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  1. Nighttime soap MVP
  2. Golf Channel anchor says young golfers should 'lynch Tiger Woods'
  3. Ex-Yankees player in jail for DUI death
  4. Dumb sports quotes
  5. Roger Clemens is no different than Barry Bonds
  6. Thanks Pitt and Oklahoma!!!
  7. Redskins' Sean Taylor in coma after surgery
  8. Wreck kills former University of Alabama player's wife, 4 of 5 kids
  9. Viking wide-receiver fined for attending grandmother's funeral
  10. Who else is watching the MLB playoffs?!
  11. Jose Mourinho sensationally leaves Chelsea FC - did he jump or was he pushed?
  12. Buffalo Bills' Kevin Everett injures spine during game, possibly paralyzed
  13. GR Fantasy Football - anyone interested?
  14. Homer number 756 could cost lucky fan lots
  15. NFL San Francisco 49er Coach Bill Walsh dead at 75
  16. Ducks Score Stanley Cup!!!
  17. Portland TrailBlazers Fans Rejoice At Draft Lottery Win
  18. Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock was drunk when he died
  19. Golden State Warriors win!
  20. Cardinal pitcher Joss Hancock killed in car accident
  21. White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle throws no-hitter
  22. Duke lacrosse players exonerated of rape charges. Accuser was a lying turd
  23. 2007 NHL Playoffs!
  24. Baseball has started!!
  25. The Official AFL Thread
  26. Las Vegas police to seek charges against Adam 'Pacman' Jones
  27. Cricket: Pakistan loses game -- coach murdered
  28. Busted for DUI! Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa arrested
  29. Diabetes dtrikes pitcher David Wells
  30. Iditarod officials DQ musher for hitting dogs
  31. NBA | A teary-eyed Artest apologizes; Kings say he can play
  32. Figure skater gets face sliced by partner's skate blade (Article + Video)
  33. Retired NBA player John Amaechi to announce he's gay
  34. ABA signs tallest basketball player
  35. Evan Lysacek wins his first US National Figure Skating Championship title
  36. Colts (finally) win AFC championship - move onto Superbowl
  37. Expert ties ex-NFL player's suicide to brain damage
  38. Quarterback Michael Vick tries to sneak pot water on plane?
  39. Barry Bonds: Pete Rose and Mark McGwire belong in Hall of Fame
  40. London to host first NFL game outside North America
  41. New England Patriots move onto AFC Championship Game
  42. Michael Strahan ordered to pay ex-wife $1.3 mil
  43. Barry Bonds Failed '06 Amphetamine Test, Blames Teammate
  44. Footballer David Beckham signing with LA Galaxy
  45. Jason Kidd: my wife abused me
  46. Florida beats Ohio State to win the national championship
  47. Luke Jackson Signs 10-Day Contract With Clippers
  48. New England Patriots beat New York Jets, 37-16
  49. QB Tony Romo botches easy hold for extra point
  50. Bill Cowher stepping down as Pittsburgh Steelers coach
  51. Sportcaster Jim Lampley arrested for domestic abuse
  52. LeBron James just made a 75' shot
  53. NFL Denver Bronco player killed just hours after last game of year.
  54. OSU's Troy Smith wins the Heisman!!!
  55. AFC West Champions...San Diego Chargers!
  56. Chargers See Fifth Player Arrested This Year
  57. Andrea Jaeger (tennis player) to become a nun
  58. Osu Beats Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. Former Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler, dies on eve of Ohio State game
  60. Lakers With A Dry Spell At Rose Garden
  61. OSU vs Michigan!!
  62. Heavyweight champ Trevor Berbick murdered
  63. Clemson player raising 11 year old brother
  64. Update on NFL Stadium scare: man admits it was a hoax!
  65. Government Skeptical of Threat Against NFL Stadiums
  66. (OSU Football Player)Gentry experiences first movement in lower body since injury
  67. Croatian soccer fans form human swastika
  68. Eagles Blog: Owens Calls Out Fans
  69. Ohio State Football!!!!!
  70. Terrell Owens attempts Suicide by OD
  71. Plea Deal In Maurice Clarett Case
  72. New $1 billion Yankee Stadium
  73. Michelle Wie
  74. David Beckham gets canned!
  75. Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova Dating
  76. Tour De France winner fails drug test...
  77. 18 Ex-Steelers Have Died Since 2000
  78. French President calls Zidane's head-butt 'unacceptable'
  79. Portugal's Ronaldo scared to go back to Manchester Utd.
  80. Zidane's Press Conference Regarding the Headbutt
  81. Materazzi admits insulting Zidane - Italian defender denies saying terrorist
  82. Wimbledon bans skimpy tennis outfits
  83. FIFA World Cup!
  84. Pittsburgh Steelers QB injured in motorcycle accident
  85. Ant World Cup 06!!
  86. Tiger Woods' Father Dies
  87. Louisana State U!!!!!!
  88. Commonwealth Games
  89. Racist ex-pitcher John Rocker dating black woman
  90. Hockey team spoofs Cheney's hunting accident
  91. Turin Paralympics
  92. Racist Baseball Player John Rocker
  93. Figure skating costumes: Where's Joan Rivers when you need her?
  94. Finally some good news! States fighting eminent domain!! Yeah!
  95. Canadian Olympic clothing the fashion "must-haves" at Winter Games
  96. Holy Cow! The USA Womens' Hockey team close to losing!
  97. PE teacher takes bribes from kids not wanting to go to gym class
  98. Is anyone watching The Olympics??
  99. Canadian Wins Gold For Australia!
  100. US whines that Canada is too good at Olympic hockey
  101. Wayne Gretzky - Reputation on the line
  102. 8 year old boy climbs Mount Everest
  103. Steelers or Seahawks?
  104. Why do certain athletes spit a lot?
  105. USC vs UT
  106. Lots of Football Coaches being fired?
  107. Gretzky's Mom dies of Lung Cancer
  108. Danton/Frost Controversy
  109. Team Canada
  110. Rugby Fan cuts off his own tackle!!!
  111. UT squeezes past A&M 40-29
  112. George Best will die any minute
  113. Jackass Terrell Owens loses in arbitration YEA!
  114. Orioles won't bring back Sosa, Palmeiro
  115. Bears teammates admit to fight that broke lineman's jaw
  116. Some burning questions on Terrell Owens
  117. A-Rod edges Ortiz for AL MVP honors
  118. WWE's Eddie Guerrero dead at 38
  119. UT slaughters Kansas, goes up 10-0
  120. (Slutty) Cheerleaders fired by Panthers
  121. Canada to educate the CFL about HIV
  122. Manning, Colts finally beat Pats
  123. UT slaughters Baylor 62-0
  124. Mohammad Ali Death Watch
  125. USC Back at No.1 in BCS Standings
  126. Longhorns stay undefeated
  127. Not Quite A Million Dollar Kick
  128. How About Them Cowboys?
  129. Naming of Stadiums
  130. Ut 7-0 Baby!
  131. Ronaldo Arrested on Rape Suspicion
  132. astros
  133. Texas/Texas Tech game this weekend
  134. Cowboys top Giants
  135. Notre Dame/USC tied, Texas leads Colorado 21-0
  136. Body Building
  137. Michael Jordan's Massive Home
  138. Baseball playoffs
  139. Dallas beats Philly...what???
  140. Texas-OU predictions