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  1. Details Limited In Theft Of 9-Year-Old's Remains, Coffin
  2. Man sentenced for faking seizures at restaurants‎
  3. Jobless couple expecting 12th child
  4. Craigslist sting: Men with Skittles, condoms accused of child-sex attempts
  5. Deaths of 2 teens prompt police alert about 'choking game'
  6. Ottawa censors 'anal douche' poster
  7. Accused Craigslist killer commits suicide in jail cell
  8. 8 dead, 12 hurt at off-road race in Calif. desert
  9. Donor dies after live liver transplant at CU Hospital
  10. Man Attacked by Rats in Dollar Store!
  11. Goldman Sachs Has Decided Jeggings Will Be a Big Back-to-School Fashion Item
  12. Doctor's find a pea plant growing in man's lung
  13. Sing Sing prisoners graduate from college
  14. Sauna contest leaves Russian dead and champion Finn in hospital
  15. Judge rules 'N-word' not offensive‎
  16. Gay couple save life of homophobe next door
  17. Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, several others killed in plane crash
  18. Dramatic way to quit your job
  19. NYC's dumpster pools. Who wants to go swimming?
  20. Flight Attendant Uses Inflatable Slide for Dramatic Job Walk Out
  21. Taliban Execute Pregnant Afghan Woman
  22. Groom shoots father dead after firing weapon to celebrate marriage‎
  23. Smoking in front of youngsters 'is child abuse'
  24. Ex-vicar and his wife banned from fostering, don't want gay couples in their home
  25. Woman arrested for faking cancer to raise $20K
  26. Michigan police search for suspected serial killer
  27. Foreign Doctors Massacred By Afghan Taliban
  28. Baby Declared Dead Revives Inside Coffin
  29. Ohio School-Bus Driver Sentenced For Bus Accident DUI Shows Up To Jail Drunk
  30. Zealous Health Inspector Busts Oregon Girl For Unlicensed Lemonade Stand
  31. Russian Fires, Heatwave- a real disaster!
  32. Why are Food Allergies on the Rise?
  33. Dog Chews Off Owner's Toe, Saves His Life?
  34. Family: Racial bias caused Conneticut gunman to snap
  35. China Plans Huge Buses That Can DRIVE OVER Cars
  36. Conrad Black: My Prison Education
  37. 6 teens drown in La. river during family outing
  38. Girl, 2, May Be Youngest to Undergo Fertility Procedure
  39. Lindy Chamberlain returns to Ayers Rock 30 years after dingo killed her baby
  40. Texas Man Gets Death Sentence For Beheading Three Children‎
  41. The teenage sisters who love shooting rare wild animals *possibly upsetting images*
  42. Nun Killed by Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver
  43. Brazilians Switched at Birth Work, Live Together
  44. US couple held as serial killing suspects in Panama
  45. Two idiots trying to sell blocks of wood as laptops
  46. Sheriff: Father's Handgun Killed 2 Young Brothers
  47. 8 infant skeletons found, French couple in custody
  48. Moldovan police investigate death of baby during baptism
  49. Oil Leak in Michigan; 840,000-gallon oil leak creep over Battle Creek
  50. Boy dies in home tumble dryer after hide-and-seek game goes tragically wrong
  51. World's First Full Face Transplant Patient Appears in Public
  52. Woman booted from flight to make room for fatty
  53. Britain's fattest woman dies
  54. 19 Trampled to Death at German Love Parade Festival
  55. Mexican Prison Guards Let Inmates Out for Massacres
  56. New Zealand teen survives 16-story fall onto concrete floor
  57. BP Chief Tony Hayward "negotiating exit deal"
  58. Hospital sued after man falls off surgical table and dies
  59. Man Shackles Son 'Possessed' by Evil Female Genie
  60. Jamie Bulger's Killer Jon Venables Jailed For Possessing Child Porn
  61. Spanx bandit robs Oklahoma McDonalds
  62. Teacher Banned Over Field Trip to Cuba
  63. Plane makes emergency landing in Denver, lots of injuries
  64. Dead hoarder had to be cut out of her house
  65. Black parents have white baby - Britain
  66. Qantas sued over screaming child who made woman "deaf"
  67. China's 'sexiest tramp' set for movie fame
  68. Fuck you Elle Macpherson. Poachers kill last female white rhino in wildlife park
  69. EMT accused of ignoring dying NYC woman is killed
  70. Palm Springs cops feel heat over gay sex sting
  71. Disney World photo captures couple together 15 years before they met
  72. Twin toddler girls in Massachusetts drown in family pool
  73. Man killed during confrontation with Oakland police, BART officers - again.
  74. Couple jailed for giving baby methadone
  75. Ground Zero diggers uncover hull of 18th century ship
  76. Horned Man Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Run Over Landlord
  77. Woman who cried rape is jailed for three years
  78. Girl kidnapped seven years ago found safe and well‎
  79. Right to Die Billboard Causes Uproar
  80. Texas mayor apparently shot teen daughter, self
  81. Vaseline Introduces Skin-Lightening Facebook App
  82. Trans woman spared prison over child abuse images
  83. Lucky or conspiracy: With Timing of Death, George Steinbrenner Family: No Estate Tax
  84. Robert Mugabe: Diamonds can revive Zimbabwean economy
  85. Truck driver chokes on pork rinds, ends in ditch
  86. Jewish woman films video of her family singing 'I Will Survive' on trip to Auschwitz
  87. Brazilian soccer star tortures and kills baby mama, feeds body to dogs
  88. Dutch May Use 'Decoy Jews' to Fight Racism
  89. Oakland, California man allegedly throws toddler in front of moving car
  90. Teacher claims $400,000 for yelling damage
  91. Priest ‘stole £850k’ to spend on strip clubs and male escorts
  92. Teenage fugitive "Barefoot Bandit" arrested in Bahamas
  93. Accused Child Rapist’s Defense: “It’s Okay In Africa”
  94. Discovery May Pave Way to AIDS Vaccine
  95. Rape suspect's DNA linked to murders of 2 girls. Girl's father still facing death
  96. PA offers wine vending machines -- complete with CCTV and breathalyzer
  97. Mexican Clown Busted In Sex Attack
  98. Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs
  99. Parents be warned: Your kids may be 'Robo tripping'
  100. Indian mum 'tries to flush newborn down plane toilet'
  101. Cops: Man holds mom hostage because she won't iron his clothes
  102. Germans demand killing of octopus Paul
  103. '70s board game contains eerie BP oil spill scenarios
  104. Little girls giving away lemonade is a sign of the moral decay of America, says freak
  105. 4-year-old Missouri girl abducted from front yard
  106. Lucky lottery player wins for fourth time
  107. Retailers Launch Their Own Stimulus Packages
  108. Discovery paves way for blood test to predict Alzheimer's disease
  109. Why morning people rule the world
  110. Kids Dying at Record Pace in Hot Cars
  111. Hospital could face fine over terrorism drill gone awry
  112. Beaver Sculpture Removed for Showing Female Genitalia (NSFW?)
  113. Maine couple kicked out of US for not making enough money
  114. British Medical Association labels gay conversion therapy harmful, discredited
  115. Man literally bored to death while watching Twilight movie
  116. 'Virginity test' helps free 3 in Vietnam rape case
  117. Bedbugs force two popular NYC stores to close
  118. Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History
  119. Iranian mother sentenced to death by stoning over adultery‎
  120. Jaycee Dugard Approved for $20 Million Settlement from California
  121. Man Cuts 5-Year-Old Step Daughter's Throat After Argument With Wife
  122. Former QB Randall Cunningham's two-year-old son drowns
  123. Makeover for Wonder Woman at 69
  124. Maggots force US flight back to gate ... blech
  125. Fruit Roll-Ups a danger: lawsuit
  126. Ralph Lauren accused of Photoshopping dog's head in advert
  127. Pregnant 10-Year-Old Leads to Sex Charges For 3
  128. Catwoman! New York Woman in Cat Mask Sought by Police
  129. Daughter hears father murder her mother during mobile phone call
  130. School refuses to let pupils wear suncream
  131. Western Slope woman blames vampire for car crash
  132. Six year old Alyssa Thomas on no-fly list
  133. Cops: Man killed crying girl during World Cup game
  134. Trapped drunk driver opens another beer as awaits rescue
  135. Creepy 'Horseboy' photo on Scottish road becomes latest Google Streetview mystery
  136. Man dies in agony while begging for help for days
  137. West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd dies at age 92
  138. G20 Summit Protests
  139. Kelloggs recalling vomit inspiring cereals
  140. Swiss graffiti man faces Singapore caning
  141. Archaeologists investigating mass infant burial at Roman villa/brothal
  142. British MoD proves it has a sense of humour...
  143. New Spirit Airlines ad takes shot at BP‎
  144. Moms Brawl At Kindergarten Graduation. No Children Injured in this Ridiculousness.
  145. SHOCKING PHOTO: Facebook Pic Of Baby With Bong Sparks Outrage; Mom: It Was "Joke"
  146. Couple tried to sell baby for $25
  147. Governor objects to Massachusetts condom plan
  148. 'Leave me alone': last words of man found dead in bedroom after 4 yrs
  149. Parents using Goo Gone to clean oil from children on FL beaches
  150. New Plan Would Test All Pregnant Women For Smoking
  151. Mother has dead son's ashes tattooed into her skin
  152. 3 Beauties Charged With Robbing Burger Joint
  153. Using breasts to protest ATV noise
  154. Jewish Dance Group Attacked With Stones
  155. Woman in sumo suit assaults exgirlfriend for waving at guy dressed as Snickers bar
  156. Australian senator thinks women will abort just to get maternity benefits
  157. It's raining oil in Louisiana. Literally.
  158. HOT BOXED: 100-degree temps on flight from London to Newark
  159. GOV'T REPORT: 1,300 Inmates Got $9M in Homebuyer Tax Credits
  160. Obese Man Kicked Off Flight To See Dying Aunt
  161. Subway restaurant food fells nearly 100 in U.S.
  162. Hallmark Greeting Card Gets Accused of Corporate Racism
  163. Cannibal killer murdered and ate his cellmate 'for giving him a dirty look'
  164. North Carolina Man Claims Bigfoot Killed His Dog
  165. Major League baseball mascot fired for facebook posting
  166. 14 year old Boy Arrested in Stabbing of 13-year-old Mother of his Child
  167. The conjoined twins who share a brain
  168. Man shoots 4 people, self at California fast food restaurant
  169. U.S. Marine lowered in rank, fined for slurs on Facebook
  170. US schoolgirl helps to raise $100,000 for oil spill charities
  171. Calm Dog Shot By Lagrange Missouri Police
  172. Pampered chihuahua inherits millions
  173. Toy soldiers run afoul of school's weapons ban
  174. Woman kept dead husband, sister in home
  175. Cornell University supports and engages in female genital mutilation and WORSE
  176. Baby dies after mother chokes her with bible pages
  177. Bobby Fischer's Body to Be Exhumed in Paternity Case
  178. Five NO Cops Charged for Shooting and Burning Man
  179. "Project Deliverance" Results in More Than 2,200 Arrests, Seizure of 74 Tons of Drugs
  180. Southwest Airlines employee finds human heads on their way to Fort Worth!
  181. Socialite arrested with over 500 pounds of pot in luggage
  182. How big is the oil spill compared to where you live? Prepare for depression
  183. California woman arrested for leaving kids in her car
  184. Girl, 13, charged as sex offender and victim
  185. 17 year old girl punched in face by Seattle cop-did she deserve it?
  186. Winter strikes with vengeance in SAfrica; First snow falls in 20 years
  187. To boost Hispanics, residents in NYC suburb each get 6 votes
  188. Woman accused of leaving daughter home alone thought friend would care for child
  189. SpongeBob inspired 8-yr-old boy to save drowning neighbour‎
  190. Toddler takes up smoking and drinking after accident‎
  191. Father dangles baby son above crocodile's jaws during religious festival
  192. Man gets 9 years for killing childhood rapist
  193. Mom abandons kids to pursue dreams of stripping. Punches son goodbye.
  194. Woman Accused of Dumping Mayo on Library Books
  195. Two Marines Viciously Beat Gay Man
  196. Woman received lungs of a 30-year smoker
  197. Woman demands apology over chocolate penis
  198. Christianity is so hypocritical, Jesus strikes down himself: football Jesus burns
  199. Potential cancer drug found in Australian rainforest
  200. Teacher fired for premarital sex
  201. Woman shoots self to get medical attention
  202. Teens had oral sex in Central Kitsap school bus
  203. Children of gays more likely to bring porn to school says Catholic writer
  204. Conneticut man who tried to cut off arm in recovery
  205. The 10 year old KKK preacher
  206. Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter killed in car crash
  207. Flash Flood in Arkansas Kills at least 16
  208. American Apparel doesn't want uglies or trashy black girls working for them
  209. Incest dad and daughter caged
  210. 13 year-old uses C-word on The Today Show- Twice!
  211. Woman from Oklahoma told that she's too fat to use gym's equipment
  212. 13-Year-Old Pennsylvania Girl Gives Herself An Abortion
  213. Freediver's breathtaking plunge into abyss part real, part fiction
  214. Woman killed by lightning moments before marriage proposal
  215. US sculptor Louise Bourgeois dies
  216. Sleeping baby twins mauled by fox
  217. Boy survives balcony fall thanks to bouncy palm trees
  218. Dad Accused of Using Stun Gun on Daughter's Friend Over Naked Photo
  219. Man Threw Condoms Filled With Vomit
  220. Police Killing Of Former Marine Sparks Outrage
  221. Devan Tatlow’s Story: Genetic Match A Challenge for Mixed Race and Minority Patients
  222. Hot New Dance craze: slamming your butt into someone's face
  223. You can fit a lot of stuff up your bottom
  224. Items hint at Amelia Earhart’s final struggle
  225. Man in BDSM Sex Couple Charged with Assault Despite Consent
  226. Cops may have found Drew Peterson's wife's body
  227. BP Attempting to Cover Up Wildlife Devastation
  228. Transgender women go topless on beach - no law broken since they still have a penis
  229. $11 million slot jackpot a malfunction, casino says
  230. Dirty Diaper Thief gets off easy
  231. McDonald's pulls cadmium-tainted 'Shrek' glasses
  232. 3-year-old saved from electric shock by Croc shoes
  233. Alert the media! Teens are still having sex!
  234. French Gay-Friendly McDonald's Ad Goes Viral
  235. California moves to ban plastic bags at grocery stores
  236. Cops: Man killed kitten after animal unplugged his video game...
  237. Man kept dead girlfriend on couch for 10 months
  238. New York woman fired from Citibank 'for being too hot'
  239. Porn actor sought in fatal sword attack
  240. 3 Namibian women with HIV say they were sterilized
  241. World War 2 Bomb Kills 3 In Germany
  242. Help Wanted: Unemployed Need Not Apply
  243. Study finds blacks blocked from Southern juries
  244. Real estate ad advertises for 'Caucasians only'
  245. Cumbria shooting rampage
  246. HUGE Meteorite Found!
  247. Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt
  248. Pedestrian sues Google after she's knocked over walking along a busy highway
  249. Girl who was pregnant at 11 says she will fight to see her daughter
  250. BP CEO whines 'I want my life back'