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  1. Chevron Buys 122 Gas Stations in California - I hate Chevron!
  2. Woman pulls into a carwash; gets washed to death.
  3. Community Proposes Banning 'Sexual Predators'
  4. Mothers prefer smell of their own baby's crap
  5. Clowns attack Seattle park goers...
  6. Auschwitz death camp to get a makeover
  7. Mumbai bombing death toll rises to 179, 661 wounded
  8. Convicted killer executed
  9. Teen gets 45 years for burning/dismembering classmate
  10. Bird with 2 foot arrow through its body eludes capture
  11. 1 corpse stuffed in box, 110 diseased cats, and 2 suspects on the lam
  12. Rollercoaster Accident at King's Island
  13. Ahoy Mateys
  14. Britain's oldest mom at age 62
  15. Albert Einstein was a ladies' man
  16. The World's First Test-Tube Baby Louise Brown Is Pregnant
  17. Chinese gov. harvesting bodyparts from executed Falun gong
  18. Wal Mart: Home of child molesting employees
  19. Boy Abandoned At Taste of Chicago Festival
  20. Shoe Clearance Sale Results In Gun Shot Customer
  21. 9-year-old girl gives birth in Brazil, pregnancy youngest on record
  22. Cleanup on aisle 9 - Woman gives birth at Wal Mart
  23. Woman fondled by giant frog
  24. 'Breast ironing' to stunt girls' growth widespread
  25. Russian Prez Putin kissed boy 'like a kitten'
  26. Power saw wielding maniac slices and dices in NYC subway
  27. Lady Liberty trades her torch for a crucifix
  28. Rush Limbaugh will not be charged over Viagra
  29. Crazed cannibal eats pensioner's face, thumb..
  30. Kenny-boy Lay (Enron) dies.
  31. Man burns child alive to get back at girlfriend
  32. New Orleans-still shocking visitors
  33. Atlantic City Casinos to shut down
  34. Kiddie pageant winner flips off audience, loses crown
  35. Bionic limbs now a reality
  36. Air conditioning makes you fat, you big fat fatty fat fat
  37. Man calls 911 after being cut in half
  38. 100 lb woman wins biscuit eating contest
  39. Alabama "Unborn Child Law" To Take Effect
  40. Being Gay May Be Nature, Not Nurture
  41. Railway killer executed (wow that was quick)
  42. Israel steps up. reprinted from AP report
  43. Rush Limbaugh is a big fat hardon
  44. Pedophile Stings Nets Disneyworld & Universal Employees
  45. Seriously for a second.
  46. Chemical warfare if Israel invades Gaza - By Aaron Klein - WorldNetDaily.com
  47. Gaza Strip is locked down by land and sea, on PM Olmert's order - DEBKA
  48. Kickbox Lee Murray in heist quiz
  49. Billionaire Warren Buffet to give away billions to Gate's foundation
  50. Americans' circle of close friends shrinking
  51. America to hit 300 million, milestone baby likely Hispanic
  52. Greenland Ice-sheet melting
  53. Tsunami relief workers shocked (by NOLA recovery)
  54. BumpTop 3D - The Future Of Your Computer Desktop
  55. "Coffee Breaks" help your memory!
  56. HIV Drugs Have Given Americans 3 Million Years of Life
  57. Terror plot targeted Chicago's Sears Tower
  58. CEOs get 262 times pay than average workers
  59. Wino screws puppy, gets arrested.
  60. San Andreas fault near L.A. ready to explode
  61. San Francisco To Offer Residents Universal Health Insurance
  62. Hacker gains access to NASA, discovers UFOs, free energy, and anti-gravity
  63. Rape suspect requests trial delay to marry the victim
  64. 11 Cousins Have Stomachs Removed
  65. Psycho cat gets court-ordered home detention
  66. Mother sues Myspace for $30million
  67. Indian men rent wives due to female shortage
  68. Adoptee discovers co-worker is birth mother
  69. Husband charged with aiding wife's suicide
  70. More Bollocks From The "Educationalists"
  71. Coke-fiend kills white supremist, gets 12 years
  72. L.A.P.D. fires 120 bullets at suspect
  73. Severed head tossed from pickup truck
  74. Baby Born To Britain's Youngest Mum
  75. Pro-whaling nations to control International Whaling Commission
  76. 15 year olds can marry in Colorado
  77. Alabama Abortion Clinic Closed For Good
  78. Public Housing in New Orleans being razed
  79. Male Nurse rapes dying child
  80. 'Operation Return to Sender' nabs illegals!
  81. People Took Photos Of Girl, 15, As She Lay Dying
  82. Head lice are 'becoming indestructible'
  83. Toronto police arrest 8 for downtown Dec. 26th shooting
  84. Wrong Beauty crowned Mrs World
  85. Deputy fired for going topless during personal time
  86. Owner says "English only" and under fire
  87. Insurance Limbo Delays Gulf Rebuilding
  88. Ralph Lauren/Polo To Stop Using Fur
  89. Study suggests disorder to blame for road rage
  90. Woman used dead Chihuahua to attack dog breeder
  91. Monkey terrorizes Missouri town
  92. Psycho nabbed before he could bomb abortion clinic
  93. Cop dresses in drag to catch red-light runners
  94. Damn Walmart is powerful!
  95. Breaking news: Terror leader al-Zarqawi dead, Iraqi officials say
  96. The Vatican, bastion of modernity, rails against gays, abortion, condoms, the usual
  97. Special Forces to use strap-ons
  98. BBC talk show presenter offends viewers with her blouse
  99. Double-parked mum cuffed in front of children
  100. Are you your kids' best friend or parent?
  101. China Plans to Control Weather for the 2008 Olympics
  102. Man plans to shoot himself in to the air with a homemade railgun
  103. 27 000 Year Old Portrait Discovered
  104. Study Reveals New Vaccine Reverses Memory Loss
  105. Aliens found in India
  106. Study finds Canadians are healthier than Americans
  107. Judge dismisses suit brought by Wal-Mart pharmacist
  108. Learjet registered to christian nutjob Pat Robertson crashes, kills 2
  109. Live off the grid.. be a 'Freegan'
  110. Captain Copyrightę "captivates" Canadian kids
  111. FOX news guest says tracking chips + immigrants = doubleplus good!
  112. Pedophiles sue for access to playgrounds
  113. Woman prays, gets fried by lightning
  114. Mother Accused Of Killing, Hiding 9 Newborns
  115. What happened in Haditha, Iraq?
  116. Boyfriend Puts Baby In Tumbledryer
  117. 10 year old raped by cousin and is now pregnant
  118. Baptist Church Members Protest Against Dead Gay Soliders
  119. Overweight Saudi Woman Too Scared To Exercise
  120. Doctor throws own children & himself over balcony
  121. Moscow's 1st gay pride parade ruined by Christians and skinheads
  122. Iraqi athletes murdered by militants for wearing shorts.
  123. 'Dr. Death' Kevorkian has second thoughts about assisted suicide on his deathbed
  124. Forecasted Atlantic Tsunami?
  125. Sleeping Pill Temporarily Wakes Up Human Vegetables?
  126. Ringtone Only Teenagers Can Hear
  127. Crazy woman loves her kids; throws them off bridge for God
  128. Marijuana Doesn't Cause Cancer
  129. Watch "ex-gay" ministries pray the gay away in CNN segment! WEEEEIRD stuff
  130. Hot for teacher
  131. Smiling driver squishes 3 toddlers and 1 adult in McDonalds parking lot
  132. Bird flu now suspected of being transmissable from person to person
  133. Osama bin Laden says Zacarias Moussaoui had nothing to do with 9/11
  134. Only in Oregon: Man arrested after bong falls at feet of police
  135. New arrest in the Natalie Holloway case
  136. Gay Canadian Mounties getting married! awww!
  137. Tell KFC to stop trashing the Amazon
  138. Former Berkeley student known as "Naked Guy'' dies in jail
  139. Robot performs first heart surgery, without any human assistance
  140. What if Computers had their own Society? One University is going to find out
  141. Deputy nabs speeder traveling 146 mph
  142. Clash at Guantanamo Bay
  143. Bi-polar woman rips off husbands wiener with bare hands
  144. N.J. just says no to pumping gas
  145. Risking a Life Term in Jail to save a Child
  146. 16 Year Old Sex Offender Must Notify His Date's Parents
  147. Interactive Post Katrina Flooding Map
  148. Saudi King orders newspapers to stop using pictures of women
  149. Muslims and Christians plan violent protests agains The Da Vinci Code film
  150. Police Release Photo Of Dead Baby Found In Trash
  151. Alabama candidate to speak at pro-white rally; denies breadth and scope of Holocaust
  152. This Computer Can Predict Outcomes of Your Life Situations...to 90% Accuracy
  153. "O RLY?" Virus Hits the Net
  154. Smoking Kills Your Baby
  155. Harvard, Yale, MIT Med: Meditation Increases Brain Size
  156. Beyond the Beginning of the Universe
  157. World's First Designer Baby is Cancer-Free
  158. Yet another kid beaten by person in position of authority.
  159. New 'Body Snatchers'-like infection has Texas doctors scared
  160. Mass. hospital recruiting pre-schoolers to test powerful anti-psychotic drug
  161. Alligator stalks jogger, then eats her.
  162. 11-year-old pregnant: youngest mother in UK
  163. Teens arrested for selling 'Fight Club-style' videos
  164. Guests Hospitalized After Attack At Wedding
  165. Ohio Tornado Hits Only (where else)..Wizard of Oz Drive!
  166. CNN says USA on the verge of becoming ' a dictatorship', re: domestic spying
  167. Minorities getting closer to the majority
  168. Student suspended for 'threatening' song
  169. U.S. to give Palestinians $10 million
  170. DUII Driver's .47 BAC Test Shocks Police
  171. Obesity causing the early onset of puberty in girls
  172. Mother bakes Ex-Lax cookies for teacher who dared to give her kid a low mark
  173. Can a test tell you when you might die?
  174. Yale Historian Finds Geronimo Clue regarding Skull & Bones Club
  175. CDC to make HIV tests mandatory for everyone?
  176. Virginity pledges no match for teenage hormones.
  177. Monitoring your kids 24 hours a day...Secret Agent Mom
  178. Last U.S. Titanic survivor dies
  179. Two Aussie Miners Free After 2 Weeks Underground
  180. Caspase-12 found only in people of African descent, shuts down immune system...
  181. Turning the tables: city wants to seize Walmart by eminent domain
  182. Tips to increase your gas mileage by 37%
  183. Mary Kay Letourneau & Vili Fualaau: One Year Later
  184. Minister Kills Autistic Boy During Exorcism
  185. Forget About Christian Yoga..Now NUDE GAY YOGA NIXED!!!!!
  186. Black Veteran Denied Postumous Pardon
  187. Net censorship spreading worldwide; dictators restricting info from citizens
  188. Moussaoui Trial Verdict
  189. Hispanic Houston Teen Beaten and Sodomized
  190. The Speed of Light is Changing
  191. The Last Ninja
  192. Riot Crowd Control - With Slime!
  193. The Gun Engine - 90% Engine Efficiency
  194. Mathematicians design a cloaking device
  195. Pimp out your baby with 'Pimpfant' clothing line
  196. Woman electrocuted then burnt to a crisp by tanning bed
  197. Tongan quake triggers Ore. tsunami advisories
  198. Non-Diet Sodas To Be Banned In All Schools
  199. Student hits Horse
  200. Botched Execution in Ohio
  201. Teacher accused of trying to KILL student.
  202. Top 10 worst corporations of 2005.
  203. Study: Americans sicker than English
  204. VeinViewer - creates a map of your veins for easy injection
  205. Skin Cancer cured in two days thanks to a weed
  206. Tenn. Teacher Pam Rogers RE-Arrested for Video
  207. Project West Ford - An artificial cable created around Earth in 1963
  208. US plans to get countries to level sanctions on Iran outside of the UN system
  209. Old news: US massacres civilians in Fallujah
  210. Stop the presses! Americans are clueless about world geography!
  211. Man aged 33 marries 104 year old woman
  212. US health care on wobbly last legs...
  213. Puerto Rico Imposes Partial Shutdown
  214. Christians sue school for teaching kids about gay marriage
  215. Lampooning vice and folly more necessary than ever.
  216. Mom Who Dumped Baby Pleads Guilty To Raping A Minor
  217. Rush Limbaugh Arrested On Fraud Charge
  218. Mexican Bill Will Legalize Some Drugs
  219. Cleared by DNA, he's killed by traffic
  220. Woman Sneaks Gun Into Jail..Inside her Vagina!
  221. California drivers run dry to beat gas prices
  222. Police scour area for man with horse fetish
  223. Woman's friend gets fried by lightning right in front of her
  224. Protein found that blocks Alzheimers; cure in ten years
  225. Teen Jumps In Front of Car, Saving Friend's Life
  226. Wounded soldiers facing bill collectors at home--army wants repayment of bonuses.
  227. Woman sues after being spanked at company 'motivational seminar'
  228. Oregon company hires former FEMA head Michael Brownie
  229. MTA Ridership Up, Gas Prices Cited (Los Angeles public transport)
  230. Don't Get Drunk & Injured Overseas
  231. Dealing with a Nagging Mother the Japanese Way
  232. Standing room only on airlines? That should be comfy.
  233. Congress to sell control of the internet to multinationals; free flow of info dead
  234. Fast food industry exploits children in so many ways...so many ways....
  235. Another wedding melee: bride's father, brother stabbed over slow cake-cutting
  236. Fast food healthiest in Denmark, worst in US
  237. Stop the presses: Cambodian sweat shop supplying top fashion chains.
  238. Vitamen Cigarettes - Bad Idea Or Just Plain Weird?
  239. FEMA Wants $4.7M Back From Katrina Victims
  240. DC's Union Station Today
  241. Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails to the Head
  242. The defense rests... permanently; lawyer drops dead while arguing case
  243. Nepal's king gives up absolute power
  244. China: Too many men
  245. Americans not coming to Canada
  246. Get Ready For New Restrictions & Government Monitering of Internet!
  247. Huzza...the Queen turns 80.
  248. Chicken has spontaneous sex change
  249. Outsourcing birth: Indian women sell their wombs
  250. Wal-Mart vows to continue expansion, much like a malignant tumor.