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  1. Justin Timberlake doesn't like Kevin Federline
  2. Pete Doherty performs private concert for Mike Tyson
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow shocks fellow diners by downing a beer and sushi
  4. Tawny Kitaen takes back her submissive and abused ex-husband
  5. Tony Parker's friends shocked by Eva Longoria's sex comments
  6. Los Angeles declares April 4th "Crash Day"
  7. Matt LeBlanc's Wife Seeks Divorce
  8. Naomi Campbell arrested in New York for cell phone rage!
  9. Tom Cruise hires bodyguards to fend off evil galactic ruler
  10. Elton John and David Furnish feared gay-bashing at wedding
  11. Black Eyed Peas team up with Hard Rock to create suites
  12. Pink: 'Cannabis almost wrecked my career'
  13. Elton John's husband David Furnish irresistible to men
  14. Busta Rhymes lashed out at gay fan
  15. US audience slammed 'Basic Instinct 2', especially Sharon Stone's performance
  16. Leonardo DiCaprio with a mystery blonde bombshell who was not Lindsay Lohan
  17. Whitney Houston: She’s Broke, And on The Run
  18. Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson more than just friends?
  19. Actresses and popstars desperate to play Janis Joplin in new biopic
  20. Lindsay Lohan's dad still holding out for Wilmer Valderrama
  21. Jane Fonda wants to end plastic surgery trend
  22. Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe not getting back together?
  23. Jerry O'Connell plants 800 grapevines for Rebecca Romijn
  24. Nicole Richie to write book about style
  25. More on Star Jones almost dying.
  26. Jennifer Aniston: Not in a Race with Brad Pitt to Wed
  27. Nick Lachey's new girlfriend?
  28. Kate Moss attacks photographer with handbag.
  29. Brad Pitt talks about architecture and the environment on PBS
  30. Sienna Miller in sexy video with another woman...and a horse
  31. Tori Spelling slams reports of family strife
  32. Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear stay friends amid divorce battle
  33. Matthew Perry and Kristin Davis new couple?
  34. Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest caught kissing
  35. David Hasselhoff forced out of family home
  36. Stuntman sues Tom Criuse over injuries
  37. George Michael cautioned for possessing drugs
  38. Tom tells Nicole: ‘Dump drunken Keith’ according to pro Scientology source
  39. Victoria Beckham to reveal her fashion secrets in glossy beauty bible
  40. Kimora Lee Simmons & Russell Simmons To Split?
  41. Paula Abdul sings multi-year judge contract for American Idol
  42. Owen Wilson dumps his date when he finds out she’s older than he thought
  43. Kristin Davis: 'Hollywood celebrities live fake love'
  44. Destiny's Child honoured with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  45. Nicole Kidman's parents want prenup
  46. Julia Roberts dropped from 'Oceans 13'
  47. Want to ask Tom Cruise a question?
  48. Nude Britney Spears Sculpture angers pro-lifers
  49. Britney Spears' Songwriters Accuse Composer
  50. Brooke Hogan thinks Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are so fake
  51. Angelina Jolie getting tired of Brad Pitt’s whining and possessiveness
  52. Angelina Jolie has flown ailing mother to Paris
  53. Kevin Federline's romanticism brings Britney Spears to tears
  54. The Game gives up sex because terrified of AIDS and will never date a famous woman
  55. Wrong shoes send Jackie Chan to hospital
  56. Katie Holmes is Fearing For Her Baby
  57. Rebecca Romijn needed therapy to move on from marriage
  58. Sharon Stone considers baring all for Playboy again
  59. Kevin Federline to release his debut album this summer
  60. Jessica Simpson takes on Mexican orphanage
  61. Britney Spears' bodyguards sue
  62. Police told Lucy Liu to calm down at party
  63. Details of Madonna’s forthcoming world tour
  64. Victoria Silvstedt's mouth hit during ice hockey match
  65. Pamela Anderson dating former racing driver Eddie Irvine
  66. Pete Doherty buys 8th Jaguar as 7th is towed away
  67. Whitney Houston hopelessly hooked on crack, sister-in-law reveals
  68. Rosario Dawson shocked by boyfriend's female fans
  69. Elizabeth Hurley wishes she had had kids with Hugh Grant
  70. Rod Stewart bumps into estranged daughter during shopping trip
  71. Evanescence to make a comeback
  72. Sharon Stone thinks teenagers should practice more oral sex
  73. South Park/Scientology/Isaac Hayes kerfuffle continues
  74. Jessica Simpson bought film rights to sexy novel
  75. Michael Jackson signing record deal with Prince of Bahrain
  76. Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan have been secretly dating for months
  77. Sienna Miller romancing Keira Knightley's ex?
  78. Sean Penn has Ann Coulter voodoo doll
  79. Nicole Richie blames her drug problems on happy childhood
  80. Michael Douglas felt too old to be naked in 'Basic Instinct 2'
  81. Gisele Bundchen plays guitar at low-key gigs
  82. Sharon Stone stopped eating to look good on 'Basic Instinct 2'
  83. Problems with Beyonce's wigs keep delaying movie shooting
  84. Patti LaBelle broke down during show
  85. Sharon Stone is so shy that sister forced her to flirt
  86. Carmen Electra was very shy
  87. Portia De Rossi shocked grandmother with lesbian admission
  88. Katie Holmes gearing up for quiet labour
  89. Pink goes green
  90. British singer Morrissey boycotts Canada over seal slaughter
  91. Nicole Richie fuming after bathroom sex claims
  92. Carmen Electra loves British girls and talks about new movie
  93. Kate Moss warns Lindsay Lohan about dangers of drug and alcohol abuse
  94. Keira Knightley's birthday party in fancy dresses
  95. Star Jones Talks About Surgery, & Calls Joy a Bitch
  96. Wilmer Valderrama Kisses & Tells
  97. Nick Lachey and a different Kristin C.
  98. Britney Spears' Nude Photos Purchased by Online Casino
  99. Wilmer Valderrama romances women because he remains "real"
  100. Scarlett Johansson tops FHM's sexy list
  101. No sex before marriage for Pink
  102. Reese Witherspoon sick of press marriage speculation
  103. Radio stations still wary of playing Dixie Chicks
  104. Jesse Metcalfe: Desperate to get into Teddys nightclub!
  105. Calista Flockhart to lecture law students
  106. Richard Gere to pave Dalai Lama's road
  107. Sharon Stone: 'Hillary Clinton too sexy to be president'
  108. Stephen Baldwin wins religious support in porn battle
  109. Pete Doherty: 'I take drugs because I love them'
  110. Hugh Grant wants children and loves fame
  111. Paul McCartney in last minute seal appeal
  112. Nirvana back catalogue to be acquired by Bono?
  113. Courtney Love's family curse
  114. New Barbra Streisand bio paints a less than pretty picture: she really got around
  115. Eva Longoria cooks up French treats for boyfriend
  116. Pink: I Needed Therapy After Brother Stole My Lesbian Lover
  117. Keanu Reeves offends domestic violence group with careless comment
  118. Pamela Anderson slams Los Angeles paparazzi
  119. Jessica Simpson dumps record label
  120. Kate Moss' mother livid over relationship with Pete Doherty
  121. Kylie Minogue launching her own perfume and designing new underwear
  122. Kirstin Davis: 'Sex in the city made me a binge eater'
  123. Keira Knightley makes a real friend out of Rupert Friend
  124. CSI star Gary Dourdan sues ex-girlfriend
  125. Brad Pitt: "The Worst Time of my Life"
  126. Scientology having trouble recruiting
  127. So now Issac Hayes says he DID quit South Park
  128. Kate Moss' night with Pete Doherty with pictures prove it
  129. "Desperate Housewives" inspires video game
  130. Who remembers Hee Haw? Buck Owens has died
  131. Kelly Osbourne has magic slimming panties
  132. Kelly Osbourne to star in new fly-on-the-wall show
  133. Michael Jackson sells off his tigers, elephants and orangutans
  134. Roberto Cavalli guilty of tax fraud
  135. Denzel Washington: 'Angelina Jolie moves like liquid'
  136. Demi Moore is pregnant
  137. Chris O'Donnell Welcomes Baby No. 4
  138. Scientology to buy Neverland from Michael Jackson?
  139. Britney Spears treated Kevin Federline to Cher show
  140. Nicole Kidman knew Tom Cruise tapped her phones; taunted him for it.
  141. Pink's surprise performance in London
  142. Nicole Richie loves fast food, especially burritos
  143. Kate Moss in 21-hour booze session
  144. InTouch: Angelina Jolie's Too Skinny Body and Brad Pitt's Bruised Face
  145. Kirk Cameron's "how to deal with the gays"
  146. Julia Roberts a model for Gianfranco Ferre
  147. South Park Fans Threaten To Boycott New Tom Cruise Film
  148. It's a Girl for Drew Lachey & Wife!
  149. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt buy a home on Normandy coast
  150. Pete Burns receiving psychiatric treatment
  151. Edward Norton hits out at award shows
  152. Paul Bettany say he's just an average guy
  153. Johnny Knoxville buys Johnny Cash's wood cabin
  154. Snakes on a Motherf***ing Plane! ... Jackson's Snake Film Creates Huge Buzz
  155. Jodie Foster feels sorry for young actors
  156. Eva Green hid love of acting from mother
  157. Kelly Osbourne burnt by cigarette
  158. Director John Turturro begged Kate Winslet not to slim down
  159. Gorillaz to split?
  160. Pink loves cultural Europe
  161. Justin Timberlake slams split rumours
  162. Michael Jackson: 'It is not true that I am desperate to meet an alien'
  163. Jude Law boozed and "confused"
  164. Colin Farrell and Kate Moss phone dating?
  165. Gwyneth Paltrow to name impending son 'Mortimer'.
  166. Priscilla Presley and boyfriend split-up
  167. Tori Spelling wants a new tattoo
  168. Jennifer Aniston's therapist died one month before The Divorce
  169. Britney Spears has quieted pregnancy rumours by knocking back cocktails
  170. Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm no Tara Reid'
  171. Paris Hilton chasing two new beaus
  172. Angelina Jolie has banned Brad Pitt from filming sex scenes
  173. Britney Spears spent £60,000 for Kevin Federline's birthday
  174. Penelope Cruz had to wear false bum
  175. Mariah Carey ready to become a model
  176. Pink: 'I used to take heroin'
  177. Natalie Portman: Hollywood whores
  178. Brad Pitt's Publicist Slams Bruise Reports
  179. Jessica Alba Fires Back
  180. Chad Michael Murray dating another costar
  181. Tom Cruise is jumping on furniture again
  182. Jennifer Aniston says 'Derailed' was a dud
  183. Jenny Shimizu to host gay biker show
  184. Sharon Stone admires Angelina Jolie
  185. Tori Spelling wants babies
  186. Custody battle for Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora?
  187. Randy Quaid sues 'Brokeback' producers
  188. Jennifer Aniston Dogged By Unsubstantiated Rumours
  189. Brad Pitt Having Second Thoughts?
  190. Pink threatens to kidnap soldier brother if he gets posted to Iraq
  191. P. Diddy ditches pricey clothing line
  192. Evangeline Lilly's role crisis
  193. Pamela Anderson distraught by kids' haircut
  194. Bruce Willis retracts Colombian drug rant
  195. Noel Gallagher: 'Oasis have been lucky'
  196. Pink slams Pete Doherty
  197. Myke Tyson at launch of Mark Morrison's comeback album
  198. Pete Doherty pleads guilty to drug charges
  199. No Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct 3'
  200. Paula Abdul blames incoherence on Simon Cowell
  201. Pete Doherty Kicks Reporter
  202. R. Kelly's brother says R. Kelly is guilty of many abuses
  203. Vincent 'Big Pussy' Pastore & lawyer sued by ex-girlfriend
  204. Kid Rock beats up photographers
  205. Sting wants an orgy
  206. Helena Christensen fronts watch campaign
  207. David Morrissey stunned by Sharon Stone's screaming
  208. Jennifer Aniston blames her unhappiness on rabbits
  209. Gwyneth Paltrow wants 'Scissors' role cut
  210. Marcia Cross too old for "idiotic" wedding madness
  211. Lindsay Lohan: 'Hollywood has got nothing to do with my weight loss'
  212. Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander rock out in Los Angeles
  213. Kelly Osbourne thinks Kate Moss is model mum
  214. Mariah Carey: 'Snoop Dogg is a bigger diva than me'
  215. Queen Latifah to become a mother?
  216. Marcia Cross sparks Eva Longoria wedding rumours
  217. Pamela Anderson has a love-hate relationship with her boobs and has no cellulite
  218. Lindsay Lohan to play Wonder Woman?
  219. Carmen Electra: 'My marriage is fine'
  220. Sienna Miller to move to Scotland?
  221. Christina Aguilera finished 'Back To Basics', her new album
  222. Peter Andre: 'I was a male slut'
  223. Charlie Sheen questions official 9/11 reports
  224. Katie Holmes encouraged Tom Cruise to perform his own stunts in MI3
  225. Jennifer Aniston to quit Hollywood?
  226. Rachel Hunter to host 'Celebrity Love Island'?
  227. 9/11 support group slams plans for Wafah Dufour reality show
  228. Morrissey apologizes to the Arctic Monkeys
  229. Jennifer Aniston says 'Rumor Has It' was worst experience of her life
  230. Jordan wants to renew vows at Disneyworld
  231. Sarah Jessica Parker wants more older women in leading roles
  232. Dedication Honors Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth
  233. Kelly Osbourne says eating excrement is better than partying with Kate Moss
  234. Kevin Federline releases new song, tells media to go.. ugh.. 'Kiss a Dick"
  235. Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes' On Set Behavior
  236. Pete Doherty openly does drugs during Rolling Stones interview
  237. Laura Bush bio: fertility drugs, smoking...
  238. Kirstie Alley attacks Rolling Stone Scientology article and writer.
  239. Kevin Costner denies he was 'mystery masturbator'
  240. Tom Cruise vs. Oprah
  241. Hank Williams Jr accused of sexual harrassment
  242. Pink entertains husband with sexy pole dance
  243. Steven Tyler cancels tour for surgery
  244. Jennifer Aniston doesn't like Reality TV
  245. Penelope Cruz praised by PETA for her stance on bull-fighting
  246. Jennifer Garner says no to extreme dieting
  247. Lana Turner's daughter thinks Sienna Miller the spitting image of mom
  248. Debi Mazar is a mom
  249. Has Paris Hilton Dumped Stavros Niarchos?
  250. Prince gets sued by landlord