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  1. Jennifer Aniston: everyone to the rescue
  2. Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie film crew observes inequality in India
  3. Nicky Hilton on David Letterman. Predictably sucks.
  4. Is Sutton Pierce Federline a Hoax?
  5. Chris Robinson "increasingly irate" at Kate Hudson being seen with Owen Wilson
  6. Reasons for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's reunion
  7. Michelle Trachtenberg dating DJ AM?
  8. Steve-O wants to F*** Paris Hilton--EWWWW
  9. DMX's baby momma sues him in $2million defamation suit for saying she raped him
  10. Alec Baldwin still a blowhard jackass
  11. Top Malawi children's rights group protests Madonna adoption of little boy
  12. Angelina Jolie's Security Guard Pulls Revolver On A Photographer
  13. Mel Gibson blames criticism of 'Passion' for drunken anti-Jewish tirade.
  14. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt DIDN'T skimp on donation
  15. Hit and Run #2 - Angelina Jolie Runs Over a SECOND Couple.
  16. Katie Holmes has her wedding dress
  17. Nicole Kidman encourages Katie Holmes to marry Tom Cruise
  18. Sean Combs/Diddy never loved Jennifer Lopez
  19. Interview with Sarah Michelle Geller.
  20. Amusing roundup of gossip rags this week.
  21. Brad Pitt as Kofi Annan?!?!?! - Yahoo News
  22. Jennifer Aniston: 'Comedy Is Too Sexist'
  23. Jennifer Aniston goes on Oprah AGAIN to cry and whine
  24. Sara Evans Quits Dancing With The Stars
  25. Finally! The Drunk Tara Reid is Drinking Again
  26. Fergie (black eyed peas) muses about making up words and peeing herself
  27. George Clooney won't run for President because he's a cracked out man-slut
  28. Jessica Alba refuses to get nekkid, has *such* strict morals.. barf..
  29. Have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie jumped the shark? Of course not!
  30. Thandie Newton "Shocked" at Blackface Angelina Jolie
  31. Frontman for glam rock group "The Darkness" quits, citing coke addiction
  32. Actress Sienna Miller denies bar 'tantrum'
  33. Anna Nicole's Bahaman Attorney Quits
  34. Holy mother of Kaballah: Madonna takes possession of Malawian baby boy
  35. Mel Gibson still looking for excuses.
  36. Madonna criticised over 'adoption'
  37. Can it be true? Debbie Rowe had Michael Jackson's kids for the money? Noooooooo
  38. Sienna Miller continues to make friends in Pittsburgh...or not
  39. Kevin Federline jealous of Britney's male backup dancers.
  40. Michael Jackson in drag as he dresses himself like his daughter
  41. Elle Macpherson drops law suit against Heidi Klum
  42. Jessica Simpson Embarrassed By 'Dallas' Snub
  43. Angelina Jolie's Convoy Knocks Down Student
  44. Avril Lavigne horks on the press again; Heath Ledger raises eyebrow
  45. Britney Spears dreams of shooting papz, Kevin Federline's meatheads clobber girl
  46. Victoria Beckham whines about being saggy and gross
  47. Jennifer Aniston and other ugly, ditched whiners form a clique
  48. Mel Gibson's pedophile police pal--Mel just can't catch a break
  49. The Drunk Tara Reid: My Plastic Surgery nightmare! Now I'll never be perfect!
  50. Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey Catfight.
  51. Daniel Craig told Pierce Brosnan of Bond sacking!
  52. Malawian Claims Madonna Adopted His Son
  53. For the Dr Phil fans: The 'Dr Phil House' shut down by neighbors
  54. Candy Spelling thrilled about Tori Spellings Pregnancy
  55. Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to slim down.
  56. Kate Winslet decided to be an actress while on the toilet
  57. Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K Stern Not Married
  58. Vanessa Minnillo won't marry Nick Lachey
  59. Britney Spears has tighter leash on Kevin Federline?
  60. Jerry Springers daughter thinks he should run for president!
  61. Travis Barker speaks out
  62. Jessica Simpson's confusion over Luke Wilson
  63. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi to wed
  64. Who cares news: Jamie Lee Curtis quits acting
  65. Kirsten Dunst blames media for breakup with *coughgaycough* Jake Gyllenhaal
  66. Katie Holmes desperate for another round with the turkey baster
  67. Johnny Depp to get married next year, sorry ladies..
  68. Mel Gibson interview with Diane Sawyer.
  69. Paris Hilton (banned) and Nicole Richie off to camp
  70. St. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt give away even more money
  71. More (old) Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes weirdness discovered
  72. Donald Trump rips Angelina Jolie a new one, is a fan of Kevin Federline
  73. Barbra Streisand tells crowd at her concert to 'shut the f up'
  74. Vince Vaughn caught kissing another blonde
  75. Actor/Comedian Tim Allen Ties the Knot
  76. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fail to make good on promised gift to Namibian school
  77. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Reunited
  78. Victoria Beckham Vows No Singing Or Acting
  79. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie friends again? (as if their fake fight was ever real)
  80. Ex Spice Girl Emma Bunton & Kate Moss To Wed (not each other!)
  81. Stephen Baldwin says Bono is in league with Satan, blathers stupidly about religion
  82. Madonna and Guy Ritchie arguing over possible adoption
  83. Lesbians not buying Penelope Cruz-Orlando Bloom 'relationship'
  84. Ryan O'Neal opens up about Farrah Fawcett's cancer
  85. Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's nanny arrested
  86. Prince Charles whines and moans about living in a "royal soap opera"
  87. Service held for Daniel Smith
  88. Matt Lauer's pregnant wife leaving him???
  89. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson: Out in Public
  90. Veteran actor Gene Janson dies ONSTAGE...
  91. Indian Media demands a press conference from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  92. Brad Pitt interview, Part II: I'm looking for a soccer team
  93. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to wed in November, more details about relationship
  94. Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham take in Chanel show...video
  95. Mel Gibson to do convenient first interview since DUI
  96. Sienna Miller manages to piss off a city of 2 million.
  97. Angelina Jolie's bodyguard manhandles press photographer in Pune
  98. Farrah Fawcett has intestinal cancer :(
  99. Is tired Brad Pitt drowning himself with work to escape from home?
  100. Kim Basinger Faces Jail Time
  101. OMG! Yves Saint Laurent Had a Stroke in Paris Today!
  102. travis barker breaks arm
  103. Sienna Miller Says Monogamy Is 'Overrated'
  104. 16 year old Keisha Castle-Hughes expecting first child
  105. Nick Carter Dishes Dirt on Cheating Paris Hilton
  106. Jimmy Buffett Drug Bust
  107. Andy Dick boozes with son; Jessica Simpson a good girl..hahahahaha
  108. Eva Longoria injured on the set of Desperate Housewives (again)
  109. Marcia Cross pregnant with twins (confirmed)
  110. Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes: The New Sisterhood
  111. Jennifer Aniston debuting on Broadway
  112. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker apparently still together
  113. Bobby Brown finds a replacement for Whitney Houston on his reality series
  114. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ’s request for privacy at fitness club denied
  115. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive in Pune, India
  116. Jermaine Dupri getting fired over Janet Jackson's poor sales
  117. The usually drunk Tara Reid has boob job reduced.
  118. Brad Pitt Interview on Angelina Jolie, fatherhood and career
  119. Rapper Cassidy injured in bad car accident
  120. Prince doesn't like strippers
  121. Donald Trump Belives Brad Pitt's Marriage Refusal Is A Crafty Idea!
  122. Nicole Richie and Jenner Brody have called it quits
  123. Tom Cruise has been keeping fiancée Katie Holmes out of the sun
  124. Nick Nolte ‘s excuse for looking like a homeless bum in his mug shot photo
  125. Kevin Federline to get $10 Million if he divorces Britney Spears
  126. Kim Basinger arrested/arraigned on criminal contempt charges!
  127. Farrah Fawcett fighting cancer
  128. Here we go again: Britney Spears & Kevin Federline on the outs!
  129. DNA testing the feces of the stars
  130. Madonna adopts African child
  131. Kate Hudson Curses Out Paparazzi
  132. Jean Paul Gaultier sends a big fatty down the catwalk
  133. Shanna Moakler/Paris Hilton catfight: both filed charges at Hollywood police station
  134. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie now in France
  135. Karl Lagerfeld says girls are too fat anyway, shrugs off anorexic model concerns
  136. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston: OVER
  137. Interview with Croc Hunter Steve Irwin's wife cost ABC a cool million
  138. Tori Spelling pregnancy confirmed
  139. Mel Gibson drinking again?
  140. Peaches Geldof in 'shoplifting' incident
  141. Maggie Gyllenhaal gives birth to baby girl
  142. Brad Pitt Wants Jennifer Aniston Back
  143. Surprise? Jessica Simpson's new assistant wants to quit
  144. David Beckham To Tutor Maddox Jolie-pitt
  145. Did Anna Nicole/ Howard K. Stern contribute to Daniel Smith's death?
  146. Anna Nicole and HKS 'wedding' photos go for a cool million...
  147. Bruce Willis threatens to beat up anyone who mocks him because of his bald head
  148. Star Jones bums money to pay for coffee
  149. Angelina Jolie Suspects That Brad Pitt Is Cheating
  150. Aaron Carter wants his bling back
  151. More baby drama for Anna Nicole: Paternity suit filed
  152. Britney Spears stuck at home while Kfed returns to partying ways.
  153. Sony threatens to fire George Michael for being a stoner
  154. George Clooney's Plan To Foil The Paps
  155. ‘Read Y'all,’ says Carrie Underwood
  156. Paris Hilton's ignorance embarrassing to company
  157. Judge orders arrest of Bobby Brown
  158. Ted Casablanca and E!
  159. Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore Say 'I Love You' With Guns
  160. Here's why Warren Beatty's failed romances never turned bitter...
  161. Ivanka Trump dating Lance Armstrong?
  162. David Hasselhoff falls asleep on TV. Denies being drunk.
  163. George Michael found passed out in his car AGAIN
  164. Actress Amanda Peet Weds
  165. Hilary Swank: The Million Dollar Cheapskate
  166. Anna Nicole Smith ’s mom urges actress to get in touch with her
  167. Liza Minnelli abuse case halted
  168. Tom Hanks tops most-trusted celebrity list
  169. Liz Hurley throws champagne hissy fit
  170. Avril Lavigne Spits Out an Apology
  171. Lindsay Lohan was paid to date Harry Morton
  172. Nick Carter hooked up with Ashlee to get back at Paris
  173. Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie: Pop Out More Babies, Woman!
  174. Generous Joe Francis
  175. Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry together?
  176. Esquire says Scarlett Johansson ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’
  177. Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe settle Custody Battle...
  178. Harrison Ford mistaken for vagrant
  179. Nick Carter ‘s first girlfriend was Debra LaFave - sex offender teacher
  180. The stunningly gorgeous Eva Longoria and Tony Parker breaking up...
  181. Hilary Swank is careful with money – every last cent
  182. Rachel Ray even more annoying than she appears. Plus, she's into nepotism.
  183. Angelina Jolie ready to adopt again, Brad wants a biological son
  184. Harry Morton blames breakup with Lindsay Lohan on her fame
  185. Lindsay Lohan welches on reward for her $1M Hermes bag at Heathrow
  186. Selma Blair and Ahmet Zappa split for good
  187. Orlando Bloom dating Penelope Cruz?
  188. Bam Margera confirms to US Weekly that he had sex with Jessica Simpson
  189. PussyCat Dolls Live Up To Their Slutty Name
  190. Laetitia Casta gives birth
  191. UK Boy Band Five Reunite
  192. Who cares news: Tony Danza and wife split
  193. Anna Nicole marries Howard K Stern?????
  194. Katie Holmes takes out tiny Tom Cruise
  195. Britney Spears fires publicist
  196. Jessica Simpson didn't want to be at Ashlee's Chicago Premiere
  197. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera end feud.
  198. Pete Doherty says he'll stay clean for 'the missus'
  199. Naomi Campbell facing arrest
  200. Jennifer Lopez sacks manager
  201. Actor Edward Albert Dies at age 55
  202. Daniel Smith's cause of death revealed.
  203. Croc Hunter Steve Irwin knew he'd die early
  204. Pete Doherty gets a fashion deal! (?)
  205. Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) pleads guilty & gets $500000 fine
  206. What's up Kate Moss' nose?
  207. Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell) stars in sex tape
  208. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looking for film to star in together
  209. Janet Jackson buys sex toys for her dancers
  210. Janice Dickinson ’s sexual escapades with Liam Neeson, Warren Beatty and others
  211. New revelations on the way in Paul McCartney divorce.
  212. Rev Run's wife gives birth, baby dies shortly after
  213. Howard K. Stern the Father of Anna's baby girl!
  214. Janet Jackson got fat and lied about it
  215. Clay Aiken steals the sexy from Justin Timberlake
  216. George Clooney: "You don't want me in politics"
  217. Paris Hilton charged with two misdemeanors related to DUI
  218. Artie Lange (from Howard Stern show) reveals heroin addiction
  219. Dr. Phil settles in diet scandal case.
  220. Matt Leblanc divorce final Oct. 6
  221. Lindsay Lohan really was dumped, caught making out with Stavros
  222. Oprah's first radio show: she's lording it over whitey, apparently
  223. Oprah Says Her Lawyers Overreacted
  224. Star Jones is Suing the National Enquirer
  225. Steven Tyler has the Hep C
  226. Ellen Barkin to auction her jewels
  227. Cynthia Nixon Speaks about relationship
  228. Aaron Carter realizes he is a retard by proposing to girlfriend
  229. Paul McCartney Says He's `doing Fine'
  230. David Hasselhoff's Daughter Attempts Suicide
  231. Oprah's ego...erm...empire grows with new radio gig
  232. Beyoncé : I make Black records
  233. George Michael tells George Bush 'Blow Me'.
  234. Mel Gibson blasts Iraq war.
  235. Paris Hilton the racist
  236. Madonna & Guy to adopt from Africa...
  237. David Beckham to get slashed from Gilette
  238. Kevin Connolly gives Brandon Davis a bitch slapping
  239. Nicole Kidman's Honeymoon Ruined Eva Longoria's Holiday
  240. Mel Gibson screens 'Apocalypto' in Oklahoma
  241. Jessica Simpson to open chain of BBQ restaurants
  242. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Money Mystery
  243. Joy Behar trying to get rid of Elizabeth Hasselbeck
  244. Paris Hilton's publicist "leaked" the pics of her and Travis
  245. Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown: Inside Their Split
  246. Duran Duran to hook up with Justin Timberlake
  247. Janet Jackson Regrets Apology for 'Wardrobe Malfunction'
  248. Clay Aiken Has Something to Say to You
  249. Britney Spears' Bodyguard Watching Over Jude Law
  250. Shar Jackson refuses to meet extended family