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  1. Bradley Cooper As Lance Armstrong: JJ Abrams Confirms Actor Is In Talks For Biopic
  2. "Don't Trust the B...in Apartment 23" is cancelled?
  3. First image of Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange
  4. J.J. Abrams: 'Star Wars' Director?
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He'll Return for 'Terminator 5'
  6. The Following on Fox
  7. Movie - Safe Haven - by Nicholas Sparks
  8. Director Michael Winner dead at age 77
  9. Spring Breakers
  10. Deception on NBC
  11. Real House Husbands of Hollywood starring Robin Thicke
  12. The Bible (Miniseries on The History Channel)
  13. The Carrie Diaries
  14. Favorite Movie Lines or Dialog?
  15. Golden Globe Awards Show 2013 Live
  16. 2013 Academy Award Nominees Announced
  17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins ’Sin City’ sequel
  18. Brad Pitt In Talks for 'Pontius Pilate' Title Role
  19. Actor Charles Durning dead at 89
  20. Favorite Christmas Movie
  21. This Is the End
  22. Angelina Jolie Directing 'Unbroken', Story of Louis Zamperini
  23. The 15 Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2012
  24. The Spatter Pattern: Does All The Good Television Have To Be So Bloody?
  25. Man of Steel - new Superman film trailer
  26. Halle Berry: Return to 'X-Men'?
  27. I need to .. ahem.. procure some shitty Lifetime movies for this weekend!
  28. Carrie Underwood to star in NBC's live broadcast of The Sound of Music
  29. Over analyzing the opening credits of The Colbert Report
  30. Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel Reprising Boy Meets World Roles in Disney Channel Spinoff
  31. Liz and Dick train wreck ride here. All aboard!
  32. 'Downton Abbey' Renewed For Fourth Season
  33. Top Chef: Seattle
  34. Kelsey Grammer's show 'Boss' has been cancelled after two seasons
  35. Chevy Chase Leaving NBC’s ‘Community’
  36. Magic City
  37. ABC Cancels '666 Park Avenue' & 'Last Resort', CBS Cancels 'Partners'
  38. 'American Horror Story' Renewed for Third Installment, Jessica Lange to Return
  39. Catfish on MTV (same concept as the movie)
  40. My Life is a Lifetime Movie
  41. Perks of Being a Wallflower
  42. 'Transformers 4' gets a new logo -- and a new star: Mark Wahlberg
  43. World War Z 2012 Trailer
  44. Your favorite bollywood movie ?
  45. And yet more trash from TLC: Extreme Cougar Wives
  46. Gigolos
  47. Chicago Fire
  48. Shailene Woodley: Mary Jane Watson in 'Spider-Man 2'
  49. Nashville
  50. Call the Midwife (BBC/PBS)
  51. Couples Therapy
  52. Private Practice
  53. Homeland - Showtime series
  54. 666 Park Avenue
  55. Elementary
  56. "Castle" on ABC - season 5 and beyond
  57. Herbert Lom, of Pink Panther fame, dead at 95
  58. Dancing With the Stars - All Stars
  59. FX Adapting 'Fargo' With Noah Hawley, Coen Brothers
  60. Full House Cast Reunites for 25th Anniversary
  61. "Leave It To Beaver's" Wally Is An Abstract Artist Now
  62. TLC's "Half-Ton Killer" - Too Fat For Murder
  63. Saturday Night Live: Season 37
  64. The Mob Doctor (TV show)
  65. Revolution on NBC
  66. The Master - Joaquin Phoenix & Philip Seymour Hoffman
  67. Glee Season 4
  68. The New Normal
  69. The Voice - Season 3
  70. Long Island Medium
  71. Brett Erlich
  72. Big Brother's Brendon Villegas & Rachel Reilly Are Married
  73. Married to Jonas, Anyone?
  74. The Week the Women Went- everything this forum relishes
  75. Abby and Brittany
  76. Michael Douglas as Liberace
  77. Arnold Schwarzenegger is baaack in The Last Stand
  78. New BBC adaptation of Hitchcock thriller The Lady Vanishes to air in December 2012
  79. Breaking Amish on TLC
  80. Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren
  81. Robert Pattinson As T.E. Lawrence: 'Twilight' Star Attached To 'Queen Of The Desert'
  82. Animal Practice on NBC
  83. Miley Cyrus to join 'Two and a Half Men?
  84. Golden Girls
  85. 'United Bates Of America' New Reality Show Follows Family With 19 Children
  86. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen sign on for Scary Movie 5
  87. Dance Academy
  88. Prequel to classic horror movie 'The Shining' is in the works
  89. Storage Wars
  90. AMC Cancels 'The Killing' After Two Seasons
  91. Jonathan Rhys Meyers to play Dracula
  92. 2012 Primetime Emmy Nominations
  93. 'Finding Nemo' Sequel Confirmed
  94. Johnny Depp To Star In Wes Anderson’s Next Film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’
  95. Big Brother 14
  96. Scarlett Johansson to be highest paid Hollywood actress with 'Avengers 2'
  97. Burning Love-hilarious web series
  98. Another Unnecessary Remake: Lifetime's Steel Magnolias Trailer Debuts
  99. The Amazing Spiderman
  100. Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher trailer 2012
  101. Hollywood Exes on VH1
  102. Ted
  103. Who watched "Final Witness" on ABC?
  104. 12 Reasons Why “Magic Mike” Is Truly The Best Movie Of The Summer
  105. Love and hip hop atlanta on vh1
  106. Watching Old TV Shows on Netflix
  107. Favorite Classic Disney Cartoon/Movie
  108. The Newsroom
  109. Favorite "Disney Renaissance" film
  110. The Great Gatsby!
  111. Sweet merciful fuck: Twilight movies to be rebooted ALREADY
  112. Opening night of Rock of Ages!! -I thought Tom Cruise was Hot!!
  113. Newsflash - HGTV's "House Hunters" is totally staged and fake
  114. Lindsay Lohan set to film first full frontal nude scene with Porn Star James Deen
  115. Your brain cannot handle Hitlar, a movie about Hitler’s evil Pakistani gangster son
  116. History Channel's Hatfields and McCoys
  117. Ashley Tisdale to Star in 'Scary Movie 5'
  118. Samuel L. Jackson Joining 'Robocop'
  119. HBO's "Girls"
  120. America's Got Talent--2012 Edition (now with Howard Stern!) :)
  121. Tanisha Gets Married and You Won't Be Able to Look Away...(contains spoiler recap)
  122. Absolutely Fabulous movie set to shoot in 2013‎
  123. The Bachelorette - Emily Maynard's Season
  124. Around the World in 80 Plates on Bravo
  125. 'Two and a Half Men' Renewed for 10th Season
  126. It’s Official: CBS Cancels 'CSI: Miami’
  127. Denise Richards Is Charlie Sheen's New Love Interest in Anger Management
  128. Andre 3000 set to play Jimi Hendrix in biopic
  129. Kate Hudson: Is Her Career In Danger?
  130. The Avengers
  131. Tom Cruise: Replacing Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing
  132. The Dark Knight Rises - trailer #3
  133. Get Mel a tissue, “Khloe & Lamar” is cancelled
  134. The client list
  135. Guy Pearce Joins The Cast Of Iron Man 3
  136. Duck Dynasty on A&E!
  137. Game of Thrones - Season 2 (Beware Spoilers!)
  138. Rare behind the scenes photos from 'Star Wars'
  139. Angelina Jolie Attached to Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor'
  140. Scandal
  141. Chris Evans: 'Captain America' Sequel Set for 2014
  142. Nicole Kidman in Talks to Play Grace Kelly in 'Grace of Monaco'
  143. RHOBH's Lisa VanderPump Gets New Bravo Reality Show
  144. I Re-Watched Titanic So You Don’t Have To. You’re Welcome.
  145. Adam Sandler's production company is remaking 'Summer School'
  146. Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs For Big Sceen Biopic
  147. 'Twins' Sequel In The Works With Arnold Schwarzenegger, DeVito... And Eddie Murphy
  148. MGM Formally Offers Lead Remake Of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ To Chloe Moretz
  149. House of Lies on Showtime
  150. Dancing With The Stars March 2012
  151. Night of 100 Stars - 1982 finding their limos (with Anderson Cooper age 15)
  152. US TV to re-make Sherlock, but completely differently & call it something else....
  153. Michael Bay set to rape your childhood again for TMNT
  154. 'Luck' Canceled: HBO Cancels Drama Amid Horse Deaths And Low Ratings
  155. Leave the gun– Take the cannolis
  156. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo
  157. Bear Grylls fired from "Man vs. Wild"
  158. Veep
  159. The Lone Ranger set
  160. American Idol - Season 11
  161. Gcb
  162. Bayou Billionaires on CMT
  163. STAR WARS Artist Ralph McQuarrie Dies at Age 82
  164. Supermodels of the 80's behind the scenes
  165. Scarlett Johansson to play Janet Leigh in 'Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Pscyho'
  166. Awake
  167. 2012 Academy Awards viewing thread
  168. Adam Sandler Sets Razzie Record: 11 Worst-Movie Noms
  169. Kirk (bananas) Cameron putting the mental in the Monumental documentary
  170. Antonio Banderas To Play Pablo Picasso
  171. Hannibal Lecter Heading to the Small Screen in New NBC Show
  172. Will Smith eyed for second 'I Am Legend' film
  173. Jennifer Aniston, Dennis Quaid In ‘Switch’ Talks
  174. Kristin Kreuk Starring in CW's 'Beauty & the Beast'
  175. Emma Watson 'in final talks' to star as Belle in 'Beauty And The Beast'
  176. 'Chuck' star Zachary Levi for new Fox comedy pilot 'Let It Go'
  177. Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter (Theatrical Trailer)
  178. Michael Bay: 'Transformers 4' On the Way
  179. Bill Clinton documentary "I screwed up with this girl"
  180. 2012 Grammy viewing thread
  181. Naomi Watts Cast to Play Princess Diana in Big Screen Biopic
  182. 'House' Is Ending After Eight Seasons
  183. Hunger Games
  184. Smash
  185. The Voice season 2
  186. Actor Ben Gazarra dead at 81
  187. Teenage Dirtbag
  188. 'Room 237'- What's The Shining Really About?
  189. Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2012
  190. God Bless America
  191. After 45 Years, The Monkees Still Have Plenty to Say
  192. A Gifted Man
  193. First on-screen same-sex kiss
  194. And the 2012 Oscar Nominees are...
  195. Robert Downey Jr. to Star as Geppetto in Tim Burton's Pinocchio
  196. Project Runway All-Stars
  197. Golden Globes 2012 live viewing thread
  198. Lindsay Lohan May Play Elizabeth Taylor in TV Movie
  199. Yay! Kathy Griffin to host weekly talk show on Bravo
  200. One for the Money - First Stephanie Plum Movie
  201. The Bachelor Season 16
  202. Angry Boys
  203. Taylor Swift: 'Les Miserables' with Amanda Seyfried?
  204. Bel Ami - Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman - Trailer
  205. Seven New Shows Worth Getting Excited About in 2012
  206. Clint Eastwood joins the good, bad and ugly of reality TV
  207. Do We Really Need Two Linda Lovelace Biopics?
  208. Ab Fab Talks Kardashians
  209. Trailer for "Rock of Ages" you'll pee your pants
  210. Tom Cruise 'working on' reprising famous role for Top Gun 2
  211. I Hate My Teenaged Daughter
  212. Daniel Day-Lewis: Abraham Lincoln in New Biopic
  213. AMC's Hell on Wheels
  214. Virgin Diaries: TLC’s new reality show
  215. Ken Russell, Women In Love director, dies at 84‎
  216. AbFab Christmas Special
  217. Kourtney and Kim Take New York
  218. Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky "Really Upset" Over Roberto Martinez Split
  219. Angelina Jolie Signs on for Gertrude Bell Biopic
  220. 'Munsters' remake pilot ordered by NBC
  221. Good Vibes
  222. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
  223. Legendary Costume Designer Theadora van Runkle dead at 83
  224. Baggage
  225. Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  226. Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 4
  227. Jennifer Lopez: 'Carmen Sandiego' in Live Action Film?
  228. Top Chef: Texas
  229. First Look - R.I.P.D being filmed
  230. "J. Edgar" with Leonard DiCaprio directed by Clint Eastwood - Trailer
  231. Frozen Planet on BBC1
  232. Once Upon A Time: ABC
  233. Grimm on NBC
  234. ABC cancels Charlie's Angels
  235. Patty Jenkins confirmed to direct 'Thor 2'
  236. Vidal Sassoon Documentary/Showtime
  237. The Avengers Coming in May 2012
  238. 2 Broke Girls
  239. American Horror Story
  240. Up All Night
  241. 'Sesame Street' unveils muppet to teach kids about hunger
  242. Whitney
  243. Sweet Genius
  244. 56 Years Ago Today: James Dean died in a car crash
  245. Awkward (MTV)
  246. Dancing with the Stars September 2011
  247. Terra Nova, Fox
  248. Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo
  249. Harry's Law on NBC
  250. Pan Am