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  1. Salt Lake City airplane passenger carried knife on board, made threats, police say
  2. Giant African Snails Invade Miami Florida
  3. Gay soldier comes out to his dad live on Youtube
  4. Schweddy Balls Make AFA (American Family Association) Squirm
  5. Officials say majority of residents in Joplin, MO ignored tornado warning
  6. Amazon’s Best Excuses for Abusing Sick and Pregnant Workers
  7. Foo Fighters go head to head with WBC
  8. Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle
  9. Kara Kennedy Allen, daughter of Ted Kennedy, dies at age 51
  10. Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Walter Mondale, dead at age 51
  11. Dr. Oz accused of fear-mongering on apple juice
  12. Bystanders lift flaming car to save man
  13. After 20 Years, Missing CEO Who Owes $100M(!) in Taxes is Found
  14. Man Sues White Castle Over Not Being Able To Fit Into The Booths
  15. Afghan suicide bomber wounds 89 people
  16. Hip Hop Charter School Blew Its Book Money on De La Soul Endorsement
  17. Woman dies after hot beef injection
  18. Officials confirm 'credible but unconfirmed' 9/11 threat
  19. College to Drug Test Entire Student Body
  20. 12-Year-Old Girl Posts Nude Photos Online, Dad Sues Facebook
  21. TV Weatherman wakes up next to a dead man in a tub wearing dog collar
  22. Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines
  23. Real life Doogie Howser- Boy poses as physician's assistant
  24. Salon vandalized over ad campaign
  25. 3,000 Pairs of Panties Dumped on Ohio Town
  26. Women in Competition to be Fattest
  27. Television Host's Baby, Babysitter Die on Long Island
  28. Government goes after financial firms over mortgage losses
  29. Boy dies after masturbating 42 times
  30. Body of infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly found
  31. German city of Bonn taxes prostitutes with meter
  32. Dumb Bitch Beat Her Infant Daughter Before blowing WEED smoke in her mouth!!
  33. Man Beheads Self in Domestic Dispute
  34. Woman scammed into buying fake wooden iPad
  35. School superintendent gives up salary to save city $800,000
  36. 4 children have been orphaned after mother and father plunged to death days apart
  37. 3 ft Giant rat killed by pitchfork in Marcy Houses believed to be Gambian pouched rat
  38. Divorce Rates higher in the Bible Belt
  39. Hurricane Irene Is Headed For The East Coast
  40. Jury rules in favor of doctor who cut off part of Kentucky man's penis
  41. Elmhurst College to Ask About Sexual Orientation
  42. Lightbulb hoarders/weirdos fight the "attack on civilization"
  43. Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple
  44. Yay, Bisexual men! Science has proved you exist! Aren't you glad?
  45. Woman wanted hubby to have sex with 12yo girl. Pregnant = benefits.
  46. Earthquake in the Bronx
  47. Navy SEAL’s Dog Stands Guard One Last Time
  48. United Airlines spends $500M to improve seats
  49. Scientists warn that aliens may come to destroy us
  50. Jude Devereaux [author] taken for $20 million by fortune teller
  51. Woman suing police for leaving her tied up for 5 hrs after responding to 911 call
  52. Nivea pulls ‘offensive’ ad
  53. American girl in Italy: 60 years later
  54. Girl expelled from school for rape claim, forced to apologise to rapist
  55. Child Calls Police To Report Being Forced To Do Housework
  56. American businesses are moving production back home from China
  57. Brain-eating amoebas blamed in three deaths
  58. Teens Facing Murder Charges After Friend Shot
  59. Slain Officer Jeremy Henwood's Final Act of Kindness
  60. Texas Man Bites Woman; Claims to be Vampire satisfying "need to feed"
  61. Ontario mystified by unexplained rumblings
  62. Crazy Guy on Tower Enters Fifth Day of Negotiations With Police
  63. Essex police arrest man for planning water fight
  64. Sugarland Indiana State Fair concert tragedy
  65. Ohio man dies 2 months after winning $5M lottery
  66. Pregnant Woman Mauled To Death By Family Pit Bull
  67. Utah Woman Sues Employer Over No Bra Thursday
  68. Magic t-shirt messes with neo Nazis LOL
  69. US housing crash affecting Canadian marijuana growers
  70. London riots - Violence erupts for third day
  71. Man cheats on wife, gets flesh eating disease on penis
  72. Apple now has more cash than the U.S. government
  73. Join me for the 'SlutWalk' tomorrow?
  74. Muslim man sues Washington employer for firing over beard
  75. Does The First Amendment Protect Truck Nuts?
  76. UK police seize record £300mn cocaine haul
  77. Westboro Baptist to picket Norway's children
  78. Sydney teen freed by bomb squad
  79. Internet Explorer story was bogus
  80. 25-Year-Old Woman Sues Doctor For Not Delivering Her Via C-Section
  81. Quadriplegic man dies in Montana skydiving accident
  82. Female body found in New Hampshire river near home of missing 11 yr old girl
  83. Xbox addict 'dies from blood clot'
  84. Philadelphia English teacher explains why she helped students cheat
  85. Don't get your butt enhanced in the back room of a tile store
  86. Drunk cop crashes truck pulling DARE trailer, blames dog
  87. A Mr. Nader Is Calling, and He Wants a Refund
  88. High school student alleges racial bias in valedictorian choice
  89. Gay couple asked to reverse shirt at Dollywood
  90. Mother of Three Girls Killed in Taconic Crash is Pregnant Again
  91. New York Has Its First Gay Weddings
  92. Utrecht Train Station Gets a Slide for Passengers in a Hurry
  93. US starts to fine people caught texting while walking
  94. The Cost of War?
  95. Bomb rocks government offices in Oslo, Norway: two said dead
  96. Lucien Freud dies aged 88
  97. Rudolf Hess Dug Up To Keep Out Pesky Neo Nazi Pilgrims
  98. Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies
  99. Man Turns Lawn Chairs into Free Wheelchairs for under $60
  100. Former president of Harvard University has choice words about Winklevoss twins
  101. Teen Sues Over Petty Cheerleading Beef, Is Laughed Out of Federal Court
  102. Lesbians Asked to Leave Gertrude Stein Exhibit for Holding Hands
  103. Tea party: manatees aren't in the bible so fuck 'em
  104. Chrysler suspends workers caught drinking on TV
  105. Man says blood center rejected him because he appeared gay
  106. Woman tried to sell infant at Taco Bell
  107. What The... Borders Is Shutting Down For Good?!
  108. Zahi Hawass [Egypt's antiquities minister, douche] fired!
  109. Nazi twins update. Feel good story of the year!
  110. Twin brothers drown in backyard pool in California
  111. Woman Calls 911, Offers To Donate Organs, Then Shoots Herself
  112. Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint
  113. Spanish Priest Offers Measurements Of His Anus To Prove He Isn't Gay
  114. Horn of Africa drought: 'A vision of hell'
  115. Father and Son Killed By Lightning, 48 Years Apart
  116. Austrian Driver's Religious Headgear Strains Credulity
  117. Apple Stops Distributing PedoBear App
  118. In today's 'Really?' news: drinking 8 glasses of water/day could be harmful to you
  119. The Persecution of Daniel Lee. Internet smear campaign nearly destroys Korean rapper
  120. Sister Wives clan files suit claiming polygamy law is unconstitutional
  121. Man Tells Cops GPS Told Him to Drive Into House
  122. Big birth announcement: couple welcomes a 16-pound baby boy
  123. Boy, 4, Murdered Because Thought To Be Gay
  124. Philly Saved $2 Million by Not Prosecuting Small-Time Potheads
  125. Texas Rangers fan dies after trying to catch ball for son (Video)
  126. Army amputee thrown from NY roller coaster, dies
  127. Texas execution of mexican national 'violated international law', UN says
  128. Betty Ford, Widow of Pres. Gerald Ford, Has Died
  129. Woman Dies of Allergic Reaction to the Dog She Had Sex With
  130. Snakes Force Family From Home, Into Bankruptcy
  131. Grizzly bear kills Yellowstone hiker
  132. Painter Cy Twombly dies
  133. WTF? Post-Traumatic Stress Cure: Writer Stages Her Own Rape
  134. Married Ohio "Family Values" Republican Rep. gets busted for DUI with stripper in car
  135. Melanie Stark, Harrods Employee, Driven Out For Not Wearing Makeup
  136. You Smoke? It Could Cost You Your Job
  137. Ohio governor signs law allowing guns in bars
  138. Reports: Woman in China catches toddler who fell 10 stories
  139. NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law
  140. Man Fined After Returning Lost $17, 000
  141. California tells online retailers to start collecting sales taxes from customers
  142. Animal Cruelty: Barbaric Pig-Handling Video Could Ensnare Major Grocery Chains
  143. Body found in public pool 2 days after victim drowned
  144. New Jersey dealer wants $100,000 for JFK Jr.’s used Saab
  145. Cook-off Cop Fired for Tossing Tear Gas at Rivals
  146. A disturbing trend: Neo-Nazi codes
  147. Tour boat abandons U.S. snorkeler on Australian reef
  148. Cornell Frat Sued for $25 Million Over Hazing Death
  149. Man has lotto winnings seized by state to pay back public assistance
  150. UFO mothership seen in London skies: viral video spotlight
  151. Teenager, 15, Dies from Loving Her Dog Too Much
  152. Man in portapotty wanted to start shitty religion
  153. Teenager survives 2nd plane crash; 1st one killed mom & siblings, 2nd killed dad
  154. Woman with world's largest boobs comes to Britain‎
  155. Midsummer. Time for some vagina worship and dancing around the "Mayhole".
  156. The furries annual invasion of Pittsburgh
  157. Russian woman, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, dies at her own funeral after thought dead
  158. Is Google Hiding Its Gay Pride Support With a Disappearing Doodle?
  159. Where the Jobs Aren't: 10 Doomed Industries
  160. Everest Climber Discovers Missing Friend Preserved in Ice
  161. Defying gravity: Tokyo photographer 'levitates'
  162. Huguette Clark Splits $400 Million Fortune Between Charity – and Her Nurse
  163. Pulitzer-winning journalist admits he's illegal immigrant
  164. Pilot's rant from airplane cockpit
  165. Ai Weiwei Released
  166. Private eye tells homeless man of big inheritance
  167. John McCain blames Arizona fires on illegal immigrants
  168. Recycling hotel soap to save lives
  169. NYC Rent Control Law Expires After Lawmakers Engage In ‘Worst Of Political Games’
  170. Vancouver riots as Canucks lose Stanley Cup Finals
  171. Toddler fatally crushed by chiropractor's chair
  172. Children's author ejected from plane for saying "F-word"
  173. Mike Rowe battles prejudice against vocational education in America
  174. State of Tennessee wants to make law to ban me!
  175. Report: Evidence Mounts that Electronic Interference May Affect Airplane Safety
  176. Dying teen's 'bucket list' is online hit
  177. Abortion Billboard Could Land New Mexico Ex-Boyfriend in Jail
  178. Flying bear kills two Canadians in freak accident
  179. Man crushes wife with his enormous pole
  180. Bounce Houses Fly Away With Kids Inside, Caught on Video
  181. U.S. Department of Education says it doesn’t send SWAT teams after loan defaulters
  182. Homeowner Foreclosures on Bank of America (Yes, You Heard That Right)
  183. Indiana man returns home after face transplant
  184. Philadelphia Woman sues Dunkin' Donuts over sugar in coffee
  185. Jewish groups blast 'Foreskin Man' comic book's 'overly anti-Semitic' images
  186. Chinese teen reportedly sells kidney to buy Apple iPad 2
  187. San Diego law school grad sues her alma mater for $50 million
  188. Teen girl hits 2 people during driving lesson
  189. Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian dies at age 83
  190. German E. coli outbreak is new strain as death toll hits 18
  191. United Airlines plane returns for emergency landing; fistfight between passengers
  192. Baltimore woman is 'World's oldest female bodybuilder'
  193. Oregon Baby May Go Blind Because of Faith-Healing Parents
  194. Douche mayor of tornado hit town refuses to let residents use FEMA trailers
  195. Atlanta model Lashawna Threatt dies after tumbling out of Atlanta hotel
  196. Mexican Kindergarten Teacher Keeps Class Calm As Gunfire Erupts Outside
  197. Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies. Video? Hells yeah!
  198. Husband gave life to save wife from tornado — ‘He was my hero’
  199. Wife takes over plane when pilot-husband can't fly
  200. For Sale: The severed head of the patron saint of genital diseases
  201. Shocking Video Shows Teacher Beating Pupils
  202. Sea Monster Discovered Under Brooklyn Bridge
  203. California man kills himself at his office desk
  204. From Accounting To Homeless To A Book Deal?
  205. Compressed air turns NZ trucker into human balloon
  206. 'Planking' internet fad leads to Australian death
  207. Toy tiger sparks armed police alert in Southampton
  208. Italian toddler left by dad in hot car dies
  209. Lisa Lampinelli tries to piss off Westboro Baptist assholes
  210. Lifeguard pay of $200K riles California beach city
  211. Child killed in lawnmower runover accident
  212. German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen
  213. Woman's Leg Severed By Flying Pressure Cooker
  214. $2M Michigan lottery winner defends use of food stamps
  215. U.S. sues Starbucks for firing dwarf from barista job
  216. Mexico Detains 513 People Crammed Into Two US-Bound Trucks
  217. Russian cops arrest alleged cannibal after finding human stew
  218. 8 once-trendy stocks that won't die
  219. Calendar marks last months of stranded Oregon man
  220. Wasilla High School attempts to ban grad song for being gay
  221. Woman Wins Right To Watch Porn and Masturbate At Work
  222. Chelsea Charms and her massive tits appear on 'This Morning'
  223. Sarah Palin joins those balking at White House invite to rapper Common
  224. Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro Maine forced to close
  225. Chinese girls born in single body with 2 heads
  226. New York Man Puts 'Bomb Making Next Driveway' Sign In Mosque-Adjacent Yard
  227. Local pastor made up elaborate Navy SEAL tale
  228. California assistant swim coach tries to pull swimmer by hair, resigns days later
  229. Muslim scholars pulled from Delta plane in Memphis
  230. Donald Trump real estate courses didn't deliver, suit says
  231. Albinos in Tanzania murdered or raped as AIDS "cure"
  232. Teacher Suspended After Telling Muslim Student 'I Bet You're Grieving'
  233. Colombian College Student Dies in Art Performance
  234. South Korean man found crucified, wearing crown of thorns
  235. Britain's fattest teenager now anorexic and given six months to live
  236. Pope removes bishop who expressed openness to ordaining women
  237. Michelle Obama Visits a Middle School w/ her Let's Move Initiative
  238. For-profit colleges face lawsuits, U.S. scrutiny
  239. Group of Deaf Mute Friends Stabbed
  240. Hamster Dance music for fundraiser called "bullying" and "extortion"
  241. Walmart Brings Back Guns To Many Stores
  242. Oregon mailman craps in a yard
  243. Terrified Long Island Town Turns Itself Into Self-Surveillance Hell
  244. Student who called school officals 'douchebags' in blog post loses in court
  245. Human Cannonball Dies During Act
  246. Retired Bus Drivers Lose Everything in Ponzi Scheme
  247. UK woman dropped into sea in botched cruise rescue
  248. Tim Hetherington, Restrepo Director and War Photographer, Killed in Libya
  249. High School Secretary Porn Star Outed By Student, Fired by School
  250. McDonald's hiring day draws crowds, high hopes