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  1. Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres expecting first child
  2. Britney Spears' new reality show –– hiring people to guide her comeback!
  3. Lindsay Lohan parties with Travis Barker!
  4. Josh Hartnett receives bar bathroom BJ
  5. Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson's daughter commits suicide
  6. Britney Spears' New Years collapse might cost her $400,000
  7. Did Dustin Diamond (Screech) use a stunt organ for his porno tape?
  8. Paris Hilton wants Justin Timberlake
  9. Bindi Irwin in U.S. media blitz
  10. Bono designs guitar for children's charity
  11. Hilary Duff is anti-men right now
  12. Ewan Mcgregor has decided no more nude scenes
  13. House’s Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer are engaged
  14. Will Smith claims he can laugh any woman into bed
  15. Sharon Stone gives Lindsay Lohan some credit
  16. Tori Spelling interviewed 20 people for dog walking job
  17. Is Brad Pitt pooping out?
  18. Hilary Swank injured in freak suspenders accident
  19. Kate Winslet vanishes into her roles
  20. Jordan's son Harvey severely burned by scalding bath water and no supervision
  21. Bachelor reject Erica Rose to create luxury tiara line
  22. Courtney Love's New Year's resolutions
  23. Alec Baldwin considered suicide when branded a bad father
  24. Courtney Love back together with Billy Corgan?
  25. Donald Trump considers letting Miss USA pose for Playboy
  26. Sylvester Stallone defends Mexicans: opposes border fence
  27. Charlie Sheen ticked off at crew member’s joke
  28. Katie Holmes embarrassed by Tom Cruise’s controlling nature
  29. Russell Crowe acted like a jerk and hid cigarettes from his wife during jet flight
  30. Plastic surgeon warns aging Britney Spears to take care
  31. Elizabeth Hurley plans 5-day wedding celebration
  32. Angelina Jolie: "Brad Pitt is the fantastic father I was looking for"
  33. Lindsay Lohan running around L.A. street 1 day after operation!
  34. Lindsay Lohan: Is there more to the story on her stint in the hospital?
  35. Musician Scott Stapp and wife have a baby girl
  36. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline agree on custody – for now
  37. Nicole Richie pays to have hex reversed
  38. Celine Dion's tacky Vegas crapfest show coming to an end
  39. Sherri Shepherd takes Star Jones spot on The View
  40. Britney Spears writes a letter to her fans
  41. Scarlett Johansson being bitchy on Justin Timberlake's video set?
  42. Renee Zellweger shocked by US/UK culture clash
  43. Jennifer Aniston to adopt?
  44. Drew Barrymore won't commit to boyfriend; warns Lindsay Lohan to be professional
  45. Mandy Moore gives Wilmer Valderrama another chance
  46. Justin Timberlake confirms the split?
  47. David Schwimmer is not a friend
  48. Teri Hatcher pulls a George Clooney
  49. Dita Von Teese dumps Marilyn Manson
  50. Pamela Anderson blasts Kid Rock
  51. Jamie-Lynn Sigler ready to strip on camera
  52. John Travolta inspiration of Brad Pitt's career
  53. Sienna Miller: 'No more older boyfriends'
  54. Justin Timberlake takes mother to movie premiere
  55. Paris Hilton shares her bed with her monkey and doesn't have sex outside relationship
  56. Claire Danes and Billy Crudup split?
  57. Britney Spears admits she is having a "rocky moment"
  58. Paris Hilton fired!.... from a job!
  59. Ivanka Trump says Rosie O'Donnell started feud with her father
  60. Shanna Moakler dating Jenna Jameson's ex
  61. Appendix surgery for Lindsay Lohan
  62. Tyrese beats his pregnant girlfriend
  63. Leonardo DiCaprio plans to adopt, Hollywood-style
  64. Busta Rhymes takes a page from Naomi Campbell's book
  65. Fox cancels The OC: Mischa Barton crows
  66. Mel B (Melanie Brown) to reveal result of paternity test on live TV
  67. Ben Affleck feels worthless as an actor
  68. Heather Mills kicks woman mistaking her for a paparazzo
  69. Halle Berry pregnant?
  70. Britney Spears in tears on the phone with Kevin Federline: "I miss you"
  71. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson split?
  72. Record company to drop Britney Spears?
  73. Jennifer Lopez one of the world's most influential Hispanics
  74. 'Days of Our Lives' star attacked outside his home
  75. Vanessa Minnillo makes a drunken scene on New Years
  76. Terri Irwin given copy of husband Steve Irwin's death video
  77. Benji Madden and Sofie Monk get engaged
  78. Megan Mullally's talk show canceled
  79. Lisa Ling gets engaged
  80. Whitney Houston puts bras & Bobby Brown's awards up for sale
  81. Lost's Emilie de Ravin, Husband Split
  82. Barbara Walters 'sides' with Rosie O'Donnell and doesn't regret hiring her
  83. Father of Madonna's adopted son begs her to know how the child is doing
  84. Angelina Jolie upset paparazzi ruin family outings
  85. 50 Cent wants to top the literary world
  86. Teri Garr has brain surgery for aneurysm
  87. Madonna criticised for false scientific claims
  88. Britney Spears might have checked into rehab
  89. Lindsay Lohan blows Kevin Federline off, proves she's got a few brain cells left
  90. Ryan Reynolds apparently still likes the Fugly Alanis Morissette
  91. Bill Cosby, Serial Rapist?
  92. Madonna won't cut adopted son's hair for 3 years to follow Kabbalah
  93. Britney Spears commissioning a nude portrait of herself
  94. Ryan Phillippe wants Reese Witherspoon back
  95. Victoria and David Beckham spent New Year's Eve doing indoor skidiving
  96. Teri Hatcher doesn't go to public gyms not to catch germs
  97. Paris Hilton turned down chance to have sex doll made in her image
  98. Anna Nicole Smith: Judge Orders Paternity Test
  99. Will Ferrell, wife have baby boy
  100. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher plan to have children together
  101. Oscars won't 'Listen' to Beyonce; she's disqualified in song race
  102. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are over?
  103. Angelina Jolie: "Honesty is the key"
  104. Are Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias finally getting married?
  105. John Mayer and Jessica Simpson New Years makeout session
  106. Eva Longoria forbids Tony Parker's bachelor party
  107. Brad Pitt has eczema...
  108. Pamela Anderson slaps Howard Stern
  109. Evangeline Lilly hints at wanting to quit Lost
  110. George Michael "unfit to drive"
  111. Year in Review: Chronology of all the men Lindsay Lohan has dated
  112. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty married
  113. Paparazzi ruin Nicole Kidman's holiday
  114. Kevin Federline To Wrestle WWE Champ John Cena
  115. Oprah Winfrey: kids in U.S. don't appreciate value of free education
  116. Kendra Wilkinson from Girls Next Door wants out of the mansion
  117. Paris Hilton skips lunch bill in Sydney
  118. Britney Spears collapses immediately after ringing in New Year
  119. Joe Simpson sells out Jessica for a pair of Cowboy tickets
  120. Kim Kardashian now has a sex tape too
  121. There's a new guy in Mary-Kate Olsen's Lalaland
  122. Kevin Federline welcomes new year with new girlfriend
  123. Dita Von Teese loves stripping but not wearing miniskirts
  124. Ashton Kutcher didn't recognize nor like Demi Moore when he first met her
  125. Nick Lachey turned down threesome with mother and daughter
  126. Jay Mohr reportedly marries Nikki Cox
  127. Did Justin Timberlake write a song about Britney Spears?
  128. Aishwarya Rai's bodyguard in trouble
  129. Tiger Woods and wife expecting baby
  130. Former children's show actor Jared Nathan dies
  131. Justin Timberlake had to adopt SexyBack attitude
  132. Beyonce created breakup anthem to empower women
  133. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split assets
  134. Elle Macpherson slams celeb publicity whores
  135. Lindsay Lohan to run for government?
  136. Saint Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in Panama City now...
  137. Keith Urban affair with model debunked
  138. Harrison Ford will begin filming a fourth 'Indiana Jones' in 2007
  139. Heather Mills calls police over missing paintings, turns out Paul McCartney took them
  140. Michael Jordan and wife splitsville -- divorce on the way
  141. Ryan Seacrest hopes to kiss Christina Aguilera on New Years
  142. Model Niki Taylor marries NASCAR driver
  143. Ed Norton luckier than Christopher Reeve
  144. Beyonce caught in another sticky situation
  145. Hilary Swank can't shake her moneymaker
  146. Mike Tyson arrested
  147. Eva Longoria fuming over Heather Mills cameo
  148. Carrie Underwood dating Jessica Simpson's rumoured boyfriend
  149. Justin Timberlake refused to take acting classes
  150. Jared Leto was ashamed of dating Lindsay Lohan
  151. Usher and Fergie want roles in James Brown biopic
  152. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie worst role models of 2006
  153. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder expecting third child?
  154. Britney Spears feared she may never experience an orgasm again
  155. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's trip to Costa Rica to meet with the poor cost £51 000
  156. Johnny Depp proud to be weird
  157. Is Clay Aiken an asshole?
  158. Jennifer Aniston has a new admirer
  159. Jennifer Lopez hoping to block first hubby from publishing tell-all
  160. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal under fire
  161. Gwen Stefani turns down work to stay at home
  162. Uma Thurman breaks wrist on film set
  163. Victoria Beckham won't star in Scientology film because she can't act
  164. Kylie Minogue most inspirational celebrity of 2006
  165. Britney Spears left by second publicist, and her fansite closed
  166. Rosie O'Donnell continues feud with Donald Trump, calls him a 'pimp'
  167. Paul McCartney is a garbage picker
  168. Britney Spears wants to adopt a tsunami orphan
  169. Mary J. Blige The Queen Of Billboard Charts In 2006
  170. Lily Allen (British singer): Anyone who buys Paris Hilton's CD should be killed
  171. Britney Spears requests her own songs at nightclub
  172. Gwen Stefani pulls a Britney Spears?
  173. Ex-girlfriend sues Tim Burton
  174. Paul McCartney: 'Heather Mills will get nothing from divorce'
  175. Dlister and comic Kathy Griffin bashes actress Patricia Heaton for her homophobia
  176. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban reunite in Australia
  177. Brad Pitt's birthday party at Jennifer Aniston's favorite restaurant
  178. Prince Harry is going to Iraq to actually fight
  179. Feuding: Paris Hilton calls Britney Spears "The Animal"
  180. Jack Osbourne blames his drug and alcohol problems on his genes
  181. Dean McDermott proposes to Tori Spelling again! WTF?
  182. Michael Jackson moving back to U.S. to attempt comeback
  183. Britney Spears hosting New Year's Eve Party
  184. Commemorate his death with a Steve Irwin doll brought to you by the Irwin family
  185. Jennifer Aniston can't move on
  186. Oprah Winfrey given leeway regarding Oscars, she'll be allowed to vote
  187. Michael Jackson suing former accountants
  188. Angelina Jolie spends Christmas day with refugees in Costa Rica
  189. Legendary singer James Brown dies at 73
  190. Britney Spears drunken & spewing
  191. Paris Hilton's music "career" over
  192. Shane MacGowan and Pete Doherty pose nude together
  193. Model claims she repeatedly had sex with Keith Urban while he was engaged
  194. Scarlett Johansson: "What about my brain?" after winning best butt in British poll
  195. Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks a leg in ski accident
  196. Video: Beyonce's father denies that she is 32 years old
  197. Donald Trump suing Palm Beach, FL after receiving a citation for flying American flag
  198. Kate Beckinsale needs new clothes
  199. Bono to receive honorary knighthood
  200. Monica Lewinsky gets Master's degree
  201. Tom Cruise stuffed his face at his wedding
  202. Tom Cruise convinces Will Smith to have a huge wedding
  203. "The Jeffersons" Mike Evans dies of cancer
  204. Director Gus Van Sant charged with DUI
  205. Sean “Diddy” Combs in trouble with Humane Society for use of dog fur
  206. Fred Durst brags about having a good time with Lindsay Lohan
  207. Britney Spears to tell all to Vanity Fair
  208. DJ AM looking for a new famous girlfriend
  209. Cory Kennedy sharing Lindsay Lohan's secrets?
  210. Matt LeBlanc defamation suit dropped
  211. Pink boycotts Australian wool
  212. Mel B (Melanie Brown) hires top lawyer
  213. Breaking! Hilary Duff uses the word “skank”
  214. Beware America: Beyonce Knowles is going to eat your food
  215. Britney Spears gets a new tattoo
  216. If you care: Eva Longoria talks about Tony Parker's proposal
  217. Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett possibly not back on
  218. California Judge orders Anna Nicole Smith to submit daughter for paternity test
  219. Jessica Simpson bows out of Dolly Parton tribute
  220. Gay fashion guru Stefano Gabbana is against same sex parenting
  221. Kevin Federline fired yet again
  222. The Stork comes twice to Sean Combs and Kim Porter!
  223. Gisele Bundchen and Josh Hartnett an item?
  224. Reese Witherspoon moves family to South Carolina
  225. Martha Stewart slams Rachel Ray
  226. Christina Aguilera refuses to be seen without makeup
  227. Britney Spears leaves Kevin Federline out in the cold
  228. Britney Spears had already been cheating on Kevin Federline before divorce
  229. More pageant scandal! Miss Nevada this time
  230. Donald Trump to sue Rosie O'Donnell. For what? Not saying
  231. MADD cuts ties with Miss Teen USA
  232. Cheaters disgust Angelina Jolie (stop your damn laughing!)
  233. 'Adoptive parents are more fit to raise a child' - Angelina Jolie
  234. Fire destroys Kailua home of 'Lost' actress Evangeline Lilly
  235. Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett are doing fine, thank you
  236. Hilary Swank dates her agent
  237. Lara Flynn Boyle gets married
  238. Eminem divorces his wife....again
  239. Matt Damon gives Angelina Jolie an even bigger head
  240. Britney Spears gets booed by basketball fans
  241. Sharon Stone and Christian Slater are havin a "fun fling"
  242. Paris Hilton goes to acting school
  243. Michael Jackson wears pants inside-out, plans to sell Neverland on reality TV
  244. Drunken, indecent Britney Spears hauled off stage by club manager
  245. Angelina Jolie disses Madonna's adoption
  246. Heather Mills receives new death threats
  247. Fansite shut down because Christina Ricci wears fur
  248. Kate Hudson praises pole dancing
  249. Aaron Carter dating singer Kaci Brown
  250. Reichen Lehmkuhl in a bitch fight with Perez Hilton