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  1. Several people killed and many injured after two explosions in Manchester Arena
  2. So a FL Man Tried to Kiss a Rattler
  3. Car plows into crowd in Times Square
  4. Roger Ailes has died
  5. haringey suspend the right to park and poem read ( breaking news)
  6. Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission
  7. Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission
  8. American Airlines flight attendant allegedly hits woman with stroller
  9. American Airlines flight attendant allegedly hits woman with stroller
  10. Cannabis Church Opens in Denver
  11. Two Georgia Cops Caught on Video Punching and Stomping Man's Face - Both Cops Fired
  12. Two Georgia Cops Caught on Video Punching and Stomping Man's Face - Both Cops Fired
  13. 8-year old takes Youtube driving lesson so he can get his Cheeseburger Fix
  14. Xing Ya & Wu Wen Giant Pandas arrive in the Netherlands from China
  15. Melania Trump wins damages, apology from Daily Mail publisher
  16. Newsreader Supreet Kaur learns of husband's death as she reads the news on live tv...
  17. Woman Arrested for Allegedly Choking Teen Who Blocked Her View at Disney World Firewo
  18. United passenger forcibly removed from flight after refusing to give up seat
  19. Mother claims 11-year-old son killed himself after girlfriend faked suicide
  20. Web-toed woman claims to be a mermaid
  21. 17,000 Indian doctors to deliver baby girls free of charge to challenge sexism
  22. Texting- While- Driving 20 Year Old Man Causes Fatal Collision in Texas; Killing 13
  23. Reformed hookers make gay man straight with magic cake! mmmm cake
  24. Westminster attack: woman killed and others left with 'catastrophic' injuries
  25. Hurricane Katrina Girl to Bring Air Force Vet Who Rescued Her to Junior ROTC Ball
  26. 60 Ounces of Weed Inside a Cooler Donated to Goodwill
  27. WikiLeaks Will Help Tech Companies Fix Security Flaws, Assange Says
  28. PayPal is kind of a bitch
  29. Mass graves found at former Irish Unmarried Mothers home
  30. Woman Carrying Baby with No Brain to Term to Donate Organs: Tearjerker Alert
  31. FL Man Claims His Dog Shot His Girlfriend
  32. Sheila Frederick, Alaska Airlines flight attendant saves girl from Human Trafficking.
  33. Mumps Outbreak in Washington State - Thanks Jenny!
  34. bomb threats at multiple jewish community centers today
  35. Five-year-old Ashley Zhao's parent charged with her murder, 911 tape released.
  36. Criminal investigation launched in 1981 disappearance of Denise Beaudin
  37. Renewed appeal in hunt for missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague
  38. Tilikum the orca has died. RIP :(
  39. Sears and K-Mart Closings
  40. Creepy 37 yr man who wants to bang teens, claims Starbucks is ageist for banning him
  41. Miss Florida USA contestant arrested for swing baseball bat during drunken attack
  42. mark zuckerberg programs house robot
  43. Truck: 1, Unsucessful Darwin Award contestant: 0
  44. Heroin deaths surpass gun homicides for the first time in the US
  45. 'America Belongs To White Men'
  46. 8 month old infant ejected from car found alive in storm drain
  47. Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro has died aged 90, state TV announces
  48. Corona Beer Founder Makes Everyone In His Tiny Home Village A Millionaire
  49. Walnut the whippet takes final 'walk' in Cornwall
  50. Hollywood's battles for the best bar mitzvah
  51. NYP Officers Shot, One Dead
  52. 2 Des Moines Officers Shot Ambush Style
  53. Autistic black teen got lost running and was assaulted
  54. Parents charged for allegedly giving their children heroin
  55. Man dressed as Freddy Krueger shoots 5 people at Halloween party
  56. Apple claims most of its chargers sold on Amazon were fakes
  57. Big Internet Cyberattack under way right now
  58. Model Dies after Chiropractic Treatment, 34
  59. FCC fines Comcast $2.3 million for billing errors
  60. Family Sends Pizza Deliveryman to Check on Grandma After Hurricane
  61. The pill is linked to depression
  62. Hope everyone in Hurricane Matthew's path stays safe...
  63. What is up with this creepy clown thing?
  64. Video Shows Police Trying to Run Over Homeless Before Shooting Him 14 Times
  65. Watch an e-cigarette blow up a woman's purse
  66. Tulsa Police Shoot Man That Had No Gun; Video Shows He Had Hands Up
  67. Utah Cheerleaders 'Body Shamed' After Male Classmate Complains About Their Skirts
  68. Bomb blast in New York City
  69. N.J. Ready To Put Armed, Retired Cops In Schools
  70. Man to Have Bar Mitzvah A Century Late
  71. GM recalls 3.6 million cars with airbag issue
  72. Oklahoma Mom & Daughter Arrested For Incestuous Marriage
  73. transgender man denied hysterectomy by hospital
  74. National Media Criticized Over New Orleans Media Coverage
  75. Nursing mother squirted breast milk at complaining woman
  76. Kansas state senator's 10 y.o. son dies on 'World's Tallest Waterslide'
  77. Terminix Offers $87M Settlement to Injured Delaware Family
  78. Ellicott City flood last night
  79. Warren Sapp bitten in the arm by shark while lobstering in the Florida Keys
  80. Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up and injured 15 other people in Germany
  81. Shooting Spree in German Shopping Center: 1 Dead, 10 Wounded...
  82. Another black man shot in Miami, thankfully not killed, but watch
  83. It's Over, Roger (plus obligatory Coulter shade)
  84. Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing'
  85. Military Coup Unfolding in Turkey
  86. Homeless Teen Determined to Get to School
  87. Terrorists infiltrated restaurant business according to Kansas bigot
  88. Three women lack any concept of how rivers work
  89. Truck Crashes Into Crowd Celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France
  90. Study: 11-25% Decrease in Prescription Use in Medical Marijuana States
  91. Casey Anthony is Bored, Y'all
  92. Elie Wiesel, 87, Holocaust Survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Winning Journalist, Is Dead
  93. 12 Girls Allegedly Rescued from Pennsylvania Home Were Related and 9 Were Sisters
  94. Ohio teen dies from brain-eating amoeba
  95. Disney gator attack: 2-year-old believed dead as rescue turns to recovery
  96. Bank of America Employee Fired after Racist Facebook Rant
  97. Homophobic, pro-rape 'preacher' smacked in head by baseball bat wielding girl
  98. Python slithers up toilet, latches onto man's penis
  99. FL Teen Bangs Football Team in School Restroom
  100. Newsman Morley Safer Has Died
  101. An EgyptAir Flight Has Vanished Over the Mediterranean Sea
  102. Doctors Complete First US Penis Transplant
  103. Monster hunting moron mushed by train & survivor whines about charges
  104. Indian woman in her 70s gives birth to healthy baby boy
  105. Americans Wearing Flip Flops Cower in Fear of Math Terrorists on Planes
  106. Girl Scalped on Carnival Ride
  107. High school yearbook misidentifies student as 'Isis', claims it's just a typo
  108. Tampa Man Dances for Dollars on Street Corners
  109. Girl, aged 12, forced to wait weeks for Australian court to approve abortion
  110. FL Man Steals Frozen Animals and Dogcatcher Truck
  111. FL Man Arrested for Having Sex in Public Pool
  112. PRENDA Is One of the Worst Abortion Bills Making Its Way Through Congress
  113. Iraqi Refugee Removed From Southwest Flight for Speaking Arabic
  114. Extremely Self-Actualized Wedding Photographer Took 15 Photos, Chilled in Photo Booth
  115. This horrifying and newly trendy online-harassment tactic is ruining careers
  116. NSFW: Man needs surgery after carving himself an 18" Yucca dildo
  117. Nine year old reporter scoops adults
  118. Very Mindful Man Gets Entire Plane Turned Around After He Refuses to Stop Doing Yoga
  119. Texas Mom Arrested for Allowing 3 Kids Under 13 to get tattooed
  120. Utah passes 'fetal pain' abortion law requiring anesthesia
  121. Beauty sues sugar daddy for $1.5M after he dumps her
  122. Tag! You're it, Caleb! Um... Caleb???
  123. Firefighter pays electric bill to keep teen on ventilator
  124. UK Research Vessel May Be Named 'Boaty McBoatface' By Popular, Awesome Vote
  125. Florida boy of four shoots mother
  126. NSFW - Naked Dancing Woman Shuts Down Highway 290 in Houston
  127. Nancy Reagan dead at 94
  128. Poor Tech Bro Writes Open Letter About How He 'Shouldn't Have to See' Homeless People
  129. Researchers:What Even Is the Biological Reason for Women to Stay Alive Past Menopause
  130. Johnny Manziel ex outraged at video showing NFL star partying after beating her
  131. Stupid hate group funds LGBTQ dance
  132. Teen Called 'Dr. Love' Arrested for Posing as a Doctor After Opening His Own Clinic
  133. Four Members of Band Killed by Drunk Driver Just Released from Jail
  134. Retired NYPD cop on disability pension now a sheriff near Miami runs marathons
  135. Women Finally Allowed to Wear Pants on the Job (British Airways)
  136. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on moon, dies at 85
  137. Crane collapse: Manhattan at standstill after incident
  138. Court to hear application for Lord Lucan death certificate
  139. Vulture captured in Lebanon suspected of spying for Israel (he/she was later freed)
  140. Man secretly divorces wife and doesn’t tell her for 20 years
  141. Finally, proper inquest into Deepcut Army Barracks "suicide" amid rape claims
  142. Diabetic Woman Becomes First to Receive Pancreas Transplant Because of Needlephobia
  143. Zika virus: President Obama calls for urgent action
  144. Detroit Man Killed While Driving and Masturbating to Porn
  145. Miami Doctor suspended after attacking Uber driver and trashing his car
  146. Florida Cop responds to noisy kids complaint by joining them in a basketball game
  147. 21-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Freezes to Death After Leaving House Party in Shorts
  148. Police Officer Breastfeeds Abandoned Newborn
  149. French Cannabis-Based Drug Trial FAIL
  150. ISIS Claims Credit for Terror Attack in Jakarta, Indonesia
  151. Vladimir Putin's most memorable photo ops
  152. Vladimir Putin says he didnt intend to scare dog-phobic Angela Merkel in a meeting
  153. Woman Forcibly Discharged from Hospital Dies in Parking Lot
  154. Lewis Deakin, 11, is first child in UK to undergo a mastectomy
  155. Idaho School cafe worker, fired for giving free lunch is offered her job back
  156. Japan finally Settles Korean "Comfort Women" Disgrace
  157. Speaker Who Uses Wheelchair Unable to Access Stage at Disability Inclusion Panel
  158. More Research Needed to Prevent 'Zombie Apocalypse'
  159. How a blond kid became a huge star in Saudi Arabia
  160. This Is What People In Your State Googled Most In 2015
  161. Obit: Mattiwilda Dobbs, first African-American to sing at La Scala
  162. Brajraj Mahapatra, Indian king of state of Tigiria
  163. Women no longer accepted at homeless shelter after "sex problem"
  164. Town rejects solar. Panels suck up all the light, cause cancer
  165. 91-year-old woman suffocates to death from sex game with neighbor
  166. Fox News Wants Your Kids to Charge at Active Shooters
  167. Female Canadian soldier who fought with Kurds, says ISIS are just 'a thorn in side'
  168. UK hit by Storm Desmond - Most rainfall in 24 hours, if verified.
  169. Chennai, India Hit With Worst Rains In 100 Years
  170. Emails reveal how Coca-Cola controlled anti-obesity group
  171. Americans are buying a record number of guns for Christmas
  172. Oh, bother! Toothless skull of Winnie the Pooh goes on display
  173. World's second-largest diamond 'found in Botswana' (*drooling..drooling..drooling*)
  174. Pentagon 'Reasonably Certain' 'Jihadi John' Was Killed in U.S. Drone Strike
  175. Sandy Hook Truther Shows Up at Memorial Run, Screams Shooting Was a Hoax
  176. Russian Airliner Crash in Egypt's Sinai
  177. Alabama Teacher of the Year who left Mountain Brook for Birmingham is resigning
  178. Washington DC police use dance-off to defuse confrontation between teenagers
  179. China ends one-child policy: state media
  180. High school students serve as pallbearers for homeless veterans without loved ones
  181. Nepal elects first female president, Bidhya Devi Bhandari
  182. Runaway U.S. military blimp causes havoc in Pennsylvania
  183. College student meets 'doppelganger' while studying abroad in Germany
  184. Two-day Florida hunt is brutal for bears: 295 Killed.
  185. School Killing in Sweden With Sword
  186. Another theatre shooting
  187. Hunters shoot dead two elk.. before realizing they are firing into zoo enclosure
  188. Ship laden with nuclear waste heading to Australia despite safety concerns
  189. Moron founder of Title Nine espouses on why she does not advocate mammograms
  190. Woman, unable to eat hors d'oeuvres, sues nephew
  191. Celebrity Chef Matthew Tivy Faces Child Porn Charges, Accused of Enticing Teenage Boy
  192. Poachers Poison 14 Elephants
  193. Feds Set to Release 6k Inmates
  194. UK Stripper/Porno Actress/Whore Has Abortion For Nose Job
  195. Vladimir Putin Hailed as Humanity’s Savior as Kremlin PR Machine Kicks In
  196. White people reject claims of white privilege, study finds
  197. No Remorse: George Zimmerman Retweets A Photo Of Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body
  198. Water on Mars confirmed?
  199. Martin Shkreli is a douche
  200. Pilot diverts Tel Aviv-to-Toronto flight to ensure dog's safety
  201. Medieval skeleton tangled in tree roots unearthed in storm
  202. Pregnant French tourist reaches out to Internet to find Australian lover
  203. Indian sisters fleeing 'rape' punishment appeal to Supreme Court for protection
  204. 10 years ago: Iconic images from Hurricane Katrina
  205. The ‘saddest bride I have ever seen.’ Child marriage in Bangladesh
  206. Amelia Boynton Robinson, Survivor Of 'Bloody Sunday,' Dies At 104
  207. Feds Take Down Rentboy.com, 'World's Largest Male Escort Site,' in Manhattan
  208. Jean Hugues Anglade is the MAN!!!
  209. Julian Bond, Former N.A.A.C.P. Chairman and Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 75
  210. We In Danger, Girl, Part I: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  211. Three Civilians Shot, More Than 100 Arrests Made in Ferguson
  212. Latest Kardashian News Makes Florida TV News Anchor Walk Off Set
  213. A Child in Los Angeles Has the Plague
  214. Large sinkhole collapses New York intersection
  215. Super typhoon Soudelor powers towards Taiwan, may boost El Nino
  216. Reasonable Mother Kidnaps Her Own Daughter to Prevent Vaccination*
  217. Australian museum to display 'world's finest opal' .. (*drooools*)
  218. Racist Woman Screams the N-Word at Family After Getting Splashed at Beach
  219. UK Under Siege From Illegal "Refugees"
  220. "A Despicable Hate Crime": Six Stabbed at Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade
  221. Florida police officer pictured sharing meal with homeless man
  222. Boy Scouts of America end ban on gay troop leaders
  223. Australian woman who had baby with boy is jailed
  224. Japan's 'maid cafes' - A cover for the child sex industry
  225. Great Barrier Reef oil spill: aircraft to sweep area as slick confirmed
  226. What Happened to Sandra Bland, a Black Woman Who Died in Jail Monday?
  227. World War Two tank discovered in German man's basement
  228. Australian Indigenous affairs adviser to PM wears Confederate Flag Costume!
  229. Teenage girl dies of heart attack after not going to the toilet for eight weeks
  230. Officials Confirm First U.S. Measles Death in 12 Years
  231. Girl Scouts Turn Down $100K After Donor Demands Trans Discrimination
  232. Chris Squire, Bass Player With Yes Dies Aged 67
  233. Actor Patrick MacNee (The Avengers) dead at 93
  234. Judy And Dennis Shepard To Be Honored As 'Trailblazing Parents' by Logo
  235. New York City Grants Landmark Status to Stonewall Inn (Birthplace of Gay Rights)
  236. Three-year-old Aboriginal girl left in tears after being subjected to racial abuse
  237. Israel minister's wife, Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes, sorry for 'Obama Coffee' gag
  238. Frustrated Julian Assange marks third year in Ecuadoran embassy
  239. Actor John Hurt Has Pancreatic Cancer
  240. Rachel Dolezal, NAACP Leader, Questioned About Race as Parents Say She’s White
  241. Female Scientists Share ‘Distractingly Sexy’ Photos to Fight Sexism
  242. Amber Peat's father 'discovered his daughter was missing over Facebook'
  243. Father arrested for 'kidnapping' son after hirsute mistake
  244. Syrian women tear off black garb as they flee ISIS territory
  245. Lunch lady fired for giving "rich" kids free lunches
  246. Beau Biden Dies From Brain Cancer at 46.
  247. Once 'Father' and 'Son,' Now a Married Couple
  248. Malia Obama receives impressive offer of marriage
  249. California Governor Declares State of Emergency After Santa Barbara Oil Spill
  250. Bacon prices plummeting, can I get an Amen?