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  1. Lindsay Lohan would go topless for an Oscar.
  2. Teri Hatcher denies George Clooney is mystery loser man
  3. Michael Douglas has a go at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie...and says other stuff.
  4. Britney Spears reigns in Kevin Federline's spending.
  5. Jennifer Aniston may leave LA...and don't feel sorry for her...
  6. Pete from Fall Out Boy wants to show you his penis
  7. Matthew Perry & Piper Perabo dating?
  8. Paris Hilton Blames Nicole Richie for 'Simple Life' Chaos
  9. P. Diddy hands out style tips
  10. Fan spits in Axl Rose's eye.
  11. Liv Tyler hates skinny jeans
  12. Renee Zellweger 'lucky to be alive'
  13. Gwen Stefani plans lifestyle magazine
  14. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas feud over fashion
  15. Keira Knightley dating Jake Gyllenhaal?
  16. Hayden Christensen's ex speaks out against Sienna Miller
  17. Scott Weiland goes off on Axl Rose
  18. Hilary Duff's Stalker Arrested in LA
  19. Nicole Kidman Goes AWOL - Wedding Rumors In Overdrive
  20. Britney Spears Pulls Out of Photo Shoot Because of Pregnancy
  21. Jessica Simpson Clams Up: Fed Up With Nick Lachey's Womanizing
  22. Lisa Marie Presley's baby joy
  23. Brad Pitt may have found gay role
  24. Vince Vaughn Tells Jennifer Aniston: Gain Weight
  25. Oprah and Ludacris have beef
  26. Hectic Pace of Angelina Jolie and Stress Has Brad Pitt Smoking Again
  27. Kate Moss banned from Sarah Ferguson's ski trip
  28. Madonna gives Guy Ritchie curfew and grounds him.
  29. Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend of 5 years split!!
  30. Vanity Fair Post Oscar Party
  31. Angelina Jolie Fears Brad Pitt Will Leave Her After Baby is Born
  32. Friends worried over Sienna Miller's wild partying
  33. Italian press: 'Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to get married on March 18 on Como Lake'
  34. Sadie Frost still unsure if Jude Law cheated on her with Nicole Kidman
  35. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Lose Patience with Europe's Paparazzi
  36. Keith Urban Mocks Tom Cruise?
  37. Oprah toots her own horn louder than ever.
  38. David Gilmour doesn't miss the fame
  39. Christina Aguilera hopes to be still sexy at 60 and hits out at younger US starlets
  40. Geri Halliwell believes she will be single for the rest of her life
  41. Christina Aguilera won't tone down sexy image
  42. Natalie Portman praises London restaurants
  43. Courtney Love fears Pete Doherty could end up like Kurt Cobain
  44. Natalie Portman thinks time spent on appearance is wasted time
  45. Lindsay Lohan's mother worried smoking habit could kill daughter
  46. Victoria and David Beckham drop case over 'sham marriage'
  47. Madonna: 'I was too fat'
  48. Heather Locklear unhappy with her divorce judge as well
  49. Ellen Barkin almost chokes to death
  50. George Clooney thrills local fans
  51. Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller's Canadian Car Park Tryst
  52. Salma Hayek directs Prince's new music video 'Te Amo Corazon'
  53. Keanu Reeves still nursing pains from The Matrix
  54. Adam Levine Dumps Jessica Simpson
  55. Michael Jackson is back in the US
  56. Rock reality show ends in punches
  57. Paris Hilton burns Elton John out of charity cash
  58. Dennis Quaid suffered from 'manorexia'
  59. Was George Clooney the reason Teri Hatcher went public with sex abuse?
  60. Neverland shut down, Michael Jackson officially homeless!
  61. Denise Richards proud of post-baby curves
  62. Catherine Zeta-Jones served and cooked in restaurant for film role
  63. Lisa Marie Presley: 'I married Michael Jackson to hide'
  64. Sharon Stone proud to bare all at 48
  65. Jennifer Aniston: 'Men can't be trusted'
  66. Pink worried family would fight at her wedding
  67. Mischa Barton single?
  68. Kate Moss turned to acupunture to stay off drugs
  69. Eva Longoria's lesbian crushes
  70. Madonna is considering plastic surgery
  71. David Hasselhoff's wife claims domestic violence
  72. Pete Doherty scrawls dumb love note to Kate Moss
  73. Madonna Back in the saddle - uneasy rider (with scans)
  74. Jessica Simpson to follow in Angelina Jolie's footsteps.
  75. Country music stars slam Bush over Katrina clean up
  76. Lil' Kim Writes Letter To Tyra Banks
  77. Chloe Sevigny angry about 'Brown Bunny' blowjob questions.
  78. Tara Reid involved in car accident
  79. Scientology double-whammy: John Travolta and Tom Cruise
  80. The alleged real reason Uma Thurman dumped boyfriend.
  81. Catherine Zeta-Jones talks to plants
  82. Jessica Simpson: 'I'm not ready for a lead role'
  83. Sharon Stone urges women to join Middle East peace effort
  84. Elton John sets up blind date between Kevin Zegers and Sienna Miller
  85. Nick Lachey dumped by TV network
  86. Christina Aguilera gets drunk as Britney Spears gets fat
  87. Kelly Osbourne hopes to make a movie
  88. Eva Longoria begged for naked scenes to be cut
  89. Paris Hilton restrained by court
  90. Star Jones Faces Ax From 'The View'
  91. David Hasselhoff Restrained
  92. Hilary Duff will never kiss and tell
  93. Mariah Carey scared of losing her ass
  94. Reese Witherspoon prepares for new role delivering pizzas
  95. Beyonce's 'bootylicious' to be added to the dictionary
  96. Michael Jackson bulking up.
  97. Salma Hayek ate a lot of hamburgers before sex scene
  98. Katie Holmes asked Victoria Beckham to be with her during birth
  99. Geri Halliwell reveals baby names
  100. Mary J Blige demands a new toilet seat at each show
  101. Peter Andre scared of having sex with Jordan on a plane
  102. Britney Spears' stress causing hair loss
  103. Elton John ordered to shut down his post-Oscar party
  104. Tom Cruise accompanies Katie Holmes to the toilet and other useless facts.
  105. Paris Hilton disc coming to a CD player near you. Oh, and she's smart.
  106. Keira Knightley feels plain compared to other actresses
  107. Bobby Brown arrested on old warrants
  108. German scientists fear that Robbie Williams' concerts could disturb bats
  109. Rachel Weisz's unborn baby's ovation at Oscars
  110. George Clooney hates to sleep alone
  111. Reese Witherspoon dedicates Oscar to ex's
  112. Bruce Willis causes international incident by shooting his mouth off.
  113. HA! Jermaine Jackson on tape dissing Jacko.
  114. Uma Thurman dumps Hotelier boyfriend
  115. Keanu Reeves doesn't care about gay rumors...
  116. Bam Margera arrested for Weapon Possession
  117. Donald Trump: 'If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her'
  118. Teri Hatcher says she was sexually abused as a child
  119. Bobby Brown arrested yet again....
  120. Yanni arrested for domestic violence
  121. Oscar Post-Party Timeline: Patrick Whitesell’s Party
  122. Jermaine Jackson lies to Larry King?
  123. Christopher Reeve's Widow Dies at age 44
  124. Kate Moss carries drug supply including Date Rape drug around the world.
  125. Celebrities manipulate Gossip Magazines
  126. Tom Cruise wreaks havoc again with Scientology
  127. Diane Keaton still loves Jack Nicholson
  128. All is lost in Madonna's glare.
  129. Faye Dunaway angry about new documentary.
  130. Chloe Sevigny loves the tabs.
  131. Mariah Carey to design glitter of her own
  132. Oscar gossip: Mariah Carey invites thigh stroking, Paris argues with boyfriend..etc.
  133. Cocaine Kate and Naomi Campbell in lesbian romp...and more!
  134. Angelina Jolie's Subservient Pull Toy
  135. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Fighting!!!
  136. Another Rumored Britney/Kevin Split
  137. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline announce baby #2 on the way.
  138. Oscar Gossip: clash of the exes: Madge runs into Sean; Nicole into ex Steve Bing...
  139. Brad Pitt to play gay?
  140. Gary Glitter's baby w/ a child!
  141. 'X-Men' scenes made Halle Berry sick
  142. Naomi Campbell keeps in shape with boxing
  143. Bruce Willis dubbed "ignorant" by Colombian president
  144. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills' seal protest will make "no difference"
  145. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills risked charges after cuddling seal
  146. Sharon Stone: 'I'm responsible for higher actress wages'
  147. Naomi Campbell to write autobiography with Oprah Winfrey's help
  148. Elton John refuses to adopt
  149. Jessica Simpson leaves record label....
  150. Audience didn't appreciate Jon Stewart's Oscar-hosting skills?
  151. And the award for best Oscar speech goes to...
  152. Pre-Oscar party finds Katie Holmes 'great, great, great'.
  153. Tara Reid stocks up on diamonds
  154. Keira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal get cozy.
  155. Alec Baldwin gives up coffee to perfect his voice
  156. Natalie Portman's foul-mouthed rap on SNL
  157. Ang Lee: 'Heath Ledger was like Marlon Brando'
  158. Reese Witherspoon: 'I'm unemployed'
  159. Keira Knightley disappointed by Jack Nicholson's snub at Oscars
  160. Robbie Williams in hypnotic stunt
  161. Christina Aguilera chooses a softer image
  162. George Clooney pities women on Oscar night
  163. Jada Pinkett Smith banned Will Smith from her dressing room before Oscars
  164. Dolly Parton threatened to go naked to Oscars
  165. George Clooney hopes to get some sleep after winning Oscar
  166. Nicole Kidman considering laser eye surgery
  167. Macauley Culkin looking for work.
  168. Teri Hatcher depressed by single status
  169. George Lucas predicts end of blockbusters...and other Oscar party tidbits.
  170. Salma Hayek praises gentleman Colin Farrell
  171. More Michael Jackson book revelations
  172. Nervous Keira Knightley calls on Sienna Miller at Oscars
  173. Gisele Bundchen accidentally worked out in front of builders
  174. Pierce Brosnan wants Madonna as co-star
  175. Michael Jackson 'created' 3rd child (Blanket)...bonus track: Jermaine lyrics.
  176. Lizzie Jagger and Sean Lennon hook up?
  177. Posh Spice fashion advice: do as I say, not as I do
  178. More Cocaine Kate Moss: snorted at Nelson Mandela's house.
  179. Keira Knightley's former classmates speak out
  180. Paris Hilton to star in 'The Simpsons'?
  181. Sadie Frost trying to convince Kate Moss to build orphanage
  182. Chanel to replace Kate Moss with clean-cut Keira Knightley
  183. Sharon Osbourne to host UK chat show
  184. Bono upset Bolivian citizens
  185. Kylie Minogue plans December comeback
  186. Joan Collins was accused of drinking alcohol on the set of 'Dynasty'
  187. Madonna explains lip-lock with Britney and says Elton John is no gentleman
  188. Josh Hartnett romancing Helena Christensen?
  189. Natalie Portman settled for 'Garden state' role
  190. British tv chef Jamie Oliver: 'My friend Brad Pitt has never been happier'
  191. Kristin Davies: 'Desperate Housewives doesn't represent single women'
  192. Woman sues over Kid Rock - Scott Stapp sex tape
  193. Heather Mills McCartney clashes with Canadian minister on tv over seal slaughter
  194. Jermaine Jackson writes explosive book about Michael Jackson
  195. Lucy Liu upset with reality tv era
  196. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes 'most tiresome' *ssholes in H'wood: razzie awards
  197. Sandy Lakdar Pulls a Jolie
  198. Nick dating 'bubbly blond' from Laguna Beach.
  199. Penelope Cruz not oscar nominee...and a couple of people are angry
  200. Jennifer Aniston from rock to hard place
  201. Ace Young (American idol) dating UPN actress.....
  202. Paula Abdul caused security problems in airport
  203. Paula Abdul on AI--incoherent drug addict? You be the judge!
  204. Oscar Goodie Bags: stuff rich people get for free.
  205. John Travolta and Queen Latifah to star in 'Hairspray' remake
  206. Britney Spears' dinner table faux pas
  207. Joaquin Phoenix dating Eva Mendes?
  208. Cisco Adler lashes out at Paris Hilton
  209. 'Playboy' hits back at Jessica Alba
  210. Paris Hilton set for September court date
  211. 'Mr and Mrs Smith' accused of copyright breach
  212. Mary J. Blige's crazy alter-ego
  213. Goldie Hawn's blast at Hollywood sexism
  214. Meg Ryan changes her baby's name
  215. Sienna Miller gave dogs back to Jude Law
  216. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe had marriage counselling
  217. Jon Bon Jovi jealous of Axl Rose's allure
  218. Kathy and Rick Hilton refused invite to Vanity Fair Oscar bash
  219. Madonna buying house in Israel to wait for Messiah
  220. Lindsay Lohan and the Mysterious White Line
  221. Clay Aiken cyber strips and flirts on webcam
  222. John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Scientology take major hit in new Rolling Stone article
  223. Britney Spears buys mansion in Hawaii
  224. Naomi Campbell to sue botox doctor
  225. Kate Hudson takes stripping lessons
  226. Mischa Barton to play Supergirl?
  227. Teri Hatcher: 'I'll feel guilty forever about divorce'
  228. Anna Nicole Smith pulls out of premiere
  229. Lisa Marie Presley punked the press
  230. Ozzy Osbourne offers Pete Doherty help to quit drugs
  231. Eva Longoria wants a dark role
  232. Jane Fonda's sex tape scandal
  233. Kid Rock: Scott Stapp is an idiot
  234. Gary Glitter sentenced to 3 years in prison
  235. Nick Lachey & Adam Levine: Jessica Simpson's Men Cross Paths!
  236. Angelina Jolie Hugs It Out
  237. Scarlett Johansson Speaks About "The Grope"
  238. Bon Jovi amazed at how Jennifer Lopez could be successful
  239. Donald Trump: 'My hair is real'
  240. George Clooney clueless at relationships
  241. Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe back together thanks to pets
  242. Alec Baldwin educates parents on custody cases
  243. Jon Bon Jovi: 'Franz Ferdinand stole my style'
  244. Jessica Simpson plans poetry book
  245. Meg Ryan says Russell Crowe no home wrecker
  246. Robbie Williams makes £1m in one night and splashes out on second mansion
  247. Julia Roberts obsessed with Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt / Jennifer Aniston triangle
  248. Whitney Houston pregnant? Bobby hints at it.
  249. Star Jones attempts damage control.
  250. Dave Chappelle may never return to Comedy Central Show.