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  1. Cheerleading today...more dangerous than ever?
  2. Time to boycott: Walmart posts offensive information about blacks
  3. Lab tech at cancer care steals patient's identity (long article + interviews)
  4. Foxnews says: Suck it up, bitch...you'll always be poor because you want to be poor!
  5. When teens push parents' panic buttons
  6. Growing gap between employees and employers...this is scary
  7. Gay culture and swear words to be taught in schools?
  8. Miners Reported To Be Alive Actually Dead
  9. Man dates gal on internet for 6 months --turns out she's his mother!
  10. Elect the New Seven Wonders of the World
  11. Credit card companies up the stakes
  12. Adopted man goes nuts on birth mother
  13. ICU babies at risk for mixup...
  14. 20 ways to go green in 2006
  15. Here's a new one: Doctors with ethics
  16. How weird is Florida? Wierder than you think, apparently.
  17. Big little stories you might have missed
  18. 16 year old student, goes to Iraq to write his essay
  19. Hurrah! Male domination of the internet just a memory!
  20. Men get more 'me time' than women
  21. New Robot has Self Awareness
  22. Obese cop charged in pharmacy robbery of Oxycontin
  23. Scientists resurrect Woolly Mammoth DNA!
  24. Signs of Modern Human Evolution
  25. Enviromental Protection Agency tightens Air Regulations
  26. 1 in 10 Irishmen may be related to an Ancient Warlord
  27. Clone Researcher says work is flawed but claim results stand
  28. Bigfoot Lives!
  29. December 31st - The Leap Second [23:59:60]
  30. Kerry Packer RIP
  31. Christmas Spirit comes to the Hospital
  32. Woman swallows cell phone
  33. Bin Laden's niece poses for GQ
  34. Rumors of why Natalee Holloway is missing
  35. Group sex OK in swinger clubs? Canada....
  36. 'Shameful' stuff
  37. Would you want your dead husband's baby?
  38. Tap water full of chemicals
  39. Evolution vs 'Intelligent' design: verdict soon
  40. Breast feeding moms fight back
  41. And a Merry Christmas to you too!
  42. Aryans celebrate a 'White' Christmas, and more!
  43. Mutilated Barbie
  44. SETI@Home Project Ends: The search for extra-terrestial life
  45. Many in U.S. playing risky sex game
  46. Dog listed as defendent in lawsuit
  47. Teen Having 16-Pound Growth Removed
  48. Germ-free carriages on trains to escape germ-spreaders
  49. Police Wack Giant Snow Penis!
  50. As a Face Transplant Heals, Questions Arise
  51. Pay someone to decorate your tree?
  52. School bus driver tapes kid's mouth shut
  53. 500 pound man scams fast food restaurants
  54. Pregnant skydiver survives face-first fall
  55. Self destructing text messages...perfect for those who like to cheat
  56. Richard Branson to launch "VirginGalactic"
  57. 'Kid tracker': Parenting boon or easy out?
  58. Pope bemoans rampant materialism at Xmas
  59. Dontcha Hate It When Your Designated Driver Lets You Down ?!
  60. Uk Oil Refinery Explodes...
  61. Rise of the wanna-be grannies
  62. Student suspended for speaking Spanish
  63. Awwwwwwwwwwwwe
  64. Employees fired for smoking?!
  65. Inuit sue US over climate change
  66. RI man creates Paris Hilton Christmas shrine
  67. Southwest airplane skids off runway in Chicago
  68. Move Israel to Europe! The Holocaust didn't happen!
  69. Greenland's glaciers melting rapidly
  70. Airline Passenger Was a 'Nice Guy'
  71. First taser lawsuit goes to trial (sorry! it seems to be a big news day for tasers!)
  72. San Francisco cops make sexist, racist, homophobic video for office xmas party
  73. Wake up and smell the breakfast pizza
  74. Alliance for Marriage names sinners
  75. Fake Santa drops his trousers
  76. Baby dies after ingesting cocaine from breast milk
  77. Castro Calls Jeb Bush FAT!
  78. Sexually suggestive angels?
  79. Musical sandwiches
  80. Bad marriage = bad health
  81. Christian right upset at Bush Christmas card
  82. US housing market to cool...thanks god, eh?
  83. 2005 worst for extreme weather
  84. Principal caught trying to swallow drugs
  85. Suicidal deer
  86. Witches at war in Florida
  87. Accused Fights to Keep Girl on Life Support
  88. Oil execs worry prices may FALL
  89. Police Stop Toddler for driving a toy car
  90. German man creates robot sex doll
  91. Money For Morons
  92. Cleavage can hold you back?
  93. Madonna a modern-day Bette Davis in 'What ever happened to Baby Jane?'
  94. Flame-throwing cars for dumbasses
  95. J.Crew Promises That 'Fur Is Out'
  96. Aussie hung in Singapore for drug smuggling
  97. Car maker recommends employees walk to work
  98. Black toilet paper
  99. Stowaway Cat Reunited With Family
  100. Bush called for jury duty
  101. Window cleaners trapped as 60 km winds buffet them
  102. Walgreens punishes 4 pharmacists for not filling emergency contraceptives
  103. Alzheimers may be new form of diabetes
  104. Water found on Mars!!!
  105. Smug stay at home mums
  106. 6 out of 10 internet users dangerously addicted
  107. Dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream will lead to more climate change
  108. Sharp opjects to be allowed on planes again
  109. Christmas tree or holiday tree?
  110. Insane Bat Mitzvah
  111. Can you actually buy air? The world just got dumber and greedier.
  112. Are creative people sexier?
  113. Now this is a REAL Mamma's boy
  114. Possible miniature solar system discovered
  115. Researchers convert chicken fat to fuel
  116. Judge makes public urinators apologize
  117. Women fart more than men...and other interesting facts
  118. Airline Policy - No Men Sitting Next To Kids
  119. Science faces 'dangerous times'
  120. Katrina victims take FEMA to court
  121. Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks
  122. Saudi "Love"
  123. Student newspaper seized
  124. Is there anything more dumb than TV News?
  125. Heavy smokers may be denied treatment in UK
  126. Switzerland backs GM moratorium
  127. Hangover hospitals in the UK
  128. Whistle-blower questions food safety
  129. High school senior elected mayor.
  130. Incredible!! Someone decides NOT to sue!!!!
  131. Can women have it all? Do they even want to?
  132. Baby coach to help your kid sleep...
  133. Teacher gives anti-Bush Vocab test...
  134. LA hospitals discharge patients to skid row
  135. Mother to child HIV transmission takes place during birth
  136. Warren Beatty, Rob Reiner despised in Calif
  137. Beer Goggles Effect Explained
  138. Miss Penitentiary
  139. 3 Asian men kill white man
  140. The Asian who turned white
  141. Expanded coverage for obesity
  142. Teen People and the Nazi Twins
  143. Wanna play with some Black Cocks?
  144. Inventor of stuffing dies
  145. Moviegoing, as a pasttime, is DEAD
  146. Shops, pubs and clubs open longer
  147. Sellout Smalltown renamed SecretSanta.com
  148. Fox News Sucks! Won't Show Ad Opposing Alito
  149. World's Ugliest Dog Dies
  150. The stupidity continues: man banned over 'stolen' pencil
  151. Judge convicted over parking violation
  152. Merry Christmas! GM to cut 30,000 jobs.
  153. Most dangerous US cities
  154. Vicar charged in AZ sex abuse case...here we go again, eh?
  155. Bratz dolls too sexy?
  156. Teacher fired for being pregnant
  157. Teen charged after screwing mannequin
  158. Smoker tried to open airliner door
  159. Funny pics of Bush trying to leave a room
  160. How important is PE in schools?
  161. One in three blame woman for rape
  162. Aussie Model freed from Indo jail
  163. Bill O'Reilly still a prat
  164. Museum gala turns into Bush-bashing central
  165. New Orleans to be completely submerged in 90 years.
  166. Woman sues Duncan Donuts over spilled hot coffee
  167. New sneakers for illegal immigrants...including map
  168. Guy mauled by chimps - could Paris be next?
  169. Heidi Fleiss to start stud farm
  170. Glowing Meats
  171. Woman gives birth with half a womb
  172. Pig destined for slaughterhouse tries to escape
  173. Clinton 'World's most influential man'
  174. Cop imposter humiliates 18 year old McDonald's employee
  175. SD activists want to put judges on trial
  176. High tech toilets now come with audio system
  177. Katrina to be Time Mag's Person of the Year
  178. GM's Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Pickup
  179. Japan, rocked by quake, warned of tsunami
  180. Men reject first date sex
  181. Contraceptive Patches, a risky solution
  182. 1st person cured of HIV
  183. 1st person
  184. Cats to cause schizophrenia?
  185. Man glued to toilet may have history
  186. As few as 30 World War I servicemen remain alive (and I had the honor of meeting 1)
  187. Fueding stewardesses ground flight
  188. First Bush, then Blair
  189. Mother of the year! sells her kid to old man
  190. Man Sues Ex for gluing his genitals
  191. New Kids Names
  192. Fox news faces sexual harrassment suit
  193. Couple Narrowly Escapes Pirates
  194. Net Revives New Orleans Classes
  195. Teachers Bring Blogging To Class
  196. Gossip Rocks board creater turns 18, gets loaded
  197. Center of our Galaxy a Massive Black Hole?
  198. I hate Walmart and here's why...
  199. Man saves puppy; puppy then saves owner
  200. House for Sale: Wife Included
  201. Fossil Sex!
  202. Shitty Halloween Candy
  203. And the animal sex continues
  204. Radio for dogs and cats?
  205. Denver OK's pot possession
  206. Gay cars: expensive and efficient.
  207. Dog rapes man?? (this one's for you, disruptive)
  208. Does makeup mask that feminine glow? New study...
  209. REPORT: "London sluts" besiege US troops...
  210. Women feel more pain
  211. Woman lied about being kidnapped to get out of date
  212. 7 American Soldiers and 20 Iraqis Dead
  213. Do witches breastfeed?
  214. Modern Day Hatfields & McCoys
  215. Heavy drinking damages sperm
  216. Rosa Parks To Lie In State!!!!
  217. Political correctness gone mad!!!!!!
  218. New CNN Documentary
  219. Walmart insurance and health policies
  220. New sex survey
  221. Bully boss can shorten your life
  222. Interactive polar ice caps melting
  223. Disgusted with the Oil Companies
  224. Klu Klux Klan to rally against gay marriage
  225. Dress Codes
  226. Lesbian Mom wants to give baby boy a sex change! WTF!!!
  227. Lap Dunce may pay with his job
  228. Rosa Parks, mother of civil rights dies
  229. Snicker-gate...
  230. Sexist boss: women in advertising are crap.
  231. Helicopter moms: WTF?
  232. Cat with Foot Fetish
  233. Gay Teens Elected Homecoming Queen, and well Queen
  234. Lets Party! Ecstasy, Coke, Pot, Mushrooms, Meth Found In Home
  235. Avian Flu Found in Parrot in UK
  236. Stay-at-home Mom goes on strike
  237. Pensioner drives 3 miles w/ body on windshield
  238. Business executive enjoys 250 thousand worth of lap dances...nice...
  239. Parking Police! Unbelievable!!!!
  240. 2 Year Old In Meatgrinder
  241. Chavez Believes U.S. Planning Invasion
  242. Domino Harvey's death declared accidental
  243. China auction Web site offers babies for sale
  244. 'Ladies' banned in language guide
  245. Cats can get asthma too
  246. Hurricane Wilma
  247. Anti-dangerous dog bill author attacked by own dog
  248. 6 months parent leave for dads damaging to small UK business?
  249. Pong-proof panties...keep fresh all day...
  250. "Train Wreck" Defense Rests Its Case