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  1. Heather Mills to join Dancing with the Stars?
  2. O.J. Simpson's financial records subpoenaed
  3. Reese Witherspoon has fired her Hollywood agents
  4. Anna Nicole Smith's friend has pictures of Anna in bed with Larry Birkhead
  5. Thandie Newton still upset with her rape scene in Crash
  6. Paris Hilton poses in bondage for her birthday party invites
  7. Nicolas Cage wanted to name his baby son Kyle, but decided Kal-El was more magical
  8. Sandra Bullock is furious about being constantly asked if she is pregnant
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio to take on the Enron scandal in new film role
  10. Anna Nicole Smith's best friend reveals that Anna wasn't in love with Howard K. Stern
  11. Beyonce finding it hard to share spotlight
  12. Diddy acts like a diva...again
  13. Britney Spears sluts it up in NYC and then passes out!!
  14. Chicago developer sues Nicky Hilton
  15. Rabbi Shmuley's open letter to Britney Spears.
  16. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Show Up at Face of Fashion
  17. Minister caught in Anna Nicole Smith row
  18. Sienna Miller lost her virginity in her bedroom
  19. Lindsay Lohan purchases Marilyn Monroe's home
  20. Britney Spears dresses like a whore, pukes
  21. Howard K Stern's interview with Entertainment Tonight
  22. Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis is an Internet porn addict
  23. P. Diddy bullies his way into VIP
  24. Did Britney Spears try to trick Kevin Federline to reconcile with a false pregnancy?
  25. Pamela Anderson was "just kiddin" when she said she was sleeping with Tommy Lee
  26. Jennifer Aniston's nude scene from The Breakup released *NSFW* picture
  27. Bafta Crown For Helen Mirren
  28. Isaac Cohen speaks! (Britney Spears' latest ex)
  29. Scarlett Johansson -- "I want a British man"
  30. Bruce Willis diets for nude sex scenes
  31. Is Reese Witherspoon pregnant with Ryan Phillippe's baby?
  32. Paris Hilton and a 'fake' Tinkerbell
  33. Drew Barrymore: 'The worst voice any human has ever had'
  34. Adrianne Curry says she was 'mindf*cked' by Tyra Banks
  35. Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline's awkward meeting
  36. Lily Allen: ‘I’m a US customs target’
  37. Zsa Zsa Gabor's hubby says he is Anna Nicole Smith's baby's daddy
  38. Ian Richardson dead at 72
  39. Anna Nicole Smith's sister to release tell-all book
  40. Model Elle MacPherson says she hasn't had sex for two years
  41. Hilary Duff has new love for Valentine's Day?
  42. Paris Hilton cries as she buys edible underwear and sex toys
  43. Heidi Fleiss tries to make Charlie Sheen look like he's into trannies
  44. Jennifer Hudson is Vogue-ing
  45. Gwen Stefani says: New No Doubt album coming!
  46. Kevin Costner and wife expect their first child
  47. Cisco Adler likes to talk about his "berries"
  48. When Mary-Kate Olsen and Michelle Rodriguez get horny...
  49. R. Kelly hospitalized for appendix
  50. Carlos Leon annoyed by Lourdes' British accent
  51. Britney Spears denies she's a lesbian
  52. Anna Nicole Smith found unresponsive in hotel room, later dies in Florida hospital
  53. The beginning of the end for Paris Hilton
  54. New Anna Nicole Smith DNA order
  55. Cameron Diaz is so classy
  56. Surprise, Surprise: Kim Kardashian plans to sue over sex tape
  57. Another wild night for Britney Spears
  58. Scottish health minister Andy Kerr criticised Kate Moss yesterday about her smoking
  59. Jessica Biel lands Lindsay Lohan's movie role
  60. Britney Spears' wild secret life
  61. Dakota Fanning's parents didn't want her to keep birthday gift from Tom Cruise
  62. Anna Nicole Smith drinking while pregnant?
  63. Ryan O'Neal went berserk after finding son tied up like dog
  64. Robert Downey, Jr. always keeps it real
  65. Britney Spears feels old y'all
  66. Drew Barrymore and Zach Braff a couple
  67. Ryan Phillippe is dating a 19-year-old actress
  68. Mischa Barton dumps Cisco Adler because he was naked
  69. Britney Spears wants to get back together with Justin Timberlake
  70. Naomi Watts is pregnant
  71. Prince Harry drunkenly blabs to Madonna about her fave subject: African orphans
  72. Isaac Cohen dumps Britney Spears
  73. Married ... with Children's David Faustino and wife split
  74. Kim Kardashian sex tape will be released
  75. Barbara McNair dies of cancer at 72
  76. Developer of the 'Nicky-O' Hotel to scrap project due to scandal
  77. Lindsay Lohan gets out of rehab and parties with Paris Hilton
  78. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's son Maddox wants George Clooney!
  79. OJ Simpson on book furor: 'I got paid just the same.'
  80. JC Chasez defends Britney Spears
  81. For Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman, Sunday is the day of naked
  82. Evangeline Lilly engaged to the Hobbits' precious Dominic Monaghan
  83. Beverly Hills 90210's Jason Priestley to be a dad
  84. John Mayer gives a teenage fan her first kiss
  85. Naomi Campbell wants a baby
  86. Paris Hilton and porn legend Ron Jeremy are very close friends
  87. Josh Holloway's fantasy hookup: Jessica Alba
  88. Drew Barrymore has plan for Valentine's Day, and it's not self-mercy
  89. Anne Hathaway says she's battled depression too
  90. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi canít decide who would carry their child
  91. Janet Jackson's new adventure: grocery shopping
  92. PETA freaks kick Heather Mills out of the organization
  93. Eminem is back on with Kim Mathers
  94. Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Federline party in Miami
  95. Jackass star Bam Margera weds
  96. Jessica Simpson talks about Nick Lachey
  97. Andy Dick forcibly removed from talk show
  98. A Drunk Tara Reid falls down and goes boom
  99. Mary-Kate Olsen has gone wild with her boyfriend
  100. Pete Doherty has been refused a gun license
  101. Kylie Minogue's ex Olivier Martinez pictured kissing Penelope Cruz
  102. Jennifer Hudson disses 'American Idol'
  103. Kevin Federline sorry for Super Bowl ad
  104. Madonna and Guy Ritchie sign love pact
  105. Mariah Carey: 'Eminem is obsessed with me'
  106. Mandy Moore: 'I'm not Nicole Richie'
  107. Ryan Phillippe: 'I didn't destroy my marriage'
  108. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - freaking at pre-Super Bowl party
  109. Kim Kardashian Erases Her Sex Tape Denial
  110. Tom Brady cheating on Gisele Bundchen with another Victoria Secret model
  111. Ryan O'Neil arrested....he shot someone
  112. Jennifer Aniston is insane
  113. Britney Spears: being single is 'awesome'
  114. Mark Wahlberg and Scarlett Johansson's relationship business, not pleasure
  115. NO end to Paris Hilton's racial slurs
  116. Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves secretly dating?
  117. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are still going strong
  118. Kirsten Dunst banned from bar after smoking weed
  119. Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey are soon to be over?
  120. Parisexposed.com temporaily down by restraining order
  121. Fergie is not engaged or pregnant
  122. De-sexified Scarlett Johansson
  123. Jennifer Lopez to get human rights award
  124. Kylie Minogue splits with Olivier Martinez
  125. Peter Doherty injects himself with cocaine, with video
  126. Clint Eastwood to receive humanitarian award at Oscars
  127. Kevin Federline offered brief stint at Taco Bell
  128. Kevin Federline demands pimps-and-ho's penthouse in Miami
  129. Ryan Reynolds is finally 100% fug-free!
  130. Beyonce voted the most desirable woman
  131. Katie Holmes talks about Tom Cruise and motherhood
  132. Denise Richards on drugs?
  133. Is Joe Francis behind Paris Exposed? Of course!
  134. Professional homo Lance Bass breaks up with Uber-homo Reichen Lehmkuhl
  135. Girl fight! Alyssa Milano wants Justin Timberlake too
  136. Jean Claude Van Damme boinked Kylie Minogue, wants to slap Steven Seagal
  137. Is Cupid high or something? Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry dating!
  138. Dina Lohan just doesn't know when to stop!
  139. Britney Spears' grocery list
  140. Britney Spears dates successful guys to win Justin Timberlake back
  141. Patrick Dempsey a McDad
  142. Jennifer Lopez' diva demands
  143. David Hasselhoff searches for himself on the internet
  144. Britney Spears angry at Kevin Federline for staying in touch with her friends
  145. Matt Dillon doesn't like Marilyn Manson
  146. Rod Stewart's crush on Prince Charles' wife Camilla
  147. Ellen Degeneres feels like Tom Cruise when going out with Portia DeRossi
  148. Pete Doherty to kick drug habit on reality TV show
  149. Oprah Winfrey helps murderer apologize
  150. Amanda Bynes involved in car wreck
  151. Joe Francis says he won't sleep with Paris Hilton again
  152. Kate Moss finally dumps Pete Doherty
  153. Lindsay Lohan's dad reaches out to her
  154. Angelina Jolie's mother's last wish: marry Brad Pitt
  155. Johnny Knoxville splits from wife
  156. Daniel Radcliffe prepares for nude scenes for a play
  157. Further proof Lindsay Lohan is nuts
  158. Pete Doherty's latest drug shame
  159. Prison Break's Lane Garrison was drunk during accident
  160. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richieís scheme to drum up attention for themselves
  161. Sienna Miller's 'Factory Girl' sex scene was real deal?
  162. Kevin Federline rejects $25 mil from Britney Spears
  163. Jennifer Aniston speaks of Courteney Cox kiss and other things
  164. Gwen Stefani calls her son Kingston a 'blob'!
  165. Leonardo DiCaprio dumped
  166. Brandy sued by victim's family
  167. Courtney Love confirms she's been called for American Idol
  168. Michael Jackson being urged to convert to Islam
  169. Black civil rights group angry at California Highway Patrol for targeting Brandy
  170. Jade Goody checks into rehab
  171. Beyonce producing her own music video and underpaying dancers cuz she's cheap
  172. Paris Hilton sues ParisExposed.com
  173. Ryan Phillippe has a new girlfriend
  174. Jenna Jameson to have her own TV channel
  175. Heather Graham's lesbian role
  176. Eddie Murphy is afraid to go to England
  177. Brad Pitt snaps back at paparazzi
  178. Hilary Duff gets sloppy at Hyde
  179. Kate Moss & Pete Doherty enter drug rehab unit together
  180. Victoria Beckham bashes Scientology
  181. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer faking their relationship?
  182. Cameron Diaz pissed at Britney Spears for calling Justin Timberlake
  183. Gwyneth Paltrow: Lindsay Lohan will "figure it out"
  184. Sean "Diddy" Combs and Sienna Miller now an item?
  185. Billy Bob Thornton never cheated on Angelina Jolie
  186. Whitney Houston a cradle robber??
  187. Van Halen To Rock New York City
  188. Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony To Duet In Miami
  189. Restaurant association demands cancellation of Kevin Federline's insurance commercial
  190. T. R. Knight to leave Grey's Anatomy because of the homophobic incident?
  191. Britney Spears won't be attending Vienna Opera Ball because of Paris Hilton
  192. Rachel Weisz's parents are harsh
  193. Britney Spears wanted for role of sex-mad cloned alien
  194. James Blunt has ski lift named after him
  195. Kevin Bacon uses '"Six Degrees" fame for charity
  196. Angelina Jolie's mom dies
  197. Jennifer Lopez's father is a Scientologist
  198. Angelina Jolie's fang mold auctioned on eBay
  199. Melanie Griffith insulted when asked to promote anti-wrinkle cream
  200. Eva Longoria cried when she met her idol Oprah
  201. Jesse James (Monster Garage) fined for violating air quality regulation
  202. Sienna Miller admits the obvious
  203. Lindsay Lohan -- back to work after 9 days in rehab
  204. Lindsay Lohan's all on her own in Hollywood
  205. David Beckham calls teen girl dying of cancer
  206. Adam Brody couldn't wait for The O.C. to be over
  207. Katie Holmes to be replaced in Batman Begins sequel
  208. Will.I.Am: "Michael Jackson doesn't need a record label"
  209. Gwyneth Paltrow: "Sorry I'm not Britney Spears"
  210. Teri Hatcher takes wine baths
  211. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel an item?
  212. Arnold Schwarzenegger feels the unforgiving weight of time
  213. Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy for Girls
  214. The craziest Paris Hilton fans ever
  215. Jennifer Aniston pissed at her plastic surgeon
  216. Kimora Lee Simmons knows how to work the drama
  217. Lindsay Lohan annoys Wonderland residents
  218. Well, what do you know, Stavros Niarchos' family hates Paris Hilton too
  219. British women, Leonardo DiCaprio loves you!
  220. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale most fashionable parents
  221. Spice Girl's Emma Bunton is pregnant
  222. The David and Victoria Beckham reality show
  223. Hilary Duff says being single is exciting
  224. Elijah Wood calls scuffle with Jared Leto "ridiculous"
  225. Britney Spearsí father begs Justin Timberlake to save his daughter
  226. Victoria Beckham refuses to wear pink sari to Elizabeth Hurley's wedding
  227. Lindsay Lohan freezes appendix?
  228. Kirsten Dunst: a date with Drew Barrymore's ex
  229. George Clooney dating Pamela Anderson?
  230. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson rekindle their romance?
  231. Courtney Cox may lose her best friend Jennifer Aniston
  232. Nicole Kidman in movie accident
  233. Scott Baio lost his virginity to a sofa
  234. Jake Gyllenhaal: finding a good woman is job one
  235. Beyonce almost overlooked for Dreamgirls role because she was too sexy
  236. Singer Pete Burns sues surgeon for "botched" lip enhancements
  237. Britney Spears' new man Isaac Cohen always had a thing for her
  238. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Set 'Lucky' Wedding Date
  239. David Lee Roth to rejoin Van Halen
  240. Rosie O'Donnell stifles Barbara Walters
  241. Jessica Simpson's rent-a-thugs get a little carried away
  242. Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson to star in virgin deflowering reality show?
  243. Victoria Beckham forbids David from going to the Playboy Mansion
  244. Paris Hilton ruins lives?
  245. Anne Heche and husband Coley Laffoon split
  246. Kelly Osbourne WON'T appear in Playboy
  247. Isaiah Washington enters treatment facility
  248. Ivana Trump -- Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump fued not real
  249. Singer Brandy causes fatal car crash
  250. Brad Pitt bitter and jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio's nomination