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  1. Columbus mystery nearly solved 500 years after death
  2. Woman dies from flesh eating bacteria in NC..scary stuff
  3. Display sword falls and kills Florida teen
  4. Children's book on 2 male penguins gets moved...WHY?
  5. Blow up dolls fight sexual harrassment
  6. NASA to make big announcement: Possible life found close to Earth..
  7. What a shocker: gas companies price gouging...
  8. Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees in Lab
  9. Creationism group to go door-to-door in Pennsylvania.
  10. Congress may pull food warning labels.
  11. Woman fined for applying makeup while driving
  12. Top US Bishop acused of sex abuse
  13. Men want a 'say' in unplanned pregnancies
  14. 'Devastated' crazy woman sues Walgreens for calling her crazy
  15. Man plants 'used condom' garden in anger... eww..
  16. Sharon Stone willing to do her part for peace
  17. Insane cheerleader keeps cheering after injury. Talk about taking one for the team.
  18. Divers astonished to discover a furry blond... LOBSTER.
  19. Women warned about Spring Break
  20. School opening delayed by grafitti.
  21. Greeting cards for that special someone in the slammer
  22. Drunken sex can be considered rape in the UK
  23. Man gets 15 years in sex attack on girl, 2
  24. Drunken fire chief tries to screw his neighbors' sheep
  25. Heavy-duty toilets on the way for tubby Australians
  26. Dutch considering banning the burqa
  27. Save Roe vs. Wade! Sign petition to support a woman's choice.
  28. Evolutionary time-warp family walks on all fours
  29. Protest over High School limits on bathrooms for over 3000 students.
  30. Parents Television Council slams Sponge Bob...
  31. 11-year-old girl raped in supermarket.
  32. Teen gives birth hours after playing basketball
  33. 75 yr old woman wearing Steelers mask robs bank
  34. New study says 'gay prevention' therapies by fundies harms teens
  35. Sign up for a credit card and get fake boobies
  36. New Orleans levies being rebuilt 'weaker' than those destroyed by Katrina
  37. 50% Of The Population Too Stupid...
  38. Teen heads to slammer for giving a 'purple nurple'
  39. Pill could cure shopping addiction
  40. Gay activists ask Oscar winners to shout out for equal rights
  41. School principal charged with child sexual abuse.
  42. Ex-convict challenges legality of restraining prisoners in labor.
  43. Alert GR fans! Celebrity worshipping can make you nuts...
  44. Baby Euthanasia in Holland
  45. Walmart reversal - will sell morning after pill
  46. Man Pleads Guilty To Fathering Baby With Daughter
  47. Gary Glitter Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison
  48. Trauma patients given experimental blood substitute in secret study
  49. Bush on trial in fake high school war crimes tribunal; parents say it's 'treason'
  50. Colorado students stage walkout over teacher who compared President Bush to Hitler
  51. Gay man allegedly refused CPR over AIDS worries.
  52. UK schools to ban all junk. Finally!
  53. LAPD Officers Accused Of Involvement In Robbery Crew
  54. Transgender firefighter sues chief for not calling her a "she"
  55. Crazy mother attacks pregnant referee at kids Basketballl game
  56. Teacher's aide rapes 4-year-old in her care.
  57. Gender equality at work...things are not as smooth as we'd like to think
  58. update on rape-tape/contempt of court kerfuffle
  59. Girl, 7, brings cocaine to school, shares with classmates..
  60. The Pentagon wants cyborg sharks patrolling oceans
  61. White-trashiest wedding ever!!
  62. China to fine people for spitting, blowing noses on sidewalks... ewww..
  63. Victim must view rape tape or face contempt of court
  64. 71-year-old returns to teaching after sex change
  65. American Family Association: racists, homophobes, anti-semites, Nazi's.
  66. Disabled teen booted from theatre for loud laughing
  67. Police Taser Sets Man Ablaze - Magnificent!
  68. Transsexuals: good businesswomen
  69. 3 out of 4 churches, charities, civic groups violate restraints on political activity
  70. Microsoft Billionaire to sell Portland Trail Blazers!
  71. Cafepress sues it's members
  72. Bizarre news story involving a convenience store and a penis
  73. H&R Block screws up its own taxes.
  74. Teen who killed family given child's sentence
  75. Vatican tells Muslims: Practice what you preach, tolerance for tolerance
  76. Nigerian Christians and Muslims continue to butcher each other in the name of God
  77. Walmart? Health benefits? You're fired!
  78. Average American income declines.
  79. Aussie woman fined for touching movie-goer
  80. Mommy wars continue
  81. Gay and married can work
  82. British twins in different colors
  83. Girl beats, chokes, burns and saws friend into little pieces in argument over boys
  84. Being on the menu helped early humans conquer predators
  85. Banning gay marriage not enough? 16 states to ban gay adoption
  86. Death has a plan: man dies from pneumonia after waking up from 10 year coma
  87. Scaremongering in the media
  88. Men are the sicklier sex (and they whine more, too)
  89. Boys twice as likely to burn themselves or set themselves on fire than girls
  90. Man kills roomate after running out of toilet paper.
  91. Mystery blob oozes from sewers to devour downtown L.A.
  92. Paul Bernardo, notorious Canadian rapist/murderer, admits 10 more rapes
  93. School bans tag...yup, TAG!
  94. Prostitutes suing pimps?
  95. TWO weatherman at same station addicted to heroin.
  96. 12 ways to remake your life.
  97. Henry Rollins a terrorist for choice of reading matter?
  98. California Woman, 62, Gives Birth to Baby Boy
  99. Retirement age will rise to age 85....
  100. Man kidnaps his own wife and tries to make her sign a wifely duty contract
  101. Holy wind! Anyone else have 70+ mph winds? Storm ripping through!
  102. Bird Flu detected in France, UK is next as pathogen sweeps across Europe
  103. Fraternity accused in goat-sex incident
  104. Icecaps melting twice as fast, says scientist Bush cronies tried to silence
  105. Homeless man discovered to be lawyer with amnesia
  106. Pakistani cleric offers 1.5 million Rupee for murder of Danish cartoonist
  107. Cook indicted for daring man to drink toxic mixture
  108. Man arrested for tasering 13-year-old student
  109. Conservation group sues US for climate change
  110. Stop the presses! Proffesor says heart shape based on female buttocks!
  111. Boy dies in 'boot camp': medical disorder or beaten to death?
  112. UK schools to ban kissing, physical contact in SCHOOL PLAYS
  113. Georgia lawmaker supports bible study in public schools
  114. Natalee Holloway's Parents Sue Teen
  115. You didn't pay your dues? We won't put out your fire
  116. Nasty confidential emails between lawyers go public
  117. After laughing at Cheney, man is shot in hunting accident
  118. 84 yr old former Senator ogles pretty girl, gets in trouble
  119. Japan's camera phone craze spreads to funerals
  120. Teenage fight club posts video on net
  121. Abortions in the comfort of your own home... without coathangers
  122. New pills allow you to forego sleep?
  123. Australian government's decision on abortion drug RU-486
  124. Woman sues McDonalds over bloody HappyMeal®
  125. UK banishes teenage loiterers with sonic weapon
  126. Toxic toads threaten ecological disaster in Australia
  127. Senior Chinese communists slam their own party for 'delusional' censorship
  128. 3 more die in stupid prophet mohammed cartoon protests
  129. Ohio Board of Education backs evolution, not intelligent design
  130. Want to raise a lady? Want to be a lady? Look no further....
  131. Walmart forced to stock contraceptives
  132. Sexual harrassment policies need reform?
  133. Willie Nelson records gay cowboy song. Yeeeehhhhaaaaa!!!
  134. Gay Bishop Is Treated for Alcoholism
  135. Are the funny pages funny?
  136. Mother's too anxiety ridden about their kid's futures?
  137. A bathroom that cleans itself with nano-technology
  138. Bottled water destroying Earth's ecosystems
  139. Man hangs himself in airplane bathroom, goodbye cruel world
  140. Mom Weighs 37 Pounds Gives Birth To Healthy Son
  141. Stupid Parents Suing Over Spelling Bee
  142. Muslim fury at sex toy 'Mustafa Shag'
  143. Russian inventor patents an Invisibility Cloak
  144. Lawsuit outs NYC cardinal
  145. First grader suspended for sexual harrassment
  146. Remember that 'selling horse meat' uproar awhile back?
  147. Minority Report style screens now possible with OLEDs
  148. Bed bugs biting?
  149. Wifely Contract?
  150. Update: man who broke vases banned from museum
  151. Woman says dog detected her cancer
  152. Feminist leader Betty Friedan is dead...
  153. Osama Bin Laden = Jesus Christ?
  154. WTF is going on with these Cruise ships? One SANK last night!
  155. Utah rehab program pays 28 cents an hour. Woohooo!! Party time!!
  156. Customers calling bank put through sex line
  157. 7th grader writes essay threatening Bush, Oprah and others
  158. Haven't They Suffered Enough?
  159. Western Union stops sending telegrams
  160. OMG there really is a Chester the Molester!!!!
  161. Weaving driver distracted by porn
  162. Coretta Scott King dies at 78
  163. Literary scandals continue: this time it's children's books
  164. 'New car smell' deemed dangerously toxic
  165. Oil execs refuse to testify at hearing over obscene Katrina-related profits
  166. Crazy US congressman wants to build a fence along US/Canadian border
  167. Whoops! Tourist smashes centuries-old vases at museum
  168. Compassionate Scientologists
  169. Face Transplant recipient comes out of hiding
  170. UN could unlock 7 trillion bucks, solve poverty/pollution worldwide
  171. Can boys really not sit still in school?
  172. 'Baby Jessica' marries
  173. Donald Trump, Ford Models, etc all got 9/11 funds earmarked for small business
  174. Former CNN anchor says truthful, factual news almost extinct
  175. 4 days after election, Canadian neocon prime minister attacks gay rights
  176. China to build "artifical sun", a source of infinite clean power
  177. 2 legged, toothless, beaked crocodile fossile found...in a museum
  178. 50+% of Britons don't believe in evolution
  179. Hamas wins Palestinian election!
  180. 336 year old Canadian institution sold to some rich American
  181. 7 kids die in car crash; grandpa dies upon hearing the news
  182. Whistleblower blows whistle on Teflon and Dupont. No more non-stick pans?
  183. Should fathers be kept out of delivery rooms?
  184. Fortune 100-Best Companies to work for in 2006
  185. Neocon weirdo has retracted reward for spying on college profs
  186. Earth-like planet found 20,000 light years away
  187. Pope says sex without love turns people into merchandise
  188. Shop and pay using your fingerprint... creepy
  189. Christian nutjob: buy Microsoft stock, then dump it/devalue it for supporting gays
  190. Male student wins right to wear skirt
  191. Priest to bless Hooters
  192. Jersey school to use eye scanning
  193. Woman killed by banana
  194. 2005 warmest year in a century!
  195. NY Subway pranksters arrested for showing underwear
  196. Washington Post runs anti-gay, bigoted comic strip
  197. Whale swims up River Thames
  198. A new twist on America's messed up health care 'system'
  199. Women: having a baby means lower pay and lower career prospects
  200. Blind woman regains sight after heart attack
  201. Protesters Leave Dead Whale At Japanese Embassy
  202. Identical Triplets Born Without Fertility Drugs
  203. Fake Chilli Finger Couple Jailed
  204. Face Transplant Patient Smokes Again
  205. How much control should a boss have over what you do in your private life?
  206. Did a Chinese Eunuch Discover America?
  207. Stop the presses! Black people like Martin Luther King more than white people do!
  208. Man's Parrot reveals girlfriend's affair
  209. Happy Martin Luther King Day!
  210. American schools failing...what's the solution?
  211. Young Americans struggling with debt, not able to reach for the 'dream'
  212. Scientists create first Quantum microchip
  213. Starbucks takes over the movies, too
  214. Tony Blair smacked his kids....
  215. Man sues chatroom pals: I was humiliated beyond what 'no man could endure'
  216. Early man was hunted by birds
  217. Anybody can buy your phone records online
  218. Email Spammer fined 11.2 Billion Dollars
  219. 'I'm the boss.' 'But you're a woman!?'
  220. Do it yourself! Completely silent and cool computer, take out the fans - put in oil!
  221. Man stuck in washing machine
  222. Women and the 'toxic triangle'
  223. More Walmart stuff...
  224. New survey: women would rather be thick and thin...
  225. The Internet 2 is coming
  226. Cheerleading today...more dangerous than ever?
  227. Time to boycott: Walmart posts offensive information about blacks
  228. Lab tech at cancer care steals patient's identity (long article + interviews)
  229. Foxnews says: Suck it up, bitch...you'll always be poor because you want to be poor!
  230. When teens push parents' panic buttons
  231. Growing gap between employees and employers...this is scary
  232. Gay culture and swear words to be taught in schools?
  233. Miners Reported To Be Alive Actually Dead
  234. Man dates gal on internet for 6 months --turns out she's his mother!
  235. Elect the New Seven Wonders of the World
  236. Credit card companies up the stakes
  237. Adopted man goes nuts on birth mother
  238. ICU babies at risk for mixup...
  239. 20 ways to go green in 2006
  240. Here's a new one: Doctors with ethics
  241. How weird is Florida? Wierder than you think, apparently.
  242. Big little stories you might have missed
  243. 16 year old student, goes to Iraq to write his essay
  244. Hurrah! Male domination of the internet just a memory!
  245. Men get more 'me time' than women
  246. New Robot has Self Awareness
  247. Obese cop charged in pharmacy robbery of Oxycontin
  248. Scientists resurrect Woolly Mammoth DNA!
  249. Signs of Modern Human Evolution
  250. Enviromental Protection Agency tightens Air Regulations