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  1. Beyonce's Dad a nightmare for Dreamgirls:Pissed at Hudson
  2. Jonathon "J.R." Rotam now with Bai Ling
  3. Britney Spears finds one more thing to be the worst at
  4. Victoria Beckham to play alien bride in Scientology film
  5. Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman....another one bites the dust?
  6. Giuliana DePandi engaged to Bill Rancic???
  7. Trouble in paradise for Pink and hubby Carey Hart??
  8. Reese Witherspoon is "ok"
  9. Billie Piper splits with boyfriend
  10. Jay Z's ex says he's still trying to get with her
  11. Rihanna's childhood friend says she's a boyfriend stealing slut
  12. Lindsay Lohan beaten and tenderized by long, skinny poles
  13. Gwen Stefani, "Breast feeding gives you super powers."
  14. Bridget Moynahan rebuffed by Tom Brady
  15. Danny Bonaduce can picture Lionel Richie playing at Nicole's funeral!
  16. Scarlett Johansson can't believe no one wanted to ogle her naked body
  17. Eddie Murphy misses Mel B.... because of the wild sex!
  18. Ben Stiller hates being in the public eye
  19. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton friendship over because of a boy
  20. Justin Timberlake loses his breath as he bonds with other males
  21. 50 Cent gives up on golf, doesn't have the stamina to do 18 holes
  22. Ciara wants to be Victoria's Secret's first tranny model
  23. Eva Mendes can't sleep after making the movie Ghost Rider
  24. Moby lusts after Patricia Arquette
  25. Jamie Foxx almost cried when Jennifer Hudson sang. Beyonce is a hippo
  26. Matthew McConaughey congratulates his beard Penelope Cruz on her Oscar
  27. Naomi Campbell says, "I love English food. Like pasta!", subsequently wins award
  28. Denzel Washington wants his wife Pauletta Pearson to start singing again
  29. Tom Cruise is a turn off
  30. Paris Hilton denies publically displaying support for Britney Spears
  31. Simon Cowell gets cosmetic dentistry, and pranks fellow judges
  32. Cameron Diaz shocked that the Japanese speak Japanese in Japan and not English
  33. A plastic surgeon comes to the rescue of Jennifer Aniston! Imposter has bigger chin
  34. Robbie Williams breaks Australia's no-smoking ban
  35. Kate Middleton cheers on Prince Williams at his graduation
  36. Martha Stewart is angry at the world and loves her $1200 vibrator
  37. Matt Lucas of Little Britain gets married to Kevin McGee
  38. AOL "Stinky Diaper" Awards
  39. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Spend 'Special Time' With Each Child
  40. George Clooney Uncovers Source Of Wedding Stories
  41. Woman claims to be Mel Gibson's love child, wants DNA test
  42. Dr. Phil kicks a guest off his show
  43. Paris Hilton to marry Stavros Niarchos and have Britney Spears as matron of honor
  44. Christie Brinkley divorce getting nastier
  45. In case anyone cared, Jillian Barberie is pregnant w/first baby
  46. Ed Norton is happy for Salma Hayek's ‘Ugly Betty’ success
  47. Publisher behind O.J. Simpson's book fired
  48. Mary J. Blige backs Britney Spears
  49. Katie Holmes pregnant?
  50. Matthew Knowles tried to sign Jennifer Hudson halfway through Dreamgirls
  51. Paris Hilton claims she has still been celibate now for 7 months
  52. Courtney Love helping Pete Doherty to quit drugs
  53. Britney Spears nipple-slips and continues to party
  54. Has Jonathon "J.R." Rotem already dumped Britney Spears?
  55. Mary Carey (porn star) follows celebutard trend and goes pantyless
  56. Matt Lauer claims he hasn't seen Britney Spears' crotch shots
  57. Mel Gibson feels sorry for Britney Spears
  58. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's NYC shopping spree
  59. Ex-Natalie Holloway suspects sue Dr. Phil McGraw
  60. Natasha Lyonne finally turns herself in to authorities
  61. Trey Anastasio of Phish nabbed for DUI
  62. Hell Yeah! Tom Brady is back on the market!
  63. Christina Aguilera ticked off at Roberto Cavalli
  64. Kevin Federline to blackmail Britney Spears with video of her being incoherent
  65. Tom Cruise sinks his Xenu-flavored claws into Mel B.
  66. Dim bulb Jessica Simpson can't remember her lines
  67. Courteney Cox-Arquette is being a good friend
  68. Carrie Underwood is Heading for the Gulf
  69. George Michael Plans U.S. Tour
  70. Paris Hilton snorts whipped cream?.......sure
  71. Dixie Chicks breaking up??
  72. Nick Lachey to Jessica Simpson "I'm re-marrying"
  73. Angelina Jolie feeds crickets to Maddox Jolie-Pitt
  74. Britney Spears has been told to end friendship with Paris Hilton
  75. Pamela Anderson says Kid Rock is a liar
  76. Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt plan to adopt again
  77. Heather Locklear has found a younger man
  78. Star Jones gets a new job!
  79. This wasn't Nicole Ritchies first DUI....rut roh
  80. Janice Dickinson in car accident, shockingly she wasn't drunk
  81. GASP! Miss USA to be dethroned!!
  82. Yoko Ono's driver tried to blackmail her
  83. Nicole Richie going to jail?
  84. Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez are secret Scientologists
  85. Joe Francis & "Girls Gone Wild" fined for using underage girls
  86. Snoop Dogg reveals what almost caused him to divorce
  87. Kevin Federline's revenge - wants baby drug tested
  88. Ooooo! Kitty Kelley to write Oprah Winfrey biography!
  89. Is Larry King a snob or is he just thinking of others?
  90. Stella McCartney has baby girl
  91. Nancy O'Dell having a baby before she dries up
  92. Actor Peter Boyle, Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond, dead at 71
  93. Camille Paglia: White middle-class women identify with Jennifer Aniston's humiliation
  94. Paris Hilton teaches Britney Spears how to pole-dance
  95. Kirstie Alley's six month chastity vow
  96. Jude Law to spend Christmas in Africa with orphans
  97. Nicole Richie more concerned about her weight than arrest
  98. Kirstie Alley, "Your religion is just as batshit crazy as mine - Scientology"
  99. Evel Knievel sues Kanye West over video
  100. Pauly Shore gets punched by heckler
  101. Jessica Simpson's mom steamed over '9 to 5' flub
  102. Nicole Richie's 911 tape released
  103. Kate Moss single again?
  104. Beyonce Knowles' breast looking a bit odd
  105. Fatal crash report will reveal U.S. Secret Service bugged Princess Diana's phone
  106. Outrage grows over Rosie O'Donnell's Asian joke
  107. Tori Spelling to have a boy
  108. Jada Pinkett Smith donates a million dollars to school
  109. Richard Gere and butt gerbils, how it all started
  110. An angry Naomi Campbell: "It's all blown out of proportion"
  111. Paris Hilton defends Britney Spears' parenting
  112. Britney Spears rebounds with music producer Jonathon "J.R." Rotem
  113. Angelina Jolie reveals how she and Brad Pitt started to screw around
  114. Jennifer Lopez and corpse Marc Anthony can't get pregnant
  115. Lindsay Lohan learns how to work a pole...with her MOM
  116. Ashton Kutcher wants to beat up male models cuz they're prettier than he is
  117. To Jennifer Aniston: to stay in headlines, you gotta flash your gootch
  118. Former Pittsburg resident Sienna Miller calls therapist "a cow"
  119. George Clooney gets bitchy about Jennifer Aniston
  120. Former Evanescence guitarist destroys 'Fallen' platinum award
  121. Eddie Van Halen: The ball is in David Lee Roth's court
  122. Paris Hilton plays with Nicky in very sexy ways
  123. Sherri Shepherd to become permanent replacement for Star Jones on The View
  124. Nicole Richie can't decide if she's black or white
  125. Halle Berry to release an album?
  126. Nicole Richie arrested for DUI - driving the wrong way!
  127. Elizabeth Hurley finds non-celebs "too exhausting"
  128. Sharon Osbourne gives the gift of feces
  129. Nude photos of Heather Mills recovered from dump
  130. Moby lusts after Patricia Arquette
  131. Fergie (Sarah Ferguson) signs up for Dancing with the Stars
  132. Mel Gibson stunned by forgiveness
  133. Eddie Murphy hired private detectives to trail Melanie Brown
  134. Paul McCartney to give Heather Mills 'a $235 million divorce package'
  135. Eddie Murphy dumped Melanie Brown because she couldn’t get along with his mother
  136. Cheapskate Heather Mills insults restaurant staff with a stingy tip
  137. Courtney Love: I'll dismember Steve Coogan if I have an STD
  138. Justin Timberlake avoids Britney Spears like the plague
  139. Bindi Irwin and The Wiggles! [gag]
  140. Denzel Washington denies dating socialite
  141. Olivia Newton-John bickers over money
  142. A drunk Janice Dickinson goes shopping and leaves a mess of puke behind
  143. Paris Hilton slams Britney Spears sex rumors
  144. Heather Mills McCartney wants Sienna Miller to portray her gold-digging ass
  145. Kevin Federline and Jennifer Aniston party together?
  146. Al Gore denies offering help to Lindsay Lohan
  147. Angelina Jolie gives Brad Pitt "Fallingwater" as present
  148. Madonna and Guy Ritchie battle at dinner
  149. Yoko Ono urges day of forgiveness
  150. Tori Spelling has public yard sale and invites shoppers to "Take Some Tori Home"
  151. Singer Mariah Carey Battles Pornstar Politician Mary Carey Over Name
  152. Unseen Marilyn Monroe photographs released
  153. Samuel L. Jackson buys an expensive new car - the Maybach (with hilarious commentary)
  154. Heather Mills McCartney to be her own lawyer
  155. Bette Midler calls Britney Spears a slut
  156. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to wed in South Africa for Christmas
  157. Wesley Snipes Gets Busted!
  158. Jennifer Aniston's rep emails Perez Hilton
  159. Britney Spears and Drugs?
  160. Lindsay Lohan's mom to monitor daughter's partying
  161. Britney Spears drinking and driving?
  162. Biological father doesn't want Madonna to circumcise David
  163. Oprah gets snubbed again by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  164. Mel Gibson criticized for stereotyping in Apocalypto
  165. Pamela Anderson: "Kid Rock was a holiday romance"
  166. Oprah has been secretly adopting African orphans
  167. Kevin Federline insists he has moved on from Britney Spears
  168. CrotchGate II: Camille Paglia says Madonna Gave Britney Spears the "Kiss of Death"
  169. Rihanna signs with Cover Girl
  170. Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown fires back that Eddie Murphy is the father
  171. Studio execs pushing for Beyonce Knowles to win Academy Award
  172. Nick Lachey is a big fat wuss!
  173. Doctor accused of illegal anti-wrinkle injections
  174. Is Britney Spears Paris Hilton’s lesbian lover?
  175. Joe Simpson says for a cool $10,000 his daughter Jessica will read YOUR magazine!
  176. George Clooney wants to act in Bollywood film
  177. Lindsay Lohan wants Al Gore to help her
  178. Kevin Federline notices people think he's a sleazebag
  179. Britney Spears addresses latest incidents on her website
  180. New couple alert: Joel Madden & Nicole Richie
  181. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes to have post-wedding party
  182. Andy Dick apologizes for making racial slur
  183. Jennifer Lopez pays no attention to young Hollywood
  184. Lindsay Lohan on Oxycontin (and other illicit drugs)
  185. Britney Spears wants Justin Timberlake back
  186. Pete Doherty wanted for questioning in actor's death
  187. Damon Wayans banned from Laugh Factory after using N-word
  188. Paris Hilton wants to be a mommy!
  189. Is Jim Carrey done in Hollywood?
  190. Ivanka Trump is not a Paris Hilton fan
  191. Who else loves Britney Spears? Apparently Jenna Jameson
  192. Paris Hilton is now in Stavros Niarchos mood
  193. Britney Spears investigated by Child Protection Services
  194. Rosie O'Donnell to join the cast of "Nip / Tuck"
  195. Lindsay Lohan gross out at industry bash
  196. How Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise became friends
  197. Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn Split
  198. Fergie's "Loose Talk" from US Weekly
  199. "Scrubs" Sarah Chalke Engaged
  200. Lindsay Lohan's crazy high demands!
  201. Andy Dick -- The New "Kramer"? (updated 12-6-06 with apology from A. Dick)
  202. Farrah Fawcett completes cancer treatment
  203. Parts of Michael Jackson molestation suit tossed
  204. Beyonce Knowles actually 32 years old?
  205. Beyonce and Jay-Z may be tying the knot this weekend
  206. Madonna and Guy Ritchie seek marital help!
  207. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson are over
  208. Jordan pregnant with number 3
  209. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds are dating
  210. Eddie Murphy, "Prove that the baby is mine!"
  211. Scarlett Johansson to strip
  212. Comedian Rip Torn arrested for DWI....again! (lol)
  213. Tori Spelling to write memoir
  214. Attention British female members: David Gest is looking for a wife
  215. Lindsay Lohan is attracted to unavailable men
  216. Beyoncé Knowles denies rumors of Jennifer Hudson feud
  217. Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl split
  218. George Clooney's pig has died
  219. Pete Doherty receives no jail time...Again!
  220. Jessica Simpson in tears after flubbing song at Kennedy Center Honors
  221. Rod Stewart Kisses Man For Charity
  222. Madonna seen buying arthritis medication
  223. Jessica Simpson 'preparing' to be linked to Luke Wilson
  224. Jesse James: Giving jobs to the homeless
  225. Lane Garrison of Prison Break in car accident with young teens
  226. Paris Hilton quits Billboard Awards as well
  227. Daniel Craig wants gay James Bond scene
  228. Lindsay Lohan is planning to release her own perfume
  229. Jennifer Garner says she's not pregnant
  230. Jennifer Lopez's first husband fights to get tell-all book published!
  231. Gwyneth Paltrow: British more intelligent and civilized
  232. Michael Richards to meet with Laugh Factory hecklers (and possible cash settlement)
  233. Jennifer Hudson steals Dreamgirls away from Beyonce
  234. Victoria Beckham was snubbed by paparazzi at an awards ceremony
  235. Michael Jackson has been ridiculed in a new art work by a notorious graffiti artist
  236. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are NOT Scientologists
  237. Sheryl Crow to become the new face of Revlon
  238. Donald Trump has very, very short fingers
  239. Russell Crowe dropped by his publicist Robin Baum
  240. Brad Pitt spends 3 hours in makeup to look like a "dirty old man"
  241. Nicole Kidman now Hollywood's highest female earner
  242. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes live in a $5 million sewer
  243. Gnarls Barkley's rider demands giant condoms
  244. Lindsay Lohan owns over 5,000 pairs of shoes
  245. Lindsay Lohan's publicist, "Enouf! Lindsey CAN right let her well. She not dumm!"
  246. Prince William's Girlfriend, Kate Middleton, working for clothing chain Jigsaw
  247. Madonna isn't afraid of the human-rights groups
  248. David LaChapelle refuses to work with ‘nasty’ Madonna
  249. Boozed up Lindsay Lohan causes a scene under the watchful eye of hard-partying mom
  250. Nicole Kidman looks back on her marriage to Tom Cruise