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  1. P Diddy in the cheapest prostitutes' club of Rio de Janeiro
  2. Nick Lachey desperate to be a dad
  3. Britney Spears has taken up yoga
  4. Jimmy Kimmel at Publicists Awards - 03/01/2006
  5. Britney Spears Kicks Kevin Federline Out
  6. Eddie Murphy divorce getting ugly
  7. Porn star releases top wine.
  8. Michelle Williams' christian school turns their backs on 'Brokeback'
  9. Oliver! star dies.
  10. Paramount wins the bidding war for Zach Braff's next film
  11. Priscilla Presley selling sheets in Melbourne
  12. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married in secret? Angelina to give birth in Africa?
  13. David Beckham helped by his own god
  14. Jessica Simpson: 'Everybody is always out to get me'
  15. Busta Rhymes sued by autograph seeker
  16. Jim Morrison shamed bad waiters by tipping them extravagantly
  17. Jessica Simpson was terrified to leave Nick, because of the fans
  18. Lil Kim implants are leaking in prison...
  19. Meg Ryan feels she was destined to adopt
  20. Felicity Huffman to star in Dove "webisodes"
  21. Denise Richards calls upon The Dog Whisperer
  22. Scott Stapp says sex tape is sabotage
  23. Jessica Alba Threatening To Sue Playboy Over Putting Her On Cover
  24. CBS vs Howard Stern
  25. Another Clay Aiken Sex Scandal
  26. Jane Fonda and Ted Turner in threesome sex tape?
  27. Digs from David Spade irk Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughan
  28. George Michael's friends worried about his cannabis abuse
  29. The Beckhams never travel anywhere without bodyguards
  30. Madonna to swap stadium shows for more intimate venues
  31. Ashlee Simpson wants to beat people who criticize sister Jessica
  32. Victoria Beckham to play Alexis in 'Dynasty' remake?
  33. Jennifer Lopez To Present at the Oscars!
  34. Nick Lachey, 32, spills to Teen People, and Jessica Simpson, 25, tells all in W
  35. Paris Hilton to star with fake Paris?
  36. Nick Lachey signs informercial deal
  37. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber over? Liev spotted kissing Wynona Ryder?
  38. Victoria Silvstedt lost her virginity aged 13
  39. Bruce Willis: 'Balding enhances my acting abilities'
  40. Harrison Ford: 'I wish I were bald'
  41. Josh Hartnett's sex scene trauma
  42. Daryl Hannah falls for troubled Brad Renfro
  43. Catherine Zeta Jones: 'Leonardo Di Caprio may reprise Hughes role'
  44. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to reunite?
  45. Britney Spears to make a star-studded album?
  46. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills in Canada to protest seal slaughter
  47. Madonna faces lawsuit over company name
  48. Bobby Brown defends himself against cheating claims
  49. Eva Longoria wants a baby and is a perfect housewife
  50. Paris Hilton's underage boyfriend Stavros Niarchos gets club in trouble
  51. George Clooney avoided drug fate
  52. Daniel Craig's got issues....he's basically a girl
  53. Paris Hilton the next Charlize Theron?
  54. Sienna Miller told to shut up
  55. Jennifer Aniston Is an Underminer, but Nancy Balbirer Never Said So
  56. Priscilla Presley - Presley family is not wacky
  57. Mariah Carey doesn't want kids
  58. Matthew McConaughey doesn't like Sarah Jessica Parker
  59. Jessica Simpson Breaks Down Over Adam Levine
  60. Master P to Stand Trial
  61. Does Madonna Want Her Plastic Surgery Kept Secret?
  62. Fame ended Keira Knightley's past relationship
  63. Juliette Lewis snubs acting for rock
  64. Maroon 5 Adam Lavine quits collaborations
  65. Kylie Minogue thanks her mum for support
  66. Bono and U2 honoured in Chile
  67. Pink thrilled by 'Stupid girl' criticism
  68. Oliver Stone slams Madonna's 'hooker' Evita performance
  69. George Michael has no complaints about incident and admits his 'own stupid fault'
  70. Mariah Carey's big screen comeback
  71. Sharon Stone wants to strip again
  72. Keira Knightley: 'Oscars are like a dog show'
  73. Kate Moss set to double her earnings
  74. Jennifer Aniston hates new happy Brad Pitt's pics
  75. Reese Witherspoon Beats Julia Roberts' Record
  76. Strokes guitarist denies Kate Moss romance
  77. Juliette Lewis found peace and drug-free life through Scientology
  78. Kyle Eastwood (son of Clint) says he isn't gay
  79. Elizabeth Hurley denies being pregnant
  80. Morgan Freeman calls for changes to the Oscars
  81. Ricky Gervais thrilled to do an episode of 'The Simpsons'
  82. Ted Turner retiring
  83. John Leslie breaks silence about old flame Catherine Zeta-Jones
  84. 'Gunsmoke' Actor Dennis Weaver Dies
  85. George Clooney and Jon Stewart in bed together!
  86. Britney's Role On "Will & Grace" Lesbian?
  87. Tom Ford's new venture
  88. Clay Aiken fans feel betrayed
  89. Bruce Willis dating Petra Nemcova, according to him.
  90. George Clooney and "The Face"
  91. Brad Pitt slashes love nest price tag
  92. Mischa Barton: 'I'm not sexy'
  93. Jennifer Aniston - A 'Friend' in need, but not in deed?
  94. Madonna wins the TRL Lifetime Achievement Award
  95. Iggy Pop too expensive for the NME Godlike Genius Award
  96. Will Smith feels a spiritual connection to Shahjahan, maker of the Taj Mahal
  97. Nicole Kidman rubbishes the wedding rumours
  98. Goldie Hawn's family celebrate her 60th birthday, by getting tattoos
  99. Jake Gyllenhaal changes his view on acting
  100. Paul Walker warms up to Prague, and its beautiful women
  101. Hank Azaria uses a key to torture himself
  102. Jenny McCarthy wants to haunt Paris Hilton after she dies
  103. George Michael Arrested on Drug Charges
  104. Victoria Beckham says "I'm a Desperate Housewife"
  105. Project Runway Winner Rips Heidi Klum
  106. Anna Nicole Smith goes to Washington
  107. Amanda Lepore was deported from Great Britain
  108. Actor Darren McGavin, dies at 83
  109. David Beckham not as smart as his son
  110. Victoria Beckham vows never to sing again
  111. Mandy Moore & Zach Braff's link to Tiffany's wedding registry
  112. Ashton Kutcher busted by Demi Moore checking X-rated e-mails
  113. Kristy Swanson: 'I'm No Homewrecker'
  114. PETA Going After Eva Longoria
  115. Jessica Simpson has dinner with Governor of New Mexico
  116. Britney Spears' cousin says marriage to Kevin Federline is doomed
  117. Eva Longoria wants to educate you about disabled people
  118. Don Knotts, dead at 81. RIP....
  119. Mischa Barton gets Jake Gyllenhaal's digits...
  120. Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal are back together.
  121. No Mandy Moore-Zach Braff Engagement??
  122. Marcia Cross used to devour donuts
  123. Marcia Cross hates shooting fight scenes
  124. David Hasselhoff's bitter divorce battle
  125. Cynthia Nixon grateful for respect for lesbian lover
  126. David Beckham starting to feel old
  127. 'Skinhead' Natalie Portman mistaken for criminal
  128. Whoopi Goldberg gone mad with menopause
  129. Sheryl Crow has breast cancer
  130. Vince Vaughn to Jennifer Aniston: Let Us Make A Baby
  131. More on Britney's appearance on "Will & Grace"
  132. 50 Hottest Celebrity Secrets. *NSFW*
  133. Britney Spears Catches Kevin Federline In His Manties At Shar's
  134. Lucy Liu fancied Josh Hartnett
  135. Elle Macpherson split turning ugly?
  136. Viva La Bam getting married.
  137. Winona Ryder and other celebs part of JT Leroy scam
  138. Eva Longoria stripped off after getting chocolate and loves vibrators
  139. Will Smith too soft with his kids
  140. Eva Longoria gained weight since falling in love
  141. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline in marriage counselling
  142. Kate Moss & Albert Hammond Jnr.
  143. Jennifer Esposito's naked dancing neighbour
  144. Hilary Swank new perfume's face
  145. Mickey Rourke plans a move to Texas
  146. Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra turn to interior design
  147. Charlize Theron applied for German citizenship
  148. Elizabeth Taylor's gift to AIDS sufferers
  149. Lindsay Lohan DJ at a party
  150. God and Black Eyed Peas saved Fergie
  151. Stars back new AIDS campaign
  152. Pierce Brosnan expresses sympathy for Daniel Craig after he lost teeth on set
  153. Pamela Anderson attacks Australian press
  154. Jenny McCarthy wants an orgy
  155. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Erase Jennifer Aniston From Memory
  156. Richie Sambora Tries to Win Heather Locklear Back With Bling
  157. Pierce Brosnan cuts bisexual scenes from new film
  158. Is Angelina Jolie too thin? Her doctors think so.
  159. Donald Trump bashes Martha Stewart in open letter
  160. Kate Moss pregnant?
  161. Samuel L Jackson signed on for new film because of the title, not the script
  162. Daniel Craig can't drive the 'Bond' car
  163. Jessica Simpson secretly dating her trainer?
  164. Matt LeBlanc's show 'Joey' gets a reprieve in the US
  165. Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos split again
  166. Britney Spears - pregnant and... single?
  167. FCC upholds $500,000 fine for Janet Jackson nipple flash.
  168. Sean Penn apparently likes to pee in peace.
  169. Lindsay Lohan doesn't like women and doesn't need men
  170. Chloe Sevigny anti-cheating chocolate therapy
  171. Nicollette Sheridan declared her love for Michael Bolton
  172. Samuel L Jacson invited to his own wedding without knowing it
  173. Nelly's racy new ad
  174. Bobby Brown cheating on Whitney Houston?
  175. Hugh Grant accused of attacking photographer
  176. Jack Osbourne denies Kate Moss romance
  177. Kimora Lee denies marriage is in trouble.
  178. Jessica Simpson paid $1000 A Word
  179. Paris Hilton / Val Kilmer liason exposed
  180. Nick Lachey butts heads with Papa Joe Simpson
  181. Michael Jackson parties in London as his zoo is dismantled and money problems grow
  182. Kevin Federline hits on Jessica Simpson?
  183. Dolly Parton pleads for tolerance
  184. Kate Moss to stay in England
  185. Brad Pitt denies divorce deal
  186. Paris Hilton hits back at Mischa Barton
  187. Maneater Lindsay Lohan finds another victim, Jonathon Rhys Meyers
  188. Whitney Houston's performance at Olympics slammed again.
  189. Katie Holmes spends 8 hours a day at Scientology church
  190. New Fayed's attack over princess Diana's death
  191. Chris Penn died from valium, morphine, marijuana and codeine. I mean an accident
  192. Mary-Kate & Ashley get skinnier, bitch about photographers, ditch publicist
  193. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes molest each other at funeral.
  194. William Shatner Is Afraid of Failing U.S. Citizenship Test
  195. Gwyneth Paltrow falls for British comedy
  196. Star and Big Gay Al...rumors of split getting louder!!
  197. Mick Jagger's ex-mistress engaged
  198. Kanye West fumes at Brits bosses for cutting his speech
  199. Kanye West blasts 'sex addict' rumours
  200. Kid Rock wins temporary ban on sex tape
  201. Pete Doherty still doing drugs?
  202. Mariah Carey loves popcorn
  203. Britney Spears improving her singing with nursery rhymes
  204. Rolling Stones concert left tons of rubbish
  205. Bono donates guitars
  206. 50 Cent and The Game feuding over Mya
  207. Sienna Miller warns women off Jude Law
  208. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes still broken up
  209. Princess Diana paparazzi fined 1 euro each for deadly crash
  210. Skater Sascha Cohen a Kaballah-ist?
  211. Lindsay Lohan not a teen queen...she's a serious actress.
  212. Are Denise Richards and John Stamos dating?
  213. Mick Jagger’s ex-sweetie gets proposal at Stones concert
  214. Tom Cruise plans to leave Katie Holmes at home
  215. Cindy Crawford feels fabulous at 40
  216. Hugh Grant gets a little bit P.O.'d at paparazzi
  217. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom tease Keira Knightley
  218. Luciano Pavarotti made honorary Bosnian citizen
  219. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston's $105Mill Divorce Deal
  220. Gorillaz ditch world tour plans
  221. Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are in love
  222. Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe back together
  223. Kelly Clarkson's six month eating disorder
  224. Betty White honored by L.A. zoo for commitment to animals
  225. Angry 'Bond' fans threaten to boycott new film
  226. LL Cool J demands classier women in videos
  227. Katrina victims in Kentwood, LA blast Britney Spears
  228. Daniel Craig wants paparazzi to stay away from his daughter
  229. Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Brokeback' shirt sells for $101,100 on eBay
  230. Daniel Craig feared 'Bond' would typecast him forever
  231. Jessica Simpson says she was just acting on "Newlyweds"
  232. Shirley Maclaine avoided the casting couch
  233. Jurassic Park 4 to begin filming
  234. Colin Farrell suing model over sex tape
  235. Madonna's book illustrator brutally beaten
  236. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston secretly engaged
  237. Stop the presses! Clubs let underage stars get wasted!
  238. Jake Gyllenhaal godfather of Heath Ledger's daughter
  239. Paul Walker urges stars to leave Hollywood
  240. The hottest people get cheated on
  241. James Blunt sells sister to a man on ebay
  242. Kate Moss late with company accounts
  243. Will Smith's Bollywood aspirations
  244. PETA targets Eva Longoria after hunting boasts
  245. Robbie Williams fallen for rock guitarist
  246. Bono clashed with president Bush over stalls in US aid to Africa
  247. Neve Campbell loves seeing fake nude photos of herself
  248. Nicole Richie filming 'Simple Life'
  249. George Clooney cosies up to Renee Zellweger
  250. Mick Jagger says no to surgery