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  1. 9-year-old runaway sneaks onto 2 flights
  2. Family seeks pardon for last convicted witch
  3. British woman orders "off-the-shelf" designer baby
  4. Criminal defense lawyer found naked with 14 year old in courthouse
  5. Study shows that video games are good for you
  6. Anger grows over penis-removing doctor
  7. Earthshattering study proves that teens are growing materialistic!
  8. Doomsday clock moved to 5 mins before midnight..
  9. Mother "misplaces" baby
  10. Holland erects (snicker) prostitute statue
  11. Worlds first 'test tube baby' gives birth
  12. Woman dies after being in water drinking contest (hope they get sued)
  13. First 'Uterus transplant' planned in the US....
  14. Biological mom charged with stealing twin babies
  15. Scientists find extraterrestrial genes in human DNA
  16. Jennifer Wilbank (runaway bride) settles lawsuit squabbling over book deal with ex
  17. Damned hippies' ecofuel causing starvation in Mexico
  18. Hero dog shot defending owner from mugger
  19. Man serves meatballs cooked in his own fat
  20. Two kidnapped boys found, one had been missing for four years
  21. Idaho Governor plans hunt of all but 100 of state's gray wolves
  22. Moron sues condom company for triplets
  23. Oregon man reunited with his tubby tabby
  24. U.S. warns about Canadian spy coins
  25. Hallelujah! State Farm loses key Katrina case!
  26. Funeral for Canadian filmmaker murdered in New Orleans
  27. 9/10 men unsatisfied with their looks
  28. Students Kicked Off School Bus for Speaking English
  29. CIA prevents Valerie Plame from publishing book
  30. Southern Californian Pizza Chain To Accept Mexican Currency!
  31. Killer bees found in New Orleans, Louisiana
  32. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for universal health coverage
  33. Global Warming causing lost jobs - Ontario ski resort lays off 1,300!
  34. Bra slows bullet fired into air in Florida
  35. Mother of rapist blames the victim for rape
  36. Toys 'R' Us baby contest sparks fuss
  37. Two NYC men save falling toddler
  38. Once again Madames fry while Johns go scot-free
  39. Seizure of 114 frozen cats prompts lawsuit
  40. 2007 may be the warmest year on record
  41. Why do men spend so much time at their jobs?
  42. Bank issues credit card to cat
  43. Parents of disabled child deliberately stunted growth to keep her "manageable" size
  44. Special needs girl charged with... peeing herself?
  45. NORAD looking for Russian rocket carrying French payload in Wyoming
  46. Hurricane Katrina: Screw the people! Save the embryos!!!
  47. ExxonMobil allegedly paid ideological groups to mislead public about global warming
  48. RCMP disgraces itself again -- locks up woman nude for two days
  49. Man saves life of teenager on subway tracks by using himself as a shield
  50. Guy told to dance like wacko jacko during job interview
  51. Some Japanese women punching their men
  52. Cheers greet police indicted in New Orleans bridge shootings
  53. FAA blames UFO report Chicago airport on weird weather (liars!)
  54. Fat woman stuck in cave. Traps 23 others
  55. NYC rings in the new year with 14 shootings,1 death and a beating
  56. Possible merger coming between Satellite Radio's Sirius and XM
  57. What sucks about General Motors? The cars
  58. Best Buy manager tries to arrest customer for returning defective CD
  59. Hip-hop car stunt claims at least 2 lives
  60. Thirsty German sells beagle to buy beer
  61. 67-year-old woman gives birth to twins....*sigh*
  62. Woman charged with castration
  63. UK new law: sex with drunken women is rape
  64. Ice shelf that is 11,000 football fields large snaps off the Canadian Arctic
  65. Saddam Hussein's a GONER. He'll be hanged by Sunday 12/31
  66. Man drowns after rescuing 4-year-old in surf
  67. Health Penis speaks: People listen!!!
  68. FDA says cloned animals are OK to eat
  69. For sale on ebay: Dream Holiday with a stranger
  70. Gene discovered that may predisposition people towards depression
  71. Saddam Hussein writes: do not hate
  72. Former President Gerald Ford died
  73. Bears have stopped hibernating due to "non-existent" global warming
  74. AllofMp3.com sued for 1.65 TRILLION dollars
  75. Exercise for your aging brain
  76. 2,800 year old mummy discovered...with a sack of weed
  77. Neat people are mean and make less money!
  78. Fate of the world and its energy crisis to be saved by...termites guts?
  79. 911 dispatcher gets a call from her own son!
  80. The new $200 US bill has a picture of George Bush on it
  81. Saddam Hussein's days are numbered--30 to be exact. He'll be executed Jan 27th
  82. U.S. Killed in Iraq Exceeds 9-11 Count
  83. SETI makes alien contact!
  84. Overtime gives prison guards fat salary
  85. California man sets himself aflame in protest of school vacation names
  86. Giant squid caught on video camera by Japanese scientists
  87. One mom, two wombs, three babies
  88. Woman dies while trying to apply makeup and driving
  89. 2 gay men assaulted for holding hands in Arizona
  90. School accuses 5 yr old of sexual harrassment
  91. Smoker dying of cancer whines about the no-smoking law
  92. DNA damage causes aging, but your genes determine its rate
  93. The Upcoming Fish Apocalypse: We've been eating first, and without forethought
  94. Giant Railguns: The newest and cheapest way to get into space
  95. The False Confession: Why an innocent person will confess guilt
  96. Obese passenger sues Air France for forcing him to pay for a second seat
  97. Furor in Italy over "Gay Nativity" in Parliament
  98. School tells wailing kids 'Santa doesn't exist'
  99. Baby sent through airport X-Ray machine
  100. Woman beaten for not riding in back of bus
  101. Libya to execute HIV medics
  102. Man who looks like Santa kicked out of Disney World!
  103. Man strangled to death by pet snake
  104. MICE ON A PLANE!!! Passengers fly into a panic over stowaway mice
  105. Woman leaves child in her care in a cold car while she gets plastered at a bar!
  106. Americans are taller, fatter and thirstier says new census
  107. Killer elephant named after Osama Bin Laden killed
  108. Ohio woman charged with microwaving her baby to death!
  109. Hero Police officer brothers save child who from frozen pond!
  110. Warning: Disturbing..... Babies killed to order
  111. Road rage suspect turns himself in
  112. Climate change has animals heading for hills
  113. Nintendo recalls Wii controller straps
  114. Vegetarians are smarter
  115. Teen Expelled From School For Turning In Found Gun
  116. Two teen monsters torture, burn puppy alive
  117. The man with no pulse
  118. Baby in stroller falls into river while mother takes a phone call
  119. Worlds Tallest Man saves 2 dolphins by pulling plastic out of their stomachs!
  120. Hermaphroditic Deer w/7 Legs 'Tasty'
  121. Breast Cancer rates drop 'dramatically'! HOORAY!
  122. Living in Southern California is getting worse and worse!
  123. Oil to stay at 60$/barrel, or more says OPEC
  124. Circumcision may cut risk of HIV
  125. Assisted suicide advocate to be paroled in June
  126. Children In Limbo After Immigration Raids Across 6 States
  127. 14 yr old 'mother' kills newborn by throwing him out the window
  128. Botched 911 call could have saved South Carolina couple that drowned in their car
  129. First-of-its-kind stem cell surgery could save young boy!
  130. New York City faces population strain by 2030
  131. Phelps church sued by family of dead marine
  132. Soy products make you gay. No foolin'.
  133. EPA Leaded gas may return
  134. UN downgrades man's impact on the climate
  135. Wrestling move or rape?
  136. Rape victim has to prove she isn't dangerous
  137. Police Chief to polygamist leader: I love you and want to be your servant
  138. 3 dead in Chicago skyscraper shooting
  139. Condoms too large for many Indian men
  140. Feds: Man planned to blow up Illinois mall
  141. Couple Ordered: No Sex During Primetime
  142. Prostitute stabs customer who refuses to wear condom
  143. MASSIVE Bushfire in South East Australia
  144. Police beating victim, Rodney King, arrested In Pasadena Tuesday
  145. Famous Bigfoot footage stabilized with shocking results!
  146. Adoptive couple kept kids in a cage
  147. NYC bans trans fats in restaurants
  148. Missing CA father found dead in snowy Oregon
  149. Flatulence forces plane to land
  150. Two-month-old baby drunk on vodka
  151. And in Hitler news: one of his race cars could sell for $12 million
  152. Woman kills husband over warm beer
  153. Man accused of faking retardation....for 20 yrs
  154. All the signs of pregnancy except one: A baby
  155. Swedish cops kept record of beautiful women
  156. Possible crash involving a disk-shaped object is reported in Brazil
  157. Boy arrested for opening Christmas present
  158. On his block, a molester
  159. Classy Brits fly for 3 hours sitting next to a corpse
  160. Suspect in PlayStation 3 robbery killed
  161. UFO falls from the sky - Siberia, Russia
  162. Kids are watching too many Viagra™ commercials
  163. Breaking news! Cops eat donuts and are fat!
  164. STD rates rising dramatically in geezers. Ewww.
  165. Police: Angry driver kills egg-throwing teen
  166. Michigan law strips men of their rights...
  167. Pornaments for your Xmas tree
  168. French doctors call partial face transplant a success one year on
  169. Teen accused of killing with sword blames mom
  170. Women gets beat up by hairstylist; wouldnt put down cell phone
  171. Birth control, not abstinence, credited with drop in teen pregnancy
  172. New rules compel U.S. firms to track all e-mails
  173. Abortion drug may thwart breast cancer
  174. Wal-Mart's decline unsettles retail sector (boo freakin' hoo)
  175. Americans: 60's are the new middle age
  176. Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking: 'Humans must colonize other planets'
  177. Uluru (Ayres Rock) fights back
  178. Cops pull crackhead from alligator's jaws
  179. Hounded by protesters and citing safety issues, Fur store is pulling out of Portland
  180. US military trains bomb sniffing honeybees. Seriously.
  181. New Paris skyscraper: what do you think?
  182. Joke imitates life: baby + microwave = ew.
  183. Mentally ill mother on trial
  184. Cutting Back on Smoking Won't Cut Death Risk
  185. Man on trial for putting feverish baby in freezer
  186. Good news in Africa for a change
  187. How Americans are living dangerously
  188. Cops kill groom on wedding day
  189. Upside-down corpse found stuck behind bookcase
  190. PETA targets Alaskan church; pastor mystified
  191. Calgary to ban public fighting, spitting and urination
  192. Hit and run: bitter sweet love story ends in tragedy
  193. Buddhist monk cuts off penis and renounces refix
  194. Drug bust gone wrong, 92 yr old woman killed
  195. Police: Handcuffed man shoots self in back of head
  196. Ethiopian zoo poisons rare lions to cut costs
  197. U.S. to implement passport requirement
  198. U.N. says 39.5 million people have HIV
  199. Marine held in infant son's death
  200. Idiot drunk Bush twins get pick-pocketed in Argentina
  201. 18 yr old creates nuclear fusion in his mom's basement
  202. Fraternity punished for racist Halloween party
  203. Bill Clinton's neighbor shot
  204. African attitudes towards homosexuality
  205. Bill O'Reilly: iPods a threat to America!
  206. Global Orgasm For World Peace - Yeah, baby!
  207. School bus plunges off bridge onto interstate
  208. California couple calls for orgasm for peace
  209. Art and Free Speech: Museum lowers deep-fried U.S. flags
  210. Dutch to ban wearing burqas
  211. Pentagon upgrades homosexuality from 'disorder' to 'defect'
  212. Gay penguin book worries parents
  213. PlayStation madness
  214. Boil-water advisory issued for Vancouver, B.C. Canada
  215. We have gun toting crazies in Australia too!
  216. Nevada town makes it illegal to fly a foreign nation's flag
  217. UCLA student tasered twice by abusive campus cops
  218. Canada arrests Russian spy
  219. Kidnapper accidentally shoots himself in testicle
  220. Gynecologist ordered to pay child support for unwanted baby
  221. "Get out of jail free" celebrity
  222. British guidelines advise against care for babies born before 22 weeks
  223. Polish exchange student gets fundie freak hosts
  224. Justice Department seeks to revive the 1998 Child Online Protection Act..
  225. Flying couple busted for ‘overt sexual activity’
  226. Most Americans believe smokers, obese should pay more health care costs
  227. Small Waves Hit Japan After Earthquake
  228. Meteor Shower Expected 11/18 for North America & Western Europe
  229. Bloodbath, Stabbed to death one by one
  230. New 7 wonders attract widespread interest
  231. New Study: Eating CHOCOLATE daily cuts heart attack risk!!!
  232. More Vicious Than Rape (Horrible Congo Atrocities against women)
  233. Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding baby
  234. Jesus dolls rejected from Toys for Tots program
  235. Man pleads guilty in 4 kittens' burning deaths
  236. Come out, Come out wherever you are! (A secret life of lies never stays secret)
  237. FDA adds 'abnormal behavior' warning for Tamiflu label
  238. Illinois woman accused in hit and run death (hell hath no fury....)
  239. Driver charged with killing mom, 2 kids (give him the chair)
  240. Singaporean awarded dubious honor of world's fastest text message
  241. U.S.: Fidel Castro's Health Deteriorating Rapidly
  242. George Washington statue beheaded in NYC
  243. Massachusetts judge settles food fight by ruling burrito is not sandwich
  244. Extremely rare stamps used to mail absentee ballot
  245. European Union warns of obesity crisis
  246. Missouri jail uses pink teddy bear decor to calm inmates
  247. New Zealand allows "text speak" in national exams: LOL
  248. Man shoots fireworks from ass, scorches colon
  249. Massive Acetaminophen Recall
  250. Mexico City Recognizes Gay Civil Unions