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  1. Jessica Simpson is reportedly being a major bitch on the set of Major Movie Star
  2. Is Amber from the Big Brother house the new Jade Goodie?
  3. Brood de Branjelina, "the most gorgeous family," featuring Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
  4. Britney Spears gets chewed out
  5. Britney Spears now accusing mom of sleeping with Kevin Federline
  6. Jessica Simpson has a bad attitude on 'Major Movie Star' set
  7. Tom Hanks sues over `Big Fat' movie profits
  8. Pete Wentz admits he has bipolar disorder
  9. Topless Britney Spears romps in a pool with a complete stranger
  10. Kim Kardashian reality show in the works
  11. Kim Porter opens up on relationship with Diddy
  12. Lily Allen banned from the US
  13. Charlie Sheen claims Denise Richards wants him to father a 3rd child
  14. Ving Rhames' dog kills zombie
  15. Prince Harry the pin-up prince!
  16. Paris Hilton: The humanitarian!
  17. Secret London gig for Britney Spears?
  18. Paris Hilton - the biography
  19. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be on Australian stamp
  20. J.K. Rowling loses London court battle over pictures of son
  21. Mia Farrow offers to take place of ailing rebel leader in Darfur
  22. Ashley Olsen and Scott Speedman (Ben from 'Felicity') are dating!
  23. Pete Doherty tests positive for drugs again, warned to quit or go to prison
  24. Michael Lohan says Dina Lohan's new boyfriend is a bad example for the kids
  25. Britney Spears on the cover of Allure but misses four appointments for an interview
  26. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dress up for son Maddox's military-themed birthday bash
  27. Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson settle out of court with photographers
  28. Denise Richards 'disgusted' by Charlie Sheen's legal action
  29. Britney Spears spends $30,000 on ‘Give Me More’ video to go against label's advice
  30. Britney Spears hires Kelly Clarkson's former manager
  31. Britney Spears hits parked car at pharmacy
  32. Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney throw their money into presidential race
  33. Lindsay Lohan sex scene is a flop
  34. David Hasselhoff hits the beach
  35. Has Bridget Jones star Renee Zellweger finally found Mr Right?
  36. Kate Moss puts Pete Doherty behind her on a break with the Primrose Hill set
  37. Kathy Hilton recalls pain of Paris in jail
  38. Heartbroken Kerry Katona kicks out 'cheating' husband
  39. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes feel need for speed during Mediterranean getaway
  40. Girls Aloud slip into PVC catsuits for sexy new video
  41. Lindsay Lohan seeks solace at home in Long Island
  42. Chris Rock---you are NOT the father!
  43. Jennifer Lopez responds to 'El Cantante' critics
  44. Lindsay Lohan's drunken antics inspire porn movie
  45. Jennifer Aniston is "Hollywood's Most Profitable Actress" - FORBES
  46. Adam Brody is embarassed to hang out with Ben McKenzie
  47. Ummm, Lindsay Lohan’s in UTAH???
  48. Paramount, Disney, Casablanca Records may drop Lindsay Lohan
  49. This just in: Britney Spears still bad mom
  50. Nicole Richie: 'I used drugs out of boredom'
  51. Jennifer Ellison: 'I was beaten and abused by my boyfriend'
  52. Madonna is told her little African baby may have to return home
  53. Spencer Pratt's (aka douche bag #432502) response to LC
  54. Amy Winehouse to be on cover of US Vogue
  55. Our kids call us dorks, says Angelina Jolie
  56. Kurt Russell's wang doodle revealed!
  57. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want our home
  58. Jennifer Lopez is obsessed with psychics and horoscopes
  59. Helena Christensen claims her marriage to Norman Reedus was a sham
  60. Nicole Richie gets serious about her diet, still denies her eating disorder
  61. Ellen Barkin sues ex Ronald Perelman for $3.4 million
  62. Tom Cruise co-pilots a 1941 Boeing Stearman plane
  63. Kanye West: "Only white people use the term 'bling' now"
  64. Heidi Klum slams neighbours David and Victoria Beckham for their love of the press
  65. Michelle Pfeiffer was a fat tomboy
  66. Sarah Jessica Parker claims her body was destroyed by heels
  67. Courteney Cox's husband David Arquette is a pit bull and breakdancer
  68. Gwyneth Paltrow's shoes anger her physiotherapist
  69. Hugh Hefner wants you to know that he actually furthered civil rights
  70. Lindsay Lohan's sex scenes anger her dad
  71. Lindsay Lohan hiding out on Long Island
  72. A cozy turn for Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe
  73. Jennifer Aniston's scary status
  74. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie holiday's off as things go from Brad to worse
  75. Usher marries Tameka Foster in private ceremony
  76. Peter Andre claims to have a big one
  77. Jack Nicholson denies he may have an illegitimate handicapped son
  78. Two suspected James Brown children confirmed
  79. Eddie Murphy confirms paternity (finally!)
  80. Elton John wants the internet shut down
  81. Rupert Everett defends Scientology cult
  82. Kirsten Dunst annoys her neighbors
  83. Stop the presses: celebrities we are completely sick of hearing about
  84. Fergie to produce upcoming Lindsay Lohan album
  85. Daniel Radcliffe: from wizardry to weaponry
  86. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to pose nude
  87. Nicole Kidman saves Hugh Jackman from poisonous scorpion
  88. American Beauty Mena Suvari goes bald like Britney Spears
  89. Man killed in dog attack at Ving Rhames home
  90. Lindsay Lohan eats her words before Elle even hits the stands
  91. Lindsay Lohan pisses off Loius Vuitton at photo shoot
  92. Studio executives say Lindsay Lohan's career is over
  93. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still together
  94. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to get own Aussie stamp
  95. Pete Doherty pens love song to woo Kate Moss back
  96. Sex file returns to haunt Madonna as she battles to keep baby David
  97. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden having a boy
  98. Tom and Katie Cruise photoshoot: Eyes Stapled Shut?
  99. Melanie Brown meets up with Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell, and kids
  100. Anderson Cooper: Gray hair is like premature ejaculation
  101. Grabbed again! Fan pulls off Tim McGraw's ring
  102. Marilyn Manson squandered band's earnings on Nazi memorabilia and bones
  103. Lane Garrison trial coverage
  104. Everyone hates Victoria Beckham, and Britney Spears doesn't know who she is
  105. Lane Garrison - free in 90 days? Plus Sister Amelia's plea to judge
  106. Nicole Richie will go to Lynwood, not private jail
  107. Victoria Beckham house-hunting in LA - she wants £40m pad on Billionaire's Beach
  108. Is it all over for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
  109. Is the Cruises' little girl seeing too much of Victoria Beckham?
  110. Scarlett Johansson's new photo shoot
  111. Chris Langham in jail after child porn guilty verdict
  112. Kevin Smith owns heckler at Comic Con
  113. Dina Lohan gets served
  114. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev new face of Louis Vuitton
  115. Now Angelina Jolie wants a break: Is she looking for her own house?
  116. Chris O'Donnell, wife expecting 5th child
  117. Pete Doherty prepares a crack pipe - again. Talks about Kate Moss - again.
  118. Singer R Kelly to be tried for child pornography
  119. Paris Hilton turned down by Adrian Grenier
  120. Rehab for Angelina Jolie?
  121. Alli Sims defends Britney Spears' parenting skills
  122. Nicole Richie is having a baby boy
  123. Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown files petition to establish Eddie Murphy's paternity
  124. Tony Blair shows off his man boobs
  125. Frustrated LA Galaxy fans' fury at no-play David Beckham
  126. Britney Spears tried to get her son's teeth whitened
  127. Lindsay Lohan really is a mean girl, attacks fellow actresses
  128. Drew Carey is the new host of the Price is Right
  129. Whoopi Goldberg joins "The View"
  130. Angelina Jolie drenches Brad Pitt with wine in fight over Barack Obama
  131. O.J. Simpson criticizes Goldman family over cancelled book
  132. Britney Spears throws baby bottle, threatens to kill two photographers
  133. Kevin Federline will choose to focus on parenting
  134. Rosie O'Donnell takes aim at Paula Abdul in her blog
  135. Keith Richards working on memoir
  136. Angelina Jolie's legal battle with perfume maker
  137. Paris Hilton responds to Lindsay Lohan's DUI drama
  138. Paris Hilton drops panties 'to out-do Lindsay Lohan'
  139. Nicole Richie: Yes, I am pregnant
  140. Nicole Richie confirms pregnancy!
  141. Paula Abdul's alleged boy toy busted in Arkansas
  142. Doting parents Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster make a splash in France
  143. Princess Beatrice and boyfriend put on a 'steamy' show of affection
  144. Pete Doherty's desperate plea to Kate Moss: 'Take me back'
  145. Tabloid magazines turn on Britney Spears
  146. Film director Michelangelo Antonioni dies
  147. GMA's Robin Roberts has breast cancer
  148. Dina Lohan releases another press statement about her daughter
  149. Paris Hilton selling her house in the hills
  150. Britney Spears' future? former Playboy Playmate, Jennifer Jackson arrested for D&D
  151. Dina and Michael Lohan ordered to get counseling
  152. The latest in the Lohan family saga, starring Dina, Michael and Ali
  153. Tom Cruise training David Beckham in body language?
  154. Paris Hilton is still in grampa's will!
  155. Britney Spear's lawyer fears kidnapping
  156. Britney Spear's trailer park ass is finally single again
  157. 'Pieces' editor: Oprah had 'fiercely bad manners'
  158. Lindsay Lohan Arrested, But NOT Out Of Work!
  159. Paris Hilton gets a black makeover for TV show
  160. Single again: Jennifer Aniston seeks comfort in old Friends
  161. Victoria Beckham's boys a real handful for their Posh mum
  162. Dina Lohan slams Donald Trump
  163. Jenna Elfman gives birth - wonder if she was silent?
  164. The Simple Life cancelled
  165. New Britney Spears' thong pictures
  166. Britney Spears refuses to comment on OK photoshoot & just smiles (probably on drugs!)
  167. Paris Hilton's new role - Repo the genetic opera
  168. Lindsay Lohan climbs celebrity death lists
  169. Aaron Carter -- poopy white trash
  170. Britney Spears Kevin Federline Divorce (nearly) final (again)
  171. Matt Leinart & babymama Brynn Cameron settle child support
  172. Mike Reid (Frank Butcher on Eastenders) dies
  173. My new hero: Rob Schneider on Lindsay Lohan
  174. Faith Hill scolds woman during concert for grabbing Tim McGraw in the groin
  175. Legendarydirector Ingmar Bergman dead
  176. Lindsay Lohan "I know who killed me" reviews panned it
  177. Paris Hilton not an heiress anymore!
  178. Jaime Pressly’s Super Slutty Birthday
  179. Kate Moss buys a classic '60s roller
  180. Who'd want the most sought-after dress of the year now Victoria Beckham has worn it?
  181. Kirsten Dunst gives untidy Razorlight star the boot
  182. Steve Martin gets married
  183. Perez Hilton is featured in the New York Times
  184. Stephen Colbert breaks his wrist trying to high-five audience
  185. Johnny Depp's Swanky new L.A. digs
  186. Paris Hilton becomes the new Bliss Diamond spokesmodel
  187. Disoriented Britney Spears ‘Give Me More’ Comeback Video Shoot; Singer Falls Off
  188. Quote of the day: Donald Trump on Lindsay Lohan
  189. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds are engaged
  190. Rebecca Schaeffer's killer stabbed
  191. Reviews mixed for Lindsay Lohan's new movie
  192. Usher & Tameka Foster's wedding cancelled
  193. Angelina Jolia accused of being better publicist than actress by screen historian
  194. Michael Lohan's response to Ali Lohan
  195. Shar Jackson wouldn't let Britney Spears look after her kids
  196. Britney Spears former assistant Shannon Funk not selling story
  197. Joe Simpson: Jessica Simpson turns down 'porn star' role
  198. Hilary Duff is off the market
  199. Did Pete Wentz cheat on Ashlee Simpson?
  200. Britney Spears knows how to break the law
  201. Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg talk marriage
  202. Britney Spears fires her assistant Shannon Funk
  203. Lindsay Lohan needs Jesus according to prison minister
  204. Bono and Penelope Cruz together?!?!
  205. Nicole Richie sentenced to 4 days in jail on DUI case 7/27/07
  206. Hearts will be breaking, Johnny Depp ties the knot
  207. 911 call in Lindsay Lohan's case released
  208. The guys in the car during Lindsay Lohan's DUI speak
  209. Orlando Bloom has a new girlfriend
  210. Johnny Depp is hot shirtless
  211. Lindsay Lohan bets friends $50,000 she can bed David Beckham
  212. Britney Spears' umbrella that she attacked paparazzi with is on eBay
  213. Mischa Barton & Juliette Lewis both want to be the next "Bond Girl"
  214. Jessica Smith talks trash about Lindsay Lohan
  215. Paris Hilton cast in movie musical
  216. When interviews become hilarious, with Holly Hunter
  217. Britney Spears texts support to twice arrested Lindsay Lohan
  218. Akon Signs Paris Hilton To Konvict Music? Singer Wants To Produce Heiress’ Sophomore
  219. Britney Spears bodyguard punches photographer, Sean Preston Federline injured
  220. Jaime Lynn Spears...Pregnant?
  221. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber welcome a little boy
  222. Prince Frederic Von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband) robbed - ordered to strip naked
  223. Nicole Richie to Sit Down with Diane Sawyer
  224. Britney Spears's £10k bill after she vomits on dress during photoshoot
  225. Kelly Rowland says she wanted to be fair-skinned like Beyonce
  226. Dina Lohan is angry at Jay Leno
  227. Ali Lohan speaks out
  228. German website posts Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton's email addresses
  229. Are the Backstreet Boys skint? New record release.
  230. Jessica Alba and 50 Cent
  231. David Hasselhoff doesn't regret "hamburger" video
  232. Nicole Richie and (alledged) baby daddy Joel Madden have it out in public
  233. Melanie Brown Baby was planned with Eddie Murphy
  234. Paris Hilton feeds the Doggie Mills
  235. Not only wasn't the coke hers, Lindsay Lohan wasn't even driving... WTF?
  236. Home Improvement's Taran Noah Smith's bizarre divorce
  237. Harry Potter and the Goblets of Booze - Daniel Radcliffe celebrates his 18th
  238. Matt Damon recieves his Star on the Walk of Fame
  239. Hilary Duff Leaves Little Girls In Tears
  240. Discovery Channel's "Wild" man, Bear Grylls, not so brave: report
  241. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears 'make mockery' of rehab
  242. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes bump and grind
  243. You've called her WHAT? Jordan and Peter Andre name baby daughter
  244. Amy Winehouse's party-girl lifestyle takes toll on her body
  245. Sarah Silverman Feels Bad About Paris Hilton Joke at Movie Awards
  246. Lindsay Lohan and her bodyguard Jaz are in even more legal trouble
  247. Jessica Alba breaks up with boyfriend Cash Warren
  248. Lindsay Lohan bleats "I'm innocent! The coke in my pocket wasn't mine!"
  249. Lindsay Lohan made fellow rehabbers watch and critique her movie
  250. L'Oréal condemned for producing "misleading" mascara ads featuring Penelope Cruz