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  1. Nicole Richie: "I think I look okay"
  2. Nick Lachey admits to loving outdoor sex
  3. Tony Curtis won't accept roles playing grandfathers because he still looks great
  4. Justin Timberlake interrogated by David Letterman
  5. Laguna Beach/The Hills costar arrested in NYC
  6. Ben Affleck says he has finally grown up
  7. Scarlett Johansson likes older men
  8. Nick Lachey likes being thought of as a heartthrob
  9. Harry Morton upset with Lindsay Lohan's constant flirting
  10. Britney Spears gives birth
  11. Kathy Griffin no longer friends with her "main gays"
  12. Eva Longoria done with TV after "Housewives"
  13. Jack Nicholson in hospital
  14. Paris Hilton rejected again.
  15. Tom Hanks not such a nice guy after all?
  16. Bobby Brown hotter than Christine Aguilera? Vibe disses xtina.
  17. Justin Timberlake smokes pot... Rolling Stone was there
  18. Dwayne Johnson doesn't want to be called "the Rock" anymore
  19. Joaquin Phonix & Eva Mendez sitting in a tree...
  20. Keisha Knight Pulliam from "Cosby Show" on Cocaine?
  21. P. Diddy Caught In A Danity Kane Love Triangle
  22. Rapper DMX claims he was raped by a female
  23. Wentworth Miller Navigates Bi-racial Politics
  24. Moby not impressed with unveiling of Suri 'Cruise'
  25. PETA sheds no crocodile tears for Steve Irwin
  26. P. Diddy thinks he is timeless
  27. Anna Nicole Smith loses son and has baby
  28. Paris Hilton always late for work on film.
  29. Shar Jackson thinks she's a real celeb...
  30. Brad Pitt on future movie roles, children, Babel.....
  31. Fergie recounts crystal meth addiction
  32. Victoria Beckham says Tom Cruise is "genuine" and "lovely"
  33. Nicole Kidman made hotel staff change all the lightbulbs in her room
  34. Michael Douglas knows how to deal with the press
  35. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' elaborate PR scheme
  36. Star and Al Vacation with Another Man
  37. Poor Paris Hilton was the victim of an elaborate practical joke
  38. Kelly LeBrock making comeback...or at least her voice is.
  39. Kirsten Dunst talks sex with Jake Gyllenhaal and...stuff about her
  40. Sean Paul defends Mariah Carey
  41. Jennifer Lopez Puts Marc Anthony on blast
  42. Irrelevant news from Fashion Rocks concert.
  43. Police recover Lindsay Lohan's handbag
  44. Brad Pitt speaks on Zahara and Maddox
  45. Paris Hilton and Travis Barker spotted hooking up
  46. JLO Clothing Line is Struggling
  47. Jessica Simpson’s Downward Spiral
  48. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn: TIFF together?
  49. Joan Rivers slams snobby celebs
  50. Richie Sambora's bandmates think he’s a fool
  51. Audrey Hepburn appears in The Gap commercial
  52. 50 Cent Arrested
  53. Brad Pitt: I'll Marry When Everyone Can
  54. Mary-Kate and Stavros are back on track!
  55. Bizarre: Tom Delay trying to rig 'Dancing with the stars'
  56. Britney Spears in labor?
  57. Kirsten Cavallari dating DJ AM as revenge to Nicole Richie dating her ex
  58. Lindsay Lohan's mom: Lindsay's not engaged
  59. Jay Z spends $1m on Beyonce's birthday
  60. Lindsay Lohan's underwear WAS photoshopped on!!
  61. Jessica Simpson fired her longtime publicist
  62. The end is near: Tori Spelling is pregnant
  63. Lindsay Lohan robbed at Heathrow Airport
  64. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Argue Over Jennifer Aniston in New Orleans
  65. Shanna Moakler: "I was 100% faithful to Travis"
  66. John Travolta in Drag!
  67. Cindy Crawford denies admitting to plastic surgery
  68. Rachel Bilson ready to move on from the OC
  69. Emma Roberts is the new face of Dooney & Bourke
  70. Lionel Richie says Nicole Richie is not anorexic
  71. Terri Irwin's Mom: She's 'Having Hard Time'
  72. Paris Hilton arrested for investigation of DUI
  73. Some people unaware of Whitney Houston's drug 'issues'
  74. Gisele Bundchen Stars in New Apple Campaign
  75. Britney Spears to name newborn daughter 'Jailynn'
  76. Insider: Lindsay Lohan has major jealousy issues
  77. 44-yr-old Marcia Cross pregnant with 1st child
  78. Ted C dishes on Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey (Mance)
  79. Jessica Simpson & Markus Schenkenberg, Are They New Couple?
  80. Paris Hilton spotted sobbing in public
  81. Lindsay Lohan can't stay away from her boyfriend
  82. John Mayer dumped Jessica Simpson
  83. Beyonce pisses off Paramount execs
  84. Nick Lachey settles for much less money in divorce settlement
  85. Katie Couric Shows Suri Pictures!
  86. Sources confirm split for Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth
  87. Another 'Lost' Actor Nabbed For Traffic Infraction
  88. Jessica Simpson: "I'm actually not dating John Mayer"
  89. Diddy's girlfriend Kim Porter pregnant with twins
  90. More details of the Vanity Fair Suri Cruise article/pics
  91. Emilio Estevez engaged to writer Sonja Magdevski
  92. Tom Cruise Apologizes to Brooke Shields
  93. Jessica Simpson is one greedy swag hag
  94. Hollywood screenwriter dishes the dirt
  95. Katie Holmes suffering from post-partum depression?
  96. Kevin says it's okay for Britney Spears to drive with Sean on her lap if she needs to
  97. David Beckham confirms wife Victoria Beckham's pregnancy
  98. Paul McCartney's New Long Island Neighbor (9/4/06)
  99. Kate Moss to marry Pete Doherty?
  100. Jennifer Aniston settles topless suit
  101. Ice Cube blasts 'Bling Hip Hop'
  102. Liza Minnelli and David Gest divorce - claims of herpes and poison
  103. Kelly Osbourne married?
  104. New Couple: Gisele Bundchen and Chris Evans!
  105. Steve Irwin dead...
  106. Madonna imported 1,000 pheasant chicks to her estate to prepare for shooting season
  107. Kevin Federline sits 8 hours for new Polynesian tribal belt tattoo
  108. Robbie Williams sleeps with 10 groupies in 2 days
  109. Madonna and Guy Ritchie to adopt African baby
  110. Christina Milian going broke
  111. Mel Gibson sends flowers to “sugartits”
  112. Spice Girl Geri Haliwell accuses nanny of abuse
  113. Scarlett Johansson is too sexy for the screen
  114. Paris Hilton demands $650,000 to appear on tv show.
  115. Paris Hilton gets screwed over by guerilla artist replacing her album in stores
  116. Ridley Scott to bring back Russell Crowe for 'Gladiator' sequel
  117. Biographer reveals Elizabeth Taylor’s medical mysteries
  118. Movie was reason Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s marriage ended
  119. Jessica Simpson says she's in love with John Mayer and so is her dad
  120. ‘Hollywoodland’ Focus Group can’t stand Ben Affleck
  121. Is Tommy Lee getting a big head?
  122. Brit rockers call Justin Timberlake a 'midget with whiskers'
  123. Ellen DeGeneres slightly injured in car accident
  124. Martin Sheen goes back to college.
  125. National Enquirer gets first look at baby Suri pics
  126. Angelina Jolie tells Oprah to "talk to the hand" cuz this bitch ain't listenin'
  127. Jessica Simpson wins car...and other useless information
  128. Pete Doherty getting evicted from flat.
  129. Jennifer Lopez keeps Marc Anthony on a short leash
  130. Is Tom Cruise a member of Hair Club for Men?
  131. Gossip from VMA's
  132. Ben Affleck bemoans personal cost of fame
  133. Lindsay Lohan's dad becomes a minister while in prison
  134. Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth to build Buddhist retreat in Malibu
  135. Eva Mendes needed a beer before doing sex scene
  136. Kate Hudson back with hubby.
  137. Movie legend Glenn Ford dies
  138. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears cry over his bad performance
  139. Harry Morton ready to pop the question to Lindsay Lohan?
  140. Suri Cruise's poop bronzed for charity
  141. Kirstie Alley will strut her stuff on Oprah in a bikini
  142. Catfight: Maria Menounos and Nancy O'Dell
  143. Lionel Richie approves of Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner's relationship
  144. Donald Trump tells TV Assistant Carolyn: 'You're Fired'
  145. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown split?
  146. Lance Armstrong and Paris Hilton an item?
  147. Ben Affleck getting raves for new 'Superman' movie.
  148. George Clooney falls for Ellen Barkin
  149. Hilary Duff supposedly doesn't diet
  150. Pink doesn't have the discipline to be anorexic
  151. Zach Braff hates being in the tabloids
  152. Paris Hilton says mom turned her off blowjobs NSFW
  153. 48 year old Sharon Stone adopts 3rd baby
  154. Link to eBay of Britney Spears' half-eaten sandwich
  155. Justin Timberlake acting like a single guy
  156. CBS makes Katie Couric ditch 20 lbs... using photoshop
  157. Hilary Swank has new boyfriend
  158. CNN anchor Kyra Philips in a REALLY embarrassing situation.
  159. Lindsay Lohan cleaning up her act?
  160. Gwen Stefani to boycott MTV VMA's
  161. Madonna and Guy Richie fighting over kids' schooling
  162. Although Jon Voight can't wait to meet his grandkids, he can't remember their names
  163. Video: Tara Reid denied entrance to a club
  164. Jessica Simpson Dating John Mayer?
  165. Jealous Britney Spears mad at Kevin Federline for getting cozy with Jessica Simpson
  166. Radio personality "Miss Jones" suspended for dissing Beyonce And Tina Knowles
  167. Beyonce To Jay Z: Quit Def Jam Or Else
  168. Hot spot gives Kimora Lee Simmon's Pals cold reception
  169. Janet Jackson Still Reluctant To Speak With Justin Timberlake
  170. Angelina Jolie gets drunk at Maddox's party. Pisses people off.
  171. Who cares news: Tom Arnold and wife split! Shocking!
  172. David Hasselhoff is looking for a girlfriend - "a chick who's career-oriented"
  173. Foxy Brown pleads guilty to assaulting two nail salon workers
  174. Bruce Springsteen denies rumors of split with wife
  175. Star Jones' husband Al Reynolds hits clubs with the guys hours after euro trip
  176. Jessica Simpson forced to cancel appearances after losing her voice
  177. Katie Holmes still claims to sleep with Tom Cruise
  178. Owen Wilson: "I'm single, despite what people say"
  179. Paris Hilton "furious" with Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman
  180. Britney Spears sells NYC condo for $4 mill.
  181. Tom Cruise found a new movie partner
  182. Some idiot gives Tom Cruise a movie deal...sigh
  183. Paris Hilton miffed at Ricky Gervais snub
  184. Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan Are Overpaid
  185. Matthew Broderick Injured on a Horse -- Of Course Of Course
  186. Paris Hilton set to blast into space
  187. Maggie Gyllenhaal's pregnancy cravings
  188. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's LA mansion for sale
  189. Charlize Theron: acting alone is not a "real job"
  190. Penelope Cruz slams teen magazines
  191. Kevin Federline's GED scores were "amazing ass"
  192. Meredith Viera says 'The View' became 'a joke'
  193. Tori Spelling is reinvited to the Emmy Awards
  194. Paris Hilton's album is turning into a flop
  195. Cher's son Elijah Blue said he disinfected himself after sleeping with Paris Hilton
  196. Tom Cruise apologizes about Brooke Shields
  197. Kevin Federline to star on CSI, seriously
  198. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch on Fire!!!!
  199. Victoria Beckham drunk and giggly
  200. Tom Cruise wins award for being a sexist ass
  201. Lindsay Lohan Punches Assistant
  202. Jennifer Lopez wasn't fired from 'Dallas' remake; she's pregnant
  203. Steven Spielberg blindsided by Paramount firing Tom Cruise
  204. Qunicy Jones is dating a 19 year old
  205. William H Macy blasts Lindsay Lohan for being disrespectful
  206. Jennifer Aniston's Father Suffers Heart Attack
  207. Paul McCartney to offer wife tons of cash to keep her quiet
  208. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty's Troubled Love
  209. Warren Beatty was Kate Hudson's 1st celebrity crush
  210. A minor league baseball team is stepping up to bat for Britney Spears
  211. Despite frail health, Elizabeth Taylor goes sailing with the sharks
  212. Guy Ritchie "isn't a great fan" of Madonna's work
  213. Clueless Lionel Richie didn't notice Nicole Richie's weight loss at first
  214. Cindy Crawford: 'My 11 years of cosmetic surgery'
  215. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run from Marriage
  216. Beyonce Knowles' new song is a rip-off of a Victoria Beckham song
  217. Christina Aguilera #1 on the charts with 342,000 albums sold
  218. Hilary Duff will be in New Orleans for 1 year anniversary of Katrina
  219. Juliette Lewis speaks out against Paris Hilton's singing and celebrity status
  220. Hugh Laurie moans about American pronunciations
  221. Lindsay Lohan's West Hollywood condo on the market for $2.85 million
  222. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson "smitten with each other" says a friend
  223. Jessica Alba Damages Mouth
  224. Britney Spears Disses Jessica Simpson
  225. Tom Cruise's partner fights back: "We quit Paramount"
  226. Tribes will be divided by race on new Survivor
  227. Ashlee Simpson to be Roxie Hart on Broadway?
  228. Beyonce Knowles' $3 million dollar wedding to Jay-Z
  229. Paris Hilton's video censored in India
  230. Rosie O'Donnell to take the "fat" seat
  231. Jesse Metcalfe slams "lazy" Brits
  232. Big Brother All-Star Break-up?
  233. Paris Hilton caught hacking Lindsay Lohan's voicemail
  234. Superman star Brandon Routh getting married
  235. Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis are shacking up
  236. Snakes released in theater showing Snakes on a Plane
  237. Keane singer in rehab...with Pete Doherty
  238. Rosie O'Donnell: The Moderator
  239. Farrah Fawcett stuns viewers with meltdown
  240. Vanity Fair Publisher not allowed to see Suri Cruise pics
  241. Papa Michael Lohan Crazier Than We Thought!
  242. Evangeline Lilly Happy to be Snubbed
  243. Anti-Jewish group claims Mel Gibson and his dad attended their meetings
  244. Justin Timberlake wants to write tell-all about relationship with Britney Spears
  245. Christina Aguilera's Grandmother says "Christina dresses like a hooker"
  246. Charlotte Church threatens to sic rugby player on the paparazzi
  247. Christina Aguilera dreamed of working in a fast food restaurant
  248. No more kids for Michael Douglas or Catherine Zeta-Jones
  249. Ashton Kutcher says he's a walking accessory
  250. Paris Hilton tests her non-existent friends for their honesty