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  1. Coach decks kid on opposing team
  2. Uk hospital introduces birka-style hospital gowns for patients
  3. 100 year old Briton keeps working to avoid boredome
  4. Men jailed for stealing food from trash.
  5. Vigilante mob beats wrong man to death.
  6. Brooke Astor's abusive son's salary gets cut
  7. Alabama's New Sex Offender Law
  8. Feeling suicidal? Keep it quiet or you'll be kicked out of school.
  9. Racist cop reinstated to the force.
  10. Bizarre: Picture of bound kid turns up on mom's doorstep 24 years after abduction
  11. Man Lives to 112 years despite junk food diet
  12. Ohio Makes It Possible For Anyone To Be A Sex Offender
  13. School hands out home drugs testing kits to parents.
  14. Strippers take it off for schools
  15. Evangelist drowns trying to walk on water like Jebus
  16. 20-Inch Boy May Be World's Smallest
  17. Marysville Ohio man sentenced for molesting girl in 4-H program
  18. Marysville Ohio couple charged with beating and burning adopted children
  19. Albuquerue Man used Yard as a bathroom! (#2 style)
  20. Researcher Has Breakthrough In AIDS Vaccine
  21. Previously stolen 'Scream' masterpiece found!!!!
  22. Who's ready for faith based, Jebus medicine
  23. President Bush assassinated! *
  24. This essay will help your kid get ahead.
  25. Whoops! Swedish state television mistakenly shows porn during news.
  26. Lawyer kills neighbor after child abuse allegations
  27. The honeymoon is over already: Groom arrested twice on wedding day
  28. Bad news for Michael Jackson: skin bleaching creams to be limited
  29. Most wanted polygamist caught
  30. More retard news from Oregon: teen jailed for making 22 calls to 911
  31. Michigan Robbery 'Blown'
  32. Gas prices falling...
  33. Thomas Kinkade Being Investigated
  34. Mom and dad in Iraq? Replace them with cardboard cutouts.
  35. Citizen forced to change "offensive" anti-war shirt at airport
  36. Hugging Swiss cows can kill you.
  37. Money Magazine City Rankings
  38. Canadian University controversy: They mock Bush to attract students
  39. Americans without health benefits: A record for 2005
  40. Florida poll worker fired for simply voicing her opinion while casting vote
  41. Naked Tickler Still On The Loose In Florida
  42. We're fat and getting fatter!
  43. Hitler and Stalin were posessed by Satan, cuz the Vatican says so
  44. Clown dies in freak exploding balloon accident
  45. Woman crashes when teaching dog to drive
  46. Saddam Hussein forced to watch himself in the South Park movie :P
  47. Yet Another Ohio Child Horror Story
  48. US Economy: Bad News
  49. Canadian university mocks Bush in recruitment campaign
  50. 128 students suspended for violating dress code.
  51. 12 year old biracial boy kicked out of church
  52. Woman Kicked out of Mall for Outfit
  53. Hurricane Ernesto?
  54. More bad Ohio News!
  55. Penis pump or bomb?
  56. More idiocy: making playgrounds really, REALLY safe.
  57. Accidental mother finds no joy in being a parent
  58. Accidental mother finds no joy in being a parent
  59. Accidental mother finds no joy in being a parent
  60. Congratulations Milwaukee! You're America's 'Drunkest' City!
  61. Pluto Gets The Boot
  62. Gay marriage goes forward in South Africa
  63. Boy meows at granny; granny calls cops
  64. Black kids told to give up bus seats to white kids
  65. FDA: Morning After Pill OK For 18 And Older (say "HELLO" to more teen pregnancies!!)
  66. What constitutes a national news story?
  67. Kids can report suspected sex offenders to the police on MSN Messenger with one click
  68. Kidnapped girl free after eight-years of captivity
  69. Hitler themed restaurant opens in Mumbai; Jews ticked off
  70. Aztecs butchered and ate Spanish invaders
  71. Fraud alert! Religious Right tricking people into signing anti-gay petitions
  72. Muslims thrown off plane after fearful passenger mutiny
  73. 29-year-old virgin looking to lose her cherry before age 30
  74. Psycho killer Raccoons murder pets and terrorize town
  75. Sick Internet Trend - Half Naked Kids
  76. 'Armor of God' kids PJ's keep them safe from Satan
  77. Ohio Pervs Force Park To Close.
  78. Americans not taking enough holidays
  79. Man falls into vat of chocolate
  80. Juarez serial killer suspect arrested
  81. Woman claws her way to world record
  82. Al Sharpton says 'gangsterism' hurts blacks: blames Hollywood, media, anybody else
  83. Woman cuddles dead pig for 4 hours; calls it art
  84. OMG! Ohio man addicted to drinking little boy's urine!
  85. Man with 10 year erection wins $400 000
  86. Infants becoming overweight as well
  87. Australia was formed by 3 continents that collided
  88. Bomb Residue Liquid Found At Airport....
  89. Woman pees on floor of airplane
  90. Judge rules warrantless wiretapping unconstitutional; orders program stopped!!
  91. Anti Gay Cincinnati Group Gives Up Bid To Put Gay Rights Issue On Ballot
  92. Former Walmart Worker Charge in Bomb Threats
  93. Ohio Teens To Serve Time-After Football!
  94. Speeding Hill-Jumping Ohio Teen Sentenced for crashing into house, killing dog.
  95. Mutant hybrid 'Rottweiler killer' found dead in Maine
  96. R.I.P Elvis
  97. Fat Ohio Chicks Rob Man
  98. Current events dwarfed by pop culture...
  99. British Airways loses 10,000 bags
  100. Judge: Katrina storm surge not covered
  101. Mystery 9/11 rescuer finally steps forward!
  102. Someone actually tries to eat a baby
  103. Fatty flips out, runs over people for cutting in line at McDonalds
  104. Too Many Fatties
  105. Online Orangutan Dating!
  106. Woman Gives Birth In Partially Submerged Car Wreck
  107. Moreno Valley security guard found shot to death
  108. Man reaches through window, touches sleeping woman
  109. Women's sex drive plummets after finding secure mate
  110. 13 year old cadet dies at "Christian boot camp"
  111. Driver Gets 70 Speeding Tickets in 5 Months
  112. Couple strapped for cash are asking businesses for free stuff for their wedding
  113. A return to the scary past: Prisoners to be used in drug trials?
  114. Robotic carts coming to a grocery store near you
  115. Nobel prize winner Guenter Grass admits to having served for Nazi Germany
  116. Los Angeles: Our Money is Worth More than Chicago's
  117. Best Son in the world: Teen arrested after mom found in freezer
  118. Corporate suits take a leave of absence as dress codes become more relaxed.
  119. Mom sells daughter to boyfriend in order to keep him
  120. Attack Squirrel Killed
  121. Air fresheners destroy your lungs and kill you
  122. Guard dog's teddy bear rampage destroys Elvis bear
  123. Bad spelling/grammar alienates employers (assuming they can spell)
  124. UK teens almost totally ignorant of condom use
  125. Minister and his wife busted for buying and watching child porn!!!
  126. Plot to blow up flights from UK to US found - terror threat 'critical'
  127. Biological dad fighting to get back adopted son
  128. Court rules against man in child-porn at work case
  129. US tourist runs naked, bites people while high on shrooms in Swiss town
  130. "Dead Zone" Reappears Off the Oregon Coast (spoooky!)
  131. Katrina traumatised photographer begs cops to shoot him
  132. Eewwwwww: Bedbugs make a comeback in the US
  133. Next Al-Quaida crew in town?
  134. Reuters has "zero tolerance" for rogue journalists
  135. Overdue group of deaf and mute teens found safe in woods
  136. More Idiot news from Oregon: Man causes car crash and power outage by retrieving a CD
  137. Lawyer too drunk to defend client in court
  138. Homosexuals are apparently unfit sperm donors
  139. Death Penalty May Become Obsolete Soon
  140. Teen caught speeding 129 mph claims he was 'looking for wallet'
  141. Nine Die While Fleeing Arizona Border Patrol
  142. Doctored News
  143. Texas school district bans cleavage
  144. Girl Scouts get bitten by vampire bats at 'camp rabies'
  145. 'Anger bar' lets patrons beat up staff
  146. Oregon family owes thousands of dollars after illegally downloading songs
  147. 15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense
  148. Fetus dies as result of domestic dispute, boyfriend charged with manslaughter!
  149. Woman sits on glue covered public toilet seat-gets stuck and burned!
  150. Man goes to court-for growing sunflowers!
  151. Katrina-affected poor to get screwed again!
  152. The USA: Lonely Nation
  153. Panty thief in Oregon faces 11+ years in jail
  154. Generous Slot Machine Gives Away Cash!!!
  155. California Teacher Molests over 100 Students
  156. Japan produces electricity with train station ticket gates!
  157. Man Accused Of Raping, Impregnating 12-Year-Old Relative
  158. Man Accused Of Raping Toddler, Attacked In Jail
  159. Can't Afford Designer Handbags? Try A Rental
  160. Breast Feeding Magazine Cover Offends People
  161. 14-foot swordfish leaps across boat, impales sport fisherman
  162. Beautiful people have more daughters. Yet another useless study.
  163. Pedophile claims molesting disabled boys is a religious civil right
  164. Woman pours boiling oil on her husband.
  165. Bush calls Sam Donaldson a 'has-been.'
  166. Mother sentenced for cutting son's tongue
  167. FLA. man sentenced for having 13 yr old sex slave
  168. Indian doctors offering to amputate limbs of beggars to increase their earning power
  169. Girl Scout leader charged with stealing cookie money.
  170. "Hungry Ghost" month deals double blow to Asian business
  171. Hurricane for Florida/Gulf Coast?
  172. Journalist Jailed For Not Turning Over Footage
  173. 1 gulp of seawater can contain 20,000 types of bacteria
  174. WTF? "Aborted" fetus to be flown over Cleveland
  175. Proposal would allow Plan B sale to women over 18 without prescription
  176. Muscular Dystrophy reversed in lab mice
  177. Mother who says parenting 'bores her rigid' angers alot, ALOT of people.
  178. Children's Train Derails At Petting Zoo
  179. Senator's 81 yr old dad caught having sex in car
  180. Exxon/Mobil profit tops $10 billion
  181. Cindy Sheehan bought land in Crawford,TX
  182. Michael Jordan's ex-mistress loses case against him
  183. Cancer caused by education? 7/27/06
  184. Nazi Holocaust archives to be released
  185. Andrea Yates: Not guilty by reason of insanity
  186. Sir Ian McKellan made honorary Lt. Colonel in Georgia National Guard
  187. Controversy over photographer who steals lollipops away from toddlers to elicit tears
  188. Polly Klass Killer
  189. Man hit with bill in lover's suicide
  190. Unique bottle of tequila sold for $225,000
  191. Husband being a slob? Treat him like a trained seal.
  192. State forces teen to take traditional cancer treatments.
  193. Father saves son trapped underwater by mouth to mouth breathing
  194. Amazon.com pimps/sells seriously bizarre magazines.
  195. New Mexico mayor arrested for exposing himself to kids
  196. Cop Caught Moonlighting As Prostitute-And Is Not Fired!
  197. Extortion scam turns online sexual predators into prey
  198. Feeding the homeless to be outlawed in Vegas.
  199. Worst kid of the year award: Daughter sues parents for fall on icy driveway
  200. Man charged after hitting wife in eye with carrot.
  201. Pit Bulls kill kid; Mom now on trial
  202. Alabama Elects First Openly Homosexual Legislator
  203. Controversial project pays to stop drug babies
  204. Woman breeds dog/wolf hybrids; gets eaten.
  205. Scott Peterson's House Brings New Owner Bad Luck
  206. U.N.: 14,000 Iraqis killed in 2006
  207. Mother Leaves Her Child In Dumpster!
  208. Woman finds 20 snakes in her car
  209. Report: Women misled on abortion risks
  210. Girl Becomes Diamond After Her Death
  211. US Roads Owned By Other Countries
  212. More UK Teens Choosing Pregnancy As "Career"
  213. Beer Baron Peter Coors Loses License For DUI Arrest
  214. Princess Diana's New "Revealing" Photos
  215. Wal Mart forces employees to search for bomb after threat
  216. Citgo to stop selling gas to US stations
  217. Chevron Buys 122 Gas Stations in California - I hate Chevron!
  218. Woman pulls into a carwash; gets washed to death.
  219. Community Proposes Banning 'Sexual Predators'
  220. Mothers prefer smell of their own baby's crap
  221. Clowns attack Seattle park goers...
  222. Auschwitz death camp to get a makeover
  223. Mumbai bombing death toll rises to 179, 661 wounded
  224. Convicted killer executed
  225. Teen gets 45 years for burning/dismembering classmate
  226. Bird with 2 foot arrow through its body eludes capture
  227. 1 corpse stuffed in box, 110 diseased cats, and 2 suspects on the lam
  228. Rollercoaster Accident at King's Island
  229. Ahoy Mateys
  230. Britain's oldest mom at age 62
  231. Albert Einstein was a ladies' man
  232. The World's First Test-Tube Baby Louise Brown Is Pregnant
  233. Chinese gov. harvesting bodyparts from executed Falun gong
  234. Wal Mart: Home of child molesting employees
  235. Boy Abandoned At Taste of Chicago Festival
  236. Shoe Clearance Sale Results In Gun Shot Customer
  237. 9-year-old girl gives birth in Brazil, pregnancy youngest on record
  238. Cleanup on aisle 9 - Woman gives birth at Wal Mart
  239. Woman fondled by giant frog
  240. 'Breast ironing' to stunt girls' growth widespread
  241. Russian Prez Putin kissed boy 'like a kitten'
  242. Power saw wielding maniac slices and dices in NYC subway
  243. Lady Liberty trades her torch for a crucifix
  244. Rush Limbaugh will not be charged over Viagra
  245. Crazed cannibal eats pensioner's face, thumb..
  246. Kenny-boy Lay (Enron) dies.
  247. Man burns child alive to get back at girlfriend
  248. New Orleans-still shocking visitors
  249. Atlantic City Casinos to shut down
  250. Kiddie pageant winner flips off audience, loses crown