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  1. P. Diddy a Daddy...AGAIN!
  2. No one shows up at Kevin Federline's afterparty
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal to play Lance Armstrong on screen
  4. Brittany Murphy unengaged. Again.
  5. Kevin (K-Fed, Kletus) Federline's 'rap' debut panned, mocked, and derided
  6. Madonna wants to use magical Kaballah water to clean up nuclear waste.
  7. Eva Longoria sick of people thinking she's a look-a-like
  8. Ian McKellen questions Ricky Gervais' joke
  9. Kate Hudson pulls out of the You, Me and Dupree premiere
  10. U2 Top of the Flops
  11. Robbie Williams apologizes to Take That
  12. Tony Bennett thinks America is devoid of culture
  13. Sir Paul McCartney offers to demolish one of his houses
  14. Star Jones is pinching pennies and pressuring Al to make more money
  15. David Hasselhoff's diva-feud with Regis Philbin
  16. Paris Hilton cries when she listens to her album
  17. David and Victoria Beckham Sued By Ungrateful Party Guest
  18. Tom Cruise is nobody's best friend
  19. Osama Bin Laden has the hots for Whitney Houston
  20. Scarlett Johansson hates going to the dentist
  21. Penelope Cruz glad she's not an American
  22. Stephen Dorff gets cartoon boxer shorts fan mail
  23. Gwyneth Paltrow admires single moms, Apple Martin loves Madonna
  24. Christopher Walken to join cast of "Hairspray"
  25. Beyonce Knowles sick with jealousy
  26. Snoop Dogg calls for racial harmony
  27. Robbie Williams, "Soccer is my anti-drug"
  28. Kelis attacks her record label
  29. Usher wants to keep acting
  30. Charlize Theron wants to move to Scotland
  31. Evangelina Lilly not allowed to take her sewing needles on plane
  32. Justin Timberlake unhappy with his drug interview
  33. Bono launches a t-shirt line for Africa
  34. Britney Spears' self talk
  35. Paul McCartney Heart Attack Scare
  36. Busta Rhymes Arrested on Assault Charges
  37. MTV reality star Vincent Margera arrested for touching 12 year olds
  38. Paris Hilton moved to LA with no money
  39. Heart Breaker Tom Petty Crashes Car After Seeing UFO!
  40. Justin Timberlake Backtracks After Criticizing Taylor Hicks
  41. Pink defends Mel Gibson...
  42. Justin Timberlake claims his new song isn't a dig at Britney Spears
  43. Johnny Depp to play bloodthirsty barber in Sweeney Todd film
  44. Kevin Federline says he passed Britney Spears' test
  45. Cheyenne Kimball beaten up at her wrap party by jealous wife
  46. Suri Cruise had to be touched up for magazine
  47. Britney Spears wants to be buried with her dog when she dies
  48. Nicole Richie insulted by photographer about her weight
  49. Paris Hilton Campaigns Against Promiscuity
  50. Owen Wilson to sue anyone suggesting he broke up Kate Hudson's marriage
  51. Justin Timberlake can't screw if music is on. Ew.
  52. Zooey Deschanel beats Lohan, Spears and Johansson for Janis Joplin role
  53. Kevin Federline denies leeching off of Britney Spears
  54. Justin Timberlake brings the BitchyBack: now disses Kanye West
  55. Christina Ricci sent sex photos to land role
  56. Kate Hudson gets split advice from Jennifer Aniston
  57. Shannen Doherty refuses to discuss the time she tried to run over her boyfriend
  58. Justin Timberlake bans Lindsay Lohan from attending his concerts
  59. Stop the presses! Pete Doherty facing NEW drug charges!
  60. Haley Joel Osment To Be Charged With DUI/Pot Possession
  61. Miss Teen Indiana says judges hit on contestants, gave them drugs, and other tidbits.
  62. Mel Gibson cops a plea deal
  63. Jared Leto Diagnosed With Gout
  64. Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton allegedly got into a fight this week
  65. Tom Cruise to make amends with Katie Holmes' family
  66. Richie Sambora to Dump Denise Richards to Get Heather Locklear Back?
  67. Paris Hilton's vow of celibacy motivated by bet
  68. Justin Timberlake slams Taylor Hicks
  69. Britney Spears talks to herself not to trip
  70. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn: Engagement over?
  71. Country music star Troy Lee Gentry charged with killing bear
  72. Mel Gibson's Not In Rehab - He's At Home
  73. Britney Spears says pregnancy wasn't planned y'all
  74. Kate Hudson leaves hubby for The Butterscotch Stallion aka Owen Wilson
  75. More weird casting choices for the new Batman movie
  76. I Still Love Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Tells Angelina Jolie
  77. 50% of Britney Spears' "Toxic" is another girl's voice?
  78. Justin Timberlake's grandmother says he's too busy to get married
  79. Michael Douglas slams sex addiction stories
  80. Kevin Federline's pre-nup: more babies more money
  81. Actor Bruno Kirby Dies
  82. Payless gives Star Jones the boot
  83. Bill Clinton hates being 60
  84. Jennie Garth 8 months pregnant
  85. Paris Hilton makes the Guiness Book record as the world's most over-rated
  86. Sigourney Weaver defends Mel Gibson
  87. Lindsay Lohan's lifestyle is inspired by "Sex and The City"
  88. Courteney Cox says Jennifer Aniston is not engaged
  89. Dr. Phil NOT the compassionate sensitive man you see on TV?
  90. Bobby Brown moves in with Video Vixen Karrine Steffans
  91. Tom Cruise stalked Joe DiMaggio
  92. James Woods dump airhead girlfriend
  93. Victoria Beckham is pregnant...rumor has it
  94. Andy Dick stays crazy at William Shatner comedy Roast
  95. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Too Busy To Watch Kids
  96. First wife Diane Cilento claims Sean Connery cheap & violent
  97. Nick Lachey prefers Satan to ex father-in-law Joe Simpson
  98. Jordan (Katie Price): surprised to find her proper bra size
  99. Prince Harry grabs a boob
  100. J.K. Rowling earns more than Hollywood stars
  101. Spike Lee compares Katrina to Hiroshima
  102. James Blunt buys "rock gun" to scare away fans
  103. Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson Separate
  104. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes help couple in car crash
  105. Lindsay Lohan admits to loving media attention
  106. Paris Hilton and posse still ridicule Lindsay Lohan's "firecrotch"
  107. Oprah didn't attend Dr. Phil's son's wedding
  108. Even Fans Fear For Mariah Carey's Fashion Faux Pas
  109. Lou Diamond Phillips Released: no charges pressed
  110. Lindsay Lohan blasts tabloids ignoring Ashlee Simpson's nose job
  111. Marcia Cross furious with Barbara Walters for asking about lesbian allegations
  112. Kevin Federline starts his own label cuz nobody will release his crap music
  113. Boy George bitches at media while sweeping NYC streets
  114. Travis Barker says wife cheated on him
  115. Brandy dismisses her first marriage
  116. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty engaged?
  117. Angelina Jolie won't raise her kids in Hollywood
  118. Lindsay Lohan: 'Jared Leto Couldn't Handle Paparazzi Pressure'
  119. Kid Rock didn't dump his girlfriend before marrying Pamela Anderson
  120. Baby Suri spotted at Will Smith's son's party
  121. Jack Osbourne regrets being on reality show "The Osbournes"
  122. Kirk Douglas urges Mel Gibson to seek Catholic help
  123. Penelope Cruz' brother Eduardo doesn't want her help
  124. Dr. Phil's son to wed Playboy model
  125. Daniel Craig reads internet blogs: wants us to reserve judgement
  126. Madonna gives up on her movie career
  127. Magazine says Kanye West is engaged
  128. Dina Lohan says she's the white Oprah
  129. Victoria Beckham on acidic diet to try and concieve a baby girl
  130. Lou Diamond Phillips arrested for domestic violence
  131. Kanye West Storms Out Of Lollapalooza
  132. Mike Douglas (famed talk show host/producer) has died....
  133. Christina Aguilera refuses reality TV show offers
  134. Pink slams anti-Hip Hop politicians
  135. Patricia Arquette: "I was abused by my mother"
  136. Scarlette Johansson and Josh Harnett move in together?
  137. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrate Maddox birthday
  138. R Kelly's cousin makes a porno! He's pretty hot
  139. Jessica Alba is a cranky bitch
  140. Evangeline Lilly slams Hollywood's party girls
  141. Tobey Maguire and Leo DiCaprio vacationing in Hawaii together
  142. Rick James' tombstone erected
  143. Paris Hilton bitten by her pet Kinkajou
  144. Britney Spears gives Kevin Federline an American Express Centurion card
  145. M. Night Shyamalan says Mel Gibson is a "sweet guy"
  146. Lindsay Lohan gets evicted for her partying?
  147. Ex sister-in-law says Heather Mills is "fake"
  148. Scientology helped John Travolta "find life"
  149. Lindsay Lohan wants to open her own tattoo parlor
  150. Mischa Barton Offends British Royals
  151. Lindsay Lohan criticized again for her work ethics
  152. Daniel Craig named the World's Best Dressed Man...
  153. Victoria and David Beckham shocked by list of rules for meeting baby Suri
  154. California politician gives Mel Gibson the boot
  155. Jessica Simpson dating Zach Braff?
  156. TV viewers dislike Star Jones and Rosie O'Donnell
  157. Robin Williams In Alcohol Rehab
  158. Penelope Cruz regrets talking about Suri (I think)
  159. Sean "Diddy" Combs convinced James Blunt can introduce to him gorgeous Brit ladies
  160. Justin Timberlake plans to let press attend wedding to Cameron Diaz
  161. Courteney Cox and David Arquette seeing therapist for marriage problems
  162. Lindsay Lohan to take shooting lessons
  163. David Hasselhoff tries to seduce Kate Beckinsale and fails
  164. Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn Engaged?
  165. Bryce Dallas Howard expecting first child
  166. Samantha Cole capitalizing on Christie Brinkley scandal
  167. Jennifer Aniston Persued By Matthew McConaughey
  168. Angelina Jolie Asks Friends To Spy On Brad Pitt
  169. Lindsay Lohan likes lying (about love)
  170. Dave Navarro dating Jenna Jameson w/bonus news on Carmen Electra! Wow!
  171. Vanity Fair scores first Suri Cruise pics
  172. Paris Hilton denies profitting from sex video
  173. Winona Ryder Looking for Love
  174. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty back together
  175. Justin Timberlake humbled by Africa
  176. Kevin Federline admits marriage troubles
  177. Angelina Jolie Has Moved Out of Brad Pitt's Mansion
  178. Dustin Diamond (Screech) gets mugged
  179. It's over with the Baker's: Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler split
  180. Rod Stewart sings off tune while drunk
  181. Toy maker in Japan makes Paris Hilton Hello Kitty
  182. Colin Farrell wore special nicotine patch suit while filming Miami Vice
  183. Vince Vaughn refuses to marry Jennifer Aniston
  184. Jack Osbourne turned to drugs because he felt ugly
  185. Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani exchange weight loss ideas
  186. Winona Ryder was ashamed of her success
  187. Lindsay Lohan hopes to entertain troops like Marilyn Monroe
  188. Scandalous celebrity ringtones: Get Mel Gibson's ranting bigotry on your cell!
  189. Is Suri Cruise the Loch Ness Monster of celebrity babies?
  190. Grace Jones lets the crazy out
  191. Fred Savage (Wonder Years) has baby.
  192. Paul McCartney allegedly humiliates Heather Mills by changing locks
  193. Two women in bar defend Mel Gibson
  194. Tori and Candy Spelling fued heats up
  195. Janet Jackson's diva behavior.
  196. Mel Gibson's kids apparently not so nice either.
  197. "My mom...she's hot!" says Paris Hilton
  198. Johnny Depp's calling it quits when he hits 50
  199. Skating with Celebrities winners expecting their first child
  200. Chris Isaak has a new album coming out
  201. Kiele Sanchez set to join the lands of "Lost"
  202. Daniel Baldwin grabs a horror role on "The Sopranos"
  203. Michael Jackson thinks conspirators are out to get him
  204. Michael Madsen slams Brad Pitt
  205. Naveen Andrews cheating on his girlfriend?
  206. Star Jones to sue over divorce rumours
  207. Woody Allen's ex au pair slams Colin Farrell's lovemaking skills
  208. Penelope Cruz Praises Scientology for Anti-Drugs Work
  209. Mel Gibson to scrub toilets while in rehab
  210. Is Pamela Anderson pregnant already?
  211. Patrick Swayze Defends Mel Gibson
  212. Dennis Miller joins FOX news, continuing his run as douchebag
  213. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Continue To Grow Apart
  214. Why Did Jennifer Lopez Ditch Dallas?
  215. Victoria Beckham to 'fatten up' to help with getting pregnant.
  216. Madonna's diva demands cast aside in the name of health and safety.
  217. Paul McCartney/Heather Mills divorce gets uglier and uglier
  218. Paris Hilton, "Tony Blair? Is that like your president or something?"
  219. Kelly Rowland wants to assure you that she's not pregnant
  220. More of Michael Jackson's Lawyers Quit
  221. Marlon Brando taught Johnny Depp how to buy an island
  222. Colin Farrell only has a half of a baguette in his lunchbox
  223. Paramount Cuts Ties, Tom Cruise Unemployed
  224. Angelina Jolie Calling Ex-Hubby Jonny Miller
  225. Arnold Schwarzenegger accepts challenge from 80-year-old pingpong champ
  226. Joe Francis is a disgusting sleaze (and that’s putting it nicely)
  227. Tommy Lee's erection problems
  228. Ludacris takes disabled fan to her prom
  229. Mel Gibson linked to Australian Anti-Semitic Group
  230. Kylie Minogue cracks down on touted tickets
  231. Pink has hated every haircut she has ever had
  232. Kelly Brook and Billy Zane to split?
  233. Penelope Cruz thinks she looks like a wild monkey
  234. Tim Hadcock MacKay commits suicide
  235. Maggie Gyllenhaal moved by the new September 11th movie
  236. Kevin Federline says he'll be a great actor
  237. Brad Pitt keeps in touch with podcasts
  238. Madonna and Guy Ritchie to renew vows
  239. Paris Hilton always misplaces her credit card
  240. Elton John searches the papers for libellous stories
  241. Jerry Hall snubs Sir Michael Jagger
  242. Gavin Rossdale's Daughter: "Gwen Stefani is not my stepmother!"
  243. Janet Jackson says Michael Jackson taught her about sex
  244. Kate Hudson slams the Kate Moss cocaine photos and the lifestyle they promote
  245. Ewan McGregor loved making out with Douglas Hodge
  246. Eva Longoria wants kids, not an Oscar
  247. Leonardo DiCaprio dating Cat Deeley
  248. Orlando Bloom Trashes Kate Bosworth
  249. Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen in business together??
  250. Brooke Burke and David Charvet Expecting!