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  1. Moisturizers leave me greasy!!
  2. No Cannes 'do: bad hair at Cannes film festival
  3. Is my nose big?
  4. The five best haircuts of all time
  5. The germy facts about public hot tubs (don't click if you're easily grossed out!)
  6. I need haircut suggestions
  7. DIY mineral makeup
  8. FDA warns of contaminated Oil of Olay, Vicks products
  9. Colour corrective creams
  10. 'Proof' face creams beat wrinkles
  11. Rash from Clinique liquid facial soap
  12. 'I'm 16 and I spend 12,000 a year on looking good...'
  13. Avon Mark Dew Drenched and other Avon products
  14. French pedicure
  15. Herbal Essence Hydralicious
  16. What is the best teeth whitener you've used?
  17. A television 'extreme makeover' made my body explode
  18. High-wrinkle TV: Politicians and HDTV
  19. Acne medication, dry peeling skin, and mineral makeup
  20. Does anyone wear wigs?
  21. Danger at your local salon
  22. When it comes to shampoo, less is more
  23. Fashion's invisible woman. Fashion for size 14 and up.
  24. The rise of the lobe lift
  25. Brazilian waxing illegal in New Jersey!
  26. "A wrinkle jab wrecked my life and left me facially disfigured"
  27. Looking to hair transplants to get ahead in tough job market
  28. Who wants to smell like a Trekkie?
  29. Dandruff-help!
  30. Help!!
  31. Vavelta: The anti-wrinkle treatment made from babies' foreskins
  32. Acrylic nail fills - DIY at home!
  33. Salmon may be best-kept beauty secret
  34. Haircut disaster thread!
  35. Getting gold massage
  36. Boots No 7 arrives in America!
  37. How to apply sunscreen
  38. Heavy earrings damaging earlobes
  39. The recession's effect on beauty products and clothing
  40. Help with dry lips
  41. Katie Price fantard is 30,000 in debt because of her obsession
  42. Free cosmetics from lawsuit
  43. Seeking self-esteem through surgery
  44. I want to look my age
  45. Vaseline tops list of beauty products women can't live without
  46. Makeup recommendations?
  47. Birth defect fears over Botox rival
  48. Paul and Joe Beauty
  49. FDA approves eyelash lengthening drug
  50. The return of chest hair
  51. Eeww! Burger King selling meat-scented cologne (warning: scary-ass pic of The King!)
  52. Blackmarket haircut parties
  53. Interview with Sarah Palin's makeup artist, Amy Strozzi
  54. Help! My hands are so dry from the cold
  55. Best female figure not an hourglass
  56. Help wanted, for more "mature" skin?
  57. Chanel No. 5 most iconic perfume
  58. Eyeshadow transfer problem, please help
  59. Beauty around the world
  60. Surgery to correct a gummy smile
  61. Anyone use Badger Balm?
  62. What's your eye colour?
  63. Clinics wouldn't inject Botox into a girl of 18... would they?
  64. Free Nails Inc polish with Glamour UK Magazine
  65. Avon products
  66. The ex-Bunny Girl who has spent 500,000 having 100 cosmetic surgery operations
  67. Women who go under the knife to get "perfect" feet
  68. Help! My hair is drier than the Sahara
  69. The eyebrow transplant
  70. Now hear this: Don't remove earwax
  71. What kind of eye make up would Lucy wear?
  72. Skin deep: Computer program produces image of an ideal you
  73. Big Sexy Hair
  74. Snake venom face cream best-seller
  75. A spa that slithers-the latest massage technique
  76. Your 'absolutely swear-by' beauty products
  77. The Eyes Have It starring Donna Mills
  78. Stay away from "Aquacurrent Science" in Proctor and Gamble products
  79. What do Aussies really think about Nad's hair waxers?
  80. Heat/sunlight allergy
  81. A face not even a plastic surgeon could love
  82. Perfectly imperfect: Non Chicklet veneers
  83. These wrinkle removers really work
  84. Why won't hairdressers cut a fair deal?
  85. I'm doing it wrong! Compact makeup
  86. Guys that shave their body hair (a personal observation)
  87. 'Ugly' is the new beautiful
  88. Hair coloring: from brown to blonde. What are your stories, tips or general thoughts?
  89. Would you want to know about future hair loss?
  90. Poison oak
  91. Sun damaged skin on chest--any advice?
  92. Lumineers - Has anyone had these done?
  93. Dry skin around eyes
  94. "Wacky" beauty tips that really work
  95. Most sunscreens fail to protect
  96. GhetToes
  97. Tips for applying self-tanning mist?
  98. Fashion mavens still prefer light-skinned women
  99. Do you wear glasses?
  100. How much does Botox cost?
  101. Chic hairstyles for work
  102. Lightening eyebrows?
  103. Hair dye on skin
  104. Want to look younger? Dress your age
  105. MyBrava- weird or cool?
  106. British ladies, or ladies in Britain...
  107. The worst perfume bottles- agree?
  108. Benefit Cosmetics
  109. Anyone else try Decleor facials?
  110. I love what you didn’t do to your chipped nails
  111. Play-Doh cologne
  112. BADDDDD haircut
  113. Memorable surroundings for perfume at KaDeWe
  114. Bangs
  115. Bird poop facials for $180
  116. What do I tie my hair up with to stop ripping out strands?
  117. A pot of 2.49 nappy lotion or its 245 rival? The creme de la cream of face products
  118. Your jars, bottles, tubes and cosmetics
  119. The *Good* Eyeshadow thread
  120. Black nail polish/varnish, who wears it?
  121. Mary Kay
  122. The great pubic hair conundrum. See! 8-year-old girls getting bikini waxes!
  123. How to put on eyeshadow video
  124. Females with moustaches
  125. Hair care for flat ironing
  126. The Bad Makeup thread
  127. The anti-ageing 24-Karat gold facial
  128. Shampoo for babies
  129. First Brazilian wax - just did it
  130. Dry lips- the constant battle
  131. Would you go shopping with no make-up on?
  132. Discovered that olive oil and egg make a great mask
  133. Hairdressing - a career?
  134. Would you use Playboy Beauty?
  135. What's your opinion of permanent makeup?
  136. Little-girl primping is on the rise
  137. Has anyone tried those breast enhancing pills?.....
  138. Makeup mask for party
  139. Makeup tips websites
  140. Favourite nail polish colours
  141. Topshop pulls "Jesus" cosmetics
  142. Extremely long fake nails w/ crazy colors
  143. Knives Out: Brazil's cosmetic surgery queen
  144. Haircut for your figure
  145. Group seeks Botox warning following 16 deaths
  146. The invisible brace which promises the perfect smile in a month
  147. Who's more insecure-gorgeous or average women?
  148. The woman who promotes the scalpel as a cure for unhappiness
  149. Best movie makeup ever
  150. DIY Spa Treatment: At-Home Hair Purifier
  151. No. More. Tattoos. Pleeeze
  152. Eyeliner that smears and runs
  153. Sat out in the sun for an hour and a half, still I am Pop-n-Fresh
  154. Need flat iron brand recommendations for the U.K.
  155. Trying to find a lipstick shade
  156. Shedding hair
  157. Those cosmetic counter salespeople
  158. Pubic pondering
  159. What's your go to hairstyle when it rains?
  160. Nail salon safety
  161. Anyone else have this? (hair question)
  162. Some American man says British women are fat and lazy
  163. The perfect blowout
  164. Favorite winter perfumes/colognes
  165. Creaming your elbows and other good girly rituals
  166. Split nail
  167. Lipodissolve scam and spam
  168. Plastic surgery in your family
  169. Your best facial feature
  170. The enduring appeal of blondness
  171. Is lipgloss OUT????
  172. Foods for Facials: Tips to make your skin radiant with food!
  173. Lipstick colour?
  174. How long does it take your hair to dry?
  175. Dry hair sucks!
  176. Tight ponytails and buns... and hair loss!
  177. Are US women better-groomed than the Brits?
  178. Lies, hysteria and contempt. Because we're worth it
  179. Lead in lipstick!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!
  180. When should you give in to grey?
  181. Help me grow my hair out!
  182. Is your make-up killing you?
  183. Does hair thin out when it's longer?
  184. Hylexin - does it really work ?
  185. Box color?
  186. Deodorant
  187. Best product for straightening hair
  188. Ugly face of your beauty regimen
  189. Weird leg hair
  190. Eyes can't resist beautiful people
  191. Beauty tips from a Hollywood makeup artist
  192. NEVER buy from Anna Bellina skincare!
  193. Hair Care: What hair mask do you use?
  194. Botox, Restylane, Juvederm
  195. Hairstyle advice needed
  196. Body glitter
  197. Waxing
  198. Dreadlocks?
  199. Coloring your hair every month
  200. Kids are cruel... what can be done about arm hair?
  201. Sampling products on-line
  202. Romantic Hair Style
  203. Fat Loss Body Wrap by Bioxira
  204. Is there a really classic recent perfume?
  205. Help- My Face Is Going Crazy!!!!!!!
  206. Layering your own hair
  207. Meet the pre-teen beauty addicts
  208. Airbrush tanning
  209. Help! I am lobster red
  210. Removing Underarm Hair
  211. Hair Mask
  212. Mineral Makeup input
  213. My nose job
  214. Do I Have a Big Nose/Need a Nose Job?
  215. Could moles be the key to looking young?
  216. Herbal Essence's "Body Envy"
  217. Hot sunburnt face
  218. Better hide the tattoo if you want the job
  219. The 'perfect' smile
  220. Birth Control and Acne
  221. Face masks
  222. Acne scars / Uneven skin
  223. Bikini hair removal
  224. Girls and makeup
  225. Tattoo removal a booming business
  226. Tattoo Pics
  227. Embarrassed or private about plastic surgery?
  228. How to: Plastic surgery without the surgery! Make up video
  229. Coloured tattoos (might be a stupid question, but anyway...)
  230. We were duped over 4,000 'miracle cure' for wrinkles
  231. The pores that eat your face
  232. Rosacea
  233. Mario Badescu coupon code!
  234. Turning black hair blonde
  235. MAC discount code! Good until May 20th!
  236. L'Oreal buys up PureOlogy
  237. How to get rid of the dark shadows under my eyes?
  238. Has anyone tried Dermablend?
  239. Eyelash extensions
  240. Lip gloss
  241. How much time do you estimate you spend a week "maintaining" yourself?
  242. Woo-hey! My hair
  243. Foundation issues
  244. Wisdom f*cking teeth!
  245. Thinning Hair? Stop Using Shampoo
  246. What is your idea of beauty?
  247. What to do about one small tooth.....
  248. Facial hair removal
  249. Cancer and cosmetics
  250. Makeup for school! Help!