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  1. Jennifer Lopez hates dressing up for showbiz events and would rather stay at home
  2. Kevin Federline writes poetry on the bathroom walls of Hard Rock in Chicago
  3. Is Michael Jackson safety and health conscious?
  4. Pink refuses to hire bodyguards
  5. Elisha Cuthbert: the bitch next door?
  6. Kevin Federline slams Britney Spears
  7. Madonna to Adopt a Malawian Girl
  8. The brainwashing is complete: Katie Holmes turns down Oscar nod
  9. Oprah tells Lindsay Lohan she's not as thin as she thought she'd be (and other stuff)
  10. Oprah Winfrey wasn't invited to Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' wedding
  11. Rapper hurt in reality car-race show (U.K.)
  12. Renee Zellweger: Marrying Kenny Chesney was the biggest mistake of my life
  13. Katie Holmes spends $3000 on wedding lingerie
  14. Ashley Judd Hates being sex symbol
  15. Michael Jackson living in fear after being stalked by transvestite
  16. Steve-O sticks his genitalia into wet concrete
  17. Tom Cruise's Scientology wedding vows
  18. Sacha Cohen as Borat gets clocked by New Yorker
  19. Cruise photographer mauls infant, Tom Cruise left dazed
  20. Giorgio Armani never liked thin models
  21. Kevin Federline's backstage demands
  22. Indian astrologer predicts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will split next year
  23. Ben Affleck happy he never married Jennifer Lopez
  24. Kevin Federline "wasted" half of Britney Spears' fortune while married
  25. Kevin Federline threatens to sell tapes
  26. Jude Law and Sienna Miller Call It Quits
  27. Kevin Federline is going to poop on himself because he's a failure.
  28. Elton John says religion should be banned
  29. Scarlett Johansson to split with Josh Hartnett
  30. Is Britney Spears on a budget?
  31. Sandra Bullock adopts disabled dogs
  32. Guns 'N' Roses cancel gigs because they can't have booze on stage
  33. Kevin Federline strapped for cash buys underwear at Wal-Mart
  34. Madonna plans to become a film director
  35. Sharon Stone helps clothe the poor
  36. Madonna turns down Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B gift for baby David
  37. What has become of Liza Minnelli’s ex David Gest?
  38. Lindsay Lohan gets pissy on Jay Leno
  39. Keira Knightley: too grown up for pirate movies
  40. Britney Spears' first husband calls Kevin Federline an idiot
  41. Britney Spears gives baby pics to press to prevent Kevin Federline from cashing in
  42. Val Kilmer would rather sleep with Oprah than Nicole Richie
  43. Dream come true for Eva Longoria, gets to play a lesbian on screen
  44. Britney Spears' Malibu house up for sale
  45. Jack Palance passed away today, age 87
  46. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donate toys at a Pune adoption centre
  47. Kevin Federline on the prowl already
  48. Borat sued by drunken fratboys
  49. Ryan Phillippe spin doctor canned within hours of being hired
  50. P. Diddy/Sean Combs claims to have sex for up to 28 hours+he cheated on JLO
  51. Britney Spears returns/re-hires to pre-Kevin Federline manager
  52. Italy may refuse to officiate Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes marriage
  53. Jessica Simpson hired a professional male "hooker"?
  54. Shar Jackson speaks out about divorce
  55. Pamela Anderson confirms miscarriage
  56. Nicole Kidman preggers
  57. Kevin Federline knew about divorce month before it was filed?
  58. Mariah Carey sues Hong Kong promoter for cancelling her show
  59. Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis Split
  60. Beyonce and Jay-Z Calling it Quits
  61. Lindsay Lohan "Paris Hilton is a C***!"
  62. Kellie Pickler gets her own sitcom y'all!
  63. Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes" dead at age 65
  64. '60 Minutes' correspondent Ed Bradley dies
  65. What's next for Kevin Federline, Reality TV or obscurity?
  66. Brad Pitt purchases herbal mix used as a “natural Viagra”
  67. Denise Richards hit an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair
  68. Daniel Baldwin arrested yet again for drugs, theft, the usual..
  69. More Rod Stewart pervert news: My daughter has a lovely 'pair'.
  70. Dita Von Teese says women don't need babies
  71. Luke Wilson battling with co-star Kate Beckinsale
  72. Kevin Federline gets interviewed and says a bunch of stupid, deluded crap. FUN!
  73. Reese Witherspoon Files for Divorce Today
  74. Kevin Federline wants sole custody/child support
  75. Jeff Gordon marries model
  76. Ryan Phillippe Breaks his Silence
  77. Paul McCartney edits out Heather Mills
  78. Paul McCartney and the Paparrazzi
  79. Britney Spears' Divorce had impeccable timing
  80. Britney Spears still wearing ring? Kevin Federline caught in hotel with other women?
  81. Pamela Anderson in on Borat joke.
  82. Reese Witherspoon in Austin
  83. Bill Cosby settles sex-assault case out of court
  84. Kevin Federline text-messaged about his divorce!
  85. Britney Spears Sex Tape surfaces!!
  86. Madonna's son beats her a$$
  87. Lindsay Lohan denies she's a party girl on Oprah
  88. Eric Bana to play Steve Irwin in a movie?
  89. Roger Moore: 'Bond Doesn't Require Good Acting'
  90. Michael Jackson to be awarded and perform at World Music Awards
  91. Blame Kevin Federline's Soaring Success For Split
  92. P. Diddy: "I'm Just Not Ready to Marry Kim"
  93. Jennifer Aniston Still the People's Favorite!!!!!!
  94. Paris Hilton Thinks She's a Star
  95. Britney Spears files for divorce
  96. A Scarlett Johansson Sex Tape?
  97. Britney Spears puts Kevin Federline on a diet
  98. Heather Mills wants $150 million from Paul McCartney
  99. Kevin Federline 'entertains' 300 'fans' in New York
  100. Afraid of karma Matthew McConaughey refused threesome
  101. Tim Robbins praises Tom Cruise
  102. Madonna brings David to meet her Dad who has cancer
  103. Marianne Faithfull beats breast cancer
  104. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's contribution to Namibian School Yields Results
  105. Teri Hatcher demands an apology from David Letterman
  106. Kirstie Alley did it. Here's the Oprah link
  107. Chris Rock to Divorce
  108. River Phoenix sends Johnny Depp a message from the dead!
  109. Celebrity biographer feels sorry for Paris Hilton
  110. Stalker who threatened to kill Hilary Duff arrested
  111. Heather Mills already has a new love interest?
  112. Robert De Niro: NYers should vote for Hilary Clinton
  113. Madonna's new son has started calling her "mama"
  114. Mickey Rourke calls Tom Cruise a C**t over therapy comments
  115. Charlie Sheen glad Denise Richards is dating Richie Sambora
  116. Jack Black slams artists who record political songs
  117. Kevin Federline is mocked and laughed at by.. well, everyone.
  118. Daniel Craig (new fug 007) cries about mean fans... boo frickety hoo.
  119. Nicole Kidman is unhappy and scared to lose it all. Pre-crazy cat lady?
  120. Anne Hathaway newsflash: Hollywood is LESS harsh than living in a war zone!
  121. Aaron Carter hits back at Jack Osbourne
  122. Romeo Beckham has Epilepsy
  123. Madonna rejected 7 genuine orphans
  124. Eminem claims to have slept with Tara Reid et al "before all the diseases and stuff"
  125. Diddy (Sean Combs) wants to become the first black 007
  126. Russell Crowe bitches about US justice system
  127. Angelina Jolie meets Afghan & Myanmarese refugees in New Delhi
  128. Sir Paul McCartney holds no Grudge against the Gold Digger
  129. Vice President of Colombia slams Kate Moss
  130. Madonna Doesn't Like Being A Mom
  131. Actress Adrienne Shelley found dead
  132. Jimmy Carter says Brad Pitt A Dedicated Worker
  133. Katie Holmes: The Terrified Minivan Majority's new Herione in the making
  134. Jennifer Aniston: Always a fraud, still a fraud.
  135. Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock to Divorce
  136. Madonna slams Angelina Jolie
  137. Shanna Moakler to have a divorce party
  138. Cokehead Kate Moss wins fashion award, some people angry
  139. Martha Stewart bitchslaps Rachel Ray over Barry Manilow
  140. David Hasselhoff threatens to chop off daughter's bf's penis
  141. Nicole Kidman's prenup = Keith Urban goes to rehab (because Tom Cruise said so)
  142. Joy Behar wants Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselback fired?
  143. Martha Stewart to marry again???
  144. Kanye West loses it at awards show cuz he didn't win, crashes stage
  145. Victoria Beckham cut her hair because it fell out during sex
  146. A Private Jennifer Aniston comes Home in Public for a Photo Op
  147. Tom Cruise and partner to head movie studio
  148. Willie Nelson: Help Stop Horse Slaughter
  149. Jeremy Piven is Reportedly "SHORT"!
  150. Ryan Phillippe's maybe mistress not to be taken lightly?
  151. Bobby Brown impregnates his girlfriend after telling her he had a vasectomy
  152. Lindsay Lohan pretends to be sober; wears AA 90 days sober chip
  153. Julia Roberts angers animal rights groups after posing with chained monkeys
  154. Christopher Reeves' kids take up his cause.
  155. Boy George's ex bandmates want nothing to do with him
  156. Brandy gets in a brawl at Bible Study
  157. Nicole Richie allegedly quit her rehab program to go shopping
  158. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe May Not Have Prenup
  159. Steve Irwin just a showman (DUH!)
  160. Liam Gallagher says todays star crackheads are wimps, and Pete Doherty is a wuss
  161. Pete Doherty has Kate Moss' ring cut off at hospital
  162. Nicole Richie plans her future life while presently looking like death
  163. Pete Doherty is a transvestite crackhead junkie blood-fetishist
  164. Anna Nicole Smith Hospitalized
  165. Kevin Federline Wants To Help In Africa Like Madonna, Other Nonsense
  166. Anna Nicole Smith's son had 7 different drugs in his body
  167. The Beginning of the End for Perez Hilton!
  168. Angelina Jolie Pregnant again? Oooh this is gonna hurt the pity party brigade
  169. Elizabeth Hasselbeck opens her trap again on The View
  170. Brad Pitt Furious Over Vanity Fair Cover of him in his Tighty Whities
  171. Roger Moore approves Daniel Craig as Bond
  172. Alec Baldwin wants to be removed from Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary
  173. Courtney Love’s a Role Model for 4 Year-Olds
  174. Madonna adoption update: she took David from another woman who was ready to adopt him
  175. Patrick Dempsey abusive in his first marriage?
  176. Paris Hilton Partied For 18 Hours Dressed In Bunny Costume
  177. Madonna : Boy's father refused financial assistance
  178. Courtney Love: Mel Gibson helped me get sober
  179. Clint Eastwood blasts Paris Hilton
  180. Attorney: Anna Nicole Smith may have dyed baby's hair
  181. Cheating scandal behind Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe marriage breakup
  182. Bob Barker retiring after 50 years on TV
  183. Jonathan Ross calls Heather Mills a "f-ing liar"
  184. Michael Jackson working on a new album with Will.i.am
  185. Ivana Trump escorted out of charity ball for being severely intoxicated
  186. Brad Pitt strips down to his underwear...for art
  187. Angelina Jolie may sue former Cambodian ally for misappropriated funds
  188. Madonna Already Has Baby David Wearing Kabbalah Bracelet!!!
  189. New couple alert: Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace???
  190. Paramount Not Sorry They Dropped Tom Cruise
  191. Kevin Federline talks about his album...in shops today, apparently.
  192. Flavor Flav has baby mama drama--a new baby on the way! And not with Deelishis!
  193. Brad Pitt's Charity Appearance in India a FAKE!!!
  194. Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan sucking face with the same guy in 48 hours
  195. Brad Pitt's butt eats underwear and other stupidities
  196. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt think Al-Qaeda is out to get them
  197. Dame Judi Dench says Daniel Craig (new 007) has a huge wang
  198. How fitting: Tom Cruise and his walking uterus fiancé to wed in MUSSOLINI'S BUNKER
  199. Nobody wants to live beside Lindsay Lohan cuz she's a party skank
  200. Jennifer Aniston and fat Vince Vaughn stuff their ugly faces at a hotel
  201. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Split...
  202. St. Oprah gives away $1000 debit cards to her audience
  203. Jessica Simpson addicted to internet dating
  204. Skating w/the Stars Lloyd Eisler busted for innapropriate contact w/15 yr old
  205. Pete Townshend walks out on Howard Stern
  206. Katie Holmes makes nice with Brooke Shields and baby Grier at a private party in LA
  207. Cambodian Group Accuse Angelina Jolie Of Fake Humanitarian Work
  208. Whitney Houston attends ball *NOT* looking like a crackwhore
  209. Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham falling out?
  210. Marcia Cross nude photos: the carpet matches the drapes.
  211. Madonna flies to US to defend adoption
  212. So much for treatment - Nicole Richie collapsed at Hyde early Sunday morning
  213. Steve McQueen ’s widow: 'America turned its back on Steve'
  214. Lindsay Lohan: 'My deadly battle with bulimia'
  215. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ruining the lives of American journalists
  216. India has had enough of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  217. Pune To Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: I Wish I Knew How To Quit You
  218. Linda and Paul McCartney not as happy as they seemed?
  219. Orlando Bloom dating Jessica Biel.
  220. Sex experts question Scarlett Johansson's HIV tests.
  221. Kate Hudson shops for baby clothes; pregnant?
  222. At last, what Stella McCartney really thinks of her step-mother Heather Mills
  223. Brooke Hogan is lookin' for freebies
  224. Madonna agrees regular visits to Malawi
  225. Angelina Jolie and Madonna Sleeping with the Same Woman
  226. Michael Jackson to Marry the Nanny
  227. Perez Hilton gets called out
  228. Paris Hilton's ad against drunk driving. I know, I know..
  229. Sharon Osbourne slams Madonna adoption
  230. Kevin Federline says go ahead "hate me"
  231. Dixie Chicks movie ads banned from NBC; 'insulting to Bush'
  232. Liz Taylor - Marriage No.9??
  233. Crikey! Steve Irwin on South Park!
  234. Law and Order re-enacts Mel Gibson's drunken tirade
  235. Rod Stewart urges Paul McCartney to battle
  236. Michael J. Fox responds to Rush Limbaugh
  237. Kate Moss: I am engaged to Pete Doherty
  238. Tara Reid Regrets Carson Daly Split
  239. Isaiah Washington Cancels Ellen Interview
  240. Nicole Richie is SUPPOSEDLY getting help for her "weight issues"
  241. Elijah Wood and Jared Leto Beyotch Fight!
  242. Angelina Jolie set to add another baby to her collection...err family
  243. Remember Big Gay John Travolta kissing that dude?? Read more here..
  244. Pathetic sales and unreasonable Diva demands sink Mariah Carey concert
  245. Kevin Federline's Delusions of Grandeur Growing by the Minute
  246. Helena Bonham Carter claims to be the antichrist of fashion, Bai Ling probably ticked
  247. Lindsay Lohan is happiest sitting on her ass
  248. Sandra Bullock opines on mindblowing sex, food and butt cream
  249. India to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - This is not Namibia!!!!
  250. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt In More Trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!