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  1. Wisconsin woman bites off her husband's tongue during goodnight kiss
  2. Beware of the Urkel
  3. Coming soon to a Walmart near you: Homeland security videos in the checkout
  4. The 25-Year 'Foreclosure From Hell'
  5. Explosive-laden Calif. home to be destroyed
  6. Protected seals clubbed to death in New Zealand
  7. Man Gets Pulled Over, Swallows Bag of Cocaine, Takes Classic Mug Shot
  8. $200,000 student debt: Is the College Debt Bubble Ready to Explode?
  9. Woman tries to go through airport security wearing bra and panties
  10. Louisiana school bus slammed by 18-wheeler
  11. Man allegedly responsible for a third of your spam e-mail to be arraigned
  12. Idaho Man Rings in Holidays with Ku Klux Klan Snowman
  13. Man shot dead in Toronto library with crossbow. Canadians have issues.
  14. American cities ranked by penis size
  15. Sex offender accused of raping girl, 2, IN store
  16. Montreal Teacher Caught Giving Kids Test On Penis Size
  17. The white robber who carried out six raids disguised as a black man
  18. Elizabeth Smart Storms Out of Courtroom
  19. Women accused of hiding stolen merchandise in body fat
  20. Boss Makes Female Employees Wear Red Bracelets During Their Periods
  21. New York man recalls Black Friday trampling at Target
  22. Doctors forced to break babies' bones to deliver them safely
  23. Woman arrested after pushing 100-year-old Wal-Mart greeter
  24. Family's Fall from Affluence Is Swift and Hard
  25. Man blamed for 80% of Juarez, Mexico killings in last 16 months arrested
  26. NYC School Teacher Fined and Suspended for Saying 'Coņo'
  27. Fug unemployed father-of-10 is having 4 more children
  28. Amber Alert Issued for 3 Michigan Brothers
  29. Gonorrhea Spreads Like Wildfire in Alaska
  30. Parents Attack Carjacker to Save Their Baby
  31. Police discover blood spattered hotel room found after fire not what they thought
  32. Feds: Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Oregon
  33. Anti-violence rally turns violent
  34. Marine stabbed at Toys For Tots drive
  35. This year's hottest toy costs $10
  36. FoxNation.com reposts "news" from The Onion
  37. Idiot arrested for calling cops to complain about hookers' performance
  38. WTF? Deputies: SC Motel Guest Trashed Room To Find 'Midget'
  39. Diabetes or prediabetes predicted for half of Americans by 2020
  40. North Korea bombs South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island
  41. 2-year-old Falls to Death at Staples Center After Lakers Game
  42. Salvation Army uses plight of homeless to fight against LGBT rights
  43. Inmate Charged With Murder For Stabbing Serial DUI Offender
  44. TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine
  45. Car thief returns car, yells at mom for leaving kid in back seat
  46. Fake doctor jailed for giving breast exams in bars
  47. Emotions spill over in New Zealand coal mine drama
  48. 1800 fetuses discovered at Bangkok temple
  49. Long Island Nurse Got High Sucking Medical Waste
  50. Homeless Arizona Man Returns Lost $3K To Student
  51. Grandma claims Hooters guard beat her
  52. Vote on Whether This Couple Gets An Abortion
  53. If the Science Guy Bill Nye passes out and nobody tweets it, did it happen?
  54. Wisconsin man shoots TV over Bristol Palin dance
  55. National Unfriend Day is today
  56. Man accused of child murder/abuse may be paroled unsupervised
  57. Dog who saved soldiers in Afghanistan euthanized by mistake
  58. Mystery surrounds killing of Hollywood publicist
  59. Portland, Oregon Woman Lives Decades with HIV, may Hold Cure
  60. Sheriff: Man Tries to Run Over Ex After Failed Marriage Proposal
  61. Florida dealership offers free AK-47 for truck buyers
  62. Driver in fatal Conn. crash sues victim's parents
  63. Nintendo tries to trademark popular catchphrase
  64. Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days
  65. Gamer makes a cool half-million by selling virtual property
  66. Former NFL running back sentenced to 30 years for rape
  67. Former PM Ariel Sharon goes home from 5 year hospital stay
  68. Racist woman attacks UPS worker and gets him fired
  69. Woman 'was told by employer to hide her breasts because they were too big'
  70. DNA Tests Suggest George Bush Denied Stay of Execution for Innocent Man‎
  71. Teen huntress and victim win 2010 UK photo prize
  72. Italian Man Has Marriage Annulled After Wife Thinks of Other Men
  73. 4-Year-Old Killed in Home Invasion Stabbed 36 Times
  74. Columbia Sportswear chairwoman thwarts home invasion
  75. French judge OKs Renault's use of name Zoe for car
  76. Indiana Ends Food Aid For Developmentally Disabled
  77. Grandfather sentenced for rape and murder of 8-month-old
  78. Nightmare cruise ship with no food, no power, no electric finally docks in San Diego
  79. Washington state bans alcoholic energy drinks like Four Loko
  80. Target Trots Out $3 Appliances on Black Friday
  81. Bullied Teen, 14, Steps in Front of Tractor-Trailer
  82. 14 year old's Bully Suicide Means Rapist's Charges Dropped
  83. Amazon Peddles Pedophile How To Book
  84. San Francisco's Happy Meal Toy Ban: Does It Go Far Enough?
  85. Nearly 1,000 dead pigs found on Fulton County farm
  86. California high school teacher accused of sex with student
  87. $35 million Andy Warhol Coke bottle lifts Sotheby's auction
  88. Can criticizing the boss on Facebook get you fired?
  89. Federal crackdown on child prostitution results in 884 arrests
  90. High school party goers beat random stranger to death in Georgia
  91. Amanda Knox indicted on slander charges
  92. 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Solves 27-Letter Puzzle With Just One Letter as a Clue
  93. Man collects 26 years of belly-button fluff‎
  94. 10-day-old girl dies in washing machine
  95. 'Nothing can hurt Spider-Man' and then a deadly gunshot in South L.A.
  96. Controversial costume that outraged moms, made boy happy
  97. Hit-and-run driver not charged because it might "jeopardize his job"
  98. Keith Olbermann suspended indefinitely...
  99. $1.5 Million Fine For A Music Sharing Mother Of Four
  100. Exclusive: Man in disguise boards international flight
  101. News Grant County Woman Pleads Guilty To Raping Her Children
  102. Woman demands sexual favors from husband and his friend at knife point
  103. Nicest Canadian couple in world dole out lottery winnings
  104. Starbucks defeats woman's tea burn lawsuit
  105. Ohio teen finds 3 bodies, thought it was a prank
  106. Driver runs down shotgun-wielding man in driveway
  107. Kate McCann says their "Find Maddie" fund is running dry, beg for more money
  108. Drunk and dressed in a diaper, man screamed at trick-or-treaters for candy
  109. Raccoons attack Georgia baby in her crib
  110. Paris baby falls 7 floors into safe arms
  111. Report: 10-Year-Old Gives Birth in Southern Spain
  112. Bombs sent to several Embassies in Athens - explosion at Swiss Embassy
  113. Teen shot dead after Halloween prank
  114. Pastor of Megachurch comes out to congregation in light of gay teen suicides
  115. 'Hiccup Girl' charged with first-degree murder
  116. California man arrested in revenge beating of priest
  117. 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case
  118. Season of the Regulator: The Killjoys Come Out On Halloween
  119. Developing: Suspicous packages found in cargo planes in NJ, MA, PA, ME, KY and UK
  120. Man Dies Of Caffeine Overdose
  121. Man Arrested With 2,000 Diamonds In Stomach
  122. Wedding Minister Plays Hilarious 'Insult the Couple in a Foreign Language' Gag
  123. Dating website 'for ugly people' celebrating first engagement
  124. Lawmakers probe street harassment of New York city women
  125. The Biggest, Richest Party Ever
  126. Brazilian judge fines McDonald's $17,500 after manager says he became obese
  127. Florida Mom kills baby for interrupting Farmville
  128. Ten uses for your body after you die
  129. Man Busted For Waterboarding Girlfriend
  130. Nestor Kirchner (ex-president of Argentina, husband of current president) dies
  131. BP CEO says oil spill blown out of proportion
  132. Baltimore Nuns stand to profit from auction of rare Honus Wagner card
  133. If You're Going to Rob a Transvestite Prostitute, Don't Rob This One
  134. Kansans To Vote On Voting Rights of Kansans with Mental Illnesses
  135. Massachusetts school warns teachers not to 'friend' students
  136. Too Young for Love? Syrian Boy, 5, Engaged to Girl, 3
  137. Cell Phone Time Traveler from 1928!
  138. Police: Pennsylvania Mom Killed 4 Infants, Kept Bones Hidden
  139. London cabbie may have sexually assaulted 100 women
  140. Police: Arizona 4-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed by sibling
  141. Paul the predicting octopus dies
  142. Six new scams aimed at shoppers
  143. Nurse caught on CCTV turning off paralysed patient's life support machine
  144. Deadly cholera in Haiti left over 200 dead
  145. Paper Won't Print Gay Couple's Marriage Announcement
  146. Man shows up at California Sheriff's station with dead body in trunk
  147. Special Needs Child Victim of Bully
  148. Man with first mind-controlled bionic arm dies after car crash
  149. Woman drove around with body for months
  150. Police: boy in custody after 2 joyrides in 2 days
  151. Tainted celery sickens at least 6 in Texas; 4 die
  152. Man Cleared in 1984 Rape Awarded $18.5M
  153. After accident that severed her leg, woman receives bill for damaged guardrail
  154. Escaped pet chimpanzee attacks police car, flips cops the bird
  155. AXE Detailer - Ball Washer Commercial
  156. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: End of the Earth Postponed!!!!
  157. Comic Sans - most reviled font in the world?
  158. Life at Wal-Mart: Employee and customer horror stories, or why Wal-Mart is evil.
  159. Russian spies receive top Kremlin honours - reports
  160. Teachers fired for flirting on Facebook with students
  161. D.A.R.E. Turns Another Little Kid Into A Snitch
  162. A productive Congress gets no respect from voters
  163. Woman who stabbed her violent husband to death cleared of his murder
  164. 3 year old boy missing - father too drunk to recall being with him
  165. Speakers of More Than One Language May See Delayed Onset of Dementia Symptoms
  166. So you bought a foreclosed home. Now what?
  167. Don't forget your inhaler. Your life is worth less than $1.99.
  168. Report: China mine blast kills 20, traps 30-plus
  169. Cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by pollution; was rare in antiquity
  170. World's longest tunnel completed in the Swiss Alps
  171. Couple's 3 children born 08/08/08, 09/09/09, and 10/10/10
  172. Man Gets $650,000 After Eye Injury During Lap Dance
  173. Pope Bans Carla Bruni From the Vatican
  174. British jeweler sells $8 million iPhone
  175. Tate Modern unveils Ai Weiwei's 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds
  176. Mom's Child Taken Away After Failed Drug Test; Poppy Seed Bagel Blamed
  177. CVS pharmacy to pay $77.6 million in meth case
  178. UFOs Spotted Over NYC
  179. Walmart Rolls Back Rollbacks: Food Prices at Two-Year High
  180. A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years
  181. India's richest man Mukesh Ambani moves into Ģ630m home
  182. Apple patents 'anti-sexting' technology
  183. Porn actor has tested positive for HIV; industry officials confirm quarantine
  184. 3-Year-Old Boy Tips Scales at Staggering 140 Pounds
  185. Ears provide new way of identifying people in airports
  186. A Buffalo, NY family's painting could be a lost Michelangelo
  187. "They would sit nude in groups of 30 to 50, passing around a wooden dildo"
  188. 8 gang members arraigned for brutal anti gay crime in New York
  189. Penis and Ass Enhancing Underwear to Hit British Store Shelves Next Week
  190. Man Diagnosed As Quadriplegic Walks A Mile
  191. New York cops: Man stabs random child 5 times at eatery
  192. Polish Woman Dies When Doctors Refuse Treatment, Fearing for Fetal Life
  193. Authorities find woman, daughter she allegedly snatched in 1984
  194. Michigan man and his 19-year-old son charged with raping 17-year-old girl, taping it
  195. British couple thrown off Queen Mary 2 after anti-semitic row
  196. Lesbian couple says Baltimore Ravens ejected them for kissing
  197. FBI busted for tracking college student, but demands GPS spy gear back
  198. Massachusetts Girl, 10, dead in apparent suicide
  199. Woman accused of taunting dying girl, 7, with coffin
  200. Man Pleads No Contest To 11th DUI
  201. Chile: Rescue drill should reach trapped miners within 24 hours (2+ months later!)
  202. Emmy-winning reporter arrested for molesting friend's toddler
  203. 1 Ohio school, 4 bullied teens dead at own hand
  204. Gay teen endured a daily gauntlet
  205. Monkey kills baby girl in Malaysia
  206. Italian mother learns while on TV missing daughter was slain
  207. New Jersey sniper kills brother, Good Samaritan, self
  208. NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys
  209. ACLU sues North Carolina school over student's nose piercing
  210. Lion attack caught on video in Ukraine
  211. Police face charges for using Taser 13 times on Aboriginal man
  212. Ohio woman pretended to be boy to date teen girl
  213. FL man denies ownership of cocaine up his butt
  214. Woman Mistakes Super Glue For Eye Drops
  215. FBI charges 133 in its biggest crackdown ever on corrupt cops
  216. Toxic Sludge Floods Towns In Hungary
  217. School orders cheerleader to cheer for her alleged rapist. Court agrees.
  218. Black judge rejects deal for "white boy"
  219. Driver cuts off suspect in California kidnap case
  220. Two Morons Go Gay Bashing at the Stonewall Inn
  221. Husband/wife jetskiing (allegedly) attacked by Mexican pirates
  222. Connecticut cheerleaders want uniforms with more coverage
  223. Lesbian Couple Expecting 5 Babies
  224. No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible
  225. The Most Suicidal States
  226. Say Goodbye To Pontiac And Three Other US Brands
  227. CNN's Rick Sanchez loses job after going "Mel Gibson" on radio interview
  228. The US's Twisted Syphilis Experiments in Guatemala
  229. Outsourcing safety: Airplane repairs move to unregulated foreign shops
  230. Denver Firefighters Battle Bedbugs Escaping From Burning House
  231. Lightweight dies after drinking pint of vodka in 4 seconds
  232. Michigan Ass. AG wages homophobic campaign of harassment in his free time
  233. Firefighters stand around and watch as home burns to the ground
  234. Oh look: there's a mouse in my bread
  235. Indianapolis bakery refuses order for rainbow cupcakes for a national gay coming out
  236. The Tragic Story of Tyler Clementi, Rutgers' Webcam Voyeurism Victim
  237. Couple charged with having sex outside convenience store
  238. School Teacher Admits Being A Former Sex Worker
  239. Judge Throws Book at Michigan Man Who Failed to Pay Support for His 23 Kids
  240. Elderly Chicago Woman Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy She Says Bullied Her
  241. Australian Teen Missing After Ill-Conceived Whale Ride
  242. Kids with allergies bullied with peanuts
  243. Man Takes Pics of Naked Boys Because Of "Obsession With Circumcision"
  244. Girl, 8, told mom about park shooting on dying dad's phone
  245. Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots
  246. Segway company owner dies riding Segway off cliff
  247. What happens when a neo-Nazi couple discovers it is Jewish?
  248. Rogue sperm in Ottawa. Where do these 2 girls come from?
  249. Shopping malls increasingly putting restrictions on teens
  250. Rikers Island prison guard wins $54 million lottery jackpot