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  1. Professors now outsource marking to India
  2. 2 Boys Accused of Killing Stepdad So They Could Run Away
  3. Gross: Man dies after having eel inserted in rectum during a prank
  4. Widow mum keeps life-sized cut-out of her husband for her children‎
  5. California County bans toys in Happy Meals
  6. Rape of woman in skinny jeans 'not possible'
  7. Boy thrown out of school five times... at the age of four
  8. 'I'm doing nothing wrong': Mother defends decision to breastfeed five-year-old son
  9. China: Diplomat beaten, injured by Houston police
  10. 26 year-old having a child with his 72 year-old grandmother
  11. Man Claims to Have Lived Without Food and Water for 70 Years
  12. Girl, 10, fights off two men who tried to rape her in Dubai
  13. Oprah Winfrey Deal With Procter & Gamble May Rock Old Advertising Model
  14. Three-year-old boy arrested as suspected terrorist in France
  15. 8 Houston police officers suspended for excessive force
  16. Police: Woman bites man after being called fat
  17. Finally some justice: China stripped of Sydney Olympic bronze
  18. Funeral Home Displays Body On Motorcycle
  19. Judge throws out majority of evidence against cop in fatal crash
  20. Cat attacks TwiTard for giving it dumb name, squeezing it with hamhocks
  21. Harvard Law Student:African-Americans genetically pre-disposed to be less intelligent
  22. Boy banned from eating cheese sandwich
  23. Australia faces critical sperm shortage
  24. Worker punched after confronting man about odor
  25. Remains of Noah's Ark May Have Been Found
  26. Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health
  27. Concertgoers show the Reich stuff, are beaten by crowd
  28. Naki Sumo: Wrestlers try to make babies cry
  29. Europe presses UK to introduce total ban on smacking children‎
  30. Teacher Peter Harvey 'beat pupil while shouting die'‎
  31. Did Boobquake actually cause an earthquake?
  32. Hate criminal slashes chest of transgendered university student, Long Beach, Calif.
  33. Bullfighter Jose Tomas in critical condition
  34. Supreme Court: Dogfighting videos are protected under First Amendment
  35. May 20th: Everybody Draw Mohamed Day
  36. Dozens of pedestrians ignore dying Queens, New York good samaritan
  37. The mythology of the children in Miami's shelters
  38. Three teenage girls accused of trying to kill a lesbian classmate face charges
  39. Utah killer to die by firing squad
  40. White supremacist stabbed to death
  41. Texas executes man for rape, murder of teen
  42. New proposal: Endangered whales could be killed legally
  43. Man harasses neighbor with fake Craigslist orgy ad
  44. Teen driving van runs over woman mowing lawn
  45. Mother, 12 children leave motel for new home
  46. Watch yer ass: China's dirty war on America's toilet paper
  47. Missouri store clerk wins $258M Powerball jackpot
  48. Massachusetts school asks students to rank biggest bullies among classmates
  49. Foster mother rejected for not serving pork
  50. Lesbian couple becomes first same sex couple to sign joint birth certificate
  51. Archie Comics welcomes a gay to Riverdale
  52. Headmaster Beaten Up By Pupil He Had Caned‎
  53. British vacationers: we don't want black waiters
  54. Meet the new 100 dollar bill
  55. Internet ruins racist truck's fun times
  56. Rampaging Goat Invades Nursing Home
  57. McAfee program goes berserk, reboots PCs; affecting schools, hospitals
  58. 89 y.o. woman pulls gun on would-be burglar
  59. 300+ colleges move to ban smoking
  60. Guilty: Father who repeatedly raped his daughter and murdered one of their 4 children
  61. Casper, Wyoming officials will do nothing about "Gay = Death" grafitti
  62. Father left brain damaged after 2 thugs mistook him for paedophile‎
  63. Man 'deliberately vomits' on cop's daughter at baseball game
  64. Mother banned from Disneyland for dressing as princess
  65. "Woman" has sex with 14 year old boy while boyfriend watches
  66. Woman hits TSA agent over jar of applesauce
  67. Comedian receives payout, apology after police stop him for being 'overconfident'
  68. Is it still indecent exposure if nobody saw?
  69. Spark up! Today (20th April) is Weed Day.
  70. CHP probe: man wired for pleasure, not bombs
  71. California baby girl dies after being left in car
  72. Ohio Billboard Promotes Breastfeeding, Offends Some
  73. Man Charged With Beating 4-Year-Old To Death For Wetting Pants
  74. George Washington Owes $300,000 In Unpaid Library Fines
  75. Man gets 3 year ban after drunk driving toy barbie car
  76. Doctor removes man's testicle instead of cyst
  77. Melbourne gangland figure Carl Williams dead in jail
  78. Woman dies, 3 stranded after unanswered 911 call
  79. Father Fights for Daughter Given Up for Adoption
  80. Single-mother soldier gets thousands from MoD
  81. Cookbook pulped over 'ground black people' typo‎
  82. Icelandic volcano continues to erupt: update
  83. White supremacists, demonstrators square off in...Los Angeles
  84. British girl banned from every bar in the country
  85. Octopus steals camera from scuba diver...and keeps on filming
  86. Yet ANOTHER cop beatdown: this time he's arrested
  87. 2 decades after shaking baby, father jailed again
  88. One WHOPPER of a bestiality case: horses, dogs, mice in vaseline...
  89. Cop points gun in woman's face after being rear-ended
  90. San Francisco cops lose taser rights
  91. Texas city brings back paddling
  92. Osama bin Laden succumbs to modern world: creates Facebook page
  93. Teachers vote for tests boycott
  94. The Earth is over - A climate pioneer declares the planet dead
  95. Controversial crucifix creates rift at Oklahoma church
  96. Children's author pleads guilty to child pornography possession
  97. College professor subdues would-be bank robber with a 'bear hug' until police arrive
  98. Man Charged With Fatally Punching Baby Son; Wanted 7-month-old to 'toughen up'...
  99. UK airport terminals deserted due to giant volcanic ash cloud
  100. 7.1 magnitude Earthquake in China kills nearly 600 people
  101. Sex abuser leaves £400,000 to Girl Guides in his will
  102. Teen confesses to beating baby *graphic pic*
  103. Father arrested for leaving baby in car while visiting strip club
  104. Prisoner Murders Girlfriend During Conjugal Visit
  105. Primark withdraws padded bikini tops for 7-year-olds
  106. In Colorado, pets now protected under restraining orders
  107. Drug addicts offered cash to stop reproducing
  108. Police use 50,000 volt taser on man having epileptic seizure
  109. Not officially raped: Keeping crime numbers down
  110. Porn magazine for the blind launched
  111. Convicts escape....dressed as sheep
  112. Recovering skinhead tries to open eyes of closed minds
  113. Boy struggling for life now faces mom's deportation
  114. Council to ban the word 'obesity' - so fat children don't get offended
  115. Member of WW2 unit linked to 'Dirty Dozen' dies in Pennsylvania
  116. Six-Year-Old Kills Herself After Being Sent to Room‎
  117. President of Poland dead in plane crash
  118. Florida man hit by car, thrown against bus
  119. Elephant kicks trainer at Pennsylvania circus, killing him
  120. Westboro Church Says God Was Punishing Dead Miners
  121. Shocker: Massive aid does not mean improvement
  122. Son says father killed woman in 1988, takes police to remains
  123. Woman strangled by her burkha in freak go-kart accident
  124. Australia bans A-cups, female orgasms in porn
  125. Mother kills daughters after birth of another girl
  126. US woman adopts boy from Russia, then sends him back: 'I don't want him anymore'
  127. Man suffocated by huge tits. LOL
  128. Neighbors who live across the street from each other discover they are brothers
  129. "Survivor" producer detained in connection with wife's death
  130. 13-year-old Yemeni bride dies of bleeding
  131. Meet the Credit Score Perfectionists
  132. Wisconson DA threatens to arrest Sex-Ed teachers
  133. Air Marshals Stop Shoe Bomb Attempt
  134. Son Sues Mother for Harassment Over Facebook Posts
  135. Airlines now charging for carry-on, overhead bin luggage. Christ on a cracker.
  136. Yet another pro-life nutter arrested after threatening clinic with "deadly force"
  137. 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia
  138. Wilma Mankiller- First Female Cherokee Chief- Dead at 64
  139. Ritual sacrifice of children on rise in Uganda
  140. Now 16, Elian Gonzalez shown at Cuba youth meeting
  141. More Job Seekers Opting For Cosmetic Procedures
  142. Women Tried to take dead body on Easyjet Flight
  143. Chinese tanker blunders into Great Barrier Reef, spews oil all over it
  144. 'Inappropriate' Easter outfit blamed in death
  145. NYC ad campaign goes after soda
  146. Man Dislocates Jaw on Giant Sandwich
  147. Puppy watches over children with autism
  148. Explosion in W. Virginia mine, more than 20 people unaccounted for
  149. Pro Wrestler Chris Klucsaritis Dead at 40 From Apparent Suicide
  150. Teenage girl opts for suspension rather than being ‘paddled’ for ‘racy’ prom dress
  151. Report: 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Southern California
  152. Woman Drives Into Salon, Gets Hair Done
  153. AARP: 'Sexting' Catching On In The 50-Plus Crowd
  154. California dad makes heroic rescue of daughter, 2, after she falls in river
  155. Nannycam Video Lands Sitter in Jail -- Graphic Content
  156. Wrong number: RNC lists phone-sex hotline.
  157. 'Lesbian' Teachers Charged After Being Found Naked in Classroom
  158. Residents of New Jersey city say cops worse than criminals
  159. Julian McMahon's Mother, Lady Sonia, Dies
  160. Doctors do C-section and there's no baby inside
  161. Woman Banned From Son's Graduation After 'Nazi' Comment
  162. Depressed pilots may fly with medication, FAA says
  163. Bedridden 600-pound Florida man cops to series of food thefts-"The Beef Jerky Got Me"
  164. Teacher Found Not Guilty of Animal Cruelty
  165. Boy Scout leader blames 'negligent parents' for sexual abuse
  166. City Of Chicago To Modernize Outdated Graft Programs
  167. Alabama fans welcome their new son, Crimson Tide
  168. 10 y.o. boy hit by a bus and killed at Disney World
  169. Saudi Arabia may behead TV psychic for witchcraft
  170. US evacuated Haitians then jailed them for 3 months for lacking visas. Still jailed.
  171. Teen Sold 7 Year Old Sister for Sex at a Party
  172. Jaime Escalante, the inspiration for the movie "Stand and Deliver" has died
  173. Man Gets 6 Years in Jail for Cooking Ex-Girlfriend's Dog
  174. Colombian soldier held hostage for 12 years is freed
  175. Police: Man killed 2 kids, sent another to school
  176. Gonorrhea risks becoming "superbug"
  177. NY State Senator: Boys- Pull Up Your Pants
  178. Girl finds mother shot to death 18 months after father, sister shot to death
  179. 'Gay cure' doctor charged with sexually abusing male patient
  180. 9 teens charged in bullying that led to girl's suicide
  181. Britain's oldest father has child at 74
  182. Suicide bombers kill 38 in Moscow’s subway
  183. Feds: Militia Members arrested for plotting to kill police officers
  184. A rabbit rescue in downtown L.A.
  185. Virginia man says deputies beat him because of his burping
  186. Philly to teen 'flash mobs': The behavior ends now
  187. "Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn't enough" says NH representative
  188. Cheapest car in the world, Nano, bursts into flames, raises safety concerns
  189. Antique sex toys sell for £3,600
  190. Los Angeles can bar Hare Krishnas from panhandling at airports, court rules
  191. Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn
  192. Theaters to Raise Ticket Prices; James Cameron to Blame
  193. Southern California teacher arrested in alleged drunken teaching
  194. Playground 'Jail,' Drawing Outrage, Gets a Face-Lift
  195. Bee colony die-offs continue at record pace, putting species at risk
  196. Texas church bans child's photograph of Passion
  197. Boy survives scissors impaling his face
  198. Woman Hires Two Assassins to Kill Father
  199. Woman reported to police after coming to aid of boy left in tree
  200. Stupid criminal uses her phone call to dial 911 from jail
  201. Woman swaps sex with a 10 y.o. girl in exchange for cocaine
  202. The UGLY Truth About Monsanto
  203. Thief swipes 2 carat diamond ring while salesclerk helps other customer
  204. Man gets 15 years after trying to break into jail
  205. 30 million kids get vaccine tainted with pig virus...
  206. Indian military to weaponize world's hottest chili
  207. Boy has 15 fingers, 16 toes
  208. Heinrich Boere, Ex-SS Member Convicted of Murder
  209. Soldier and pageant contestant Katrina Hodge fights for ban on swimsuit competitions
  210. Judge orders polygraphs for sex-assault victims
  211. Children ride a 40mph zip wire a quarter of a mile high to get to school
  212. Woman sues husband's mistress, gets $10m
  213. Mars: Ice walls that show another side of the Red Planet
  214. Schoolgirl sacked from cafe job on Facebook
  215. Manager 'made babies eat their own vomit' at nursery
  216. Some homeowners facing the prospect of repeated foreclosures
  217. Giant Pile Of Poo Left At East Village Bank
  218. Malcolm X Killer Thomas Hagan Paroled
  219. Gay couple turned away from B&B by Christian owners
  220. Teen gets carpal tunnel from texting
  221. 'Text Rage' Leads to Alleged Brutal Teen Beating in Florida
  222. Drunk, high dad leaves baby in oven overnight, police say
  223. Lawsuit claims Boy Scouts sex abuse cover up
  224. Natalee Holloway's remains may have been found
  225. Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff brutally assaulted in prison
  226. Florida Vampire to Run For President
  227. Elderly NYC couple's house mistakenly raided by police...for the 50th time.
  228. Missing Tennessee Woman Found Rotting Under Motel Bed
  229. Shocker: Morning-after pill only works if you take it
  230. Danish Artist Dresses Her Baby Like Hitler, Other Evil Dictators
  231. Urban prep school in Chicago gets it right with strict education focus
  232. Man uses penis to assault female police officer
  233. Wal-Mart probing 'all black people leave' announcement in New Jersey store
  234. Pro-Lifer sink to new low and slander Girl Scouts
  235. Teacher busted for running Fight Club for students
  236. 6th grade teacher pulls a Tyson: bites man's ear off while drunk
  237. Grill ripped from man's teeth in Tennessee jail
  238. Easter Bunny bringing annual message of racial hatred and bigotry to Michigan
  239. In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt
  240. Like "Home Alone" but in a restaurant. Poor kid.
  241. Hipsters on food stamps-they pay for organic salmon with government subsidies
  242. Model outs skeevy photographer Terry Richardson, well known creep
  243. Jogger killed by small plane making emergency landing
  244. Prada denies wanting 'fat' workers fired
  245. Lockerbie bomber is better than ever, brags Gaddafi's son
  246. Women Pregnant With Her Third Set of Twins
  247. Briton is recognised as world's first officially genderless person
  248. French woman admits killing six newborn babies
  249. Motorist caught driving with bonnet up
  250. Paedophile teacher paid off parents of 4-year-old