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  1. Kate Beckinsale's Vampire Movie takes a Bite out of the US Box Office
  2. 'Memoirs of a Geisha' banned in China
  3. Piper Perabo has a crush on Diane Keaton
  4. Sitcom 'Friends' to return in four 1-hour specials *updated*
  5. Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan engaged
  6. Jon Bon Jovi says infidelity is part of the business
  7. Jennifer Love Hewitt a cultist?
  8. Anthony Hopkins still miffed by playing Richard Nixon
  9. Malcolm X's daughter calms Rosie O'Donnell down
  10. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fight eating disorders on the Internet
  11. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's nanny to tell all in new book
  12. Jude Law and Sienna Miller split...again?
  13. Hollywood's worst tippers
  14. NBC cancels West Wing after 7 seasons
  15. Kathleen Turner to Quit Hollywood
  16. Bon Jovi Plane Scare
  17. Bon Jovi apologises to Madonna
  18. LL Cool J praises Jennifer Lopez
  19. Heartbreaker Keira Knightley
  20. Teri Hatcher's singing skills
  21. Sheridan defends 50 Cent movie violence
  22. Police blamed in Doherty trial
  23. Good Perez Scoop
  24. Open warfare between Elizabeth Hurley and Jemima Kahn over Hugh Grant
  25. Demi Moore and Robert Redford: would she accept 1 million to sleep with him now?
  26. Jordan and Pete Andre's marriage already in crisis?
  27. Police furious as Kate Moss won't come back to Britain
  28. Paris Hilton snubs Playboy
  29. Shirley Manson misses Garbage life
  30. Coldplay slam ticket touts
  31. Keira Knightley bribed Globes security guards
  32. Armstrong No Show at Film Premiere
  33. James Franco honed his acting skills at McDonald's
  34. Mischa Barton's ex Brandon Davis lies about Vegas win
  35. Jagger to flash Super Bowl crowd
  36. Disney yanks reality show after gay couple wins to avoid 'Narnia' Christians boycott
  37. Richard Hatch says first season of 'Survivor" was fixed
  38. Toni Collette to release debut album
  39. Gay rights group accuses American Idol of homophobic attitude
  40. Police say they'll arrest Cocaine Kate if and when she returns to UK
  41. Bobby Brown says breakup rumors are false
  42. Star Jones : War on Terror just a Bush and Osama ego battle
  43. Tom Hanks Still America's Favorite
  44. Lance Bass and Joey Fatone Couple Up
  45. 50 Cent Sued for Copyright Infringement
  46. Jolie-Pitt Merger Finalized
  47. Mary J.Blige: "The addicted can only help themselves"
  48. Geri Halliwell's Victoria Beckham pregnancy advice
  49. Britney Spears' son's Hindu blessing
  50. Ashton Kutcher....the new Mary Kate???
  51. Madonna bans Lourdes from Harry Potter auditions
  52. Rosie O'Donnell sought parenting advice from Madonna
  53. 50 Cent can't whistle since being shot
  54. Catholic group asks that 'Da Vinci Code' get R rating
  55. Kelly Clarkson gives in to American Idol
  56. Drew Barrymore and boyfriend got caught in the bathroom
  57. Kanye West and Pamela Anderson kissing
  58. Colin Farrell Sex Tape: The Transcript
  59. Eva and the Oscar-winner
  60. Pink's video parodies Paris Hilton
  61. Sarah Jessica Parker missed out on Teri Hatcher's role
  62. Paris Hilton's intellect in question after deposition
  63. Meg Ryan to adopt Chinese baby
  64. Rose McGowan narrowly escapes death
  65. Madonna sends kids for horse riding lessons
  66. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married in weeks and expecting twins?
  67. Reese and Kirsten wore same dress to Golden Globes
  68. Tom Cruise gives Katie Holmes 75,000 worth of designer gowns
  69. Bryce Dallas Howard in Spiderman 3?
  70. Angelina Jolie's Adopted Kids Can Take Pitt's Name
  71. Jessica Simpson's breast obsession
  72. Brittany Murphy's blonde dream
  73. Lindsay Lohan's stop smoking pills
  74. Scarlett Johansson rapped by prudish mum
  75. 50 Cent to retire from rap
  76. New Magazine entirely devoted to Plastic Surgery
  77. Holly Hunter reportedly delivers twins
  78. Russell Crowe announces second child due in July
  79. lil Kim's Prison Progress report
  80. George Clooney Splashes Out On Daddy Bash
  81. Is Vegas ready for a Kevin Federline-owned nightclub?
  82. Paris Hilton - No Einstein
  83. Kelly Brook avoids sexy nanny
  84. Selma Blair: "Reese Witherspoon anthitesis of Paris Hilton"
  85. Prince considers rare live appearance
  86. Clooney leads in BAFTA nominations
  87. Ashlee Simpson joins Homeless Youths Fund Raiser
  88. Kurt Cobain's daughter Mariah Carey's fan
  89. Paris Hilton's publicists fight peeing claims
  90. Jessica Simpson snubs Adam Levine
  91. Victoria Beckham to write children's book
  92. Michael Jackson's new job: business consultant
  93. Scarlett Johansson's grope shock
  94. Halle Berry's baby plans
  95. Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughy split?
  96. Scarlett Johansson's tennis butt
  97. Kate Moss rents Elizabeth Taylor's mansion
  98. Uma Thurman Disses Ethan Hawke?
  99. Former Full House Star a Recovering Meth Addict
  100. Angelina Jolie collapses?
  101. Hillary Swank vows to save her marriage.
  102. Leif Garret arrested
  103. Young Frankenstien: The Musical...coming to a Broadway theater near you...
  104. Even more from the Golden Globes! Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria
  105. Justine Trousersnake to open restaurant in hell
  106. Angelina Jolie's (fake) sonogram on eBay
  107. Brad Pitt's Personality Change
  108. Brittany Murphy Denies Surgery
  109. Sean "Puffy" Combes' Perfume Ad Censored
  110. Mary-Louise Parker: 'Legalize Cannabis'
  111. Hatcher & Clooney Refuse To Address Date Rumor
  112. Golden Globes spark anger for Christian group
  113. Alexis Stewart calls for ban on horse-drawn carriages in NY
  114. More Golden Globes Gossip: Reese's dress wasn't vintage!!! Gasp!!
  115. Jon Voight begs Angelina Jolie to call
  116. Kate Moss and Jack Osbourne?
  117. Brady boys to swap spit?
  118. Madonna's intense fitness regime worries friends.
  119. Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie's secret weight loss pact
  120. Cocaine Kate's new man still has a girlfriend.
  121. Laurence Fishburne sued for firing pregnant assistant
  122. Victoria Beckham's guide to pulling
  123. Eminem's joke worried 50 Cent
  124. Tom Cruise axe for South Park
  125. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn living together?
  126. Simon Cowell slams ungrateful Kelly Clarkson
  127. Heath is apparently a sore loser
  128. William Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for Charity
  129. Did anyone see Harrison Ford onstage with a drink?
  130. Mary J. Blige tells PETA to step off.
  131. Brittany Murphy gets engaged
  132. Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan Phillippe's bet
  133. Harrison Ford drunk at Golden Globes?
  134. Justin Timberlake's mom says no baby for Cameron
  135. Hugh Laurie has best acceptance speech ever.
  136. Gillian Anderson eager to return to X-Files
  137. Alanis Morissette to reveal all in new autobiography
  138. Sanaa Lathan hits out at reports of affair with Denzel Washington
  139. Kathleen Turner: Why I'm moving to Europe
  140. New molestation allegations against Michael Jackson
  141. Kevin Federline doesn't care if you like him
  142. Former child actor missing
  143. Britney Spears' low self esteem
  144. Meryl Streep offered to mentor Lindsay Lohan
  145. Why I Am Having Brad's Baby.
  146. Teri vs. Eva and other interesting tidbits from the Golden Globes
  147. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown to split?
  148. Harper Lee praises Capote film...
  149. Hasselhoff's wife drunk and obnoxious...
  150. Naomi Watts unlucky in love again? And other tidbits from Vanity Fair party.
  151. Vincent Gallo offers sperm for $1million
  152. Michael Jackson may be getting a job
  153. Name Brad and Angelina's Baby!
  154. Gwyneth caught Madonna-itis
  155. Tom Cruise creates a DVD collection for Katie Holmes
  156. Brad and Angelina to name baby William?
  157. Jackson's Neverland zoo animals cruelly abandoned and mistreated
  158. Pete Doherty arrested yet again on drug possession
  159. Gillian Anderson launched into an X-rated rant
  160. Russell Crowe doesn't like to be upstaged
  161. Elizabeth Hurley hates being famous
  162. James Blunt sues over parody animation
  163. Simon Cowell's juvenile taste made him rich
  164. Queen Latifah thinks LL Cool J is the best
  165. Madonna rules the European charts
  166. Sam Mendes slams Gung-Ho America
  167. Sienna Miller misses out on Brokeback Mountain role because of cough
  168. Kate Beckinsale, "Kids should grow up before showbiz"
  169. Jake Gyllenhaal talks about the art of busboying
  170. The Rock replaced with Hercules in Walking Tall Sequel
  171. Eminem didn't sign pre-nup...and granny is angry
  172. Kristanna Loken's Biofeedback Blood Diet
  173. New Bond girl to be announced: Rose Byrne
  174. A doctor talks about Angelina Jolie's prominent veins
  175. Brad Pitt's family thrilled about the pregnancy
  176. Gwyneth Paltrow confirms pregnancy
  177. Stephen Baldwin protests porn shop
  178. Cameron and Justin Expecting?!?
  179. Marcus Schenkenberg and Robin Givens an item
  180. Exact weight of David Hasselhoff's head
  181. Larry Wachowski, creator of Matrix goes into seclusion and world of BDSM
  182. Lindsay Lohan targets Scarlett Johansson?
  183. Lindsay Lohan & Sean Lennon paint the town red
  184. Kate Moss cancels lavish birthday plans
  185. Kari Wuhrer sues ABC for firing her from General Hospital after becoming pregnant
  186. Brad did NOT tell Jen about pregnancy
  187. Ricky Martin outraged by 'golden shower' comment, demands respect!
  188. Heath Ledger Sprayed With Water At Premiere
  189. 5 Celebrity excuses that we all laugh at!
  190. Kirsten Dunst Linked to Maroon 5 Singer
  191. Groupie Jennifer Aniston
  192. Jamie Foxx's big butt obsession
  193. Pink's safe wedding dress
  194. Teri Hatcher: "Surgery is weird"
  195. Jim Carrey credits daughter with getting him through loneliness
  196. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen invest millions in a cake shop
  197. Mandy Moore hates her own albums
  198. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's secret meeting?
  199. Phyllis Gates, ex wife of Rock Hudson dies at 80
  200. Kate Beckinsale stunned by husband's travel inexperience
  201. Heath Ledger vows better media relations
  202. Actress Maria Bello champions normal size actresses
  203. Robbie Williams avoids World Cup clash
  204. Fatboy Slim's meat confession
  205. Justin Timberlake grossed out by "incestuous" Shrek role
  206. Jade Jagger taunts animal activists
  207. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's duets
  208. David Hasselhoff Files for Divorce
  209. Elizabeth Hurley's bedtime food fun
  210. Sienna Miller threatens Jude Law's former nanny
  211. Charlize Theron denies ugly ambition
  212. Lindsay Lohan's dad speaks on asthma attack death
  213. Kylie Minogue given the all-clear from cancer
  214. Macaulay Culkin goes ring-shopping
  215. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are engaged
  216. Doctor guarantees Angelina and Brad's baby will be beautiful
  217. Britney Spears: pregnant again?
  218. 'Top Model' winner, Adrianne Curry bashes Tyra Banks
  219. Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss pole dance at topless bar
  220. Scarlett Johansson slams celebs' fur boots
  221. Mary-Kate Olsen's coffee addiction
  222. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow deny phone calls about Brad Pitt
  223. Jessica Simpson calls on Warren Beatty for break-up advice
  224. Wyclef Jean celebrates Pitt-Jolie baby news
  225. Cobain-Love's daughter slams tabloid lies
  226. Sandra Bullock's husband in Iraq bombing horror
  227. Evangeline Lilly's steamy chatline past
  228. Scarlett Johansson's fishy New Year
  229. Joaquin Phoenix can't find a girlfriend
  230. Scarlett Johansson doesn't enjoy modelling
  231. Mary-Kate Olsen has bought her own engagement ring
  232. Sharon Stone's secret romance with basketball star
  233. Nick Lachey buys new home
  234. Beyonce considers marriage
  235. Scarlett Johansson's wardrobe malfunction
  236. Brad Pitt Confirms Angelina Jolie Is Pregnant
  237. Kate Beckinsale's love triangle
  238. Liz Hurley's nostalgia for Hugh Grant
  239. It's a Boy for Melissa Joan Hart
  240. Kate Beckinsale feared she had lost sex appeal
  241. Lil' Kim jailbird tv show
  242. Destiny's Child will reunite again
  243. George Clooney dreams up ideal woman
  244. Courtney Love loses house
  245. How Angelina Jolie asked Brad Pitt to adopt her children
  246. Angelina Jolie's Pregnancy Confirmed.
  247. Elizabeth Hurley wants to be a farmer
  248. Colin Farrell sex tape hits the net, picture included
  249. Yet another reason to love Eva Longoria
  250. Lindsay Lohan 'Appalled' by Vanity Fair Article