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  1. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to host SNL
  2. Jay Leno et al sue writer for stealing jokes
  3. Sofia Coppola has a baby girl
  4. Sexiest Man 2007 George Clooney to Matt Damon: Sorry you look like an ape
  5. Ed Burns thinks fatherhood is the best thing ever
  6. Selma Blair divorces rocker Ahmet Zappa
  7. Sheryl Crow opens up about her cancer fight
  8. Sandra Bullock is many things, but she's not pregnant
  9. 50 Cent calls Oprah a freaking OREO!!!
  10. Own Jessica Alba's Bra
  11. Perez Hilton sued for $7.5 million
  12. Britney Spears gets "greasy"
  13. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorce final
  14. Beyonce: "So my body was very confused... It happens."
  15. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker engaged
  16. Mel Gibson feels Michael Richards' pain
  17. Jessica Simpson's used gum for sale on Ebay
  18. This just in! Britney Spears buys underwear!!!
  19. Britney Spears 1st husband speaks: She is 'bi'
  20. Judge to Anna Nicole Smith: Get the hell outta this house!
  21. Lindsay Lohan's new hangout: AA
  22. Michael Richards' racist rant boosts Seinfeld DVD sales
  23. Michelle Williams hates her fans
  24. Nick Lachey to buy the Tacoma Rainiers
  25. Jennifer Lopez turns to Scientology to try to get pregnant
  26. Lucy Liu shocked at indigenous Chinese and Thai HIV and AIDS cures
  27. Anna Nicole Smith tests TrimSpa's new weight loss chocolate covered crack
  28. Cameron Diaz wants to switch houses with Kate Winslet
  29. Jude Law forced to eat goat kidney and watch old men eat testicles
  30. Courtney Love's New Love: Donny Tourette
  31. Jennifer Love Hewitt pregnant...*crickets chirping*
  32. Christina Aguilera racks up a $4000 bar bill in London
  33. Sir Michael Jagger buries his dad
  34. Cameron Diaz is physically perfect in every way, and that makes Justin Timberlake mad
  35. Chris Martin has a crush on Lily Allen (Who's like 12)
  36. Christian Slater divorces his wife Ryan Haddon
  37. Is Prince William Ready To Wed?
  38. Danny Devito drunk on The View this morning
  39. Tommy Lee happy with Pamela Anderson's divorce?
  40. Nicole Richie on PETA's worst dressed list
  41. Michael Richards' temperamental behaviour known in Hollywood for years
  42. Paris Hilton calls Lindsay Lohan "a f***ing coked-out whore"
  43. Rosie O'Donnell to Britney Spears: Come live with me
  44. Paris Hilton speaks about Britney Spears: "I love her"
  45. Bono lavishes Japan with praise
  46. Guns N' Roses cancels another concert in Milwaukee
  47. Ben Affleck wants to quit acting
  48. Miss America Jennifer Berry has emergency surgery
  49. James Franco afraid to do interviews for Spider Man
  50. Madonna's adoption to be challenged by human rights groups
  51. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams to wed?
  52. Kevin Federline having fling with porn star
  53. Kid Rock left Pam Anderson because she partied too much
  54. Tracy Morgan charged with DWI
  55. Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg) arrested AGAIN!!!
  56. ABBA museum to open in Sweden
  57. Michael Richards "claims" to be Jewish
  58. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to Host Billboard Awards
  59. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Crazy new wedding details emerge
  60. Michael Jackson to help Rwanda
  61. Robin Williams mocks president Bush over global warming
  62. Owen Wilson planning to propose to Kate Hudson?
  63. Rachel Zoe issues statement re: Nicole Richie split
  64. Britney Spears: "I gave birth for 2 ½ years, and now I want to party"
  65. Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) broke up Pamela Anderson's marriage?
  66. Elton John avoids vomiting on fans
  67. Nicole Richie attacks Rachel Zoe on her myspace
  68. Lindsay Lohan accuses Paris Hilton of assault
  69. Hilary Duff and Joel Madden are over
  70. Lionel Richie wants to hook up Nicole Richie with George Clooney
  71. Teri Hatcher throws shoe tantrum
  72. Sylvester Stallone bans sex
  73. Katie Holmes' father respects Tom Cruise
  74. Britney Spears: Paris Hilton is my role model
  75. Britney Spears hiring publicist
  76. Reese Witherspoon moves on
  77. Jared Leto dating Tila Tequila?
  78. Oh Lord! Now Jessica Simpson has a sex tape!
  79. Pamela Anderson files for divorce from husband Kid Rock
  80. Is Jennifer Lopez getting more in vitro procedure?
  81. Donald Trump thinks physical appearance isn't important for men
  82. Kelly Osbourne feels sorry for David Gest
  83. Lindsay Lohan takes shooting lessons to prepare for visit to Iraq
  84. Jet (Australian band) blasts Madonna
  85. Madonna appears on shopping channel to boost her book sale
  86. Lindsay Lohan is pathetic
  87. Madonna is a dangerous ho; convoy of cars almost kills pedestrians
  88. Lindsay Lohan is a catty ho; snubs a chipper Keira Knightly
  89. Jude Law is a broke ass ho
  90. Beyonce jealous of Jennifer Hudson's success
  91. Heather Mills' website bombarded with hate mail
  92. Tom Cruise wore a girdle on his wedding day
  93. Leonardo DiCaprio: "Don't bring me your silly problems"
  94. Heather Mills plans to move to the US?
  95. Alan Cumming receives honorary doctorate
  96. Nelly Furtado offered half a million to pose for Playboy
  97. Sex and celebrities at the Playboy Mansion exposed in a tell all book
  98. Will Smith wants to go to space
  99. Rapper Akon defends polygamy
  100. Margaret Cho gets a job at vibrator company
  101. Scarlett Johansson has infuriated her neighbors by chain-smoking.
  102. Steven Spielberg blasts "irresponsible" TV industry
  103. Tom Cruise to release record?
  104. Will Smith will not get a divorce
  105. Tom Green: "Leave Michael Richards alone!"
  106. Guests claim they cried at Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding
  107. Cameron Diaz fears family commitment
  108. Jennifer Aniston: Yoga helped me recover from Brad Pitt split
  109. Michael Jackson is big in Japan ?!
  110. Britney Spears: I'll spill the beans on my Kevin Federline hell
  111. Courtney Love says Kurt Cobain wasn't the love of her life
  112. Lindsay Lohan tried to keep Calum Best prisoner
  113. Gwen Stefani to give up solo career..and return to No Doubt
  114. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visit genocide museum in Cambodia
  115. Sir Ian McKellen mourns the loss of Peter Jackson
  116. Jay Z leaves Beyonce in the car while he parties inside
  117. Jennifer Aniston considers appearing on Dancing with the Stars
  118. Britney Spears wants to be known as one hot MILF
  119. O.J. Simpson's book "If I Did It" appears on eBay
  120. Kevin Federline joining Celebrity Big Brother?
  121. Heidi Klum and Seal welcome the new baby
  122. Curmudgeon Ed Norton spoils A-List Oscar greed fest
  123. Jennifer Lopez fuming over porn spoof
  124. Steve-O kisses penis but is NOT gay
  125. Did John Travolta snub Tom Cruise?
  126. Michael Richards' racist rant: Not the first time
  127. Britney Spears upset with Jimmy Kimmel's Kevin Federline prank
  128. Jamie Foxx threatens to physically harm Michael Richards
  129. Bruce Willis and Renee Zellweger an item???
  130. Barbara Walters: feud is over
  131. Ashlee Simpson and Taye Diggs on a date. Joe Simpson isn't going to like this!
  132. Mischa Barton miserable since leaving the O.C.
  133. Jennifer Aniston wants to work with Brad Pitt but Angelina Jolie says no
  134. Paris Hilton Generous
  135. Lindsay Lohan tries to write her condolences
  136. Will Smith thinks teachers are useless
  137. Jake Gyllenhaal's new gal
  138. Angelina Jolie makes surprise visit to Cambodia
  139. Tawney Kitaen busted for coke
  140. Kate Moss's ultimatum to Pete Doherty: it's me or the junkies
  141. Britney Spears supports Feder-bashing
  142. Snapper no show in Nicole Kidman case
  143. Denzel Washington's next project is to eat turkey and get fat
  144. Did Lindsay Lohan overdose?
  145. David Blaine in giant 'gyroscope' stunt
  146. Wesley Snipes: I'm a scapegoat
  147. Both Owen and Luke Wilson are in love with Kate Hudson?
  148. Mia Farrow speaks out on Darfur genocide
  149. Michael Richards now banned from comedy club
  150. Kevin Federline to make Britney Spears' comeback as difficult as possible
  151. Jennifer Lopez's Posh Lingerie
  152. Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) To Marry
  153. X Files Gillian Anderson has baby daddy drama
  154. Soccer's Getting In The Way of David Beckham Having Fun
  155. More questions from cops for Howard K Stern.....
  156. Lindsay Lohan wrecks yet another car
  157. Jessica Simpson dating QB Romo?
  158. Nicole Richie sacks her stylist Rachel Zoe
  159. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer secretly dating again
  160. Everybody hates Kevin Federline
  161. There is no sex tape of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline?
  162. Rosie O'Donnell calls Kelly Ripa 'homophobic'
  163. Robert Altman dead at age 81
  164. Kevin Federline planning tell-all book about Britney Spears!
  165. Brad Pitt's exclusive interview
  166. Want to be with Mike Tyson?
  167. Jennifer Lopez covers up
  168. Angelina Jolie is fuming over Jennifer Aniston’s Thanksgiving dinner plans
  169. Britney Spears to leak her own sex tape?
  170. Paris Hilton vomited onstage during a performance in Las Vegas
  171. Jennifer Lopez displayed diva-like behavior at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding
  172. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in Las Vegas
  173. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes around the Maldives
  174. Tom Cruise himself serenaded Katie Holmes at wedding
  175. Jackie Chan launches organic cosmetic line in Hong Kong
  176. New couple alert: Orlando Bloom & Kirsten Dunst!
  177. Stop the presses! Pamela Anderson's chihuahua runs away
  178. Lindsay Lohan swears off fur
  179. Plenty of FREE Kevin Federline tickets available!
  180. Keira Knightley to wed
  181. Star Jones gets new TV show
  182. Kelly Ripa is ticked off at Clay Aiken
  183. Some Fox affiliates balk at O.J. Simpson interview
  184. Rachel Zoe needs some help from Miss Manners
  185. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes refused to publicly thank Italian town
  186. Tom Cruise brings a dude along on his honeymoon
  187. Josh Hartnett may have a new woman
  188. Eddie Murphy: Divorce helped my acting
  189. Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer) goes batshit!
  190. Diss To Angelina Jolie - "So Many Bloody Indians Can't Be Wrong".
  191. Renee Zellweger was happiest as a waitress
  192. Is Angelina Jolie using voodoo on Brad Pitt?
  193. Porn broker offers $100 million for Britney Spears' sex tape
  194. Ashlee Simpson to record with The Cure's Robert Smith?
  195. Father of Madonna's adopted son weds
  196. Madonna's new book flops
  197. Paris Hilton apparently 'hooked up' with Lindsay Lohan's ex
  198. Angelina Jolie wants to adopt from Haiti next
  199. Pete Doherty arrested for crack-cocaine YET AGAIN, and released on bail
  200. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gross guests out with their 3-minute kiss
  201. Katie Holmes bumps longtime hairstylist
  202. Heather Mills denies gold digger claims
  203. Liza Minnelli: 'I hope David Gest gets f****d by a kangaroo'
  204. Elijah Wood often mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe and Tobey Maguire
  205. Natalie Portman's Very Public Mexican Make Out
  206. Chris Robinson files for divorce from Kate Hudson
  207. Mel Gibson Hollywood's LEAST INTRIGUING PERSON
  208. Jay Leno, fat and proud, doesn't eat vegetables...
  209. Kevin Federline strapped for cash takes the bus instead of airplane
  210. Britney Spears' family held a divorce intervention
  211. Teri Hatcher dating Eva Longoria's ex
  212. Ellen Barkin will kick your butt
  213. Paris Hilton showered with ice as chaos erupts at Vanity Fair party
  214. Kimberly Stewart has liver disease?!
  215. Shana Moakler tells Paris Hilton to....
  216. Angelina Jolie's bodyguards (3) arrested in India!!!!!!
  217. Is Lindsay Lohan a cutter?
  218. Kevin Federline still partying
  219. Beyoncé: " I really am kind of cheap"
  220. Stars fly in for Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes' wedding
  221. Pink calls Beyonce a "bitch"
  222. Keira Knightley demanded an agent at 3 years old?
  223. David Gest wants his zebra milk NOW!!!
  224. Lindsay Lohan booed at Word Music Awards
  225. Matt Damon deliberately appears to be boring in interviews
  226. Rachel Ray's husband is a dirty freak!
  227. Does Justin Timberlake diss Janet Jackson on his new song?
  228. Jessica Biel has a new man
  229. Emmitt Smith may get daytime talk show
  230. Some website says that Tom Hanks died...
  231. Michael Jackson's comeback at World Music Awards fails miserably
  232. Beyonce's bodyguard: "move, the beautiful one has arrived"
  233. Top Model Eva Pigford gives Tyra Banks the boot and changes her name
  234. Whitney Houston's mansion in foreclosure
  235. Katie Holmes did INDEED suffer from post-partum depression!!
  236. Children pushed around by Angelina Jolie's bodyguards
  237. Scarlett Johansson blasts president Bush for anti-abortion opinions
  238. The castle where Tom Cruise is to marry Katie Holmes is haunted
  239. Britney Spears turns to Justin Timberlake to cope with marriage breakdown
  240. Britney Spears' prenup
  241. Britney Spears may get counter-sued by tabloid
  242. Elton John wishes he lost his virginity earlier
  243. Kevin Federline wants Britney Spears back!
  244. Penelope Cruz also not invited to Tom Cruise wedding
  245. Tom Cruise has difficulty getting into his wedding suit
  246. Angelina Jolie: high school slut
  247. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made their first public appearance with Suri
  248. Perez Hilton gets served!
  249. British actress Rachel Weisz lashes out at pregnancy-alcohol critics
  250. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were banned from world premiere of Casino Royale