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  1. Ohno a fast track war?!
  2. Chav-tastic outfits for Swiss skaters
  3. The only thing Darrell Green doesn't do quickly is age
  4. **SPOILER THREAD** 2010 Vancouver Olympics
  5. Drew Brees on cover of Sports Illustrated
  6. 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!
  7. Ladies love Blazers' Rudy Fernandez
  8. Let the Lindsey hype begin: Lindsey Vonn is Sports Illustrated cover girl
  9. 2009-10 Super Bowl
  10. Have a look at Ryan Miller's Team U.S.A. goalie mask
  11. NFL's biggest joke: The Pro Bowl
  12. Animal rights group unhappy with figure skater Johnny Weir wearing fur
  13. HS basketball coach makes half-court shot while blindfolded
  14. One man’s whining about the NFL overtime system
  15. Legendary Fights: Hagler vs. Hearns
  16. Russian skating champions outrage Aboriginal leaders with 'very offensive' routine
  17. UFC fighter Brock Lesnar calls Canada a 'Third World country'
  18. Chicago Bears player Gaines Adams dead of heart attack at age 26
  19. NCAA mens basketball
  20. Kim Clijsters donates prizemoney to Children's Hospital
  21. Alabama Crimson Tide rolls over Texas to win the 2010 BCS National Championship
  22. 2009-10 NFL playoffs
  23. AFC teams that don't deserve to be in the playoffs
  24. Tiger Woods - Excellent analysis from Washington Post
  25. Evander Holyfield, 47, to fight for heavyweight belt
  26. Florida football coach Urban Meyer quits
  27. DC sportscaster George Michael dies
  28. Michael Vick gets award for courage from the always 'classy' Eagles
  29. Pacquiao/Mayweather bout canceled over dispute about drug testing
  30. Sport's villains of 2009
  31. Cincinnati Bengal WR Chris Henry falls out of truck, has "life threatening injuries"
  32. University of Alabama's Mark Ingram wins the 2009 Heisman Trophy
  33. NCAA Football: Flaw-duh (Florida) fails, killed by Alabama!!
  34. Former Chief Larry Johnson's in some form of trouble. Again.
  35. Animal Abuser Michael Vick wants a dog "more than anything in the world"
  36. 12 Klansmen rally briefly before LSU-Ole Miss game
  37. LaDainian Tomlinson's Wife's Surprise Fuels Big Game
  38. Germany keeper dies in 'suicide'
  39. Amazing Wheelchair athlete
  40. Catfight at Women's Soccer Game: BYU vs. New Mexico
  41. Michael Vick's unpaid dues: Why dog advocates aren't moving on
  42. 2 women accuse Raiders coach Tom Cable of violent behavior
  43. Former Celtics star Antoine Walker is broke and in debt
  44. 2009 World Series
  45. 2009-2010 Nba
  46. ESPN broadcaster Brian Griese apologizes for Montoya remark
  47. Wrestling legend Captain Lou Albano dies
  48. Question for sporty people
  49. Justine Henin plans 2010 tennis comeback
  50. NFL/Directv suck monkey butt
  51. Why do so many NFL players go bankrupt?
  52. HS team foregoes shutout game to allow a player with Down Syndrome to score a TD
  53. Michael Jordanís night to remember turns petty
  54. 2009-2010 NFL Season thread--bring your thoughts/bitches and WTF comments here!
  55. Former First Round pick Tim James' journey from NBA to Iraq
  56. Little League World Series
  57. US Tennis Open begins on Monday, Aug 31 - predictions?
  58. Soccer star benched for fasting during Ramadan
  59. South African teen wins 800 amid gender-test flap
  60. Usain Bolt smashes 100-meter record, clocking a 9.58
  61. Pro wrestler Kurt Angle charged with HGH possession
  62. MMA fight: Gina Carano vs. 'Cyborg'
  63. Rick Pitino and all his Baby Mama drama!
  64. Florida ranked preseason #1
  65. Lock up your dogs in the Philly area--Michael Vick is coming your way
  66. It's about time Tiger Woods showed some manners
  67. Real Madrid draws 18,000 for Toronto practice (PICS)
  68. Sid the Kid brings the Stanley Cup home to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
  69. Not-so-quick-on-the draw Plaxico Burress indicted on weapons charge
  70. Swimming: FINA "absolute disgrace" over suits, says Hackett
  71. Boxer Arturo Gatti's death ruled a suicide
  72. Shaquille O'Neal hosts 'Monday Night Raw,' gets physical
  73. Michael Vick reinstated by Commissioner Goodell
  74. White Sox pitcher pitches perfect game
  75. Attractiveness, not ranking, a deciding factor in who plays Centre Court at Wimbledon
  76. The Tour de France 2009....who's watching?
  77. 24 y.o. French tennis player Mathieu Montcourt found dead
  78. Phil Mickelson's mother diagnosed with cancer
  79. Cameron Sinclair does double back flip
  80. Wimbledon, 2009
  81. US mens soccer victory was a "miracle on grass"
  82. Reporter: Brett Favre is just another scheming celeb
  83. Crew chief suspended for using racial slur
  84. As Dwight Howard grows in stature, Shaq shrinks
  85. King James left the playoffs as a loser
  86. The 'shriek heard 'round the world' must be muffled
  87. Roland Garros 2009
  88. Shoaib Akhtar out of Twenty20, warts and all
  89. Golfer Phil Mickelson's wife diagnosed with breast cancer
  90. NFL star Michael Vick leaves prison for home confinement
  91. NRL sex scandal - rubgy news in Australia
  92. Dodgers Outfielder Manny Ramirez Suspended for Drug Use
  93. Amputee makes MMA debut
  94. ATP Rome Masters
  95. William 'Refrigerator' Perry hospitalized
  96. Bye bye John Madden! Sportscaster retires after 30 yrs in the booth
  97. Monte Carlo Masters (Clay)
  98. NFL releases full 2009 regular-season schedule
  99. NHL predictions 2009
  100. Oscar De La Hoya Hanging Up the Gloves
  101. Ex-big leaguer Mark 'The Bird' Fidrych dead at 54
  102. Martina Navratilova's ex threatens to reveal her "dark secrets"...
  103. 2009 NBA playoffs
  104. Golfer John Daly selling memorabilia outside of Augusta
  105. Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart dies after hit and run
  106. Keith Olbermann's mom Marie Olbermann hardcore Yankee fan has died..
  107. Giants send not-so-quick-on-the-draw Plaxico Burress packing
  108. Cleveland Browns' Dante Stallworth expresses condolences in fatal crash (WTF)
  109. Michael Vick plans to work construction after prison (contain laughter)
  110. Michael Vick thinks Michael Vick is still worth a huge contract
  111. Kansas City Chief Larry Johnson pleads guilty to assault charges
  112. Golfer Henrik Stenson strips to his undies
  113. Sorry, have to do it: SU Orangemen win after 6 OT's!!!
  114. Ex-Pistons coach Chuck Daly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
  115. Terrell Owens fired
  116. Scott Ostler: Basketball coaches, sit down and shut up
  117. Man gets $27k phone bill after watching the Bears on the web
  118. Phoenix Suns' Jason Richardson arrested for reckless driving
  119. NBA legend Elgin Baylor sues Clippers, claiming racism
  120. Report: Ex-girlfriend sues Roberto Alomar, alleges AIDS
  121. Freestyle motocross rider Jeremy Lusk dies
  122. Shocking news: Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003
  123. 2009 Super Bowl
  124. Rafael Nadal won Australian Open 2009
  125. Turn it off!: The 50 worst announcers in sports today
  126. Red Bull Crashed Ice event tonight
  127. Kansas City Chiefs coach, Herm Edwards, fired
  128. Texas school seeks to forfeit 100-0 win
  129. NY Knicks center accused of sexual harrassment--by a guy
  130. WTF??! Drew Brees is Player of the Year?
  131. 2008-09 NFL playoffs
  132. Charles Barkley arrested on suspicion of DUI
  133. New York Jets fire head coach Eric Mangini after three seasons
  134. Mods please delete thread. Duplicate
  135. The Detroit Lions make history in the worst way possible
  136. Tony Romo collapsed in the shower after Cowboys' loss to Eagles
  137. NASCAR settles $225 million racial discrimination suit with ex-official
  138. YES!!!! Carl Peterson FINALLY resigns as The Chiefs GM
  139. NFL's most overpaid and underpaid
  140. Harlem Globetrotters player dies while on tour
  141. Michael Vick spent $3.6 million in three months before going to jail
  142. De La Hoya's a Loser!!!! hahahahaha
  143. Former NBA player Rodney Rogers paralyzed
  144. Plaxico Burress shoots himself...
  145. "I'm gonna wear this fucking bag over my head until [The Chiefs] win a game."
  146. Miami Dolphins' Joey Porter on Michael Vick: 'All it was was dogs'
  147. The fall of Michael Vick
  148. How low can they get: The selling of John Daly
  149. Roy Jones, Jr. vs. Joe Calzaghe
  150. Boxer Bernard Hopkins and an even tougher fighter
  151. Formula 1 officials condemns racists Web attacks against racer Lewis Hamilton
  152. Former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas hospitalized for possible OD.
  153. KC Chief Larry Johnson facing possible suspension
  154. Hocky Player dies during game
  155. Golfing great Seve Ballesteros has brain tumor
  156. Kansas City Chief Tony Gonzalez on the trading block
  157. Kansas Jayhawks fans can't stop chanting 'RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!'
  158. Internet sensation Kimbo Slice knocked out in 14 seconds
  159. Oregon State beats USC
  160. Goodbye Yankee Stadium
  161. Star Spangled mess: Dallas Mavericks' Josh Howard insults anthem
  162. Olympic pole dancing?
  163. Former UFC champ Evan Tanner found dead
  164. Lance Armstrong coming out of retirement?
  165. Serena Williams wins U.S. Open, reclaims No. 1 ranking
  166. Are you ready for some football??? NFL 2008 kick off baby!!
  167. NFL Wide Receiver Chad Johnson legally changes name to Ocho Cinco
  168. USA vs Spain**Spoiler**
  169. Oympic diving *spoilers*
  170. Cuban athlete might be banned after kicking ref
  171. Sex and the Olympic City
  172. Shawn Johnson/Rat! lol
  173. Women's 10m platform - SPOILERS
  174. Sports you'd like added or removed from Olympics
  175. IOC investigating gymnast's age
  176. Women's soccer... spoilers
  177. Women's beach volleyball **SPOILERS**
  178. Women's gymnastics beam finals - spoilers
  179. Womens 100m hurdles final - spoilers
  180. Beijing Olympics: Now Argentina's footballers photographed making 'slit-eyed' gesture
  181. Women's uneven bars - SPOILERS
  182. Men's 4x100 Medley Relay - SPOILERS
  183. Michael Phelps, half-man/half fish wins 8th gold and beats Mark Spitz for record
  184. Swedish wrestler stripped of bronze medal for acting like a brat
  185. 100m - spoilers
  186. Michael Phelps-***SPOILER*****WOW!
  187. London Olympics 2012
  188. Men's Butterfly ***Spoiler Alert***
  189. Women's gymnastics all-around - SPOILERS
  190. China pulls article on 13 yr. old Olympic gymnast
  191. Eeeek: Olympic weightlifter turns his elbow back to front
  192. Women's gymnastics - spoilers
  193. Olympic Synchronized Diving
  194. Spain's racist basketball team
  195. Men's Gymnastics *SPOILERS*
  196. LA Galaxy Coach Resigns; Team President-GM Fired
  197. Olympic spoilers request
  198. Mark Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub
  199. Olympic swimming!
  200. Women's gymnastics prelim
  201. Packers trade Brett Favre to N.Y. Jets
  202. Olympic Ticket Seekers Get Scammed
  203. NFL wants Brett Favre soap opera resolved by Monday
  204. WNBA hands down punishments after brawl
  205. The Beijing Olympics Thread
  206. Redskins get Jason Taylor from Dolphins
  207. Bizarre Security Restrictions At Beijing Olympics
  208. NFL to crack down on gang signs
  209. John Daly talks about former coach
  210. Swimmer Eric Shanteau postpones cancer surgery for Olympics
  211. Swimmer Dara Torres, 41, makes record 5th Olympic swim team
  212. Green Bay Packer QB Brett Favre UN-retiring???
  213. Andy Murray storms through to the quarter-finals at Wimbledon
  214. Pele is robbed in car at gunpoint
  215. Cricketer Glenn McGrath's wife dies aged 42
  216. Switch pitcher confounds umps
  217. Associated Press finds 5000 horse deaths since '03
  218. Sex claims hurting former NBA star Kevin Johnson's mayoral run
  219. Australian diver comes out ahead of Olympics
  220. Rising NHL star dies in motorcycle crash
  221. NBA Finals: Celtics vs. Lakers?
  222. Charles Barkley could face criminal charges due to casino debt
  223. Kentucky Derby runner up is euthanized on the track after breaking ankles
  224. RedBull AirRace - Has anyone ever been to this?
  225. Umpire released from hospital after taking fastball to jaw
  226. Danica Patrick makes IndyCar history by winning Japan 300
  227. Workers find Red Sox jersey buried in new Yankee stadium
  228. Any Formula 1 fans here????
  229. A-Rod's could pay Marlins' salaries and still have $6 million left
  230. Matt Leinart in trouble over "racy" party pics
  231. Formula One Boss Caught in Nazi Orgy
  232. Are you ready for some baseball?
  233. Female cycling champ seemed to be shaving her face, drug tester says
  234. N.Y. Giants reward coach with hefty new contract after Super Bowl win
  235. Marion Jones begins 6 months behind bars
  236. Pro golfer charged with killing noisey hawk with golf ball
  237. Brett Favre has retired
  238. FBI opens investigation of Roger Clemens
  239. Florida Marlins looking for a few good fat, male cheerleaders
  240. Not-so-perfect Patriots sued for cheating
  241. Roger Clemens shelled by Congress
  242. Steven Spielberg boycotts Beijing Olympics
  243. Hockey player Richard Zednik's neck severely cut by skate blade
  244. Chinese Olympics: British athletes are forced to sign no criticism contracts
  245. Formula 1 warns of sanctions over racial abuse in Barcelona
  246. Anyone watching the Superbowl right now?
  247. St. Louis Rams owner Georgia Frontiere dead at age 80
  248. Golfweek magazine editor surprised by 'enormity' of reaction to noose
  249. Marion Jones opens up to Oprah about her 'mistakes'
  250. Marion Jones sentenced to 6 months in prison