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  1. Tom Cruise puts baby on hold for fans
  2. Jessica Simpson wearing wedding ring again
  3. Britney Spears a no show at Kevin Federline Gig
  4. Denise Richards & Richie Sambora: Spotted Kissing
  5. Sienna Miller caught with Jude Law
  6. Kylie Minogue becomes an Auntie
  7. Maury Povich sued for sexual harrassment
  8. Tom Cruise "I love changing diapers!"
  9. Lindsay Lohan Gets Re-Gifted $900 Hermes Blanket from Director Brett Ratner
  10. People Mag: Denise Richards Hooks up with Richie Sambora
  11. Ashlee Simpson Tries to Start Fight with the Duff Sisters at LA's Basque Club
  12. 2006 Blockbuster/MTV Movie Award Nominations List
  13. Madonna trying for another baby.
  14. Life & Style Mag: Lindsay Lohan Says She Will Seduce Nick Lachey to Spite Jessica
  15. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora Getting Cozy?
  16. Papa Cruise - a surprise appearance
  17. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie ask for privacy....Namibia government ok's it.
  18. Oprah lends encouragement to Julia Roberts
  19. Russell Simmons canoodling with ANTM winner Naima Mora?
  20. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Allegations Pt.2
  21. Leonardo DiCaprio Flown to African Hospital
  22. Paris Hilton almost gets electrocuted
  23. Kate Moss may soon be charged: new 'witness' speaks out.
  24. Jenny Shimizu didn't just have Angelina: she was Madonna's 'sex slave' as well
  25. Tom Cruise still jumping for joy
  26. Tom Cruise Snubs Billionaire Friend
  27. Gillian Anderson (X-files) files for divorce
  28. Elle MacPherson is romancing with restauranteur
  29. Aishwarya Rai hurt in shooting mishap
  30. Tom Cruise's baby decoy
  31. Angelina Jolie buying own country
  32. Brad Pitt Wants Jennifer Aniston In His Movie, Does Angelina Jolie Know?
  33. Charlie Sheen / Denise Richards divorce; abuse allegations, underage hookers and porn
  34. A Fourth Fall For Sean Preston Federline and Britney Spears?
  35. LA celebrity real estate agent Elaine Young dead at 71
  36. Nicole Kidman congratulates Katie Holmes on Baby Birth but not Tom Cruise
  37. George Michael to tour; blames reports of demise on Elton John
  38. Britney Spears Drops Baby More Than Once
  39. Fergie of Black Eye Peas Pregnant?
  40. Leonardo Dicaprio treats model to European dates
  41. Paris Hilton Banned From Casino Named after Her
  42. Pete Doherty sentenced to drug rehab and arrested again only hours later
  43. Brad Pitt announces New Orleans design competition
  44. Matthew McConaughey saves a kitty
  45. SNL cast stage Lindsay Lohan intervention
  46. Will Smith Crashes Bar Mitzvah During Visit to Jerusalem's Western Wall
  47. Teddy C prefers Tom and Katie to Brad and Angelina...predicts Brad will leave
  48. Vanity fair sales down since Paris hilton cover
  49. Bijou Phillips finds residents of LA "retarded"
  50. Julia Roberts is getting horrible Broadway reviews
  51. Orlando Bloom nearly gets a guy killed and apologizes with an autograph
  52. Scientology tips for childcare: barley, milk and corn syrup formula for baby
  53. Madonna giving fans a chance to be used by her.
  54. Bill Maher apparently a great lover.
  55. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson back in love?
  56. Tom Cruise emails Diane Sawyer with news
  57. Mission Impossible scenes 'leaked' onto internet.
  58. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-chasing pap gets a beat down
  59. Sienna Miller has new bloke
  60. Jerry Hall says don't fall for a rock star...and she should know, eh?
  61. Tom Cruise praises Katie Holmes for staying silent...and other interesting tidbits
  62. Nick Lachey Rolling Stone Interview
  63. The World Now Waits for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Baby
  64. Is Carmen Electra having marital problems?
  65. Bob Saget Pelted With Tampons
  66. How Tom Cruise came up with name Suri.
  67. Uk tabloid apologizes to Teri Hatcher for false 'sex in van' story and pays damages
  68. Suri Cruise was born in a hospital, silently
  69. Nick Lachey Speaks Out
  70. Pete Doherty is kicking the habit!
  71. Britney Spears To Sue High Chair Manufacturer
  72. Charlie Sheen meets new date online.
  73. Michael Jackson making comeback album
  74. Julia Roberts Set for Broadway Debut
  75. Jada Pinkett Smith's Alleged Lesbian Lover Urges Her To Come Out
  76. Whitney Houston in rehab!
  77. Colin Farrell's Sex Tape Saga Settled
  78. Tom Cruise Not a "Primetime" Star
  79. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have their child
  80. Brooke Shields Gives Birth!
  81. Kevin Federline: "I didn't pimp Britney"
  82. Tom Cruise has Guards Watch his Trash - no DNA material can get out!
  83. Tom Cruise: How I Made Me
  84. Neil Young records virulent anti-Bush album...Hurrahhh!!!
  85. South Park to fry James Frey and his legendary appearance on Oprah.
  86. Tom Cruise and his blackberry love messages from Katie Holmes
  87. Shakira to headline the World Cup along with Wyclef Jean
  88. Madonna's Children, Rocco and Lourdes, design bags for charity
  89. Calista Flockhart returning to television
  90. Marcia Cross wanted to be the narrator
  91. Bruce Willis wants a "Moonlighting" movie made
  92. Jane Fonda returns to Broadway
  93. Robin Williams glad that loud camera phones deter perverts
  94. Fergie's movie debut is a disaster - and she loves it
  95. Rain Delays Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto"
  96. Interviewing Tom Cruise can be risky business
  97. Tom Cruise supporters skew Parade magazine poll results??
  98. Doctors slam Tom Cruise and his magical ultra sound machine.
  99. Tom Cruise: I'll eat placenta
  100. Ashanti's cousin killed running errand for her
  101. Meredith's replacement on 'The View'?? Mario Cantone??
  102. Tom Cruise Installs In-home Hospital For Katie Holmes
  103. Locals claim Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s security team are 'too heavy-handed'
  104. The Vatican slams The Da Vinci Code
  105. Matt Stone and Trey Parker attack Comedy Central
  106. Bruce Willis, "I'm not a republican"
  107. Julia Roberts won't be in Oceans 13
  108. George Michael in yet another car accident, and another...and another
  109. Kevin Federline slams Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for divorcing
  110. The 100 unsexiest men in the world
  111. 911 Call Proves Star Jones Was Dying
  112. James Blunt dumps girlfriend who inspired 'You're Beautiful' hit
  113. Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie discuss godparents
  114. Mandy Moore kicks out her parents
  115. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may choose Namibian baby name
  116. Angelina Jolie's Lesbian Lust
  117. Art Bell Remarries!
  118. Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt
  119. Tom Cruise Runs Seminars to Prepare for Baby
  120. Eminem Breaks Silence On Proof, Rapper's Lawyer Denies He Shot First
  121. Nick Carter Up for Assault Charges
  122. Brad Pitt Gets A Mohawk
  123. Matt LeBlanc's Wife dating her spiritual advisor
  124. Kate Moss: 'I'm living like a nun'
  125. Sigourney Weaver and Kim Basinger top gross scenes poll
  126. Pamela Anderson: 'I'm addicted to love'
  127. Chad Michael Murray slams pregnancy rumours
  128. Robbie Williams WILL join Take That's comeback tour
  129. Britney Spears in nanny search
  130. Carmen Electra quit The Pussycat Dolls as she wasn’t paid enough
  131. Kelly Brook: 'I love filming sex scenes'
  132. Kylie Minogue’s record sales have soared since cancer
  133. Tom Cruise denies rumours, and Katie Holmes is now a Scientologist
  134. Michael Douglas: 'I'd rather be a good dad than a movie star'
  135. Christina Milian: 'I did not copy Beyonce'
  136. Eminem may be suicidal...
  137. Pink joins PETA KFC campaign
  138. Hugh Grant got fat trying to slim down
  139. Sarah Jessica Parker slams Hollywood
  140. Lindsay Lohan's Kenyan charity plans
  141. Michael Jackson staves off bankruptcy
  142. Britney Spears' cry for help
  143. Melanie Griffith sued by designer
  144. Liv Tyler to quit acting?
  145. Jordan has given up food to lose weight
  146. Evangeline Lilly hated good looks
  147. Nicole Richie redesigns engagement ring to avoid a jinx
  148. Renee Zellweger redesigns wedding gown
  149. Pete Doherty voted Worst Celebrity Dad
  150. Carmen Electra hopes to find new music producer as good as Prince
  151. Paula Abdul made up story about being beaten to cover up drunken ejection from club
  152. Marilyn Monroe's marriage certificate to be auctioned off
  153. Director Brett Ratner Lindsay Lohan's new man?
  154. Nicollette Sheridan's ex sells ring on eBay
  155. Ewan McGregor adopts little girl
  156. Tom Cruise Talks 'Great Sex'
  157. Sharon Stone fires back at diva reports
  158. Matthew McConaughey Sure Knows He's Sexy & Has Crush On Sarah Jessica Parker
  159. Lil' Kim plays volleyball in prison to lose weight
  160. Britney Spears heading for small screen stardom?
  161. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones' marriage's secret
  162. Kylie Minogue on the mend.
  163. Mandy Moore's "American Dreamz"
  164. David Spade Disses Heather Locklear Rumours
  165. June Pointer from The Pointer Sisters, dead at age 52
  166. Record Label Tells Britney Spears - Shape Up!
  167. Jennifer Love Hewitt Denies Wilmer Valderrama Sex Claims
  168. Julia Roberts and Lindsay Lohan's Designer Diss?
  169. Kelly Brook desperate to swap macrobiotic for cheeseburgers
  170. Jerry Hall caught incurable virus from son
  171. Tori Spelling's divorce to be finalised
  172. Brigitte Bardot only eats once a day
  173. Lindsay Lohan to play a female DJ
  174. Charlize Theron back with boyfriend?
  175. Dita Von Teese's strip tip
  176. Oprah says she's ok with being filthy rich.
  177. 'View' host Elisabeth Hasselbeck plagued by creepy calls
  178. Celebrity Tax breaks.
  179. Ivana Trump's reality women scared away from show by jealous exes
  180. Evangeline Lilly wants Scarlett Johansson's career
  181. Jennifer Garner dreading 'Alias' birth scene
  182. Kevin Federline will not allow children to perform until they learn moral values
  183. Kylie Minogue to headline England's Glastonbury festival
  184. Nicole Ritchie gets wild cat pet
  185. Alec Baldwin slams Paris Hilton over sex tape
  186. Mariah Carey keen to duet with Janet Jackson
  187. OC bosses rubbish Mischa Barton 'quit' rumour
  188. Elton John's annual clothes sale begins
  189. Lil' Kim to trace prison pen pal
  190. Britney Spears cleared by family services
  191. Eva Longoria's bum gets bigger
  192. Madonna fed up with Guy Ritchie's obsession with martial arts
  193. Paris Hilton swaps clothes with sister Nicky and goes out in lingerie
  194. Tom Cruise attacks psychiatric drugs again....
  195. Jesse Metcalfe and Nadine Coyle (Girls Aloud) dating
  196. Keira Knightley reunites with bullying ex classmates
  197. Ali Landry remarries
  198. Carmen Electra may lose Max Factor Deal
  199. Britney Spears' baby son cracks his skull
  200. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard Engaged and Expecting a Baby
  201. Brad Pitt's new tattoo
  202. Angelina Jolie hits out at Jennifer Aniston
  203. Katie Holmes banned from speaking to baby for a week after it is born
  204. Mariah Carey invites Whitney Houston to duet
  205. Rapper Proof of D12 Killed at Eight Mile Club
  206. Philip Seymore Hoffman steals Mission Impossible 3; Tom Cruise beaten up to cheers
  207. America wants only happy endings for Jennifer Aniston
  208. Carmen Electra credits friendship for marriage success
  209. Tom Cruise renames plane after Katie Holmes
  210. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith happy to prove sceptics wrong
  211. Jessica Simpson confirms meeting 'Dallas' producers
  212. Brad Pitt's cocktails for neighbours
  213. Paris Hilton thinks she's an icon
  214. Jennifer Lopez in battle to silence ex
  215. Chris Martin's song for Mariah Carey's boobs
  216. Heather Mills McCartney in wheelchair after operation
  217. Antonio Banderas slams Melanie Griffith's alcoholism rumours
  218. Guy Ritchie and Madonna only together for the children, his dad reveals
  219. GLAAD honored Charlize Theron
  220. Britney Spears Loses Sex Appeal
  221. Lindsay Lohan loses contract with Louis Vuitton
  222. Cheeta the Chimp has 74th birthday
  223. Micheal Douglas Now Says He Was Misquoted By GQ
  224. Meredith Vieira: I Was Abused
  225. Kate Moss signs new contract with Calvin Klein
  226. Madonna Learns Guitar
  227. Pink fell in love over puke
  228. Pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Baby could fetch up to $1 million
  229. John Travolta should open his heart and help raise awareness about autism
  230. Paris Hilton's 'Disgusting' Simple Life Task
  231. Sienna Miller: Lesbian toe sucking action
  232. Nicole Richie: 'I'm not on the verge of death'
  233. Naomi Campbell and Diddy feud.
  234. Did Mandisa Hundley Get Booted For Her Anti-Gay Affiliation?
  235. Stop the Madgeness! Are you a victim of Madonna-disease?
  236. Eminem blames insomnia for drug abuse
  237. Katharine McPhee (AI contestant): A Scientologist?
  238. Jessica Simpson Crank-Calls Kristin Cavallari
  239. More deep thoughts by Jessica Simpson
  240. Hugh M. Hefner Celebrates 80th Birthday
  241. Gwyneth Paltrow gives birth to Baby Boy
  242. Not Looking Good For "Good Shepherd"
  243. Angelina Jolie for Ocean's 13?
  244. Inside Mariah Carey's home
  245. Tara Reid Hustler Interview
  246. Melanie Griffith being sued by fashion designer
  247. Walking barefoot becoming a trend???
  248. Pete Burns stalks
  249. Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks: Most bankable in Hollywood
  250. Daniel Craig doesn't know how to play cards...