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  1. Britney Spears can't remember who she's boinking; Kevin Federline eats lobster
  2. Rachel Ray talks smack about Oprah and others
  3. Jared Leto has another hissy fit at Sundance
  4. Kevin Federline urges Britney Spears to go to rehab
  5. Jennifer Lopez rumoured to consider a move to Scientology
  6. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey go head to head
  7. UK Big Brother's Jade Goody eyes a tour of India
  8. Elizabeth Vargas says she wasn't pushed from the job
  9. Prison Break actress Sarah Wayne Callies is pregnant
  10. David and Victoria Beckham become the newest wax figures at Madame Tussauds
  11. Paris Hilton's private items are on ebay, ParisExposed.com
  12. Lance Bass is hurt with rumours of Reichen Lehmkuh's cheating
  13. Isaac Hayes will never return to "South Park" character Chef
  14. Amanda Hearst and Vanessa Trump are working for charity
  15. It's over for Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel
  16. Donald Trump angry at "Opie and Anthony"
  17. Kirk Douglas' slappy-Nazi sex romp
  18. Jennifer Aniston still hates Angelina Jolie
  19. Jennifer Aniston to get all lesbian-like with Courteney Cox
  20. Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook spar in divorce court
  21. Anna Nicole Smith's instant message to Larry Birkhead
  22. Angelina Jolie doesn't like to cry, talk or hug
  23. Apparently Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams didn't invite us!
  24. Kimberly Stewart and Lindsay Lohan's ex, Harry Morton are dating
  25. Brad Pitt says strippers changed his life, not Angelina Jolie
  26. Sister, Sister's Tia Mowry is engaged
  27. Mandy Moore says she struggled with depression
  28. Church leaders: Tom Cruise is 'Christ' of Scientology
  29. Paris Hilton court ordered to rehab
  30. Jade Goody has her windows smashed
  31. "J.Lo, fur ho!" Jennifer Lopez gets ambushed by PETA
  32. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Turn Down Roles In 'The Graduate'
  33. Britney Spears voted second most elegant woman
  34. Britney Spears goes trashy lingerie shopping with her son Sean Preston
  35. Eva Mendes: "I'm eating to make my breasts bigger"
  36. Rapper The Game threatens to beat up David Beckham
  37. Alpha Dog victim's mother attempts suicide
  38. Angelina Jolie and Maddox Jolie-Pitt's $700 shower
  39. Rosie O'Donnell vs. Oprah Winfrey?
  40. A tale of two Lindsay Lohans
  41. Angelina Jolie runs away like a scared rabbit from Jennifer Aniston
  42. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Celebrate Suri's B-Day in January?
  43. Angelina Jolie's fall from grace
  44. Jessica Biel gets her freak on
  45. Pink in mourning after beloved dog dies in her swimming pool
  46. Marilyn Manson's mid-life crisis
  47. Tyra Banks' split personality
  48. Negative review of 'Dirt' angers Courteney Cox Arquette
  49. Nick Cannon dumps Kim Kardashian over sex tape
  50. Oprah Winfrey cried over relative's "betrayal"
  51. Farrah Fawcett is going blind
  52. Elizabeth Hurley bans locals from pub for her nuptials
  53. Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to stare at her breasts...come on...just look
  54. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills reach a divorce settlement?
  55. Angelina Jolie taking a toll on Brad Pitt
  56. Terry McMillan: Stella did NOT get her groove back
  57. Fugly new couple alert: Kirstin Dunst and Adam Brody
  58. Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen, endless gifts for him
  59. British bully of Bollywood queen battered by backlash
  60. Victoria Beckham plans to snub Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding as revenge
  61. Gene Simmons is fed up with comparisons to Ozzy Osbourne
  62. Rosie O'Donnell's latest target: "intoxicated" Paula Abdul
  63. Timbaland can't work with Britney Spears without Justin Timberlake's approval
  64. Hilary Duff's stalker sentenced to serve jail time
  65. Liza Minnelli & David Gest settling suits against each other to pave way for divorce
  66. Robbie Williams to strip off for Elton John
  67. Victoria and David Beckham to live in Neverland?
  68. Sammy Hagar talks about Van Halen
  69. Kate Moss' 24-hour birthday fun
  70. Julia Roberts is expecting a baby boy
  71. Jennifer Garner wants Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to be modest
  72. Jennifer Connelly to adopt an African child too
  73. Actress Lauren Ambrose Welcomes Son Orson
  74. Alec Baldwin considers online dating
  75. Angelina Jolie says president George W. Bush turned the world against the US
  76. Renee Zellweger demands you check out her work, not her figure
  77. It's raining babies! Jenna Elfman is pregnant with her first child
  78. Lindsay Lohan doesn't wander far from Wonderland
  79. Mamas & Papas singer Denny Doherty dead at 66
  80. Special agent Jessica Simpson takes secret cookery lessons
  81. Chad Lowe has a new girlfriend
  82. Cameron Diaz replacing Justin Timberlake with Kelly Slater?
  83. Mischa Barton thinks OC failed because she was killed off
  84. Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen split
  85. Man Critically Injured on set of Tom Hanks Film
  86. Marilyn Manson: I won't give Dita Von Teese a dime
  87. Ashley Olsen and Boyfriend Greg Chait Split
  88. Felicity star Keri Russell is pregnant
  89. Golden Palace casino buys Suri Cruise's bronzed baby poop
  90. Paris Hilton tries to fix wonk eye, damages eyelid
  91. Joan Collins shows undies onstage
  92. James Franco refuses to date Lindsay Lohan, sends her over the edge
  93. Oprah Winfrey miscarried baby at 14
  94. Angelina Jolie angers her Vogue photographer, and gets replaced in Sin City 2!
  95. NBC to probably cancel soap opera Passions
  96. Sean "Diddy" Combs gets angry when he finds out he wasn't on the party list
  97. Isaiah Washington apologizes for remarks
  98. Cameron Diaz loves being single (Yeah, right!)
  99. American Idol: too mean?
  100. Hugh Hefner to be a dad
  101. Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett get cozy
  102. Brad Pitt's beauty secret
  103. Ugh! Rachael Ray's show just renewed for two more years
  104. Insecure Angelina Jolie wants Pitt family to cut ties with Jennifer Aniston
  105. All-time low: Jay Z sells jackets made from dog fur
  106. The lovely Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie and Josh Duhamel engaged?
  107. Victoria Beckham snubs Tom Cruise's invitation to join Scientology
  108. Salma Hayek: my dog saved my life (on day of Golden Globes)
  109. Dakota Fanning's role stirs controversy
  110. Jamie Foxx says that only black people should be allowed to use the "N" word
  111. Beyonce's father upset over Golden Globes
  112. Lindsay Lohan enters rehab
  113. The Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese dumps Jennifer for runner-up Sadie
  114. Sacha Baron Cohen is retiring Borat. Praise Allah!
  115. Insecure Angelina Jolie halts Brad Pitt meeting with David Arquette and Courtney Cox
  116. Paul Sorvino pulls gun on daughter's ex
  117. Paris Hilton to attend Vienna Opera Ball
  118. Maria Menounos tanked at the Golden Globes
  119. Lindsay Lohan blows off romantic trip to get tanked at Golden Globes
  120. Britney Spears pregnant again??
  121. O.J. Simpson's ghost writer says he's a murderer
  122. People didn't recognize Hilary Swank at the Golden Globes
  123. Jealous Cameron Diaz still not over Justin Timberlake
  124. How pimped out is Bindi Irwin? She's appearing on numerous television shows
  125. "Grey's Anatomy" smackdown round 2: Katherine Heigl vs. Isaiah Washington
  126. Renee Zellweger and Luke Perry. WTF?
  127. Kevin Federline to star in nation-wide insurance ad
  128. Lindsay Lohan and Joe Francis are dating...match made in heaven?
  129. Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to assaulting her housekeeper with cell phone
  130. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly move to New Orleans, Louisiana
  131. P. Diddy denied, grandma gets in
  132. Inquest into the death of Daniel Smith
  133. Couple alert: Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
  134. 2007 Golden Globe Award winners
  135. Ashton Kutcher prefers football to fashion shows
  136. According to Giorgio Armani, David Beckham is moving to LA to be an actor
  137. Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan get engaged
  138. Janice Dickinson Gets Swag-fest Boot
  139. Angelina Jolie's new clothes
  140. OMG! Mariah Carey's next album titled as...
  141. Britney Spears's $40,000 Night in Vegas
  142. Is Kevin Federline actually...nice? Do we owe him an apology?
  143. Lucy Lawless is a rock star!
  144. Jennifer Hudson might get the cover of Vogue magazine
  145. Miss New Jersey resigns over pregnancy
  146. Donald Trump rips Condoleezza Rice
  147. Jessica Simpson banned from supermarket
  148. Paris Hilton is missing a tooth
  149. MTV's 'TRL' starring Vanessa Minnillo may be axed
  150. Illness forces Kylie Minogue to cancel shows
  151. Pete Doherty arrested after police chase
  152. Angelina Jolie and Madonna in a catfight over Jenny Shimizu?
  153. Contents of OJ Simpson book revealed -- jaw dropping!
  154. Timbaland steals beats for Nelly Furtado's music
  155. Ashlee Simpson loves being single
  156. Alicia Keys' relationship troubles
  157. Kelly Osbourne hates celebrities who deny taking drugs
  158. Nick Lachey calls on women to forgive and forget
  159. Jennifer Lopez: 'My partying days are over'
  160. Madonna pokes fun at Britney Spears no-panties controversy
  161. David Beckham's move helped by Tom Cruise's advice
  162. Madonna in car chase ordeal
  163. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora to wed
  164. Jessica Alba engaged?
  165. Kim Kardashian and Ray-J sex tape has 'golden shower' scene
  166. Anthony Michael Hall in latest potential race row
  167. Queer Eye's Fab Five disbanding after five seasons
  168. Ex-Miss Nevada signs $2 million dollar contract
  169. Victoria Beckham gets US job offer
  170. Madonna joins Beyonce on Oscars' chopping block
  171. Kevin Federline returns clothing he received from Britney Spears
  172. Britney Spears gives a homeless man $300
  173. Whitney Houston's auction included other people's possessions
  174. Madonna and Britney Spears "drifted apart"
  175. Madonna: 'Paparazzi treat celebrities worse in the UK'
  176. Elizabeth Hurley's 4pm food deadline
  177. Madonna urges more people to adopt from Africa
  178. Paula Abdul wasted on live TV
  179. Dina Lohan wants an upskirt, oops, just like her daughter Lindsay Lohan
  180. Details of NYE with Britney Spears from "those that know"...
  181. Is Jennifer Garner pregnant again?
  182. Britney Spears' choice of cars: Mercedes, Porsche, Hyundai
  183. David & Victoria Beckham moving to LA
  184. Justin Timberlake already with Scarlett Johansson?
  185. Charlie's Angels: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore..... and Lindsay Lohan!
  186. Sienna Miller turned down Bond girl role
  187. James Brown's 5-year-old son not provided for in his will
  188. Angelina Jolie presents a picture of a woman insecure in love
  189. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are finished!
  190. Paula Abdul to star in live-action Bratz movie
  191. New Line studio chief blacklists filmmaker Peter Jackson
  192. Who wants to wipe his butt with Paris Hilton?
  193. Shhh! John Mayer and Jessica Simpson's affair is secret
  194. Lindsay Lohan running in a bikini, no appendix scars
  195. Kevin Federline says, "50 million or the babies biatch!"
  196. Married ... With Children's Katey Sagal and husband welcome a baby girl
  197. David Arquette puts St. Angelina Jolie on blast!
  198. Is Paul McCartney actually the mean man that Heather Mills McCartney claims?
  199. Angelina Jolie irks adoptions advocates
  200. Melissa McCarthy is pregnant
  201. New BFF Alert! Donald Trump and Star Jones!
  202. No Golden Globes gift baskets for tax reasons
  203. Madonna picks a side in the Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump catfight
  204. John Waters is a Kevin Federline Fan
  205. Paris Hilton sued because she spits out
  206. Jennifer Aniston to guest star on Dirt
  207. Madonna to release a new album soon
  208. Cute sexy Matthew Fox is a bad, bad boy
  209. Lindsay Lohan's current catfight with Michelle Trachtenberg
  210. Lindsay Lohan's countdown begins?
  211. Verne Troyer aka Mini Me checks into rehab. Again.
  212. Britney Spears collapsed because of drugs?
  213. Beyonce's assistant thinks that Jay Z is beating her
  214. Courtney Thorne-Smith marries
  215. Barbara Walters calls Donald Trump 'poor, pathetic man' on "The View"
  216. Lily Munster a.k.a Yvonne de Carlo dies
  217. Rosie O'Donnell to leave the View?
  218. Julia Roberts having twins again?
  219. Britney Spears' Stylist: Don't Blame Me!
  220. Carlo Ponti dies
  221. CSI hottie Gary Dourdan and Lisa Snowdon back together
  222. Suri Cruise in danger?
  223. Prince William asks paparazzi to back off Kate Middleton
  224. Naomi Watts' man, Liev Schreiber, loves outdoor sex
  225. Kelly Osbourne wants to pose for Playboy
  226. Totally gross!! Marilyn Manson dating 19-year-old actress
  227. Drew Barrymore single again
  228. Mandy Moore is now dating DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)
  229. Britney Spears screwing K-Fed lookalike Issac Cohen at W Hotel
  230. Nurse sends Madonna's Malawi baby daddy Yohane Banda money for flight to UK
  231. People's Choice 2007 winners
  232. James Brown still not buried, being kept in his home
  233. Brooke Burke and David Charvet welcome a baby girl
  234. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton tie for Mr. Blackwell's 'Worst Dressed'
  235. Scooby-Doo's creator Iwao Takamoto dies
  236. Jeremy Piven hints his longtime friendship with John Cusack is over
  237. Tyrese Gibson's girlfriend now denies he hit her
  238. Clive Owen is the new face of Lancome
  239. Hilary Swank moving on after split with Chad Lowe with a new boyfriend
  240. Suzanne Somers' home burns in Malibu fires
  241. Donald Trump's new letter to Rosie O'Donnell, 1/09
  242. Paris Hilton arraigned today
  243. Howard Stern gets one hell of a bonus!
  244. Alan Cumming gets married
  245. Rosie O'Donnell calls Barbara Walters a f#%& liar
  246. Mel Gibson puts Where's Waldo in Apocalypto!
  247. Angelina Jolie disses Shiloh and admits Brad Pitt knocked her up
  248. Pete Doherty to make acting debut
  249. Angelina Jolie: Madonna's adoption was illegal
  250. Rosie O'Donnell: Donald Trump is 'obsessed with me'