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  1. Grimm on NBC
  2. ABC cancels Charlie's Angels
  3. Patty Jenkins confirmed to direct 'Thor 2'
  4. Vidal Sassoon Documentary/Showtime
  5. The Avengers Coming in May 2012
  6. 2 Broke Girls
  7. American Horror Story
  8. Up All Night
  9. 'Sesame Street' unveils muppet to teach kids about hunger
  10. Whitney
  11. Sweet Genius
  12. 56 Years Ago Today: James Dean died in a car crash
  13. Awkward (MTV)
  14. Dancing with the Stars September 2011
  15. Terra Nova, Fox
  16. Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo
  17. Harry's Law on NBC
  18. Pan Am
  19. New Girl
  20. Prime Suspect
  21. Another goddamn remake
  22. Non-gory scary movies and thrillers
  23. Drive (with Ryan Gosling)
  24. Anyone else watch Revenge last night?
  25. The X Factor USA version
  26. New 'Scarface' In Development At Universal
  27. Playboy Club fails
  28. Michael C. Hall Might Ditch 'Dexter' for Broadway's 'Big Fish'
  29. House Hunters/House Hunters International on HGTV
  30. 2011 Emmy Awards 09/18/2011
  31. Salt ... Anybody know the dog that's in this movie?
  32. J.J. Abrams signs on to direct 'Star Trek 2'
  33. Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1
  34. Ringer
  35. Tanked---Anyone watching?
  36. Mel Gibson to Make Film about Jewish Maccabean Revolt
  37. Another Titanic Movie?
  38. Basketball Wives LA on VH1
  39. The Haunted
  40. Gloria Steinem - Documentary HBO
  41. Moneyball - Brad Pitt, Robin Wright - Trailer
  42. Does '30 Minutes or Less' Cross the Line?
  43. Ridley Scott to Direct Another ‘Blade Runner’ — It Won’t Be a Remake
  44. "Hysteria" trailer - the history of the vibrator
  45. Fright Night
  46. 25 Greatest Unscripted Movie Lines
  47. Evil witch Julie Chen is pissing off other 'The Talk' hosts
  48. Mike Myers Signs On For 'Austin Powers 4'
  49. Brad Pitt's new movie World War Z's plot synopsis likely to upset fans
  50. The Ides of March - George Clooney, Ryan Gosling 2011 - trailer
  51. Bert & Ernie: Not Gay, Not Getting Married
  52. "SuperHeroes" documentary on HBO
  53. "Russian Dolls" new series on Lifetime Premiere 8/11/11
  54. Movie 'The Help' - Heroic or stereotyping?
  55. Crazy About Pippa "documentary" interviews people who've never met her
  56. Trailer for slasher short film friends and I made at the cottage...
  57. Marg Helgenberger to leave "CSI" after this season
  58. Bad Girls Club - New Orleans
  59. Crazy Stupid Love
  60. Warrior with Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton & Nick Nolte
  61. Lost Alfred Hitchcock film discovered in New Zealand
  62. Kim Kardashian wedding to be televised on E
  63. A new Friday Night Lights movie in the making
  64. The Saddest Movie in the World
  65. Two & A Half Men - R.I.P. Charlie Harper
  66. The A-List New York: Season Two
  67. Project Runway Season 9; who's watching?
  68. Another Kardashian goes on "DWTS"
  69. Captain America: The First Avenger
  70. Sweet Home Alabama on CMT
  71. Jurassic Park IV - Spielberg wouldn't lie, would he?
  72. The 10 greatest "missing movies"
  73. Bachelor Pad 2011
  74. Breaking Bad
  75. Zookeeper
  76. Hef's Runaway Bride
  77. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two
  78. Dance Moms on Lifetime
  79. 2011 Emmy Nominations
  80. Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 4
  81. Laurence Fishburne Replaced by Ted Danson
  82. Dallas on TNT (Summer 2012)
  83. Famous Food- new VH1 series
  84. Big Brother 13
  85. Networks digitally inserting product placement onto reruns
  86. Pirates of the Caribbean 5: In Talks
  87. Zen
  88. America's Next Top Model "All Stars"
  89. Immortals
  90. Darrin Poll
  91. Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
  92. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  93. ‘WarGames’ remake coming from ‘King of Kong’ director
  94. Ben Barnes To Star in 'The Seventh Son'
  95. Celebrity Rehab 2011
  96. Footloose trailer
  97. Evangeline Lilly Joins 'The Hobbit'
  98. Ryan and Tatum: the O'Neals on the OWN Network
  99. Things you didn't know about Don Draper (Mad Men)
  100. Russell Crowe may play Superman's father in 'Man of Steel'
  101. Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet
  102. 'Green Lantern' Cost $300 Million, and You Know What That Means...
  103. Rocco’s Dinner Party
  104. Neil Patrick Harris sings - 2011 Tony Awards - "Broadway's Not Just for Gays Anymore"
  105. Jon Hamm: 'Mad Men' Should End
  106. Geordie Shore
  107. Days Of Our Lives Fires Chloe and Vivian and Carly...
  108. Laurence Fishburne exits 'CSI'
  109. Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Villain?
  110. Angelina Jolie: 'Salt' Sequel in the Works?
  111. Torchwood Miracle Day
  112. Next Food Network Star
  113. VH1's "Single Ladies" Show a Miss With Critics, Viewers
  114. Beginnners trailer - Christopher Plummer, Ewan MacGregor (father comes out of closet)
  115. Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix & Jeremy Renner in James Gray’s 'Low Life'
  116. The World According To Paris
  117. 7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies and TV Shows
  118. Clint Eastwood and Mae West meet Mr. Ed (the horse of course)
  119. Basketball Wives on VH1
  120. Orlando Bloom Confirmed to Return as Legolas for 'The Hobbit'
  121. 'Three Stooges' Actors Look Very Stooge-y in First On-Set Photos
  122. Anna Kournikova Replacing Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser
  123. Oprah's Farewell Extravaganza, part 1
  124. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Starts June 14
  125. World's Strictest Parents
  126. 3D version of James Cameron's 'Titanic' gets official release date
  127. ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ duped by family’s sick claim
  128. Lisa Edelstein Won't Be Returning To 'House'
  129. Ed Harris transforms into John McCain for ‘Game Change’
  130. Say it Ain't So!! Jennifer Love Hewitt to Replace Mariska Hargitay on SVU?
  131. CBS cancels 'The Defenders' and William Shatner
  132. Jennifer Aniston sucks banana, lollipop and sausage in scenes from new movie
  133. Fox Cancels ‘Lie To Me,’ ‘Human Target,’ ‘Breaking In’ & More
  134. Katie Holmes to Romance Chace Crawford in "Responsible Adults"
  135. Television Archives Interviews - your favorite tv people talk
  136. Bristol Palin Moving In with Kyle Massey for Reality Show
  137. Actress Sada Thompson Dies at 81; Played Matriarch in Hit TV Show 'Family'
  138. Thor
  139. Michael Fassbender is in talks for Danny Boyle's 'Trances'
  140. Quentin Tarantino's next will be called Django Unchained
  141. Keanu Reeves looking to play Kaneda in 'Akira' remake
  142. Game of Thrones on HBO
  143. A remake of Sunset Boulevard starring...
  144. 'Hurt Locker' team plans film on Bin Laden hunt
  145. Gigolos
  146. Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Attached to ‘Terminator 5′
  147. The Voice
  148. Khloe & Lamar on E!
  149. The Tree of Life trailer - Brad Pitt & Sean Penn, directed by Terence Malick
  150. Kate Gosselin's bungee-jumping meltdown!
  151. The Bourne Legacy - Matt Damon out, Jeremy Renner In
  152. I Am - documentary film by Tom Shadyac 2011
  153. Must See GR Event...AbFab Returns (the real one)
  154. Melancholia
  155. Bob's Burgers
  156. Oprah's Master Class on the OWN network
  157. Verizon Phases Out 'Can You Hear Me Now?' Guy
  158. OMG! All My Children and One Life To Live CANCELLED!
  159. Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 3
  160. Joaquin Phoenix In Talks For Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology Take-Down Film
  161. Braxton Family Values
  162. The Crow remake possibly starring Bradley Cooper
  163. Sneak peek at 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'
  164. Mob Wives
  165. Top Chef Masters 3
  166. 16 & Pregnant - season 3
  167. 'Hangover 2' Trailer Pulled from Theaters
  168. Best love triangles
  169. Glenn Beck's stupid fuckstick show getting cancelled on FOX "news"
  170. Is anyone registered at Oxygen for The Bad Girls Club forum?
  171. The Parents on Pregnant In Heels Are the Worst on Television
  172. The Borgias on Showtime
  173. Giant Robot
  174. Will Smith and son Jaden to co-star in M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi film
  175. Archer
  176. Chloe Moretz Joins Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'
  177. Bryan Cranston to play villain in remake of "Total Recall"
  178. Betty White Gets Her Own Reality Show
  179. What reality shows do you watch faithfully?
  180. Chris Brown performs on DWTS tonight, people are upset with the show
  181. Hailee Steinfeld in Talks for 'Sleeping Beauty'
  182. Batman franchise to get rebooted AGAIN
  183. Amy Adams Is The New Lois Lane
  184. Louis Theroux Returns To The Most Hated Family In America‎
  185. HBO's dramatic series
  186. Dancing with the Stars New Season
  187. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cast In 'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises' As Alberto Falcone
  188. Taylor Kitsch & Aaron Johnson: Starring in 'Savages'?
  189. Hanna
  190. Why Disney's 'Mars Needs Moms' Bombed
  191. Meet the new Conan
  192. WTF? Julianne Moore cast as Sarah Palin in new HBO movie
  193. Keira Knightley To Star In 'Anna Karenina'?
  194. Comedian Mike DeStefano of Last Comic Standing Dies
  195. "My Own Private River" by James Franco
  196. Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6
  197. Celebrity Apprentice 2011
  198. Andrew Zimmern takes a trip through San Francisco’s “Bizarre” alternative food scene
  199. Academy Awards 2011
  200. Oscar Nominated 'Black Swan' Inaccurate, According to Ballet Expert
  201. Oscars.com streaming ceremony online??
  202. Warner Bros. to Remake 'The Bodyguard'
  203. I got rid of TV so I won't be able to see 24 hour rotisserie chicken channel
  204. Kiefer Sutherland To Headline Fox's Drama Pilot 'Touch'
  205. TLC continues scraping the dregs of humanity: Outrageous Kid Parties
  206. Fresh story ideas a tough sell in Hollywood
  207. Mila Kunis: 'Oz, the Great and Powerful' Role Revealed!
  208. 'Firefly' returning to cable; Nathan Fillion says he'll play Mal again
  209. Adrianne Palicki cast as Wonder Woman for TV show
  210. Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese teaming up again for 'The Wolf of Wall Street'
  211. Michelle Pfeiffer in talks to star opposite Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows
  212. Kenneth Mars, actor, dead at 75
  213. Marion Cotillard Joins 'Dark Knight Rises'
  214. The Grammy Awards 2011
  215. Charlize Theron Joining Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'
  216. James Franco In Talks For 'Akira'
  217. Tom Cruise to play rock star in 'Rock of Ages'
  218. Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher -- FIRST LOOK
  219. John Woo's 'The Killer' to get 3-D remake
  220. Drive Angry (Nicolas Cage)
  221. Groupon's Superbowl Tibet ad draws backlash
  222. Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son
  223. Tom Cruise is Top Choice for Guillermo Del Toro's "At the Mountains of Madness"
  224. Kristen Stewart To Play Lois Lane?
  225. Stephen King Wants Jake Gyllenhaal in "The Stand" Movie
  226. James Franco in Talks to Replace Johnny Depp in Wizard of Oz Prequel
  227. Ralph Fiennes Rumoured To Be Joining Cast Of Bond 23
  228. Watch a Tiny Darth Vader in Volkswagen's Adorable Super Bowl Spot
  229. Jeff Bridges Joins 'The Seventh Son'
  230. Louis Theroux: My time among the 'ultra-Zionists'
  231. MTV to resurrect Beavis and Butt-Head
  232. Real Housewives of Miami
  233. 'Pet Sematary' remake heading into production
  234. Julia Roberts may wear an evil grin in 'Brothers Grimm: Snow White'
  235. American superheroes missing in Hollywood
  236. Cameron Diaz Will Star Opposite Colin Firth In Coen Brothers 'Gambit' Remake
  237. Spartacus - Gods of the Arena
  238. Joaquin Phoenix: Frontrunner in 'Vampire Hunter'
  239. James Franco joining Nicole Kidman on Broadway
  240. Katherine Heigl Replaces Halle Berry in 'New Year's Eve'
  241. Javier Bardem Wanted For Bond 23
  242. The SAG awards
  243. Kiefer Sutherland Says ’24′ Movie Will Shoot By Year’s End
  244. Henry Cavill Cast as the New Superman
  245. Real Steel (Hugh Jackman)
  246. Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White' with Viggo Mortensen?
  247. The New Charlie's Angels Have Been Cast And...Eh
  248. The Biggest Stars of MGM photo shoot -1974
  249. Snooki And J-Woww May Get A Show
  250. Things Game Shows Won't Tell You