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  1. Cyndi Lauper defends song about masturbation
  2. Angelina Jolie Fed Up With Brad Pitt's Drinking Habits?
  3. Watching Oprah makes you stupid.
  4. Fred Savage to be a Dad!
  5. Mischa Barton amazed at fashion icon status
  6. Pamela Anderson: 'I cultivated bimbo image'
  7. Pamela Anderson coping with hepatitits
  8. Jennifer Aniston: 'Vince Vaughn inspired me and helped me through The Divorce'
  9. Donald Trump worried about Kevin Federline's spending habits
  10. Hilary Duff wants to end feud with Lindsay Lohan
  11. Natalie Portman: "Torture scenes in 'V for Vendetta' like Holocaust"
  12. Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria sisters in upcoming movie
  13. Jordan rubbishes fake tan critics
  14. Both Star Jones and Big Gay Al are in the hospital!
  15. Scientology foes blast Tom Cruise in newspaper ads.
  16. Will Tom Cruise's behavior hurt Mission Impossible 3?
  17. Barbara Streisand to do another farewell tour...and it's going to cost you plenty.
  18. Marcia Cross chose wedding gown
  19. Sharon Stone stays single
  20. Pink ditches every day drama for global issues
  21. Carlos Santana slams George Bush
  22. Brittany Murphy loves new domestic duties
  23. Eva Longoria praises her sophisticated boyfriend
  24. Mariah Carey too small for her clothes
  25. Paris and Nicky Hilton plan cartoon show of their lives
  26. Jennifer Aniston gives old Brad Pitt's clothes to charity
  27. Chester Bennington & Wife Talinda Announce The Birth Of Their First Child
  28. Jennifer Lopez To Give "Live" Concert in Dubai
  29. Three's Company for White Trash Boybander Ashley Parker Angel
  30. Joe Simpson talks about Jessica's love life and upcoming projects
  31. Britney Spears signs on for season 2 of 'Chaotic', and Kevin gets his own show
  32. Richard Dreyfuss marries Russian beauty
  33. Clive Owen almost turned down role in 'Inside Man'
  34. Vanessa Redgrave rules out retirement
  35. 'Dog' to Marry on 'Bounty Hunter' - Duane Chapman and Beth Smith.
  36. Evangeline Lilly loved being an extra
  37. Eva Longoria feels basketball fans' wrath
  38. Manager Louis Walsh amazed by boyband Westlife's longevity
  39. Sharon Stone slams claims of sexual recklessness
  40. Natalie Portman horrified to be sex symbol at 12
  41. Felicity Huffman shocked by co-stars' beauty
  42. Isaac Hayes Didn't Quit South Park
  43. Keanu Reeves is relaxed about gossip
  44. Rachel Hunter to be a singer
  45. 'V for Vendetta' comic strip creator wants to be diassociated from screen adaptation
  46. Limp Bizkit split
  47. Kate Winslet asked random driver to take her breast milk home to hungry son
  48. Sheryl Crow ready to tour
  49. Charlotte Church to become new face of crisps
  50. Keira Knightley moved in with new boyfriend
  51. Sienna Miller to Jude Law: 'I want you back'
  52. Tom Sizemore: 'Liz Hurley cheated on Hugh Grant with me'
  53. Pink needs to fight with her husband
  54. Ok, brace yourselves--Julia Roberts set for return to silver screen
  55. Donald Trump's baby, named Barron William, is born!
  56. Celebrity Big Brother's Chantelle and Preston plan a summer wedding
  57. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's trip to the hairdresser's
  58. Piper Perabo: 'I can't swear in British'
  59. Jennifer Love Hewitt has 'stalker' ghost exorcised
  60. Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) sick of gay stereotype
  61. Sharon Stone swears off 'cool' guys.
  62. Flacks outraged at Natalie Portman bump from Vanity Fair cover.
  63. Sting to open strip joint.
  64. Tori Spelling and parents not speaking over TV show.
  65. Spike Lee questions George Clooney's acceptance speech
  66. Vindicated Sheryl Crow's stalker has "no regrets"
  67. Michael Jackson to duet with 50 Cent?
  68. The Pussycat Dolls get TV deal
  69. Missy Eliott in charity lawsuit
  70. Kelly Osbourne lost weight
  71. Cameron Diaz never leaves litter behind
  72. Angelina Jolie will have baby in France to fulfil dying mother's wish
  73. Orlando Bloom Most Naturally Attractive
  74. Tom Green cheats death in Costa Rica
  75. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a no-show for their Italian wedding
  76. Dukes of Hazzard actor Tom Wopat charged with drunken driving
  77. Nicole Richie Asks Child Lewd Question - Boy's parents outraged
  78. Tom Sizemore slept with Paris Hilton too
  79. Natalie Portman desperate to find her hair
  80. Nicolette Sheridan a great tipper
  81. Adriana Lima's GQ Interview in the April 2006 Edition
  82. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes expecting baby boy
  83. Audrey Hepburn still an icon
  84. Rod Stewart has begged Penny Lancaster not to go on a diet
  85. Victoria Beckham snubs supermarket chain
  86. Shakira honoured with statue
  87. Lindsay Lohan to become new face of Louis Vuitton
  88. Victoria Beckham in £15,000 makeover
  89. Lindsay Lohan's mother dating Steve Bing
  90. Desperate Housewives' jealousy erupts over Teri Hatcher's Vanity Fair cover.
  91. Kid Rock knows the chicks don't dig him for his looks
  92. Lindsay Lohan new ProActiv spokesman
  93. Damon Wayans loses fight with Patent Office
  94. Steven Spielberg sued over a haircut
  95. Benicio Del Toro to star as 'The Wolf Man'
  96. Lindsay Lohan and Adrian Brody?
  97. Is Perez Hilton The New Clay Aiken?
  98. Jerry Seinfeld's Marriage in Trouble?
  99. Christina Aguilera’s hair horror
  100. Italian mayor on call for possible Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie wedding.
  101. Josh Hartnett disses Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton
  102. Oleg Cassini dies at 92
  103. Eva Longoria has been her partner's sexual teacher
  104. Macaulay Culkin felt forced to testify at Michael Jackson's trial
  105. LeAnn Rimes and husband Dean Sheremet modelled together
  106. Andre 3000 fears marriage
  107. Ashlee Simpson recalls waking up in emergency room after concert in Japan
  108. Matt Stone and Trey Parker of Southpark Fight Back
  109. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes "In Love" For the Cameras
  110. Paris Hilton back with Paris Latsis
  111. Will Brad and Angelina Say ‘I Do' This Weekend?
  112. David Bowie neglected first wife
  113. Mary J Blige: 'Whitney Houston needs help'
  114. Prince drops explicit content songs
  115. Dita Von Teese hits out at Hollywood standard of beauty
  116. Peter Andre's bedroom gift from Jordan
  117. Claudia Schiffer’s Cook Book Row
  118. Kevin Federline cuts hair for charity.
  119. Remember Kirk Cameron? Former Growing Pains star still thumping his bible.
  120. Dita Von Teese hates celebs who deny undergoing cosmetic surgery
  121. Pink's music eases sexually abused fan's pain
  122. Britney Spears' legal case decision delayed
  123. Demi Moore pregnant?
  124. Kate Moss is 'Mum of the Year'?
  125. Lindsay Lohan to play in 'Dallas' remake?
  126. Sharon Stone attacks Sienna Miller?
  127. Paris Hilton on the prowl
  128. Tom Cruise gets re-run of South Park scientology episode pulled from Comedy Central
  129. Toni Collette worries about parenting skills
  130. Jackie Collins to name names from beyond the grave?
  131. Mike Tyson settles with man he bit during motorway incident
  132. Fiona Apple's record breaking album
  133. Vitamins are Mick Jagger's energy secret
  134. Mary J Blige saddened by Lauryn Hill's fallen solo career
  135. Tour sponsors almost killed Mary J Blige with booze gifts
  136. Elton John forgives Mary J Blige for missing his wedding
  137. George Clooney donates Oscar goodies
  138. Jessica Simpson plans to adopt
  139. Michael Jackson closes Neverland, employees screwed, he's not coming back to US
  140. Jared Leto to land role on 'Desperate Housewives'?
  141. 50 Cent: 'I don't receive the credit I deserve'
  142. Salma Hayek defends full-frontal nude scenes
  143. Madonna dressed as sexy French maid at fancy dress Kabbalah party
  144. Kate Moss desperate for another baby
  145. Rosario Dawson reveals she is "lopsided" and lived in a squat
  146. Bruce Willis and Petra Nemcova's date dilemma
  147. Nicole Kidman quizzed by FBI over illegally tapped conversations with Tom Cruise
  148. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty back on..
  149. Angelina Jolie top lesbian pinup.
  150. Manolo Blahnik thinks Sex and the City 'vulgarized' his shoes.
  151. Paris Hilton was snuggling up to Paris Latsis
  152. Jennifer Lopez caught snickering at Jennifer Garner
  153. Brad Pitt's Family: Marry Angelina Jolie Now
  154. Jessica Simpson slams George Bush snub reports
  155. Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra soon to separate?
  156. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves want to team up again for Speed 3
  157. Michael Caine and Demi Moore teaming up for new movie
  158. Amanda Bynes slams reports of an eating disorder
  159. Johnny Rotten: "Green Day are silly fat kids"
  160. John Ritter's wrongful death lawsuit settled
  161. Britney Spears Taken To Hospital
  162. Ted Nugent raging over Green Day snub.
  163. Jodie Foster makes rare public appearance.
  164. Portia De Rossi blames 'Ally McBeal' for eating disorder
  165. Sharon Stone plans fitness video
  166. George Clooney upset by 'misrepresenting' blog comments
  167. Drew Barrymore asks Angelina Jolie for advice
  168. Portia De Rossi on Oprah Winfrey's weight
  169. More rumours about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Lake Como wedding
  170. Anastacia falls for bodyguard
  171. Pink hits out at those who criticise her weight
  172. Spice Girls reunion tour confirmed then cancelled again
  173. Melanie Griffith slams Enquirer, snorts a line
  174. Christina Aguilera Wants to be a Young Mom
  175. Jessica Simpson snubs George Bush! First smart thing she's done!
  176. Shannon Elizabeth's Ex-Husband Asking for Half
  177. Teri Hatcher's First Date With Ryan Seacrest
  178. Rosario Dawson says 'Sin City 2' put on hold for Angelina Jolie
  179. Daniel Craig is Best Bond Ever, says Director
  180. Phil Collins separates from wife
  181. Reese Witherspoon plans baby to save marriage
  182. Michael Jackson granted 1 day extension to pay his employees
  183. Christina Aguilera and her Nipple Ring - with a baby tear them apart?
  184. Lourdes: Madonna's little fashion plate
  185. Bono saved Tony Blair from being bitten by Bob Geldof
  186. Mediums attempt to contact John Lennon for TV special
  187. Jennie Garth pregnant again....
  188. Natalie Imbruglia silences marriage rumours
  189. Sharon Stone's full frontal demands
  190. Rachel Weisz gets Burberry deal
  191. Matthew McConaughey rubbishes affair rumours
  192. Colin Farell's sex tape stays private
  193. Jennifer Lopez ditched long-term hairdresser
  194. Teri Hatcher scared to ask men out
  195. Macaulay Culkin: 'Michael Jackson unable to cope with reality'
  196. Denise Richard worried about Charlie Sheen's gambling
  197. Madonna explicit 'Sorry' video censored
  198. Liv Tyler refused to diet after having baby.
  199. Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima a virgin
  200. Lindsay Lohan wants quick Las Vegas wedding like Britney Spears
  201. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arguing on where to have the pillow, erm, baby?
  202. Ashlee Simpson tops makeover list
  203. Craig David: 'I use music as currency'
  204. Michael Jackson not moving to England
  205. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes already married in the eyes of L. Ron.
  206. Shirley Manson apologises to fans and explains Garbage never split
  207. James Blunt Calls 'You're Beautiful' 'Miserable'
  208. Do not hug James Earl Jones
  209. Jennifer Lopez Does "Dallas" (still maybe)
  210. Life & Style, Standing By Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Split: Update!
  211. Jack Black Elopes with Tanya Haden
  212. Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton Engaged
  213. Sharon Stone in Israel - Daily Show excerpt
  214. Scarlett Johansson Hollywood's most natural beauty
  215. Kevin Federline only has time for Britney Spears and baby at weekends
  216. Jerry Hall will boycott Mick Jagger's marriage
  217. Nicole Richie back with DJ Adam
  218. Kylie Minogue's surprise visit to children orphaned by the tsunami
  219. Paris Hilton is getting a tummy tuck
  220. Kevin Federline threatens to take it all off
  221. Gawker.com Launches 'Stalker' Map
  222. Charlize Theron Blasts Stuart Townsend Breakup Rumors
  223. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie To Adopt Twins?
  224. Rachel Weisz has no plans to shed weight
  225. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: wedding watch update and pregnancy rumor
  226. Hayden Christensen's ex-girlfriend sets the record straight
  227. Julia Stiles slams Hollywood's Lolita syndrome
  228. Sting prefers privacy when getting lap dances.
  229. Kate Moss buys vibrator
  230. Natalie Portman just saw cocaine for the very first time
  231. Robin Williams To Take Care of Christopher & Dana Reeve's Orphaned Son
  232. Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park' Over 'Bigotry'
  233. Game Show Host Dies in Plane Crash
  234. Actress Maureen Stapleton Dies
  235. Shakira sees therapist to cope with being sexy
  236. CRASH director to helm anti-Bush thriller
  237. Nick Lachey hasn't found new love
  238. Ozzy Osbourne tells Pete Doherty he's a crackhead, but that it's not his fault.
  239. Kimberly Stewart’s stinky feet
  240. Hollywood scared of censorship...
  241. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz to shoot a movie together
  242. Ashlee Simpson will never appear on another reality show
  243. Kate Moss has turned to Buddhism
  244. Lucy Liu will never get married
  245. Cameron Diaz related to 'In Her Shoes' character
  246. Paris Hilton broke her toe
  247. Jackson 5 Members attend murdered drummer's funeral
  248. Michelle Rodriguez using cliffs in Hawaii to conquer her fears
  249. Michael Keaton searches for his baseball tickets
  250. Salma Hayek's and Penelope Cruz' dance floor confession