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  1. Driver charged with killing mom, 2 kids (give him the chair)
  2. Singaporean awarded dubious honor of world's fastest text message
  3. U.S.: Fidel Castro's Health Deteriorating Rapidly
  4. George Washington statue beheaded in NYC
  5. Massachusetts judge settles food fight by ruling burrito is not sandwich
  6. Extremely rare stamps used to mail absentee ballot
  7. European Union warns of obesity crisis
  8. Missouri jail uses pink teddy bear decor to calm inmates
  9. New Zealand allows "text speak" in national exams: LOL
  10. Man shoots fireworks from ass, scorches colon
  11. Massive Acetaminophen Recall
  12. Mexico City Recognizes Gay Civil Unions
  13. Firefighter served dog food gets $2.7M in suit
  14. Classes canceled after students' blackface party
  15. Houston landscapers refuse gay couple’s job
  16. Palestinians vow revenge at Gaza funeral for 18
  17. Mental problems soared after Katrina
  18. Elections impace on Walmart - Minimum wage hike would help customers, but Dems may ho
  19. Girl, 4 yrs old, is so depressed she needs therapy and drugs
  20. Emirates 'to debut mobile calls' (on airplanes).....
  21. Stem Cell cure for heart attacks?
  22. Doctor Photographed Nude Patients, Raped Man, Police Say
  23. Turkish man says he's the real Borat
  24. Texas Justice: Judge Orders Man To Wear 'Sex Offender' T-Shirt
  25. NYC pot dealers moving into home delivery
  26. Man jailed for stocking theft spree
  27. AIDS fighting AIDS: scientists turn disease on itself
  28. Couples go on Procreation Vacations
  29. NBC 'Dateline" Sex Sting: Texas prosecutor kills himself !
  30. Doctors Calling For Debate Over Disabled Baby Mercy Killings
  31. 12-year-old girl has liposuction
  32. Schools to fingerprint kids
  33. Does white privilege still exist in America?
  34. Scariest mugshot ever!
  35. Halloween Hate Crime
  36. Naked man arrested for concealed weapon.
  37. Army recruiter tapes business card to Halloween candy
  38. Officer killed by man he saved 3 years ago
  39. World will run out of seafood by 2048
  40. Man Offers Nappy Changing Service For A Dollar In Myers Store.
  41. Bodybuilder kicked out of gym for 'grunting' while lifting weights
  42. Fat mice stayed healthy with lots of booze in their diet!
  43. Woman says she was unaware she was Pregnant until it was time to deliver
  44. Dutch woman dies next to own grave.
  45. Japanese eating champion Takeru Kobayashi defends hamburger-eating title in US
  46. Truck spills 2 tons of pigs' heads
  47. Court orders witch to refund for failed spell
  48. Man steals 5,000 pairs of shoes to savor the odor
  49. "No" Means nothing once sex has started
  50. Dad uses 7-year-old son as designated driver
  51. Police stun gun kills teen with Bible
  52. "Crappy" Crazy Florida News: Miami Zoo hosts poop exhibit
  53. Youthful man gets 508 years for sex assaults: MOM ACCUSED OF HELPING!!!
  54. Latest Crazy Florida News: Teen accused of serial stolen bus driving
  55. Website N-Word Outrage (N*ggaSpace.com)
  56. Invisible poisonous skyfish fly all around us! (they're also known as rods)
  57. Man Says Tight Shoes Made Him Lose 3 Toes: Suit Filed Against Drug Mart
  58. Violent St. Louis: Report finds St. Louis most dangerous U.S. city
  59. School sends kids dressed as Captain Underpants home
  60. More crazy parents trying to raise 'perfect' kids
  61. Save the Whales!! Whale pod faces being frozen in behind ice
  62. Mother, 3 children killed in Ohio house fire
  63. Immigrant father on trial for genital cutting
  64. Backlash against 'safe playgrounds'
  65. Teen Arrested For Raping Mother
  66. Wife of Cowboys coach finds Rat in McDonalds Salad
  67. Canada Post workers refuse to deliver "anti-gay hate mail"
  68. OPEC to keep raping you at the pumps: 60$/barrel new minimum
  69. 3 year old stuck in vending machine
  70. Partial victory for gay marriage in NJ!
  71. Wanna save on Gas; then lose weight you big fatty!
  72. New report says sex always on men's minds
  73. Kenneth Lay alive? Why else would a judge clear his record, columnist asks.
  74. America in 2043: The population will be 400 million and 24% Hispanic
  75. Chinese university requiring golf lessons for business, law majors
  76. Enron's Skilling Sentenced To 24 Years, 4 Months
  77. Crazed parent pulls gun on kids' coach
  78. Sex Offender Chooses Canada Over Jail
  79. Judge in California tosses charge against woman, says only for men
  80. Who needs gun control, use textbooks as shields in school shootings
  81. A Record Ozone Hole
  82. 200,000 years for all traces of Mankind to vanish from the Earth
  83. Inmate kills self 15 hours before execution date
  84. N.Y. woman driving naked kills pedestrian!!
  85. More Crazy Florida News:Student dies after being stabbed at Fla. bus stop
  86. Two teens arrested in brutal bathroom attack w/a plumbing snake *graphic*
  87. UPDATE TO STORY POSTED BEFORE: Police: Girl Wasn't Molested By Man Dad Killed
  88. Cancer-killing cold virus developed in South Korea
  89. Child Pornography Arrests
  90. Boater Survives Stingray Attack in Florida
  91. Three more execs indicted in computer memory price-fixing scandal
  92. Five-pound snail grosses people out in New Orleans!
  93. Death row cultist whines that he's too fat to be executed
  94. Man strangles then dismembers girlfriend; boils head, fries limbs. Mm-mm good.
  95. Social worker found dead-child missing-amber alert issued-UPDATED, couple arrested
  96. Stupid news: School bans kids from playing 'dangerous' game of 'tag' in schoolyard
  97. Mom convicted after belly ring nearly kills teen
  98. Florida Crazy News: Man found trapped in hotel air-conditioning duct
  99. US full of Internet addicts: study
  100. Woman Who Abandoned Newborn Headed To Prison
  101. Scientists create new element
  102. U.S. population now 300 million and growing
  103. 4yr Old Driving Car That Killed 6 People
  104. GAO report lifts lid on credit card industry
  105. Urge to shop a common, risky addiction
  106. Grandma sues USPS over fruitcakes
  107. Police dog falls from window, catches suspect
  108. Why Isn't the Atmosphere Warming Like the Earth's Surface?
  109. LSD helps alcoholics put down the botttle
  110. Anti-Bush bumper sticker nets woman a ticket in Georgia
  111. For all you Titanic fanatics; new evidence uncovered about why it went down so fast
  112. Scott Peterson gets beaten up!!!!
  113. Nicole Kidman goes to Kosovo on UN tour
  114. Troops Battle 10 Foot High Marijuana Plants in Afghanistan
  115. Strong earthquake hits Hawaii
  116. Principal quits after shooting two kittens
  117. AIDS activist Jeff Getty dead at 49
  118. NY Woman in 2nd Bizarre Accident
  119. Apple store in NYC offends Muslims by being cube shaped *eyeroll*
  120. Woman forced to carry dead fetus for a week
  121. Nurse almost killed by crazy wild pig
  122. Beefcake calendar helps wounded veterans
  123. Wal-Mart ordered to pay $78 million to workers
  124. Grisly myspace page gets cop suspended.
  125. Mrs. McBride has six husbands simultaneously.
  126. Florida man charged with keeping 9-yr-old son locked up for three years.
  127. 2 Adults, 2 kids found shot on Florida roadside? Enough for FL to retain crazy title
  128. Birds And Bees Bay Be Gay
  129. Unfinished final article from assasinated Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya
  130. Suicide bomber vs. homicide bomber
  131. Microcredit pioneers win Nobel Peace Prize.
  132. Oslo museum opens world's first gay animal exhibition
  133. Giant pot plants confound Canadian troops
  134. Katrina Victims still unclaimed
  135. Second person in plane identified
  136. Cindy Sheehan a Peace Prize finalist?
  137. Latest theory on the Cory Lidle plane crash--suicide?
  138. Lock up the kids: Mickey,Minnie and Goofy in Disney 'orgy' video
  139. Top 20 'whitest' and 'blackest' names
  140. Kickball making a comeback
  141. Twin boys smothered; mother in custody
  142. Cat cloning company closes its doors
  143. Forty years later, Black Panthers look back and remember
  144. City Prosecutor caught on film naked in his offices.
  145. Small planes crashes into residential building in Manhatten
  146. Jury awards $11.3M over defamatory Internet posts
  147. United States population to officially hit 300 million this week
  148. Extremist nutjob says 'Nuke the US!"
  149. Judge lets child porn defendent walk free.
  150. 'Runaway Bride' bitch sues ex fiance for half a mil
  151. A History of Sex With Students, Unchallenged Over the Years
  152. Serviceman Learns Of Wife's Slaying By E-mail
  153. Man uses his kids to help with burglary
  154. Mom accused of swinging baby as a weapon
  155. 13-year-old boy fires AK-47 in school
  156. What will they think of next: Docs advise more free play for kids
  157. Parents try to unadopt child
  158. Super cool Grandparent: 80 yr old paroled on crack charges
  159. Child abuse news: New parents name their kid ESPN
  160. Time Magazine reporting Fidel Castro has cancer
  161. October is Gay History Month!
  162. No South Carolina School Districts Meet Federal Standards
  163. HypoAllergenic Cats On Sale Next Year!
  164. Wal-Marts not wanted in Urban Areas
  165. Coke fueled death orgy claims victim #2 for Count Von Bismarck!
  166. New Coke drink could burn calories!
  167. Jerking off + Ramadan = bad Muslim!
  168. Study says Daily Show as substantive as "real news"
  169. Police hunting for breast implant thieves
  170. War plans: Congress OKs $20 mil for victory parties
  171. Pregnant teens smoking to avoid pain of childbirth
  172. Retard news: Georgia woman wants 'evil' Harry Potter banned
  173. Amish talk forgiveness of school shooter.
  174. Equal pay defeat for European women who take maternity leave
  175. Here’s one way to stop a wedding
  176. Life term for ex-nurse in patient killings(10)!!!
  177. Pa. school shooter said he’d molested relatives
  178. Ms. magazine names women who had abortions
  179. French smokers say "Sacré Bleu!" to new smoking laws
  180. Dow Jones Industrial Average sets all-time high
  181. Implants as Airbags Save Woman
  182. Walmart to cap wages, add more part time workers.
  183. Shunned HIV victims seek infected spouses
  184. Yet another idiot alert: teacher fired because kids saw 'nude art' on museum visit
  185. Another School Shooting - One Room Amish School in PA
  186. Study: Kids who slept through fire alarm tone awoke to mom's voice
  187. The Forever Family
  188. Waiting for Brian
  189. Inmates 'brand' Child Molestor
  190. Gay Institution Calls HIV A 'Gay Disease'
  191. US fast-food chains sued over carcinogenic
  192. Earth's temperature nears million-year high
  193. Student texted dad ‘I love U guys’ before slaying
  194. Principal gunned down! Wisconsin School Attack
  195. Man forced off plane by fellow passengers. Wanna guess why?
  196. Gay couple rebuked for kissing on a plane
  197. Finally! Baby wigs!
  198. Most uninsured kids live with working parents.
  199. Kangaroo boxing
  200. Steve Irwin Memorial - Get your DVD Now!
  201. Idiot comment gets passenger detained.
  202. Jogger Attacked By Pit Bulls
  203. Idiot alert: Students suspended for dressing alike.
  204. 3-year-old discovered drunk
  205. Skinny models defend skinny models: go back to your office, fattie.
  206. Five year-old-girl dies after getting dental treatment
  207. Youths' Art To Appear On Condom Packages
  208. Fake breasts subject to "further inspection" at airports!
  209. Megavolcanos - scary stuff!
  210. Does college/uni make you dumber?
  211. Corporate criminals Ebbers, Fastow, pay stiff sentences
  212. Fowl Play on Airplane
  213. Teddy Bear murders 2,500
  214. Dating Service? Try a Break-Up service!
  215. Man arrested and charged with dragging death
  216. U.S. excited (and suspicious) about gas prices
  217. Mouseprint: web Site 'outs' Fine Print
  218. Hitler Art Auction Set.
  219. PETArds strike again: save the cockroaches!
  220. A Rich White Family takes an interest
  221. Glamour magazine advertises for 'photogenic war widows'.
  222. Samaritans unwittingly assist in car theft
  223. Rare Woodpecker Sends a Town Running for Its Chain Saws
  224. Mandatory School Strip Searches???
  225. Another Missouri woman accused of killing woman and her fetus
  226. Teacher "accidentally" uses 'Group Sex' font
  227. Is Bin Laden dead??? Ill??? Perhaps...
  228. Why going commando could kill you...
  229. Stop the presses! Prince Charles lives an incredibly pampered life!
  230. Town proposes all residents be REQUIRED to have firearm in home
  231. Woman Gets 4 Years For Cutting Off Infant Son's Ear
  232. More TV's than people in average American home.
  233. AIDS testing recommended for most Americans
  234. Wal-Mart cutting generic drug prices in Florida
  235. Neanderthals' 'last rock refuge'
  236. Man jailed for beheading girlfriend's kitten
  237. Colorado: Police Try to Identify Dragging Victim
  238. Human Stem Cells Are Found to Help Rats’ Vision
  239. Girls lured into school, attacked..of course Ohio!
  240. California sues carmakers over greenhouse gases
  241. Gas could DROP another .25 cents a gallon!
  242. 3.3 million-year-old remains of toddler found!
  243. Music lessons said to help children's memories
  244. Man bites panda in Beijing zoo as retribution
  245. Oil price pullback steepest in 15 years
  246. Gonzales Urges Preserving Internet Records
  247. Race a factor in kidnap case
  248. Man with bomb in his pants arrested
  249. Nationwide Allegations About Jiffy Lube turns up Frauds and Rip-offs!
  250. Siblings reunited 65 years later!