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  1. 3-year-old discovered drunk
  2. Skinny models defend skinny models: go back to your office, fattie.
  3. Five year-old-girl dies after getting dental treatment
  4. Youths' Art To Appear On Condom Packages
  5. Fake breasts subject to "further inspection" at airports!
  6. Megavolcanos - scary stuff!
  7. Does college/uni make you dumber?
  8. Corporate criminals Ebbers, Fastow, pay stiff sentences
  9. Fowl Play on Airplane
  10. Teddy Bear murders 2,500
  11. Dating Service? Try a Break-Up service!
  12. Man arrested and charged with dragging death
  13. U.S. excited (and suspicious) about gas prices
  14. Mouseprint: web Site 'outs' Fine Print
  15. Hitler Art Auction Set.
  16. PETArds strike again: save the cockroaches!
  17. A Rich White Family takes an interest
  18. Glamour magazine advertises for 'photogenic war widows'.
  19. Samaritans unwittingly assist in car theft
  20. Rare Woodpecker Sends a Town Running for Its Chain Saws
  21. Mandatory School Strip Searches???
  22. Another Missouri woman accused of killing woman and her fetus
  23. Teacher "accidentally" uses 'Group Sex' font
  24. Is Bin Laden dead??? Ill??? Perhaps...
  25. Why going commando could kill you...
  26. Stop the presses! Prince Charles lives an incredibly pampered life!
  27. Town proposes all residents be REQUIRED to have firearm in home
  28. Woman Gets 4 Years For Cutting Off Infant Son's Ear
  29. More TV's than people in average American home.
  30. AIDS testing recommended for most Americans
  31. Wal-Mart cutting generic drug prices in Florida
  32. Neanderthals' 'last rock refuge'
  33. Man jailed for beheading girlfriend's kitten
  34. Colorado: Police Try to Identify Dragging Victim
  35. Human Stem Cells Are Found to Help Ratsí Vision
  36. Girls lured into school, attacked..of course Ohio!
  37. California sues carmakers over greenhouse gases
  38. Gas could DROP another .25 cents a gallon!
  39. 3.3 million-year-old remains of toddler found!
  40. Music lessons said to help children's memories
  41. Man bites panda in Beijing zoo as retribution
  42. Oil price pullback steepest in 15 years
  43. Gonzales Urges Preserving Internet Records
  44. Race a factor in kidnap case
  45. Man with bomb in his pants arrested
  46. Nationwide Allegations About Jiffy Lube turns up Frauds and Rip-offs!
  47. Siblings reunited 65 years later!
  48. Thailand TV Reports Coup In Country
  49. Texas county to offer weight-loss surgery to public servants
  50. The denial industry: oil firms fund climate change deniers.
  51. Big Brother is not only watching you - now he's barking orders too.
  52. Some people actually like the voices in their head!
  53. California, Oregon, Washington Partner To Protect Ocean
  54. Successful penis transplant removed because of psychological problems
  55. Joke beer celebrates decade in business
  56. Bill Maher not allowed 'free speech' on CBS
  57. Big Brother not only watching you, he's shouting at you, too.
  58. Breast Implants Used To I.D. Murdered Woman
  59. 20 men accused of raping 11-yr old HIV infected girl
  60. Womans death ruled homicide after sitting 2 hours in waiting room
  61. Polar bears drown; previously unknown islands appear in arctic thaw
  62. Nancy Grace refuses to take any responsibility for suicide
  63. Canadian bites US border guard
  64. Charges Dropped in 'Penis Pump" Case
  65. Austrians Urged to count dog turds!!!!
  66. Police Use Mace On Girls During School Fight
  67. Guilty plea in microwaved fake penis case...
  68. Marianne Faithfull Has Breast Cancer
  69. Macy's moves into Oregon! (and other states all across the country)
  70. Mom Jailed Because Of Son's Rotten Teeth
  71. Child Forced To Clean Up Feces
  72. Dr. Laura Schlessinger says women too easy these days.
  73. Son burns mother to death
  74. Former Gov. Ann Richards Dies
  75. Mother of missing boy commits suicide (after Nancy Grace interview)
  76. Police Discover 65 Bodies Across Iraq
  77. 4 dead, 16 injured in shooting at Montreal college
  78. Mom rewards son with pot for doing homework.
  79. Govt. report: There is no Gulf War syndrome
  80. boy resurrected or misdiagnosed?
  81. Time Traveler Busted
  82. Stingrays being killed to avenge crocodile hunter?
  83. Junkfood, TV, Internet all 'poisoning' childhood...?
  84. Gunmen attack U.S. Embassy in Damascus
  85. New World Trade Center Buildings (1,2,3,4)
  86. Birth Mother Sues To Have Visitation With Brain Damaged Daughter
  87. Medicare Costs to Increase for Wealthier Beneficiaries
  88. Florida Fish Kills Diver
  89. Longevity in the US: 8 Americas
  90. Spain bans skinny models from fashion show
  91. Retailers peddle padded bras for six year olds
  92. Actually, the world is pretty messed up: man steals phone off suicide victim
  93. It's not all bad news: jilted bride turns wedding into benefit
  94. Saddam had no link to al-Qaeda -- Senate report
  95. Dutch priest threatens Madonna with bomb
  96. Police: Nurse, 51 years old, kills intruder with bare hands
  97. Wal-mart gets the beatdown by an Oregon town!
  98. That reporter who got the beatdown
  99. Baby boomers doing more drugs than thier kids?
  100. ANOTHER Aussie Icon Killed
  101. Ritalin anyone? Parents seeking ADHD meds to boost kids' grades
  102. Girl banned from school bus because she's not baptised
  103. You can't make this stuff up: Ore. woman shoots husband after he shot her chicken!
  104. Hypocrite of the week: Karl Rove and his big gay stepdad
  105. Succession crisis has been averted; Japanís Princess Kiko has a boy
  106. Coach decks kid on opposing team
  107. Uk hospital introduces birka-style hospital gowns for patients
  108. 100 year old Briton keeps working to avoid boredome
  109. Men jailed for stealing food from trash.
  110. Vigilante mob beats wrong man to death.
  111. Brooke Astor's abusive son's salary gets cut
  112. Alabama's New Sex Offender Law
  113. Feeling suicidal? Keep it quiet or you'll be kicked out of school.
  114. Racist cop reinstated to the force.
  115. Bizarre: Picture of bound kid turns up on mom's doorstep 24 years after abduction
  116. Man Lives to 112 years despite junk food diet
  117. Ohio Makes It Possible For Anyone To Be A Sex Offender
  118. School hands out home drugs testing kits to parents.
  119. Strippers take it off for schools
  120. Evangelist drowns trying to walk on water like Jebus
  121. 20-Inch Boy May Be World's Smallest
  122. Marysville Ohio man sentenced for molesting girl in 4-H program
  123. Marysville Ohio couple charged with beating and burning adopted children
  124. Albuquerue Man used Yard as a bathroom! (#2 style)
  125. Researcher Has Breakthrough In AIDS Vaccine
  126. Previously stolen 'Scream' masterpiece found!!!!
  127. Who's ready for faith based, Jebus medicine
  128. President Bush assassinated! *
  129. This essay will help your kid get ahead.
  130. Whoops! Swedish state television mistakenly shows porn during news.
  131. Lawyer kills neighbor after child abuse allegations
  132. The honeymoon is over already: Groom arrested twice on wedding day
  133. Bad news for Michael Jackson: skin bleaching creams to be limited
  134. Most wanted polygamist caught
  135. More retard news from Oregon: teen jailed for making 22 calls to 911
  136. Michigan Robbery 'Blown'
  137. Gas prices falling...
  138. Thomas Kinkade Being Investigated
  139. Mom and dad in Iraq? Replace them with cardboard cutouts.
  140. Citizen forced to change "offensive" anti-war shirt at airport
  141. Hugging Swiss cows can kill you.
  142. Money Magazine City Rankings
  143. Canadian University controversy: They mock Bush to attract students
  144. Americans without health benefits: A record for 2005
  145. Florida poll worker fired for simply voicing her opinion while casting vote
  146. Naked Tickler Still On The Loose In Florida
  147. We're fat and getting fatter!
  148. Hitler and Stalin were posessed by Satan, cuz the Vatican says so
  149. Clown dies in freak exploding balloon accident
  150. Woman crashes when teaching dog to drive
  151. Saddam Hussein forced to watch himself in the South Park movie :P
  152. Yet Another Ohio Child Horror Story
  153. US Economy: Bad News
  154. Canadian university mocks Bush in recruitment campaign
  155. 128 students suspended for violating dress code.
  156. 12 year old biracial boy kicked out of church
  157. Woman Kicked out of Mall for Outfit
  158. Hurricane Ernesto?
  159. More bad Ohio News!
  160. Penis pump or bomb?
  161. More idiocy: making playgrounds really, REALLY safe.
  162. Accidental mother finds no joy in being a parent
  163. Accidental mother finds no joy in being a parent
  164. Accidental mother finds no joy in being a parent
  165. Congratulations Milwaukee! You're America's 'Drunkest' City!
  166. Pluto Gets The Boot
  167. Gay marriage goes forward in South Africa
  168. Boy meows at granny; granny calls cops
  169. Black kids told to give up bus seats to white kids
  170. FDA: Morning After Pill OK For 18 And Older (say "HELLO" to more teen pregnancies!!)
  171. What constitutes a national news story?
  172. Kids can report suspected sex offenders to the police on MSN Messenger with one click
  173. Kidnapped girl free after eight-years of captivity
  174. Hitler themed restaurant opens in Mumbai; Jews ticked off
  175. Aztecs butchered and ate Spanish invaders
  176. Fraud alert! Religious Right tricking people into signing anti-gay petitions
  177. Muslims thrown off plane after fearful passenger mutiny
  178. 29-year-old virgin looking to lose her cherry before age 30
  179. Psycho killer Raccoons murder pets and terrorize town
  180. Sick Internet Trend - Half Naked Kids
  181. 'Armor of God' kids PJ's keep them safe from Satan
  182. Ohio Pervs Force Park To Close.
  183. Americans not taking enough holidays
  184. Man falls into vat of chocolate
  185. Juarez serial killer suspect arrested
  186. Woman claws her way to world record
  187. Al Sharpton says 'gangsterism' hurts blacks: blames Hollywood, media, anybody else
  188. Woman cuddles dead pig for 4 hours; calls it art
  189. OMG! Ohio man addicted to drinking little boy's urine!
  190. Man with 10 year erection wins $400 000
  191. Infants becoming overweight as well
  192. Australia was formed by 3 continents that collided
  193. Bomb Residue Liquid Found At Airport....
  194. Woman pees on floor of airplane
  195. Judge rules warrantless wiretapping unconstitutional; orders program stopped!!
  196. Anti Gay Cincinnati Group Gives Up Bid To Put Gay Rights Issue On Ballot
  197. Former Walmart Worker Charge in Bomb Threats
  198. Ohio Teens To Serve Time-After Football!
  199. Speeding Hill-Jumping Ohio Teen Sentenced for crashing into house, killing dog.
  200. Mutant hybrid 'Rottweiler killer' found dead in Maine
  201. R.I.P Elvis
  202. Fat Ohio Chicks Rob Man
  203. Current events dwarfed by pop culture...
  204. British Airways loses 10,000 bags
  205. Judge: Katrina storm surge not covered
  206. Mystery 9/11 rescuer finally steps forward!
  207. Someone actually tries to eat a baby
  208. Fatty flips out, runs over people for cutting in line at McDonalds
  209. Too Many Fatties
  210. Online Orangutan Dating!
  211. Woman Gives Birth In Partially Submerged Car Wreck
  212. Moreno Valley security guard found shot to death
  213. Man reaches through window, touches sleeping woman
  214. Women's sex drive plummets after finding secure mate
  215. 13 year old cadet dies at "Christian boot camp"
  216. Driver Gets 70 Speeding Tickets in 5 Months
  217. Couple strapped for cash are asking businesses for free stuff for their wedding
  218. A return to the scary past: Prisoners to be used in drug trials?
  219. Robotic carts coming to a grocery store near you
  220. Nobel prize winner Guenter Grass admits to having served for Nazi Germany
  221. Los Angeles: Our Money is Worth More than Chicago's
  222. Best Son in the world: Teen arrested after mom found in freezer
  223. Corporate suits take a leave of absence as dress codes become more relaxed.
  224. Mom sells daughter to boyfriend in order to keep him
  225. Attack Squirrel Killed
  226. Air fresheners destroy your lungs and kill you
  227. Guard dog's teddy bear rampage destroys Elvis bear
  228. Bad spelling/grammar alienates employers (assuming they can spell)
  229. UK teens almost totally ignorant of condom use
  230. Minister and his wife busted for buying and watching child porn!!!
  231. Plot to blow up flights from UK to US found - terror threat 'critical'
  232. Biological dad fighting to get back adopted son
  233. Court rules against man in child-porn at work case
  234. US tourist runs naked, bites people while high on shrooms in Swiss town
  235. "Dead Zone" Reappears Off the Oregon Coast (spoooky!)
  236. Katrina traumatised photographer begs cops to shoot him
  237. Eewwwwww: Bedbugs make a comeback in the US
  238. Next Al-Quaida crew in town?
  239. Reuters has "zero tolerance" for rogue journalists
  240. Overdue group of deaf and mute teens found safe in woods
  241. More Idiot news from Oregon: Man causes car crash and power outage by retrieving a CD
  242. Lawyer too drunk to defend client in court
  243. Homosexuals are apparently unfit sperm donors
  244. Death Penalty May Become Obsolete Soon
  245. Teen caught speeding 129 mph claims he was 'looking for wallet'
  246. Nine Die While Fleeing Arizona Border Patrol
  247. Doctored News
  248. Texas school district bans cleavage
  249. Girl Scouts get bitten by vampire bats at 'camp rabies'
  250. 'Anger bar' lets patrons beat up staff