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  1. Nicollette Sheridan's Ex Speaks Out
  2. Frankie Muniz (Malcom in the Middle) to become a race driver
  3. Avril Lavigne Pregnancy and Wedding Rumors Emerge
  4. Pamela Anderson has a crush on Usher
  5. No Wedding Bells For Calista Flockhart
  6. Sharon Stone Wants to become a Singer
  7. Gwyneth Paltrow tops Britain's best dressed woman
  8. J K Rowling slams 'talking toothpicks'
  9. Celebrity Couples :Who's dating who?
  10. Tom Hanks swaps jokes with Japan's PM
  11. Prince Harry Celebrates at Strip Club
  12. Catfight between Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson
  13. Pink gives girl power message to students
  14. Is Mandisa Hundley Anti-Gay?
  15. Jessica Simpson sued by clothing company
  16. Jude Law flies to New York to meet Sienna Miller
  17. Eminem hits back at wife's drug claim
  18. Victoria and David Beckham may have to tear down barbed wire fence around home
  19. Keira Knightley Donates Oscar Dress
  20. Priscilla Presley defends Katie Holmes’ planned silent birth
  21. Alicia Keys visits Kenyan health project
  22. The Doors set to return to the movies
  23. Serena Williams spoke to sister's killer in court
  24. Gabrielle Union fights to keep rapist behind bars
  25. Melania Trump thrilled with "easy" pregnancy
  26. New book slams Dr Phil!! Has he cheated on Robin?
  27. Pregnant Mira Sorvino did own stunts
  28. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cause a stir in Namibia
  29. Pamela Anderson has a crush on Usher?
  30. Eminem's wife Kim Mathers shocked by divorce
  31. Kate Bosworth enjoying larger 'Superman' salary
  32. Meg Ryan to write autobiography
  33. Jason Orange (Take That) injures leg during reharsal
  34. Pamela Anderson joins 'The Pussycat Dolls'
  35. Antonio Banderas learns to dance at home
  36. Paris Hilton plans Vegas bash for boyfriend's birthday
  37. Carmen Electra delights fan at lesbian festival
  38. Teri Hatcher breaks down in tears during conference recalling sex abuse
  39. Money from high priced Madonna tix help her live large on the road.
  40. British boyband McFly: 'Lindsay Lohan is a normal girl'
  41. Barbra Streisand not pleased with new biography
  42. Matthew Broderrick, uh, duh, erm, ask someone else.
  43. Jennifer Lopez plans exotic tour dates
  44. Paula Abdul: 'I was attacked'
  45. Britney Spears gives kids dancing lessons
  46. Courtney Love composes ode to Pete Doherty
  47. Mariah Carey will create a perfume
  48. Jessica Simpson reveals details of break-up on next album
  49. Teri Hatcher claims she's still single
  50. Victoria and David Beckham to give World Cup charity party
  51. Calista Flockhart: 'I suffered from an eating disorder'
  52. Former Top Model Yaya, dancing her way to becoming a movie star
  53. Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon top style poll
  54. Eva Longoria in space
  55. Paris Hilton slams 'Mother Theresa' rumours
  56. Ellen DeGeneres offers to find Jennifer Anston a home
  57. David Gest takes swipe at Liza Minnelli's weight
  58. Shakira angers 'American Idol' producers
  59. Jordan and Peter Andre’s dog stolen
  60. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is dating his TV neighbor
  61. Alec Baldwin and Ann Coulter Both Vote To Abstain
  62. St. John Knits's Boss Abruptly Walks Away
  63. Meredith Vieira joins the Today Show
  64. Mischa Barton wants out of the O.C.
  65. Audrey Hepburn tops poll of most beautiful women of all time
  66. Priscilla Presley reluctant about 'Dallas' remake
  67. Pete Doherty: 'I am marrying Kate Moss. And I am the most important rock star'
  68. Lindsay Lohan demands magazine apology for being misquoted
  69. Flavor of Love Fans! 'Pumkin' to marry lesbian lover!
  70. Britney Spears to take up acting full time?
  71. Paris Hilton never wants to speak to Nicole Richie again...and other things.
  72. Tori Spelling finds wedding ring
  73. Keri Russell's family shocked by Scientology claims
  74. Heath Ledger struggled with miscarriage scene
  75. Jennifer Aniston makes a joke about Brad Pitt on TV
  76. Paris Hilton slams Stavros Niarchos split rumours
  77. Katie Holmes apparently can't stop smiling.
  78. Katie Couric take anchor job at CBS: Why is this such a big deal?
  79. Pras Michel from Fugees tries out homeless life.
  80. Whitney Houston seeks help from a cult
  81. Paris Hilton: 'My breasts are hot'
  82. Kevin Federline gets a job!!!
  83. Russell Crowe: Meg Ryan Made Me Moldy
  84. Whitney Houston's secret gay life and collection of sex toys
  85. Heather Locklear Hooks Up with David Spade
  86. Elisha Cuthbert wins sexiest hair award
  87. Eminem files for divorce from Kim Mathers again
  88. Daniel Craig: 'I'm a Gay Icon'
  89. Naomi Campbell inspires t-shirt
  90. Sharon Osbourne attacked with soup
  91. Michael Douglas and Moby launch landmine appeal
  92. Charlotte Church celebrates 3 cigarette-free months
  93. Mary J Blige wowed by 50 Cent's intelligence
  94. Stella McCartney offers Frances Bean Cobain internship
  95. Sharon Stone will direct 'Basic Instinct 3'
  96. Take That signed new record deal?
  97. Radiohead: 'We often consider splitting up'
  98. Michael Douglas: 'American men are girly'
  99. Beyonce offers Whitney Houston help
  100. Refresher: Katie Holmes' Missing Days Meeting Tom Cruise
  101. Kevin Federline May Be Sued
  102. Evangeline Lilly trained as a flight attendant
  103. Matthew McConaughey's mother champions sexy son
  104. Keira Knightley afraid to get married
  105. Kate Beckinsale punk'd by ex-boyfriend
  106. Tom Jones pines for British food
  107. Sean Diddy Comb's fragrance tops chart
  108. Nicole Kidman denies media annulment story
  109. Tom Cruise buys Katie Holmes a pacifier.
  110. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher rubbish pregnancy rumours and say they may adopt baby
  111. Josh Hartnett's flabby film role
  112. Evangeline Lilly hates Hawaiian winters
  113. John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston support Tom Cruise's silent birth plan
  114. Geena Davis failed to liberate women
  115. Tom Jones slams Justin Timberlake
  116. Jessica Alba accepts Playboy's apology
  117. Tom Cruise had an abusive dad
  118. Actress Catherine Keener defends Jennifer Aniston on TV
  119. Heath Ledger plans 6 kids
  120. Matthew McConaughey turns vegetarian Penelope Cruz into a carnivore
  121. Victoria Beckham drinking too much wine?
  122. Pete Doherty dresses in Burberry and smokes cigars on planes
  123. Brad Pitt Walks Out On Angelina Jolie
  124. Lindsay Lohan Rejected by George Clooney
  125. Jennifer Aniston Faces Tension Over Wedding Rumor
  126. Garth Brooks' Ex Kidnapped
  127. Kiefer Sutherland has forgiven Julia Roberts but not Jason Patric
  128. Paris Hilton Bitches About Nicole Richie
  129. Keira Knightley hates expensive clothes
  130. Chad Michael Murray knocks up chick, now has to marry her
  131. Nicole Kidman annulling marriage to Tom Cruise in order to marry Keith Urban
  132. Sharon Stone: 'I'm just a great actress'
  133. Meg Ryan attacks British TV host Michael Parkinson for terse interview
  134. Shakira honoured for humanitarian work
  135. Mary J Blige defends George Michael
  136. Christina Aguilera buys lesbian art
  137. Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Courtney Love on holiday together
  138. Tom Cruise asks, "Am I Normal?"
  139. Sharon Stone flies first class, kid and nanny fly coach
  140. Stop the presses! Kimberly Stewart does NOT have smelly feet.
  141. Russell Simmons speaks out about 'separation' from Kimora Lee
  142. Kate Beckinsale joins "Wonder Woman" race
  143. Oliver Stone: 'Media slanders politically-minded stars'
  144. Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan ("Charmed") slam network
  145. Sharon Stone to record an album after movie flopped?
  146. Christina Milian defends break-up song
  147. Nicole Richie's Surprise Party For DJ AM
  148. Katie Holmes eats Indian food to kick start labour
  149. Jessica Simpson landed Pamela Anderson's 'Baywatch' role
  150. Brad Pitt's Humanitarian Efforts Not Inspired By Angelina Jolie
  151. Uma Thurman troubled by type-casting
  152. Tommy Mottola to be a father?
  153. Tom Cruise's rapid German trip
  154. Britney Spears' birthday dwarves slammed "a sick stunt"
  155. Howard Stern helps police nab deranged fan
  156. Rosie O'Donnell is annoyed by Star Jones
  157. Melissa Joan Hart feels sad for Britney Spears
  158. Keith Urban has too much interest in an ex-girlfriend
  159. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman IGNORE their child's birthmom's warnings!
  160. Tom Cruise says marriage can wait
  161. Karl Lagerfeld's cinema debut
  162. Clive Owen grateful to Julia Roberts for persuading Jennifer Aniston to work with him
  163. Brad Pitt miserable in Paris?
  164. Brad Pitt to build hotel resort
  165. Naomi Campbell "spat in guard's face"
  166. Pink on not-so-fake fur
  167. Tom Jones: 'I can't count my flings'
  168. Priscilla Presley: 'I felt like I was serving two masters'
  169. Angelina Jolie to give birth in Africa?
  170. Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett have tantric sex
  171. Scarlett Johansson to play Napoleon's 14-year-old lover
  172. Paris Hilton shortlisted for Mother Theresa role
  173. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes expecting daughter
  174. Kate Moss Pete Doherty's silence payoff?
  175. Lindsay Lohan wins big at Kids Choice Awards
  176. Cameron Diaz's topless pictures battle is over
  177. Jenna Bush sicced Daddy Bush on boyfriend
  178. Antonio Banderas blames Hollywood "candies" for high divorce rates
  179. Brad Pitt considers buying a vineyard near Turin, Italy
  180. Rebecca Romjin and Jerry O'Connell fell in love during documentary
  181. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 'Tom Cruise is very strict on set'
  182. Uma Thurman reunites with hotelier boyfriend
  183. Michael Jackson is America's "most foolish"
  184. Pink and Carey Hart enjoy webcam love
  185. Rosario Dawson: 'Hollywood is using me'
  186. Harrison Ford hates the internet
  187. Jennifer Aniston gets the last laugh
  188. Tom Jones gets knighted
  189. Basic Instinct 2 is a flop, grosses $3.2 million
  190. Bai Ling to Write a Book
  191. Raul Julia ("The Addams Family") to be dug out for DNA test?
  192. Stars' details sold on eBay
  193. David Beckham's obsessive compulsive disorder nightmare
  194. Russel Crowe breaks anti-smoking laws
  195. Jessica Alba slams MTV for chimp kiss
  196. Kelly Osbourne to launch wig range
  197. The Game conned ex-girlfriend out of her home
  198. Nick and Aaron Carter come together for reality show
  199. Bono attacks Italian PM for "exploiting" him
  200. Kelly Osbourne's New Look Attracting Rich Guys
  201. Thief steals Jerry Garcia's toilet
  202. Canadian PM refuses to meet Pamela Anderson to discuss seal hunt
  203. Jennifer Lopez and Cocaine?
  204. Britney Spears spent a fortune staying in hotels in the past month
  205. Sienna Miller hires bodyguard for new movie fearing Islamic fanatics
  206. Woman claims affair with Jada Pinkett Smith
  207. Morrissey slams Kate Moss and Prince Charles
  208. Lindsay Lohan to join Kabbalah
  209. Naomi Campbell's maid almost blinded in attack
  210. Kate Moss "glad" to be exposed
  211. Robbie Wiliams to appear at 'Take That' reunion only as a hologram
  212. Kelly Osbourne to write autobiography
  213. Antonio Banderas forced to use sword against intruder
  214. Simon Cowell criticised Beyonce, now her father Matthew Knowles challenges him
  215. Madonna threatens to break Guy Ritchie's balls
  216. Tom Cruise gives gift of music to help Katie with silent birth
  217. Howard Stern Lashes Out at Some Fans
  218. Liza Minnelli: 'I'm sick of sex'
  219. The Richest Rock Stars
  220. Brad Pitt Fears He Has Become a Worldwide Joke
  221. Angelina Jolie Seeks More Attention
  222. George Clooney complains about Gawker.com's 'Stalker' section
  223. Milla Jovovich insisted on doing her own stunts for 'Ultraviolet'
  224. Lindsay Lohan's wild night with Jesse Metcalfe
  225. Paris Hilton tries to make nice with Zeta Graff
  226. Angelina Jolie to write memoir
  227. Macaulay Culkin doesn't know where he belongs
  228. Ryan Seacrest confirms Teri Hatcher romance
  229. Eva Longoria wants Michael Douglas as lover
  230. Brian Molko (Placebo) wishes he'd kept sex and drugs secret
  231. George Michael may be barred from US
  232. Mike Tyson sneaking strippers
  233. Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons Split Confirmed
  234. The Truth About Scientology, by ex-member L. Ron Hubbard Jr
  235. Director quits 'Dallas' movie because unhappy with casting choices
  236. Jennifer Lopez may adopt a baby, as spinach didn't help her get pregnant
  237. Naomi Campbell released on bail after pleading not guilty
  238. Feminists aren't going to like Basic Instinct 2
  239. Kabbalah vs. Scientology: Kabbalah wins round one
  240. Elizabeth Hurley admits relying on retouching for fashion shoots
  241. Kate Moss pulls out of libel case
  242. ok, maybe Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank are getting back together
  243. Mischa Barton idolizes Jennifer Aniston
  244. Courtney Love sells 'Nirvana' rights for $50 million
  245. Kirsten Dunst has a new beau
  246. Former 'Village People' cop is arrested
  247. Ex-personal assistant sues Phil Spector
  248. Jay Leno wins round in photo lawsuit
  249. Ian McKellen criticizes Jake Gyllenhaal for kiss comment
  250. David Hasselhoff ordered to vacate home