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  1. Lesbian couple says Baltimore Ravens ejected them for kissing
  2. FBI busted for tracking college student, but demands GPS spy gear back
  3. Massachusetts Girl, 10, dead in apparent suicide
  4. Woman accused of taunting dying girl, 7, with coffin
  5. Man Pleads No Contest To 11th DUI
  6. Chile: Rescue drill should reach trapped miners within 24 hours (2+ months later!)
  7. Emmy-winning reporter arrested for molesting friend's toddler
  8. 1 Ohio school, 4 bullied teens dead at own hand
  9. Gay teen endured a daily gauntlet
  10. Monkey kills baby girl in Malaysia
  11. Italian mother learns while on TV missing daughter was slain
  12. New Jersey sniper kills brother, Good Samaritan, self
  13. NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys
  14. ACLU sues North Carolina school over student's nose piercing
  15. Lion attack caught on video in Ukraine
  16. Police face charges for using Taser 13 times on Aboriginal man
  17. Ohio woman pretended to be boy to date teen girl
  18. FL man denies ownership of cocaine up his butt
  19. Woman Mistakes Super Glue For Eye Drops
  20. FBI charges 133 in its biggest crackdown ever on corrupt cops
  21. Toxic Sludge Floods Towns In Hungary
  22. School orders cheerleader to cheer for her alleged rapist. Court agrees.
  23. Black judge rejects deal for "white boy"
  24. Driver cuts off suspect in California kidnap case
  25. Two Morons Go Gay Bashing at the Stonewall Inn
  26. Husband/wife jetskiing (allegedly) attacked by Mexican pirates
  27. Connecticut cheerleaders want uniforms with more coverage
  28. Lesbian Couple Expecting 5 Babies
  29. No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible
  30. The Most Suicidal States
  31. Say Goodbye To Pontiac And Three Other US Brands
  32. CNN's Rick Sanchez loses job after going "Mel Gibson" on radio interview
  33. The US's Twisted Syphilis Experiments in Guatemala
  34. Outsourcing safety: Airplane repairs move to unregulated foreign shops
  35. Denver Firefighters Battle Bedbugs Escaping From Burning House
  36. Lightweight dies after drinking pint of vodka in 4 seconds
  37. Michigan Ass. AG wages homophobic campaign of harassment in his free time
  38. Firefighters stand around and watch as home burns to the ground
  39. Oh look: there's a mouse in my bread
  40. Indianapolis bakery refuses order for rainbow cupcakes for a national gay coming out
  41. The Tragic Story of Tyler Clementi, Rutgers' Webcam Voyeurism Victim
  42. Couple charged with having sex outside convenience store
  43. School Teacher Admits Being A Former Sex Worker
  44. Judge Throws Book at Michigan Man Who Failed to Pay Support for His 23 Kids
  45. Elderly Chicago Woman Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy She Says Bullied Her
  46. Australian Teen Missing After Ill-Conceived Whale Ride
  47. Kids with allergies bullied with peanuts
  48. Man Takes Pics of Naked Boys Because Of "Obsession With Circumcision"
  49. Girl, 8, told mom about park shooting on dying dad's phone
  50. Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots
  51. Segway company owner dies riding Segway off cliff
  52. What happens when a neo-Nazi couple discovers it is Jewish?
  53. Rogue sperm in Ottawa. Where do these 2 girls come from?
  54. Shopping malls increasingly putting restrictions on teens
  55. Rikers Island prison guard wins $54 million lottery jackpot
  56. Jackass leaves 1900 page suicide note
  57. Nudists and swingers at war in France's 'Naked City'
  58. Florida man settles McDonalds sandwich burn suit
  59. Man survives passing out with head in museum noose
  60. Hoarder Evicted in DC; 2 City Blocks Covered With Junk!
  61. Tourists flock to Chernobyl radiation zone
  62. Hotel ousts couple after accusing them of writing negative TripAdvisor review
  63. Police: Indiana Mom Locked Kids in Closet for 10 Hours, Returned to Find 2 Dead
  64. Two female teachers accused of 'summer sex parties' with students
  65. Another Anti-gay Theocrat EXPOSED as a Hypocrite in Baptist Church...
  66. Four people killed as armed woman runs amok in German hospital
  67. Baby orphaned by car crash, dies day of parents' funeral
  68. Boy holding garage sale to buy dad a headstone
  69. Teen pleads guilty to murdering her mother
  70. Three shot on Army base near El Paso
  71. Limbless man swims the English Channel
  72. School Suspends Boy for Bloodshot Eyes
  73. Virginia To Execute First Woman In A Century
  74. Not Guilty by Reason of Caffeine, Man Argues
  75. Police: Missing 'cult-like' group may have plans for mass suicide
  76. Mass. woman bags 1,025-pound alligator in So. Carolina lake
  77. Mom Charged With Murder After Tying Pacifier to Baby's Face
  78. Cybercrime is world's most dangerous criminal threat
  79. U.S. tourists unknowingly buy human skulls
  80. Video Catches Dad Becoming School Bus Bully
  81. Denny's waiter stabbed for being gay, NOT for working at Denny's
  82. Teen gang-rape filmed and posted on Facebook
  83. Morbidly Obese Teen Unable to Escape House Fire
  84. Half the US's sugar is in danger
  85. Egyptian paper doctors photo of Hosni Mubarak and Barack Obama
  86. Man Discovers Biological Mother Is A Bearded Lady
  87. Girl, 6, Removed From Cheerleading Team After Parents Object to 'Booty' Cheer
  88. Teenager suspended by school for nose stud claims it's part of her religion
  89. "Dude, you have no Quran!" man stops holy book burning
  90. Teen Girl Bites into a Chocolate and Finds WORMS
  91. Wisconsin prosecutor 'sexted' abuse victim
  92. Dead man found in L.A. Airport restroom, his head covered in a bag and hands bound
  93. NYC Mayor Bloomberg announces legislation to ban smoking in Times Square, beaches
  94. Pot Flavored Ice Cream Anyone?
  95. Recluse turns out to be a special ops hero of WWII
  96. Police: Woman Recorded Video Of Toddler Smoking Pot
  97. British teen banned from USA for life after sending abusive email to Barack Obama
  98. Just 2 Percent of Quake Debris in Haiti Cleared
  99. One of duo convicted in serial murders to be freed
  100. Lesbian couple's home set on fire, believed to be a hate crime
  101. US soldiers 'killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies'
  102. In the case of Bigger means better - fat men last longer in bed than skinny ones
  103. San Bruno explosion and fire destroys dozens of homes; one dead, many injured
  104. Iraqi TV stunt show finds comedy in bomb threats
  105. Parents try to recover runaway teen in Brazil
  106. Facebook users are narcissists
  107. Canada unveils new speed bump: optical illusion of a child
  108. Xbox Live gamer suspended for saying he lives in Fort Gay
  109. I'm shocked: British women world's most ugly tourists
  110. Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47
  111. Colombian declared world's shortest man
  112. Police: California drunk driver hits 9, drags toddler
  113. Elementary school locked down, bomb squad called over Trojan horse
  114. Millions can find only part-time or lower-paying jobs
  115. Drunken bigot gets crap kicked out of him. I LOLed.
  116. Man Has Sex Doll Created in Dead Loverís Image
  117. Virginia woman devours 181 chicken wings in NY contest
  118. Nurse learns patient is long-lost dad‎
  119. Amish Tried to Heal Accused Child Molester Before Turning Him In
  120. Teen in Critical Condition after Botched Abortion
  121. Jury hits Ford Motor Co with $131 million verdict
  122. Momís hug revives baby that was pronounced dead
  123. 911 call "I just need a hug and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows"
  124. Jealousy may have led to 5 Northern California deaths
  125. Acid thrown in woman's face outside Starbucks
  126. Malnourished 4 year old found dead
  127. Another Oil Rig Explodes in Louisiana
  128. Trapped Chilean Miner gets caught cheating on wife!!
  129. Wife finds out her husband got married on Facebook
  130. Falling Man: How a New Yorker Plunges 39 Stories and Survives
  131. Hostage Situation at Discovery Channel HQ
  132. Welcome To Our Town: Please Dress Accordingly
  133. Cops: California doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies
  134. Anti-gay student loses legal appeal
  135. Texas school rejects 4-year-old over lesbian parents
  136. FDA Egg Farm Inspection Report: finds rodents, wild birds, flies, manure pile
  137. (Well duh!) Marijuana effective in reducing pain, study shows
  138. Time Magazine says it's best to be a boozer (pass the Titos baybee)
  139. Cannibal (yes, humans eating humans) Restaurant to Open in Germany
  140. "It's Unbearable": Mom Charged In Tot's Hot Car Death
  141. Airport officials find drugged tiger cub in passenger's suitcase
  142. Japan opens up its secret death chamber to the world
  143. Intel Developing Computers that Read Minds
  144. Elisany Silva, one of the tallest teens in the world
  145. 24 Hour Fitness using fingerprints to identify members
  146. 'Hindenburg Omen' spooks the stock market
  147. How to Bully-Proof Young Girls
  148. Saudi couple 'hammered 24 nails into maid's body'
  149. Cops: NY Cabbie Is Asked If He's Muslim, Stabbed
  150. Day trader nailed with $172 million bill in back taxes, asks 'What's the IRS?'
  151. 4 year old puts condom in mouth, may have STD
  152. Swiss campaign for referendum on death penalty begins
  153. LA jail tests 'intolerable heat' beam on brawling inmates
  154. Neglected girl, 5, found weighing 12 stone/168 lbs
  155. 22-year-old woman crowned Miss Universe (spoiler alert)
  156. Record traffic jam continues in Beijing
  157. Anne Frank's famous 150 year-old chestnut tree collapses in storm
  158. Drinkers on longest ever pub crawl reach 14,000th pub
  159. Justice Department Seeks Ebonics Experts
  160. Restaurant hostess sues Disney for permission to wear hijab
  161. Florida Church To Commemorate 9/11 By Burning Korans
  162. Man commits suicide at a California concert
  163. Los Angeles 'Big One' could come sooner than expected: study
  164. Judge Asks Doctors To Damage Criminal's Spine‎
  165. Klassy woman who urinated on war memorial flees court‎
  166. Bull leaps into bullring stands in Spain. Ban this shitty 'sport'
  167. Ohio's Bedbug Battle Escalates with EPA Crisis Meeting
  168. American Apparel Faces Bankruptcy, founder Dov Charney Speaks
  169. Southern California man allegedly ejaculated into water bottle
  170. Dogging: The New Sexual Craze?
  171. Flight crew takes baby slapped by mother
  172. Attention All Aussies: Gloria Jeans Coffee Is Broke - I am shocked and infuriated
  173. Major archaeological find at site of Civil War prison
  174. Details Limited In Theft Of 9-Year-Old's Remains, Coffin
  175. Man sentenced for faking seizures at restaurants‎
  176. Jobless couple expecting 12th child
  177. Craigslist sting: Men with Skittles, condoms accused of child-sex attempts
  178. Deaths of 2 teens prompt police alert about 'choking game'
  179. Ottawa censors 'anal douche' poster
  180. Accused Craigslist killer commits suicide in jail cell
  181. 8 dead, 12 hurt at off-road race in Calif. desert
  182. Donor dies after live liver transplant at CU Hospital
  183. Man Attacked by Rats in Dollar Store!
  184. Goldman Sachs Has Decided Jeggings Will Be a Big Back-to-School Fashion Item
  185. Doctor's find a pea plant growing in man's lung
  186. Sing Sing prisoners graduate from college
  187. Sauna contest leaves Russian dead and champion Finn in hospital
  188. Judge rules 'N-word' not offensive‎
  189. Gay couple save life of homophobe next door
  190. Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, several others killed in plane crash
  191. Dramatic way to quit your job
  192. NYC's dumpster pools. Who wants to go swimming?
  193. Flight Attendant Uses Inflatable Slide for Dramatic Job Walk Out
  194. Taliban Execute Pregnant Afghan Woman
  195. Groom shoots father dead after firing weapon to celebrate marriage‎
  196. Smoking in front of youngsters 'is child abuse'
  197. Ex-vicar and his wife banned from fostering, don't want gay couples in their home
  198. Woman arrested for faking cancer to raise $20K
  199. Michigan police search for suspected serial killer
  200. Foreign Doctors Massacred By Afghan Taliban
  201. Baby Declared Dead Revives Inside Coffin
  202. Ohio School-Bus Driver Sentenced For Bus Accident DUI Shows Up To Jail Drunk
  203. Zealous Health Inspector Busts Oregon Girl For Unlicensed Lemonade Stand
  204. Russian Fires, Heatwave- a real disaster!
  205. Why are Food Allergies on the Rise?
  206. Dog Chews Off Owner's Toe, Saves His Life?
  207. Family: Racial bias caused Conneticut gunman to snap
  208. China Plans Huge Buses That Can DRIVE OVER Cars
  209. Conrad Black: My Prison Education
  210. 6 teens drown in La. river during family outing
  211. Girl, 2, May Be Youngest to Undergo Fertility Procedure
  212. Lindy Chamberlain returns to Ayers Rock 30 years after dingo killed her baby
  213. Texas Man Gets Death Sentence For Beheading Three Children‎
  214. The teenage sisters who love shooting rare wild animals *possibly upsetting images*
  215. Nun Killed by Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver
  216. Brazilians Switched at Birth Work, Live Together
  217. US couple held as serial killing suspects in Panama
  218. Two idiots trying to sell blocks of wood as laptops
  219. Sheriff: Father's Handgun Killed 2 Young Brothers
  220. 8 infant skeletons found, French couple in custody
  221. Moldovan police investigate death of baby during baptism
  222. Oil Leak in Michigan; 840,000-gallon oil leak creep over Battle Creek
  223. Boy dies in home tumble dryer after hide-and-seek game goes tragically wrong
  224. World's First Full Face Transplant Patient Appears in Public
  225. Woman booted from flight to make room for fatty
  226. Britain's fattest woman dies
  227. 19 Trampled to Death at German Love Parade Festival
  228. Mexican Prison Guards Let Inmates Out for Massacres
  229. New Zealand teen survives 16-story fall onto concrete floor
  230. BP Chief Tony Hayward "negotiating exit deal"
  231. Hospital sued after man falls off surgical table and dies
  232. Man Shackles Son 'Possessed' by Evil Female Genie
  233. Jamie Bulger's Killer Jon Venables Jailed For Possessing Child Porn
  234. Spanx bandit robs Oklahoma McDonalds
  235. Teacher Banned Over Field Trip to Cuba
  236. Plane makes emergency landing in Denver, lots of injuries
  237. Dead hoarder had to be cut out of her house
  238. Black parents have white baby - Britain
  239. Qantas sued over screaming child who made woman "deaf"
  240. China's 'sexiest tramp' set for movie fame
  241. Fuck you Elle Macpherson. Poachers kill last female white rhino in wildlife park
  242. EMT accused of ignoring dying NYC woman is killed
  243. Palm Springs cops feel heat over gay sex sting
  244. Disney World photo captures couple together 15 years before they met
  245. Twin toddler girls in Massachusetts drown in family pool
  246. Man killed during confrontation with Oakland police, BART officers - again.
  247. Couple jailed for giving baby methadone
  248. Ground Zero diggers uncover hull of 18th century ship
  249. Horned Man Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Run Over Landlord
  250. Woman who cried rape is jailed for three years