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  1. Nick Lachey reuniting with 98 Degrees?
  2. Clay Aiken's Green Beret to re-enact tryst in porn film???
  3. 'American Pie' star on the run from the law
  4. Brad Pitt looking for gay role
  5. SMACK! Oprah gets verbally slapped
  6. Michael Douglas enjoying acting break
  7. Missy Elliot plans more soundtracks
  8. Ashanti suing music companies
  9. Beyonce's musical audition
  10. Nick Lachey romancing beauty queen
  11. Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey duet
  12. Michael Jackson losing children custody?
  13. Sheryl Crowe blasts 'grotesque' fertility rumours
  14. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie plan wedding in February
  15. Liz Hurley pregnant ?
  16. Kate Moss meets with policemen
  17. Does Scarlett Johansson have a new man?
  18. Britney Spears has yet another perfume
  19. Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg split - is Justin Timberlake to blame?
  20. Mr & Mrs Smith - the series?
  21. Kelly Osbourne: 'Paris Hilton is bad influence'
  22. Marilyn Manson to play Lewis Carroll in self-penned movie
  23. Kate Moss turned herself in to London police 1/31
  24. Sienna Miller: Jude Law overshadowed my work
  25. Catherine Zeta-Jones to play Britain's first transexual
  26. Katie Holmes delivering baby early?
  27. Britney Spears to guest star on Will & Grace....
  28. Kevin Federline continues to dig grave; makes fun of Britney while she eats
  29. Mischa Barton is all American
  30. Jennifer Aniston loves snogging
  31. Hayden Christensen to meet Sienna Miller's parents?
  32. Keith Urban's song for Nicole Kidman
  33. Heath Ledger's 'Casanova' regret
  34. Nas' ex blames Jay-Z persistence for cheating
  35. Mia Farrow accuses adopted daughter of gold digging
  36. Destiny's Child reform one last time
  37. Pink Floyd will not reform
  38. Gwen Stefani splashes money on baby clothes
  39. Jennifer Aniston moves on and Vince Vaughn moves in
  40. Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez Share Razzie Honours
  41. Kirsten Dunst mistaken for a stripper
  42. Britney Spears thinks she was a dog in a past life
  43. Jessica Alba tops poll of most desirable women
  44. Charlize Theron kept down to earth by her boyfriend
  45. Pete Burns horrified by re-release
  46. Jennifer Lopez to prove critics wrong with Spanish album
  47. 50 Cent to write books for children
  48. Britney Spears' car chase to stop Kevin Federline from piercing son's ears
  49. Reese Witherspoon: 'Singing more terrifying than childbirth'
  50. Nicole Kidman's sexy underwear binge
  51. Brittany Murphy's pop career
  52. Avril Lavigne wants to become a model
  53. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's pregnancy and wedding news
  54. Heidi Klum's 'fat' comment scandal
  55. Rapper Paul Wall and wife expecting first child
  56. George Clooney asked Renee Zellweger for weight advice
  57. Britney Spears seeking spiritual guidance
  58. Pink: 'I'm not having a baby'
  59. Naomi Campbell and the Prince of Dubai...hmmmm...
  60. Bryan Adams plays in Pakistan
  61. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes put their sex life on hold
  62. Jennifer Aniston: 'Laughter is my source of survival'
  63. Kelly Osbourne on famous men and Paris Hilton
  64. Fiona Apple demo success
  65. Shakira denies language sellout
  66. Gwen Stefani's first kiss grudge
  67. Ashanti crippled by stilettos
  68. Pink ready to battle video parodies
  69. Jessica Simpson in cosmetic law lawsuit
  70. Justin Timberlake reveals new album's details
  71. Charlize Theron doesn't get action roles because of small boobs
  72. Paris Hilton didn't know London is in the UK and thinks all Europeans speak French
  73. Lindsay Lohan hospitalized again... this time for stitches
  74. Pages from Lindsay Lohan's Diary "Stolen"
  75. Entertainment Weekly Dubs Kanye West "Genius"
  76. Kate Moss enrols daughter in US school
  77. Noel Gallagher hates kids, they take the fun out of life
  78. Russell Crowe doesn't have a temper
  79. Gwyneth Paltrow needs money, and is insecure about her appearance
  80. Angelina Jolie feels shame for US Children's rights
  81. Joan Collins slams the Botox Brigade
  82. Charlize Theron is not a greedy bitch
  83. Jennifer Aniston talks about her insecurities
  84. Phil Spector says he was stunned when he shot Lana Clarkson
  85. Diana's Death Inquest postponed to 2007
  86. Anthony Hopkins' gets nude for Beowulf
  87. Forget Rose Byrne - Thandie Newton is the new Bond girl
  88. James Blunt bashes burglar with award
  89. Pete Doherty gives judge the finger
  90. Kathleen Turner says sitcom 'Friends' will return
  91. Gywneth Paltrow doesn't like drunk women
  92. Emma Thompson and Greg Wise adopt a 17 year old Rwandan boy
  93. Emma Thompson's bondage Christmas
  94. Jennifer Aniston Feels Betrayed by Jamie Oliver
  95. Sheryl Crow to star in new "Got Milk?" commercials
  96. Richard Gere and Halle Berry to receive Harvard's Hast Pudding Award
  97. Ellen Degeneres stunned with a personal birthday message from Bill Clinton
  98. Bill Paxton urges Americans to embrace polygamist TV series
  99. George Clooney gives up political dreams after filming K Street
  100. Angela Lansbury fears for her career, she won't get nude
  101. Reese Witherspoon dumped by high school sweetheart for being flat chested
  102. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker buy a house together
  103. Jake Gyllenhaal owes performance in "Brokeback Mountain" to hatred of Heath Ledger
  104. Four injured in 'All My Children' mishap (Video Link Included)
  105. Jennifer Aniston Sets New Toilet Paper Fashion Trend
  106. Jennifer Aniston aquires a nuclear weapon
  107. Stop the presses! Jennifer Aniston breaks wind!
  108. Playboy announces search for Girls of MySpace
  109. Prince Charles says "Don't get fat like Americans!" to his chunky subjects
  110. Village people "Cop" going to jail for guns/drugs
  111. Pete Doherty in prison
  112. INXS confused by Bono's Hutchence tribute
  113. Jessica Simpson desperate to date
  114. Britney Spears bowling fun
  115. Angelina Jolie on Panel Discussion
  116. New 007 says he'll strip if drunk
  117. Clay Aiken's Green Beret lover getting death threats from Claymaniacs
  118. Larry King's wife reveals sex secrets...ewwww
  119. Jessica Simpson & Adam Levine? Jude Law dating strippers? Oh my...
  120. Catty Madonna reportage from Paris fashion shows
  121. Bush twins at decadent party
  122. Madonna showered with flowers
  123. Madonna's addition to her property empire
  124. Vince Vaughn modest and shy
  125. Kate Moss at the police station after paparazzi high-speed chase
  126. Kayne West's father doesn't like his son's lyrics
  127. Trent Reznor joins PETA in anti-cruelty campaign
  128. Samuel L. Jackson warns Kanye West to keep his mouth shut
  129. Joaquin Phoenix Survives Car Crash
  130. Megan Mullally gets her own talk show
  131. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to star in 'Wuthering Heights' remake?
  132. Nicole Kidman named UN Goodwill Ambassador for women's rights
  133. Former US Green Beret claims Clay Aiken was his lover
  134. Russell Crowe slams stalker paparazzi
  135. Paris Hilton's attorneys want Graff examined by a doctor
  136. Paris Hilton wants out of 'Simple Life', and makes up with Mary Kate
  137. Seven people face jail time for pirating Star Wars III
  138. Melissa auf der Maur (formerly of Hole) now music exec?
  139. Tyra Banks joined topless show
  140. Heidi Klum's German show flops
  141. Anthony Hopkins fears modern movie technology
  142. Sharon Stone slams America for forgetting AIDS
  143. Jamie Foxx doesn't want a gold digger
  144. Pete Doherty arrested again
  145. Bono's new AIDS fight
  146. Jennifer Aniston to tell all in book
  147. Josh Holloway Hottest TV Hunk
  148. Madonna and Guy in trouble?
  149. Brangelina: to wed or not to wed? That is the question.
  150. Madonna looking like shite?
  151. Oprah fries James Frey and saves her own bottom
  152. Halle Berry finds model man
  153. Lindsay Lohan's wrist tattoo
  154. Mischa Barton's Paris treat
  155. Uma Thurman will never go nude
  156. Gwyneth Paltrow expecting baby boy 'Mango'
  157. Neighbors not surprised by Chris Penn's death
  158. Pamela Anderson loses battle against KFC
  159. Angelina Jolie's sonogram on tabloid
  160. Madonna's world tour details leaked online
  161. Jay-Z refuses to hit back at 'dis track'
  162. Brad and Angelina's baby to have vagina? Penis? conflicting reports.
  163. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson joining forces?
  164. Colin Farrell loves being naked
  165. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie top list of stars with worst skin
  166. Eminem sells wedding photos
  167. Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen?
  168. Man mailed fake anthranx to get Drew Barrymore's attention
  169. Natasha Lyonne Update, Spotted in NY and Not Looking Good
  170. Ellen Barkin getting divorced
  171. Karma Gets Richard "The Snake" Hatch
  172. Jennifer Love-Hewitt to spread em in Playboy for career boost
  173. Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh consider working together again
  174. CNN: K-Fed up to no good...musicwise.
  175. David Duchovny to play the Hulk?
  176. Charlize Theron channels emotion
  177. Usher denies new love
  178. Fabrizio Moretti dubbed Rolling Stones "sad"
  179. David Beckham splashes out on pants
  180. Russell Crowe's outrageous protection of his pregnant wife
  181. Michael Jackson spotted in a burka.
  182. Kate Beckinsale goes to cinema to see her own movie
  183. Jennifer Lopez smokes
  184. Madonna accepts Jon Bon Jovi's apology, still waiting for Elton John's
  185. Scarlett Johansson lands L'Oreal deal
  186. Jamie Foxx denies romancing Eva Longoria
  187. Shakira to super size home
  188. Teri Hatcher to quit 'Housewives'?
  189. Nicole Kidman: "Keith Urban is just a friend"
  190. Kate Moss slams Sienna Miller
  191. Shar Jackson sleeps with Jason Alexander as revenge
  192. Joe Pesci could face battery charge
  193. Brooke Shields Is Having a Girl!
  194. Chris Penn, 43, found dead
  195. Colin Farrell: women love my scent
  196. Mia Kirshner arrest prank on the set of '24' costs producers a fortune
  197. Ex-nanny's friends takes Sienna Miller's threat seriously
  198. Confessions of a Sundance chauffeur - Aniston, Cusack, and more
  199. Star Jones doesn't like internet gossipers like us
  200. Kanye West poses as Jesus Christ!
  201. Gwyneth Paltrow too ugly for movie role
  202. Daniel Craig wants license to marry
  203. Did Marlon Brando swing both ways?
  204. Angelina Jolie's due date?
  205. Dull lover Nicollette Sheridan
  206. The WB and UPN are no more - welcome to The CW
  207. Christian nuts get NBC's "Book of Daniel" cancelled
  208. Madonna and Guy Ritchie haven't split
  209. Charlotte Church to slim down through dance
  210. Jamie Foxx plans new 'rock star resurrection' reality show
  211. Carmen Electra asked to attend opera with foreign businessman
  212. Kate Beckinsale blames 'The Aviator' for boob job rumor
  213. Jessica Simpson rejected by Trace Ayala
  214. Jordan denies marriage on the rocks
  215. David Lee Roth not doing well in new radio gig?
  216. Steamy Katie Holmes sex scene cut from new film
  217. Jennifer Lopez's movie project
  218. Salma Hayek wore Renee Zellweger's rejected dress to Oscars
  219. Eva Longoria's bf got her a role in Jamie Foxx's video
  220. 'Ocean's Thirteen' to be shot in Las Vegas
  221. Tyra Banks gets a second season
  222. George Clooney forced to cut back on boozing
  223. Samuel L. Jackson to retire from action films
  224. Lou Reed slams movie 'Factory girl'
  225. Robbie Williams makes peace with 50 Cent
  226. Mandy Moore and Zach Braff go public
  227. Nicole Kidman planning Catholic wedding
  228. Kate Moss to write autobiography?
  229. Britney Spears' 4th paparazzi emergency service
  230. Donald Trump fires the hot secretary, Robin
  231. Anjelica Houston says Jack Nicholson cheated because he is a man
  232. Model found out her boyfriend was cheating with Kate Moss by turning on the news
  233. Geena Davis fights for gender equality in children's television
  234. Will Brad Pitt's indecent exposure arrest get in the way of adopting?
  235. Julia Roberts goes to Susan Sarandon for relationship advice
  236. Scarlett Johansson would have slapped Isaac Mizrahi if he weren't gay
  237. Axl Rose needs cash--in talks with Guns & Roses members for reunion
  238. Smashing Pumpkins reunion
  239. Is Jennifer Lopez about to be Mommy from the Block?
  240. "The DaVinci Code" Stars accept pay cuts in ailing Hollywood.
  241. Nicole Kidman calls off engagement
  242. Sienna Miller dumps Jude Law...again.
  243. Heath Ledger loves his role as a dad
  244. George Clooney attacked over Golden Globes joke
  245. Billy Joel happy to be writing songs for himself
  246. Black Eyed Peas win two awards in Cannes, France
  247. Sir Paul McCartney had to choose between weed or his wife
  248. Joel Madden too make movie premiere, with Hilary Duff's guidance
  249. Robert Redford hates Lifetime Achievement Oscar
  250. Jack Black injured in wrestling film