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  1. Jared Leto's weird weight loss regimen
  2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Secrecy Bests Tom Cruise Candor at Gate
  3. MI 3: Scientology Centre Buy Blocks of Tickets for Tom Cruise Film?
  4. Sophia Bush Amused? Chad Michael Murray banned from Kenzie Dalton's Prom
  5. American Idol Feud Settled: Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul Make up
  6. Nick Lachey out with CaCee Cobb again
  7. Britney Spears wanted Angelina Jolie Security Team to Watch Kevin Federline
  8. Sir Paul McCartney's marriage is fine
  9. Adam Sandler has become a dad
  10. Michael Jackson selling logo again? And other tidbits.
  11. More Kevin Federline rap lyrics
  12. How did Tom Cruise get as tall as Katie Holmes?
  13. Britney Spears cuts the cash flow to Kevin Federline
  14. Nicollette Sheridan punk'd during restaurant proposal
  15. Kristin Davis rubbishes Matthew Perry dating rumours
  16. Christina Aguilera only feels comfortable with no clothes on
  17. Lionel Richie thanks daughter Nicole for career boost
  18. Avril Lavigne: 'I've grown up and glammed up'
  19. Edward Norton breaks his back during filming
  20. Nicole Kidman: 'I still love Tom Cruise'
  21. Bruce Willis backs gun rights
  22. Going deep inside the tightly controlled world of Tom Cruise
  23. Victoria Beckham stunned shop staff by spending £60k on jewellery
  24. Tom Cruise says Happy Mother's Day with flowers...lots and lots of flowers.
  25. David Beckham makes it big in the USA as new face of milk
  26. Angelina Jolie "has finally found peace" with Brad Pitt
  27. Jennifer Aniston badgers Brad Pitt about money
  28. Ashlee Simpson wants to wait awhile before tying the knot
  29. Tori Spelling gets hitched
  30. Britney Spears' Acting Coach Calls Her "Talentless" & "Spoiled"
  31. Charlie Sheen being linked to death of porn star
  32. Tom Cruise ends "feud" with Brooke Shields by sending baby basket
  33. Denise Richards: "No longer friends" with Heather Locklear
  34. Scientology buys baby gifts for Suri Cruise at Walmart
  35. Kate Moss texts Pete Doherty to quit drugs and live with her
  36. Tom Cruise drags Katie Holmes to movie premiere...
  37. Paul McCartney/Heather Mills marriage on the rocks.
  38. Despite Tom Cruise's efforts, MI3 not a blockbuster
  39. Ashlee Simpson has a crush on Deborah Harry and loves Mozart
  40. Lindsay Lohan eats to get "tits and ass" back
  41. Courtney Love regrets meeting Chris Martin high on crack
  42. George Michael: 'I want a simple wedding'
  43. Bono to guest-edit British newspaper 'The Independent' for a day
  44. Rihanna: 'I'll learn from Whitney Houston's mistakes'
  45. Tom Cruise almost killed himself as a child trying to parachute off a garage roof
  46. Pink's 'help button' tattoo doesn't work
  47. Mischa Barton's 'O.C.' death
  48. Madonna to appear topless
  49. Vince Vaughn: 'I'm happy with Jennifer Aniston'
  50. Rachel Bilson almost died in car accident
  51. Beyonce: 'Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross my biggest influences'
  52. Pete Doherty Plans to Sell Bloody Paintings
  53. Sadly, Celine Dion is Feeling Better
  54. Michael Jackson ticked at GQ magazine
  55. The 50 unsexiest women in the world
  56. Kelly Brook and Billy Zane didn't have sex while shooting movie
  57. Lindsay Lohan's half million hotel bill
  58. Victoria and David Beckham considering having sex standing up
  59. Tori Spelling getting married this weekend in Fiji
  60. Oprah's BFF Gayle King to replace Star Jones on The View?
  61. Nicole Kidman talks about divorce from Tom Cruise
  62. Denise Richards allegedly bans Charlie Sheen's parents from seeing grandkids.
  63. Vincent Gallo's $500 t-shirt...anyone with a brain need not apply.
  64. Can you stand more Tom Cruise news? Well, he's still really, really intense...
  65. Charlie Sheen and the drag queen? Dear mother of God...
  66. Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm not dating'
  67. Anthony Kiedis ready to get married
  68. Courtney Love forced to sell Nirvana's rights because she's broke
  69. George Michael forgives Geri Halliwell and hosts baby shower for her
  70. Sean Preston Federline the music critic
  71. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline to renew vows
  72. Star Jones exposed to HIV
  73. Plans to fly Xenu banners over MI3 premiere?
  74. Tom Cruise Inspires New Law in California
  75. Janet Jackson removes song from website after fan outcry
  76. Stavros Niarchos' lovesick crying tantrum / Paris Hilton's ex begs in the street
  77. Paris Hilton Sings to her "New Boyfriend"
  78. Alec Baldwin back in court over visitation rights with daughter.
  79. Britney Spears slashed the asking price to sell her Manhattan house
  80. Britney Spears' former nanny speaks on Sean Preston's accident
  81. Katie Holmes signs £22 million pre-nup
  82. Britney Spears hires babysitter for Kevin Federline
  83. Auction to be hosted at Victoria and David Beckham's pre-World Cup party
  84. Tom Cruise: '$1m for Suri's pictures'
  85. Eva Longoria plays saucy air hockey with boyfriend
  86. Christina Aguilera 'Still Dirrty' in her new album
  87. Angelina Jolie had chocolate flown to Namibia for her
  88. Paris Hilton dating Matt Leinart
  89. Britney Spears is having a GIRL!!
  90. Star salaries coming down in Hollywood - report
  91. Up for sale: Home that Carey Grant shared with his boyfriend!
  92. Kevin Federline wants a threesome and Britney Spears realizes that Kevin's a loser
  93. James Gandolfini hit by cab
  94. Life & Style Magazine Reports Lindsay Lohan Slept with Stavros Niarchos
  95. Denise Richards started seeing Richie Sambora in November??
  96. Keith Richards to face brain drain
  97. Angelina Jolie: 'I'm not morbid'
  98. Paris Hilton dumped Stavros Niarchos to promote album
  99. Here's the whole story on Hollywood Private Eye to the stars Anthony Pellicano...
  100. Eminem's wife Kim Mathers files divorce response
  101. Anna Nicole Smith...pregnant?
  102. Denise Richards lying about wanting divorce private?
  103. Soon-to-be ex of Tori Spelling's fiance writes tell-all
  104. Sean Connery's wife releases autobio--yup, he smacked her around
  105. Janeane Garolfalo touts Scientology-linked project!!
  106. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn buy house together.
  107. Teri Hatcher: Ryan Seacrest Ended Things
  108. Tim Robbins slams Bush's lies
  109. Teri Hatcher in tears on Oprah
  110. Brendan Fraser and wife Afton Smith welcome third baby
  111. Martin Sheen wants Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards to make up
  112. Tom Cruise gets a gift for his baby, "That's Hot. That's beautiful."
  113. Evangeline Lilly felt the pressure to be thin
  114. Nicole Richie says she is too thin, and not a good role model
  115. Denise Richards Says She was Betrayed by Heather Locklear
  116. Lindsay Lohan in a catfight
  117. Nick Lachey lashes out at Lindsay Lohan
  118. Lindsay Lohan's Uncle Arrested
  119. Clay Aiken's Christian fans turn their backs
  120. Milla Jovovich to publish diaries
  121. Teri Hatcher: 'Burnt Toast is a metaphor'
  122. Liam Gallagher: 'Oasis are no longer the greatest'
  123. Kylie Minogue to be honoured with statue
  124. Pink refuses husband "disgusting" oral sex
  125. Brooke Shields amused by having baby on same day as Tom Cruise
  126. Jennifer Lopez wary of world politics
  127. Producer Scott Storch: 'Paris Hilton is a credible artist'
  128. Britney Spears shocks agents with possible pregnancy
  129. Tom Cruise really does having a learning disorder.
  130. Paris Hilton & Stavros Niarchos Split
  131. Madonna booed at music festival
  132. Denise Richards now sniping with David Spade...
  133. Sopranos actor John Ventimiglia (Artie Bucco) arrested
  134. Tom Cruise designs 'get back in shape' program for Katie Holmes
  135. Pete Burns thrown in jail
  136. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt plan a water birth
  137. Pete Doherty's family wants him in jail
  138. Kate Beckinsale feared she was being poisoned
  139. David LaChapelle considered suicide because of bullying
  140. Vin Diesel hates being famous, because he can't be bad
  141. Sienna Miller is taking boob pills
  142. Paris Hilton thinks smoking is sexy
  143. Tom Hanks has a dark side
  144. Jake Gyllenhaal says soldiers just sit around and masturbate
  145. Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz to spend time in a mobile home
  146. Pamela Anderson fights for primate rights
  147. Anna Nicole Smith wins the chance to chase millions
  148. Ang Lee in Top 100 Most Influential People List
  149. Jessica Alba to host MTV Movie Awards
  150. Lindsay Lohan Gets Bedroom Shock
  151. Uma Thurman still loves Ethan Hawke
  152. Bomb Squad Blows Up Tom Cruise
  153. Pete Doherty bailed out of jail
  154. Jack Osbourne offered record breaking contract for a Reality TV show
  155. Susan Sarandon receiving death threats
  156. Kevin Costner's Ex speaks out about his scandal
  157. Reese Witherspoon employes her troubled brother
  158. Isabella Rossellini causes an outcry with her new movie
  159. Leonardo DiCaprio lets his lady off
  160. Tom Hanks wants Charlize Theron to play Marilyn Monroe in his new movie
  161. Rosie OíDonnellís new contract: She Canít Cut Her Hair
  162. Keith Richards hospitalized after falling from a tree
  163. 50 Cent gets more street cred for beef with Oprah
  164. Regular Visits From CPS for Britney Spears
  165. Alec Baldwin Goes "Mike Tyson" on the Set
  166. Lindsay Lohan No Longer in the Running to Become the Face of Versace
  167. Angelina Jolie alone as Brad Pitt returns to USA over concerns for Zahara's health
  168. "Boycott Da Vinci Code film" says top Vatican official
  169. Jessica Simpson to Rip Off Jennifer Lopez's Look for Maxim Magazine Photoshoot
  170. Nicole Kidman's Winter Wedding
  171. Eddie Murphy returning to Beverly Hills Cop
  172. Milla Jovovich to battle skimpy and slutty women
  173. Clint Eastwood still active at 75
  174. Latino Hollywood Actors (Olmos, Longoria, Hayek) Back May 1st Immigrant Boycott
  175. Ludacris to rap about Oprah feud
  176. Jessica Simpson devastated by Nich Lachey's tell-all interview
  177. Rosie O'Donnell new host of The View
  178. Snoop Dogg released without charges
  179. Pete Doherty injects unconscious teenager with heroin
  180. Sony Music fights back against Russell Crowe
  181. Madonna revisits the controversy (and failure) of American Life
  182. Kylie Minogue seeks Dannii's advice for her hair
  183. Gwyneth Paltrow's post-baby "flat tummy"
  184. Phil Hendrie Retires from Radio
  185. Tom Cruise tells fans of his plans to change Katie Holmes into his ideal woman
  186. Jennifer Lopez Says She Is Sooo Misunderstood
  187. Jennifer Lopez In Talks with MTV For Reality Show On Her Life
  188. Britney Spears Pulls Out of '07 Tour, Calls Divorce Press Conference for May 4th?
  189. Elizabeth Taylor 'Close to Death' After Heart Failure
  190. Snoop Dogg's bodyguards destroy Heathrow airport
  191. Keira Knightley is the New Face of Chanel (sorry, Linds!)
  192. Denise Richards Urged Heather Locklear To File For Divorce
  193. Drag queen bringing down the house(s) with Tom Cruise act.
  194. Michelle Rodriguez Blames Steroids for Bad Behavior
  195. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Want Catherine Zeta Jones Dead!
  196. People Magazine: Top 15 Most Beautiful in the World List
  197. Cindy Margolis Agrees to Pose for Playboy on Her 40th Birthday
  198. Lindsay Lohan Strikes Again: Hooks Up with Brody Jenner at Mercer Hotel/Bungalow 8
  199. Ashlee Simpson Says She Is Now Better Looking than her Sister Jessica Simpson
  200. Jennifer Lopez Sued By TV Writer
  201. Heather Locklear to Denise Richards "You're Dead to Me"
  202. David Copperfield Robbed at Gunpoint in Palm Beach
  203. Michael Jackson is reopening Neverland Ranch
  204. Dial Idol Computer Voting Scores for 4/25-Possible Spoliers!
  205. Hollywood on Charlie Sheen's side, not Denise Richard's?
  206. Keira Knightley loves to swing
  207. Liv Tyler avoids being tabloid target
  208. Kate Bosworth thanks mother for career
  209. Mariah Carey buys Marilyn Monroe's piano because she identifies with her
  210. Jennifer Lopez loves reclusive life
  211. Britney Spears fires nanny.
  212. Angelina Jolie talks about education; knows sex of baby
  213. Mick Jagger to star in new sitcom
  214. Tom Cruise leaves Suri behind while he promotes MI3...
  215. Angelina Jolie admits she's afraid of marriage
  216. Eva Longoria's freak knuckles, and her vow to never get plastic surgery
  217. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the highest-paid product endorsing celebrity
  218. Robbie Williams decides to rejoin 'Take That'
  219. Nick Lachey's new album IS about Jessica Simpson
  220. Sienna Miller dumps Hayden Christensen for Jude Law
  221. Jamie Foxx gets booze poured on him
  222. Natalie Portman to win sexiest vegetarian award
  223. Paris Hilton wins the Ugly award
  224. 50 Cent plans to talk about kids' and their nutrition
  225. Tobey Maguire to tie the knot
  226. Tom Cruise thrills an octogenarian at MI:3 Premiere
  227. Angelina Jolie to break her silence
  228. Gabrielle Union has given up on her marriage
  229. Heidi Fleiss to dish up sex advice in her new column in Maxim Magazine
  230. Michelle Rodriguez of 'Lost' Takes Jail Sentence Over 240 Hours of Community Service
  231. Oscar Winner Al Pacino Joins Ocean's Thirteen Cast
  232. Paula Abdul Calls Ryan Seacrest Feud Reports 'Ridiculous'
  233. Jennifer Aniston Getting Ready to Start Singing Career
  234. Britney Spears is pregnant AGAIN!
  235. Britney Spears Fans Campaign Against Tabloids Poking Into Music Superstar's Life
  236. Tom Cruise: Journalists 'Really Seem Unhappy To Me'
  237. Celebrity quotes of the week
  238. Kelly Ripa Is First to Send Tom & Katie Baby Gifts (angling for divorce interview?)
  239. Mick Jagger refuses to give George W. Bush hotel room
  240. Kevin Costner named in sex trial
  241. Charlie Sheen leaves foul messages for Denise Richards when she was pregnant
  242. Lindsay Lohan seen shooting up smack in New York while partying
  243. Kevin Federline apparently shot a lot of people?
  244. Pierce Brosnan says he never wanted to be Bond
  245. Beyonce Knowles is 'In The Zone' and making her new album
  246. Charlotte Church goes back in time
  247. Kelsey Grammer hints at entering politics...
  248. Philip Seymour Hoffman moves to Australian theatre
  249. Matt Dillon's fame keeps him single
  250. Stavros Niarchos' party crashed by the cops