  142. Jonathan Rhys Meyers says American paparazzi have more respect for stars
  143. Benicio Del Toro and Jeff Daniels being eyed for 'Three Stooges' movie
  144. Tom Cruise stands firm on 9/11 comments
  145. Renee Zellweger on romantic date with ex husband
  146. Britney Spears tries to reinvent her pop career
  147. Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a man
  148. Nicole Richie Arrested?
  149. National Enquirer apologizes to Teri Hatcher
  150. Julia Roberts the new face of Gianfranco Ferre
  151. Lindsay Lohan is the new face of Chanel
  152. George Clooney has harsh words for Hilary Clinton
  153. Britney Spears' honeymoon photos on eBay
  154. Madonna's horse nightmares
  155. Halle Berry is diabetic and once fell into a coma
  156. Britney most searched for item on web
  157. More celebs slam fans! Oasis
  158. Howard Stern: "Angelina will get rid of boring Brad"
  159. Pamela Anderson too hot for TV
  160. Keira Knightley jealous of other women's legs
  161. Nicole Richie "had" to be dumped
  162. Jessica Simpson Getting "Desperate"?
  163. Christina Applegates new man
  164. Brad, Angelina, Bono and the Africa Charity Circuit
  165. South Park vs Farrelly Bros
  166. Paris Hilton tops PETA’s worst-dressed list
  167. HIV test plea to Pete Doherty
  168. Mariah Carey's diva days
  169. Ashley Olsen doesn't like fans, either
  170. Posh tells actress to leave her husband alone.
  171. Madonna embarrasses her kid.
  172. Jennifer Aniston rubbishes rumors, including the one about burning her dress
  173. Nancy Grace Gets Restraining Order
  174. Kevin asking for more than pre-nup $ *more news added*
  175. Courtney Love gropes porn star's boobs
  176. Jennifer Aniston fears "gangster" paparazzi
  177. Will Showtime rescue 'Arrested Development'?
  178. Annie Lennox just wants to be left alone... unless you're famous
  179. William Shatner may return for new Star Trek movie
  180. Gisele Bundchen is the new face of Louis Vuitton
  181. Liv Tyler's no to plastic surgery
  182. Jessica Alba doesn't care
  183. 'Sopranos' Star Charged with Murder
  184. Schwarzenegger Shunned in Austria Following Execution
  185. Britney Spears back with Kevin
  186. Linday Lohan & Kate Moss friends?
  187. Jennifer Aniston hides away in Greece
  188. George Clooney says stick to your convictions
  189. Author slams Cruise for Scientology beliefs
  190. Dave Chappelle sued by former manager
  191. Snoop Dogg's Mother launches anti-gang campaign
  192. Ludacris wants to give Jessica Simpson butt shots
  193. Blink 182 and No Doubt face off
  194. Daryl Hannah goes undercover to expose human trafficking
  195. 4.5 Richter Earthquake hits King Kong screening
  196. Sienna's Drunken Poetry Love
  197. Fiennes' embarrassment down below
  198. Serkis: No complaints over King Kong recognition
  199. Zhang Zhiyi's High Flying Ambition
  200. Tom Cruise Hawks Fake Fire Cure
  201. Gwen Stefani....preggers??
  202. Beyonce still not accepted split
  203. Kevin Federline denies slamming their relationship
  204. Renee Zellweger's confused fan
  205. Eva Longoria thrilled to be nominated for Golden Globe, finally
  206. Biggest Loser's Matt and Suzy are Dating
  207. Usher doesn't hang out with gay men
  208. Celebrity prenups can be extreme
  209. Paris Hilton tops 'Lycos 50' list for 2005
  210. Jamie Foxx Admits Racial Prejudice
  211. Sarah Jessica Parker's Empathy For Desperate Housewives Cast
  212. Eva Longoria Loves Being Tiny
  213. Boy George signs on for 'Celebrity Big Brother'
  214. Sienna Miller defends decision to take back Jude
  215. Non-christian groups urge athiests to boycott 'Narnia'
  216. Rod Stewart says ex-wife wishes he were dead
  217. Golden Globe nominations announced
  218. Rachel Hunter hospitalized with stomach pains
  219. Colin Farrell pulls out of promoting 'New World' due to rehab
  220. Paris Hilton wants to make up with Nicole Richie
  221. 'Doctor Who' to air anti-war episode aimed at Tony Blair
  222. Britt Ekland considered euthanizing her sick mother
  223. Mariah Carey says she's not engaged
  224. Beyonce says she will actually be acting in her new movie
  225. producer Robert Newmyer dead at age 49
  226. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might have kids
  227. Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat website shut down by Kazakhstan officials
  228. Beyonce's new perfume reflects her alter ego
  229. Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler laugh off engagement rumors
  230. James Dean museum closing due to debt
  231. Sienna Miller stays away from the internet
  232. Lindsay is kinda dumb
  233. mk david and stavros
  234. Jessica Simpsons New Clothing Line
  235. 50 Cent's girl hunt
  236. Ben Affleck nappy fan
  237. Lindsay Lohan's parents settle divorce
  238. Hayden Christensen chases fan
  239. Joaquin and Lindsay Hohan?
  240. Jenna Bush in trouble again
  241. Learn how to be a star with Joe Simpson
  242. Brandon Routh has a big package?
  243. Sienna has new nanny worries?
  244. Simple Plan create new Youth Charity
  245. Macy Gray in flames over Punk'd
  246. Sharissa's Short Lived Life of Crime
  247. Depeche Mode headlining Coachella
  248. Mills McCartney horrified by Peta video
  249. Keaton afraid to buy her daughter a ranch
  250. A Wife-Swapping Double Date on Desperate Housewives