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  1. Canada: 751 unmarked graves found at residential school
  2. Mom deepfakes nudes of daughter's cheerleading rivals, told them to kill themselves
  3. NYC private school sets forth "inclusive language" guide. Using Mom and Dad are out..
  4. Regressive Cesspool of a School Gives Idiotic "Chivalry" assignment
  5. Lawmakers Worry That Sales Tax Exemption Means Women Will Buy Too Many Tampons
  6. BBC Guest Shows of her Marital Aid During Interview
  7. White GWU professor admits she falsely claimed Black identity
  8. We In Danger Girl, Part Too: Greenland Ice Shelf Melted "Past the Point of no Return"
  9. Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans' mail boxes
  10. Six Former eBay Employees Charged with Aggressive Cyberstalking Campaign
  11. Brother of sister's who died in Auschwitz found on Twitter
  12. 8-Year-Old Girl, Mother and Family Member All Found Dead In NJ Pool News
  13. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack to Step Down.
  14. Today is 75 years after the Red Army’s liberation of Auschwitz
  15. North Korean mum faces jail for saving kids from fire & not portraits of Kim Jong-il
  16. Austria to change citizenship laws to give Holocaust descendants opportunities!
  17. Woman quits her job to eat takeaway on YouTube
  18. Entire Deadspin Staff Essentially Tells Boss to F@#$ Off
  19. Gender reveal pipe bomb kills one at worst baby shower ever
  20. Dutch police discover family locked away for years on farm
  21. Irish man pranks his funeral with message from the grave
  22. Storming Area 51: failed to materialise
  23. Swimmer DQ'd over Swimsuit
  24. More than 13,000 people in the UK have been born out of 'extreme inbreeding'
  25. Scotland’s Witch Hunt - for the remains of their witch
  26. Insanely Scary Dorian
  27. Nasa said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space
  28. 99-year-old former mechanic for the Tuskegee Airmen presented with his medals
  29. Paris Waiter Shot Dead Over Slow Sandwich Service
  30. Loretto police, TN issue warnings about meth-gators, not allowed at library either.
  31. Don’t litter in Spain - Man ordered to collect fridge he threw off Spanish cliff
  32. RFK Granddaughter Overdoses at Family Compound
  33. Affluenza or incompetence by the Italian police force?
  34. PETA gone Mad: Chicken Dinner Road runs 'afowl' of PETA
  35. Woman wearing see-through top kicked off plane for 'disruptive behavior
  36. Woman killed by three sharks while snorkelling in Bahamas
  37. 150th Mass shooting this year - Govt Building Virginia Beach 12 killed
  38. Are you more stupider?
  39. Windermere Boys, rescued from concentration camps meet up 74 years later in Prague
  40. Is that an alligator in your pants or are you just happy to see me, Florida?
  41. Mongolian couple die of bubonic plague after eating marmot
  42. The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence
  43. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is On Fire
  44. Teen claims to be Timmothy Pitzen, 6-year-old boy who went missing in 2011
  45. Love Krispy Kreme? You Are Worse Than Hitler!
  46. Around 1.85 Million People Affected By Cyclone Idai
  47. Another foot (now 15) washed up in British Columbia. Authorities are not alarmed.
  48. Payless Shoes Closing ALL 2100 Stores in USA
  49. Is The World Ready for a 10-year old Drag Queen?
  50. 70% Cocoa, 4% Cockroach
  51. POS medical intern FIRED for anti-semitic comments on twitter
  52. Woman Texts A Man 159,000 Times and Offers to Wear His Fascia
  53. Tsunami sweeps away boy band mid-performance in Indonesia
  54. Walmart 'associates' get virtual reality combat training
  55. Good: mint on pillow. Bad: effigy of dead son on bed.
  56. Steve Bannon Causes Robot Sex Conference to Be Cancelled
  57. Football players are just hazing themselves now
  58. Classroom assistant gives kids juice cleanse
  59. "Have you heard about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chri..."
  60. 'You wouldn't burn or bury a Picasso.' But maybe you should.
  61. Toyota Offers New Tundra to Nurse Who Shuttled Patients During California Wildfires
  62. Woman Fights Fire with Fire: The Dick Pic War
  63. Pensioner sues to identify as a 45 year old to attract more women on Tinder
  64. Laura Levis died outside of a Boston-area ER, The doors were locked, Why?
  65. Nazi did "not see" backlash to Nazi costume coming.
  66. 123 missing children found in Michigan during sex trafficking operation
  67. 20 People Dead in NY Limousine Crash
  68. Shooting in Florence, South Carolina: 7 police officers shot, 1 dead.
  69. Mayor Hardman threatens to boycott Uranus Examiner
  70. Hurricane Florence
  71. If there are any members in the path of Hurricane Fllorence...stay safe!
  72. All GoFundMe money is gone, attorney for homeless man John Bobbitt says
  73. Aussie model’s cryptic post before mysterious death on billionaire’s superyacht
  74. Horny Dolphin Prompts Swimming Ban at French Beach
  75. Authorities searching for barefoot woman who rang doorbell, then disappeared
  76. Toddlers in Arkansas Survive for Four Days With No Food or Water After Mom Dies
  77. "Not enough of you bastards are dying' -- funeral businesses
  78. Don't cheap out on car repairs
  79. Eco-friendly terrorist group al-Shabaab bans single-use plastic bags in Somalia
  80. Thailand: 12 Boys and Coach Trapped in Cave
  81. A Group of Rhino Poachers Got Eaten By Lions
  82. False college rape allegation ‘destroyed’ my life: suit
  83. President Carter arranges medical clinic for small town without doctor
  84. Passenger who smelled so ‘unbearable’ that plane had to make emergency landing dies
  85. Australian Journalist Liz Jackson dies, aged 67
  86. God, speaking through stuffed toy, does shit job as lawyer. Clients lose custody.
  87. Hottest Grad Gift of the Season? Bullet-proof Backpack Shields. #MAGA
  88. WWI soldier's 103-year-old chocolate found
  89. Drunk teen girl Tara Houlihan takes a nap in the middle of a road. Doesn’t end well.
  90. Real-Life "Failure to Launch" as Parents are Forced to Court to Evict 30yo Son
  91. College girl Polly Rogers falls out of party bus window, is run over by multiple cars
  92. Radio host Art Bell dies at 72
  93. A Black Teen Knocked On A Door To Ask For Directions. Then He Was Shot At.
  94. BMW sued for allegedly cheating emissions tests
  95. Florida woman claims cocaine found in bag must have "flown in through the window"
  96. Linda Brown Dies (Brown v Board of Education)
  97. San Francisco becomes largest city in US to ban fur sales
  98. Fly the douchey skies. United replaces employee bonuses with a lottery.
  99. Canadian Air Force bombs Florida. Sorry.
  100. Iowa is the best state in the US!! I already knew this....
  101. The man with 2,000 daughters
  102. School cancelled as nearby church holds gun worshiping ceremony
  103. Triggered: Confederate flag raised in Seattle
  104. BREAKING: Evangelist Billy Graham Dead at 99
  105. Welsh Coast Rocked by 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake
  106. The long, bizarre history of euthanasia drugs in pet food
  107. 6th Graders in Utah Learn How to Not Say No
  108. Volkswagen automakers berated over tests on monkeys and humans
  109. Pet deaths go unmentioned in Delta's service animal crackdown
  110. I love you. You love me. We're a happy family. With a great deal of tantric sex ...
  111. German man finds lost section of Berlin wall
  112. Bride-to-be upset by unauthorized photoshop of engagement pictures
  113. Spooky Skull-Shaped Asteroid Will Haunt Earth Again in 2018
  114. Florida Man Gets High, Steals Swan Boat, Needs Rescuing
  115. New Zealand no longer qualifies as one of the greatest countries on earth
  116. More cray in the friendly skies
  117. Los Angeles is on fire
  118. Thousands of American Airlines Pilots Scheduled OFF for the Holidays
  119. Despicable Landlord Trying to Evict 100yo Woman from Rent-Controlled Apartment
  120. Charles Manson, leader of murderous '60s cult, dead at 83
  121. US Navy apologizes for massive penis
  122. 26 teenage girls found dead at sea - Italian officials wonder if they were killed
  123. Holiday Gift Idea for the Shellee in Your Life
  124. Don't drink and.. stick your head through window railings to smoke a cigarette?
  125. Nooo not the car! Banker's dumped girlfriend gets revenge.
  126. Artist who protested ‘Fearless Girl’ with urinating dog statue is killed by train
  127. Time traveler comes back to warn us of alien invasion
  128. Prepper donates basement of supplies to Puerto Rico
  129. A Colorado Jogger Keeps Pooping in People's Front Yards
  130. Chinese Man Electrocuted Then Lands on 4 Ft. Steel Bar Piercing Anus
  131. Lots of earthquakes
  132. Nurse dragged screaming to police car after refusing to give patient’s blood to cops
  133. Houston Flooding from Hurricane Harvey
  134. South Florida Woman in Viral 'Racist' Beating Video Speaks
  135. Harrowing footage emerges of cheerleaders being held down and forced to do splits
  136. Rosa Parks' house may be returned to US from Germany
  137. It ain't over until the slim, physically fit lady sings
  138. Drag queens to the rescue! Victim raises funds to replace their wigs and heels.
  139. Infowars asshole Alex Jones gets FREE coffee in Seattle
  140. Malala Yousafzai wins Oxford university place
  141. Many dead and injured in Barcelona terror attack
  142. A Nazi Sympathizer Outs Himself And Craft Beer Community Tries To Close Down His Bar
  143. Naked NY Man Squirts His Hose at cops from School Roof
  144. Military vet creates support group "so that others may live"
  145. Strangers replace man's DVD collection after fire
  146. Gay Oklahoma Dads with Adopted Black Son are Burned Out of Town
  147. Darwin Awards Contender Shot In Vagina During Badly Thought Out Sex Game
  148. Texas tragedy: 9 dead after police find a truck - case of human smuggling
  149. Swiss Couple Missing For 75 Years Found Frozen On Glacier
  150. NC newspaper runs mean obit for great-grandmother who ‘will not be missed"
  151. El Salvador teen rape victim sentenced to 30 years after stillbirth
  152. NYPD Officer Killed in the Line of Duty
  153. Texas model shuts down passenger who body shamed her on flight
  154. Six face charges over Hillsborough football stadium disaster
  155. White Officers Fatally Shoot Black Woman Who Reported Burglary
  156. EMT removed dying woman's body down aisle of crowded plane at MSP
  157. Rep. Scalise and two Capitol Hill police officers shot in Virginia
  158. Massive Tower Block fire in London.
  159. Prince Was a Secret Patron of Solar Power
  160. Fresno middle school yearbook printed with Confederate and Nazi flag symbols
  161. Several people killed and many injured after two explosions in Manchester Arena
  162. So a FL Man Tried to Kiss a Rattler
  163. Car plows into crowd in Times Square
  164. Roger Ailes has died
  165. haringey suspend the right to park and poem read ( breaking news)
  166. Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission
  167. Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission
  168. American Airlines flight attendant allegedly hits woman with stroller
  169. American Airlines flight attendant allegedly hits woman with stroller
  170. Cannabis Church Opens in Denver
  171. Two Georgia Cops Caught on Video Punching and Stomping Man's Face - Both Cops Fired
  172. Two Georgia Cops Caught on Video Punching and Stomping Man's Face - Both Cops Fired
  173. 8-year old takes Youtube driving lesson so he can get his Cheeseburger Fix
  174. Xing Ya & Wu Wen Giant Pandas arrive in the Netherlands from China
  175. Melania Trump wins damages, apology from Daily Mail publisher
  176. Newsreader Supreet Kaur learns of husband's death as she reads the news on live tv...
  177. Woman Arrested for Allegedly Choking Teen Who Blocked Her View at Disney World Firewo
  178. United passenger forcibly removed from flight after refusing to give up seat
  179. Mother claims 11-year-old son killed himself after girlfriend faked suicide
  180. Web-toed woman claims to be a mermaid
  181. 17,000 Indian doctors to deliver baby girls free of charge to challenge sexism
  182. Texting- While- Driving 20 Year Old Man Causes Fatal Collision in Texas; Killing 13
  183. Reformed hookers make gay man straight with magic cake! mmmm cake
  184. Westminster attack: woman killed and others left with 'catastrophic' injuries
  185. Hurricane Katrina Girl to Bring Air Force Vet Who Rescued Her to Junior ROTC Ball
  186. 60 Ounces of Weed Inside a Cooler Donated to Goodwill
  187. WikiLeaks Will Help Tech Companies Fix Security Flaws, Assange Says
  188. PayPal is kind of a bitch
  189. Mass graves found at former Irish Unmarried Mothers home
  190. Woman Carrying Baby with No Brain to Term to Donate Organs: Tearjerker Alert
  191. FL Man Claims His Dog Shot His Girlfriend
  192. Sheila Frederick, Alaska Airlines flight attendant saves girl from Human Trafficking.
  193. Mumps Outbreak in Washington State - Thanks Jenny!
  194. bomb threats at multiple jewish community centers today
  195. Five-year-old Ashley Zhao's parent charged with her murder, 911 tape released.
  196. Criminal investigation launched in 1981 disappearance of Denise Beaudin
  197. Renewed appeal in hunt for missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague
  198. Tilikum the orca has died. RIP :(
  199. Sears and K-Mart Closings
  200. Creepy 37 yr man who wants to bang teens, claims Starbucks is ageist for banning him
  201. Miss Florida USA contestant arrested for swing baseball bat during drunken attack
  202. mark zuckerberg programs house robot
  203. Truck: 1, Unsucessful Darwin Award contestant: 0
  204. Heroin deaths surpass gun homicides for the first time in the US
  205. 'America Belongs To White Men'
  206. 8 month old infant ejected from car found alive in storm drain
  207. Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro has died aged 90, state TV announces
  208. Corona Beer Founder Makes Everyone In His Tiny Home Village A Millionaire
  209. Walnut the whippet takes final 'walk' in Cornwall
  210. Hollywood's battles for the best bar mitzvah
  211. NYP Officers Shot, One Dead
  212. 2 Des Moines Officers Shot Ambush Style
  213. Autistic black teen got lost running and was assaulted
  214. Parents charged for allegedly giving their children heroin
  215. Man dressed as Freddy Krueger shoots 5 people at Halloween party
  216. Apple claims most of its chargers sold on Amazon were fakes
  217. Big Internet Cyberattack under way right now
  218. Model Dies after Chiropractic Treatment, 34
  219. FCC fines Comcast $2.3 million for billing errors
  220. Family Sends Pizza Deliveryman to Check on Grandma After Hurricane
  221. The pill is linked to depression
  222. Hope everyone in Hurricane Matthew's path stays safe...
  223. What is up with this creepy clown thing?
  224. Video Shows Police Trying to Run Over Homeless Before Shooting Him 14 Times
  225. Watch an e-cigarette blow up a woman's purse
  226. Tulsa Police Shoot Man That Had No Gun; Video Shows He Had Hands Up
  227. Utah Cheerleaders 'Body Shamed' After Male Classmate Complains About Their Skirts
  228. Bomb blast in New York City
  229. N.J. Ready To Put Armed, Retired Cops In Schools
  230. Man to Have Bar Mitzvah A Century Late
  231. GM recalls 3.6 million cars with airbag issue
  232. Oklahoma Mom & Daughter Arrested For Incestuous Marriage
  233. transgender man denied hysterectomy by hospital
  234. National Media Criticized Over New Orleans Media Coverage
  235. Nursing mother squirted breast milk at complaining woman
  236. Kansas state senator's 10 y.o. son dies on 'World's Tallest Waterslide'
  237. Terminix Offers $87M Settlement to Injured Delaware Family
  238. Ellicott City flood last night
  239. Warren Sapp bitten in the arm by shark while lobstering in the Florida Keys
  240. Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up and injured 15 other people in Germany
  241. Shooting Spree in German Shopping Center: 1 Dead, 10 Wounded...
  242. Another black man shot in Miami, thankfully not killed, but watch
  243. It's Over, Roger (plus obligatory Coulter shade)
  244. Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing'
  245. Military Coup Unfolding in Turkey
  246. Homeless Teen Determined to Get to School
  247. Terrorists infiltrated restaurant business according to Kansas bigot
  248. Three women lack any concept of how rivers work
  249. Truck Crashes Into Crowd Celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France
  250. Study: 11-25% Decrease in Prescription Use in Medical Marijuana States