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  1. Johnny Depp Opens Up About Roles, Money & Fatherhood
  2. Sheryl Crow returns engagement ring to Lance Armstrong
  3. Kate Winslet voted "Hottest Bod" in UK
  4. Madonna chats up Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan for 'onstage 3-way'
  5. Health fears as Victoria Beckham reveals 23-inch waist
  6. Paris Hilton says her reality show 'is a fake'
  7. Is Meg White (White Stripes) expecting?
  8. Jude Law has organized sex parties
  9. Justin Timberlake vows to change pop music, because if he doesn't.. who will?
  10. Michael Jackson talks about grabbing penis
  11. Paris Hilton inspired to vegetarianism by Heather Mills McCartney
  12. Johnny Depp to Receive Award for Devotion to Paris
  13. Joan Rivers is on Star Jones side
  14. Kevin Federline gave up career in carwash for fame and fortune
  15. Lindsay Lohan Schizoid Over Paparazzi
  16. Shannen Doherty to co-host The View
  17. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Top Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes for #1 Power Couple
  18. Nicky Hilton Launching Her Own Hotel
  19. Madonna accused of air-brushing her hands
  20. Kelly Osbourne flees house fire at family home
  21. Christina Aguilera: Although married, 'I'm still open with my sexuality'
  22. Kate Moss earns even more after drugs scandal
  23. Police quiz Antonio Banderas after loud cries for Spanish team
  24. Uma Thurman admits to suffering from depression
  25. Sheryl Crow's Vanity Fair interview
  26. Russell Crowe Welcomes Baby Boy
  27. Holy Xenu...Tom Cruise's Least Fave 'South Park' Episode Up For Emmy
  28. Is Michael Jackson Paying-off Another Sex Abuse Victim??
  29. Michael Jackson's frantic phone messages played
  30. Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia split up
  31. Popozao a "joke" claims Kevin Federline
  32. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes keep baby Suri hidden from their friends
  33. Jennifer Aniston voted the favourite all-American
  34. Kevin Federline claims his clubbing = doing business
  35. Paris Hilton says one-night stands are GROSS
  36. Johnny Depp wants more kids but still doesn't want to get married
  37. Britney Spears' publicist denies "Chaotic" second season
  38. Lindsay Lohan gets a Kabbalah Name
  39. Chloe Sevigny getting married?
  40. Michelle Rodriguez takes baby tiger to nightclub
  41. Michael Jackson moving to Ireland to meet Leprechauns
  42. Nicole Kidman's wedding memorabilia sold on eBay
  43. Wilmer Valderrama dating Scarlett Johansson?
  44. Survivor winner Brian Heidik beats wife and shoots puppy with arrow
  45. Tom Cruise sends good wishes to Nicole Kidman
  46. Pete Doherty: 'I'll always love Kate Moss'
  47. Barbra Streisand dogged by fans' concert ticket revolt
  48. Keira Knightley backs away from her 'disappointed & jealous' boyfriend?
  49. Pete Doherty & band 'chased out of Slovakia'
  50. Paris Hilton Would Name Future Daughter 'Paris'
  51. Parisian Getaway for Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz
  52. Sophia Loren poses nude at 71
  53. Oprah Winfrey plans New Year's Eve party in South Africa
  54. Ashley Judd 's emotional rehab
  55. Was money the reason behind the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie feud?
  56. Joaquin Phoenix exhausted????
  57. Star Jones Gets a New Job
  58. Billy Zane insists on big knickers
  59. Drunken David Hasselhoff kicked out of Wimbledon
  60. Real reason Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe are divorcing! Chad's an addict!
  61. Faith Hill most beatiful woman in country music
  62. Tommy Lee tussles with Josh Duhamel in bathroom
  63. Paris Hilton: A home wrecker?
  64. David Walliams (Little Britain) swims channel for charity
  65. Paul McCartney tells Ringo Star he feels fine after divorce
  66. Diana Ross' eye-popping beauty routine
  67. Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas) investigated after brawl in Berlin
  68. Cameron Diaz Turns To Junk Food To Become Voluptuous
  69. Lindsay Lohan parties to "relax"
  70. Tyra Banks refuses digital enhancement
  71. Angelina Jolie's lips voted the most kissable
  72. Vince Vaughn proposes to Jennifer Aniston
  73. Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls) had a fling with James Blunt?
  74. 50 cent: getting women drunk = more chance of group sex
  75. CBS Mistakenly Reveals the Cast of Big Brother All Stars
  76. Rapper Ice-T To Produce David Hasselhoff's Hip Hop Album
  77. Paris Hilton is still searching for Mr Right
  78. Kathy Griffin D-Listed by N. Korea?
  79. England soccer wives taunted after loss
  80. What happened to... Idol Drop Out Mario Vasquez
  81. Lindsay Lohan Scores 100K Birthday Bash
  82. Kylie Minogue's Tell-All
  83. Kate Bosworth: Relationship with Orlando Bloom 'stronger after break-up'
  84. Lil' Kim leaves prison 'in style'
  85. Hilary Duff 'bewildered' by body insult
  86. James Brown: 'Women should know their place'
  87. Britney Spears' marriage is solid, to be proven by reality TV
  88. Beyonce: 'People Focus On My Great Looks, Not My Talent'
  89. Lindsay Lohan not monogamous because she's a redhead, not because she's Lindsay
  90. Jill Scott urges better portrayal of women
  91. Tatum O'Neal: "My father hates me"
  92. Ashlee Simpson to become the new face of Victoria's Secret
  93. Jamie Foxx plans to get 100 lap dances
  94. Paris Hilton ups security after scary stalker incident
  95. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban wedding photos fail to raise money
  96. Kingston Rossdale and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt meet
  97. Vanessa Minnillo on Nick Lachey: "We're So Happy"
  98. Kathy Griffin divorce bombshell
  99. Bobbie Brown booed offstage after getting raunchy about Whitney Houson
  100. Stephen Baldwin tells Bono, "Stop helping the poor and get on Jesus' side!"
  101. Johnny Depp to carry out Marlon Brando's last wish
  102. Lindsay Lohan's dad inspired her to stay "away" from drugs
  103. Keira Knightley was convinced Pirates of the Caribbean would flop
  104. Johnny Depp to star in a 21 Jump Street remake?
  105. Sienna Miller's tearful graveyard visit
  106. Paris Hilton turns down naked wrestling
  107. Heather Mills is no money grabber, settles for only 18 million
  108. Former 'Chips' Star Erik Estrada Mentoring Wilmer Valderrama
  109. Star Wars: The Prequel. Catch it today on the View
  110. Melanie Griffith thought paparazzi showed up for her
  111. Axl Rose held hostage...by the Swedish police.
  112. Kate Moss sees therapist to have a cleaner lifestyle
  113. David Beckham resigns as England captain
  114. Bruce Willis Threatens Kids' Suitors
  115. Rocker Chrissie Hynde: "Meat-eaters are terrorists"
  116. Chloe Sevigny slams "sloppy" actresses
  117. Paris Hilton travels with stock pile of luggage
  118. Is Star Jones finished Talking about The View?
  119. Naomi Campbell's former assistant says "Psychotic monster needs help"
  120. Debbie Matenopoulos says Star didn't have her back
  121. Orlando Bloom: "Career Comes Before Love"
  122. Angelina Jolie's Got Perspective
  123. Freddie Prinze Jr's Practical Jokes
  124. Noel Gallagher (Oasis) Admits Plagiarism
  125. Britney Spears Is Outraged Over Stolen Vacation Photos
  126. Denise Richards puts house up for sale
  127. Nick Lachey still watches "Newlyweds" show
  128. Keira Knightley scared of "playing a b*tch"
  129. David Gest trying to get Michael Jackson to come home for Smokey Robinson tribute
  130. Marilyn Manson wants to cast Johnny Depp in his new movie
  131. Is Naomi Watts pregnant?
  132. Gisele Bundchen: "I'm feeling old"
  133. Woody Harrelson in Paparazzi Punch Up!
  134. Keith Urban: I Can't Say I've Beaten Drugs
  135. Lindsay Lohan Planning Secret Birthday Bash
  136. Rapper Lil' Kim's Early Release
  137. Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) Arrested For Drunk Driving
  138. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to adopt an older child
  139. The View's Next Star...Brandy?
  140. Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson's Divorce Is Final
  141. Kevin Federline orders "hick drinks"
  142. Jeff Goldblum: Super Flirt
  143. Is Suri Cruise L. Ron Hubbard reincarnated?
  144. Jennifer Aniston glad Vince Vaughn is a slob
  145. Star Jones Reynolds is free to pursue her dream of becoming a movie star
  146. Bruce Willis & Demi Moore compete for children's love
  147. Jennifer Lopez uses voodoo claims ex
  148. David Hasselhoff Injuried
  149. Mariah Carey will only eat purple food?
  150. Nicolas Cage wants soldiers to kiss and fall in love, not kill
  151. Is Hayden Christensen Lindsay Lohan's Latest Hollywood Conquest?
  152. Aaron Spelling had Alzheimer's
  153. Pierce Brosnan to come back as Bond???
  154. Rosie O'Donnell, "Star Jones thinks she's Beyonce"
  155. Jon Bon Jovi nixes Denise Richards' plan for a Richie Sambora surprise party
  156. Jennifer Aniston wants to become a film director
  157. Pink dedicates a song to Britney Spears
  158. Thief who stole Angelina Jolie's baby shower photos arrested
  159. Star Jones Regrets Wedding Freebees
  160. Candy Spelling Fires Back at Tori
  161. Are Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook an item now?
  162. Jessica Simpson Still Has Her Innocence
  163. Dita Von Teese liberated by being considered on how she looks, and not for her mind
  164. Kathy Griffin faking marriage happiness for reality TV cameras
  165. Britney Spears Dyed Hair To Help Image
  166. Raccoon role model convinces Bruce Willis to go green
  167. Eva Longoria crashes Nicole Kidman's honeymoon
  168. Natalie Imbruglia campaigns for childbirth disease awareness
  169. Rapper Ne-Yo tells Britney Spears to dump Kevin Federline
  170. Katie 'Jordan' Price: 'I'm ugly'
  171. Britney Spears pics "stolen" hmmmmm
  172. Star Jones spills to Ryan Seacrest about The View
  173. Brad Pitt's mom still prefers Jennifer Aniston
  174. Man arrested for pasting Brad Pitt photo on ID card
  175. Paris Hilton refused by airline as she wanted to board 6 pets
  176. Cindy Crawford had three moles removed for fear of skin cancer
  177. Victoria Beckham flies back to the UK to get her hair done
  178. Angelina Jolie wants Brad Pitt to clear home of anything related to Jennifer Aniston
  179. Kate Moss speaks for the first time about drug shame
  180. Are Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Happy Again?
  181. Who Should Replace Star Jones?
  182. Mariska Hargitay welcomes a son
  183. Tom Cruise won't release Suri pictures because of 'religion'
  184. Britney Spears poses naked for magazine, but naked Kevin did not make the cut
  185. Paris Hilton's Love Of Dying
  186. Britney poses naked for magazine but, naked Kevin did not make the cut
  187. Tori Spelling Speaks Out About Her Father's Death!
  188. Jessica Simpson not ready to date
  189. Gwyneth Paltrow launching pop career
  190. Avril Lavigne slams druggie stars
  191. Kate Hudson puts pole dancing lessons to use
  192. Billy Corgan living in Courtney Love's mansion
  193. Katie Cassidy to Play Lucy Ewing in "Dallas"
  194. Star Jones dreams of becoming a Movie Star
  195. Barbara Walters blasts back at Star Jones! Barbara was 'betrayed'
  196. Britney Spears slams irresponsible tabloid editors
  197. Yoko Ono defends Heather Mills
  198. Britney Spears thinks she has learned how to elude paparazzi
  199. Stop the presses! James Blunt has some advice about women
  200. Brad Pitt justifies baby photo price
  201. Why do Madonna's hands look older than her face?
  202. Burberry takes Kate Moss back for new campaign
  203. Anorexics find Victoria Beckham an inspiration
  204. Star Jones feels like she was fired from The View
  205. Ashlee Simpson turns down Playboy offer
  206. Britney Spears to move back in with her mum after mishaps with baby son
  207. Paris Hilton plays radio phone prank on Hilton Hotel employee
  208. Angelina Jolie Snubs the Pitts and their gift of clothes!!
  209. Ashlee Simpson To Pose For Playboy To Show Off New Nose
  210. British Boy Band Mcfly: 'Lindsay Lohan Has A Very Short Memory'.
  211. Jacqueline Bisset "Can't Forgive" Julia Roberts For Relationship Conduct.
  212. Paris Hilton after James Blunt?
  213. Jennifer Aniston nude in front of Vince Vaughn's folks
  214. Eric Benet claims that Halle Berry is a liar
  215. Axl Rose arrested in Stockholm for biting
  216. John Cusack Seeks Restraining Order
  217. Aaron Spelling Buried in Family Service
  218. Brad Pitt: 'Fatherhood is sublime'
  219. Sharon Stone adopts a third?
  220. Naomi Campbell being sued by yet another maid.
  221. Is Britney Spears using wigs for disguise?
  222. Mila Jovovich desperate for kids
  223. Heather Mills fears assassination and kidnapping
  224. George Clooney slammed for his anti-war stance
  225. James Blunt songs make Petra Nemcova feel sexy
  226. Michael Jackson may be moving to Ireland
  227. Tom Cruise refused to sell Suri photos as they are not as valuable as Shiloh's
  228. Studio executives didn't like Johnny Depp's "Pirates" performance
  229. Prince Willam's girlfriend flips 2 birds to photographers
  230. Kate Beckinsale appauled by US World Cup coverage
  231. Cher = Jessica Simpson's mentor
  232. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to honeymoon in Tahiti
  233. Lainey's Editorial on Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz
  234. Best news of the day: Star Jones is leaving The View!
  235. Jack Black's Baby Photo Snub
  236. Elvis Costello & Diana Krall Expecting!
  237. Kevin Richardson Quits the Backstreet Boys
  238. Nicole Kidman's marriage to Tom Cruise wasn't real says Catholic Church
  239. Goalie Theodore gets boot for fling with Paris Hilton
  240. Paris Hilton blames her wild lifestyle on the zodiac
  241. Kate Hudson prepared for fame to end
  242. Britney Spears has ice cube pregnancy craving
  243. Jessica Simpson: 'I'm not dating Jared Leto'
  244. Lindsay Lohan addicted to spending money
  245. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: "Our baby shower photos were stolen!"
  246. Marcheline Bertrand meets Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
  247. Britney Spears selling her pics at a bargain price
  248. Britney Spears Shares Shock Of Becoming Pregnant Again So Soon..
  249. Richie Sambora's Loyal Words Come Back To Haunt Him
  250. Jessica Simpson Tops InStyle magazine's Hot List