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  1. California bans smoking in cars with minors
  2. Doctor who stunted disabled girl's growth has killed himself
  3. Trainer escapes death in killer whale 'accident'
  4. Teacher who fell in love with pupil, 15, walks out on her and their four children
  5. Arizona girl plunges to her death in Grand Canyon
  6. Another school shooting: H.S. in Cleveland
  7. Patient on strict 'soft food diet' dies after hospital nurses give him toast
  8. After 10 months, mothers told: You've got the wrong babies
  9. Insane baby snatcher and the morons that know her!
  10. It’s OK to be gay, Dear Abby says
  11. A spectacular destruction:How 1 email led to the downfall of barrister who had it all
  12. Christmas in October? Consumers say there's no rush
  13. Police unravel the internet disguise of a child abuser
  14. Monet masterpiece slashed by drunks- (C**ts)
  15. New law means anti-gay comments could lead to seven years in jail
  16. 30 years for stealing doughnut
  17. Mother defends hysterectomy for disabled daughter
  18. Transsexual cop in furore
  19. New currency for space travellers
  20. Boy, 11, in 100mph police chase
  21. Sperm donor, 72, to father his own grandchild
  22. Prosecutor finally kills himself...
  23. Road workers find unidentified body in Belton, MO
  24. Pregnant woman was strangled before having her baby cut from her womb
  25. Single mother fined record £100,000 for illegally sharing internet music
  26. Ruined by her £35m jackpot: Britain's biggest lottery winner
  27. Charges filed against a Principal for sucking a minor's big toe
  28. IgNobel Prize 2007 goes to inventors of 'gay bomb'
  29. Firemen reprimanded for disturbing gay sex act
  30. Marion Jones admits to steriod use
  31. Victor Valley College student abducted, raped, thrown from vehicle(At MY COLLEGE)
  32. US shelters take in Caribbean dogs
  33. Crippled moose nurses calf in Alaska
  34. All workers rescued from South Africa gold mine
  35. A beastly kind of cruelty
  36. Drugs found in dead firefighter's system
  37. Toddler survives 7 storey fall
  38. Crowd steals dying man's groceries
  39. Drunk man tries to flee on lawn mower...hehe
  40. Minister stole bride and groom's gift cards!!!
  41. 60 yr old Japanese woman pregnant from donated egg
  42. 30 yr old sleeps with 8 yr old
  43. Sputnik turns 50 (not me, the satellite :P)
  44. Lawmaker shows nude photo to students
  45. Cops: boy kills brother over dessert
  46. Black lesbian publisher says she’s “saved” and no longer “in the life”
  47. Cops: prostitute snorted cocaine off infant's stomach while breastfeeding
  48. Texas halts executions as lethal injections deemed 'unconstitutionally cruel'
  49. Woman yelled 'eat my pork, feel my fork' as she stabbed partner who stole her chop
  50. North Carolina pair feud over leg
  51. 10-year-old gives birth
  52. Top lesbian tennis coach 'had sexual relationship with 13-year-old pupil'
  53. Amazing rescue of the bear who jumped off a bridge
  54. Woman's bizarre airport death probed
  55. Woman gives birth to her own grandchildren
  56. Walmart to online customers: stop calling
  57. Myanmar's monks' protest shut down, junta turns its armed forces on civilians
  58. Sister was locked away for 70 years when she was wrongly accused of stealing 12p
  59. Born on the same day to the same mother - but they're NOT twins
  60. The tiff over a fizzy drink that led our daughter to hang herself in a wood
  61. 6 die from brain-eating amoeba after swimming
  62. Radio star says F*** seven times on-air
  63. Lover murdered by rat poison kiss
  64. Woman found alive in wreck after 8 days
  65. Boy wrestler’s death exposes sumo ‘cruelty’
  66. Nevada authorities search for girl, man in explicit sex tape
  67. Young British woman who survived Thai jet crash dies from severe burns
  68. Portuguese police study CCTV of 'suspicious' car journey made by McCanns
  69. The faker of 9/11: Survivor in dramatic tale of escape made it all up!
  70. The world's tiniest baby - meet the 10oz bundle of defiance
  71. Trouble for hurricane victims who elevated homes
  72. Verizon refuses abortion-rights group text messages
  73. 5-year-old boy predicted his own death
  74. Simon Cowell saves X-Factor reject's life
  75. Outrage as 30,000-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings are defaced
  76. Russian woman gives birth to 17lb child
  77. Three teens allegedly rape unconscious girl
  78. Obscenity indictments issued against X-Rated Halloween shop
  79. Mistrial declared in Phil Spector case
  80. Could the girl in this picture be Madeleine McCann?
  81. AIDS vaccine fails; virus infects volunteers
  82. Woman jailed after buying 'too good to be true' car for $10 in Oregon
  83. Man accused of beheading duck at hotel
  84. Kentucky alcohol control chief faces DUI charge
  85. Deep-voiced men have more kids
  86. Assault charge after Cheeto attack
  87. Amsterdam to cut back on brothels
  88. Titanic key is sold for £90,000
  89. Steve Fossett disappearance adds to Nevada's notorious mysteries
  90. Man finds racist remark on his cell phone receipt
  91. Refugees from Africa attacked by black Americans
  92. The pupil bloodied and battered beyond recognition by teenage girls (Graphic photo)
  93. Python surprises mom and baby in bath
  94. 3 year old dropped off at vacant daycare
  95. Columbia Dean: we'd invite Hitler to speak
  96. Boys, 9 and 11, charged in sex assault
  97. Four word editorial on George W. Bush causes spirited discussion
  98. Idiots of the year
  99. Cops in Warren Jeffs' town fired
  100. Teachers use bullies as discipline
  101. Comedian makes tasteless jokes about Madeleine McCann and stuns crowd
  102. Mom drives kids to burglary
  103. MIT student arrested in airport after strapping fake bomb to chest
  104. Man puts rattler in mouth to impress lady and gets bitten!
  105. Man fed kittens to pit bulls
  106. Madeleine McCann's father: 'Abductor was hiding in apartment while I checked on her'
  107. Blunkett's bobbies stood by as boy, 10, drowned trying to save his sister
  108. Abandoned in a garden, a newborn baby with his umbilical cord still attached
  109. Justice in pedophile case 421 years!!!
  110. Prosecutor in jail for attempted sex w/5 yr old attempts suicide
  111. 5 year old boy tells cops "Daddy stabbed Mommy"
  112. Bee truck tips over...run!!!
  113. Man turns down lottery...doesn't know what to do with it!
  114. Grass growing on baby's lung!
  115. Woman clocked in the head with an onion; husband jailed
  116. Jena 6 protesters descend on Louisiana town
  117. Madeleine: McCanns' relief as Judge won't let police question them again
  118. Girl, 12, has babysitter's baby
  119. Mother of railway death teenager is found dead on SAME stretch of track
  120. After 11 months magistrates decide sausage dog isn't dangerous
  121. Married teacher 'enjoyed sex act with schoolgirl as he drove school minibus'
  122. Seven deadly workplace sins
  123. Founder of duty-free shopping chain has given away an estimated $4 billion
  124. Los Angeles drivers spend on average an extra 72 hours a year stuck in traffic
  125. Blind man dies after crashing ATV
  126. Woman sues doctor for cost of raising 2nd child after IVF gave her twins
  127. Czech crash victim wakes up speaking English
  128. Armless man kills with headbutt
  129. Divorcing after cheating...with each other!
  130. Muslim dentist 'told patient to wear a headscarf or go elsewhere'
  131. Australian doctors want the government to pay people to lose weight
  132. University of Florida student tasered during forum with Sen. John Kerry
  133. Immigrant children struggle with America's junk food
  134. Kate McCann: 'Madeleine cried 18 hours a day'
  135. WSJ: Filipino Judge consults 3 wee Friends
  136. Study sees rise in men not washing hands
  137. "Dead" man wakes up during autopsy
  138. Snake bite caused killing spree
  139. Federal Prosecutor arrested for wanting sex w/5 YR OLD!
  140. Fury as 12-year-old 'model' fronts world fashion show
  141. Madeline McCann's parents look to US sniffer dog case
  142. Suspects shoot father, murder infant son execution-style
  143. Hong Kong woman grapples pet from python
  144. Scores killed in Thai plane crash
  145. Beaner's Coffee changes name over possible ethnic slur
  146. Over a million Africans flee flooding
  147. Arctic ice retreating to record low, Northwest passage opening
  148. Many Americans are too fat for their cars' weight limits
  149. Girlfriend flushes boyfriend's iPod after finding porn, ends up in jail
  150. The haunting parallels between the 'dingo baby' and missing Madeleine
  151. Facebook protested after deleting photos of nursing mothers
  152. California bans cell phones for teen drivers, restricts adults
  153. Madeleine McCann "overdosed on sleeping pills"
  154. Man snatches woman's purse & sucks her toes
  155. Google will award $20 million to whoever can land on the moon by December 31, 2012
  156. Heard the one about the Irish Catholic forced to quit for telling jokes about.......
  157. Caribbean steel band forced off plane after passenger feared they were terrorists
  158. Wal-Mart recalls sandals made in China
  159. Six held in West Virginia torture horror
  160. Big quake hits Sumatra, tsunami warning issued
  161. Man arrested in brutal slaying of 6-year-old boy
  162. The couple who stopped off at a Travelodge - and stayed 22 years
  163. Don't abort babies over 13 weeks, say seven in 10 women
  164. Body Shop founder Anita Roddick dies age 64
  165. More developments in McCann case
  166. Buzz Aldrin: Attempted kidnapper, former astronaut Lisa Nowak should be "admired"
  167. Salty burger leads to jail time
  168. California gray whale shot with machine gun
  169. 5ft woman falsely accused of raping a 6ft businessman
  170. Mummy of girl sacrificed by Incans prompts gasps
  171. APEC boost for brothel business - report
  172. Bush to address war weary America on Iraq
  173. Parents, child die in murder-double suicide
  174. Sadistic stepmother jailed for torturing boy to death
  175. Passenger too sexy for Southwest Airlines
  176. Drivers risk two years in jail for using their mobile phones
  177. Sisters keep mother's body in fridge for ten years - and visit her every weekend
  178. Baby born with a full head of Elvis-style ginger hair
  179. N.H. debate video Ron Paul 9/5
  180. Police officer charged after leaving police K-9 in hot car for 12 hours
  181. Suicide rate jumps for American girls
  182. GOP hopefuls clash with Ron Paul over Iraq
  183. Quelle surprise, say the French. People think we're arrogant
  184. Official relieved of command after 5 nuclear warheads are flown across the U.S.
  185. School bullies made me go bald, says teenager
  186. School children to be 'locked in' at lunch time to make them eat school dinners
  187. Comfy Crocs banned in hospitals over safety fears
  188. Doctor warns consumers of popcorn fumes
  189. Transplant girl comes face-to-face with own heart
  190. Girl, 14, knifed her sister to death in row over boyfriend
  191. Starbucks to source Chinese coffee
  192. Adventurer Steve Fossett's plane missing
  193. Born lucky: Scientists discover ‘skinny’ gene
  194. Madeleine McCann's parents: We WERE wrong to believe she was safe alone
  195. Teenage girl admits killing sister but denies murder
  196. Harry Potter star's 'disgust' at schoolfriend who committed sex attack at party
  197. Grandmother of girl mauled to death was 'high on drink and drugs'
  198. Scrounging grandmother's pride at daughters' teenage pregnancies
  199. Letters reveal nurse Florence Nightingale was maybe more of a sinner than a saint
  200. Couple who won £1.7m on Lotto still get up at 3am to run fruit and veg shop
  201. Schoolgirl hanged herself after nurse failed to tell police about rape claim
  202. Executive fired after branding his wife with an iron
  203. Judge: 'Pointless' to deport Pole who raped woman a week after he arrived in Britain
  204. Female genital mutilation linked to AIDS
  205. Pop Culture: Apologists leave much to be desired
  206. Man spent cheque he received in error and told his wife he'd won the lottery
  207. Four-year-olds 'fret for months about starting school'
  208. Police pays £4,000 to the boy dumped in litter bin by officer
  209. Possibly world's largest diamond unearthed in South Africa
  210. Woman's train death, child's death believed to be murder/suicide
  211. Couey gets death penalty after raping/burying child alive
  212. More funny news for Oregon: Hit-and-Run suspect unintentionally turns self in
  213. Thousands at risk from 'inadequate' childminders, warns Government watchdog
  214. Tarred, feathered and tied to a lamppost: Justice for a drug dealer
  215. Mum gives birth in ambulance in car park because 'hospital didn't have midwife'
  216. 22 year old Spanish soccer star Antonio Puerta dies from a heart attack
  217. Chinese boots shocker
  218. Madeleine McCann: Strain starts to show as Gerry storms out of TV interview
  219. Rape victim sets up alleged assailant's arrest
  220. "Diaper-free" movement encourages parents to potty train from birth
  221. Worst injured soldier ever to survive is awarded less than RAF typist with sore thumb
  222. I blame the parents of the boy that killed my son says Rhys Jones' mum
  223. A class of their own: The family with 11 children who turned to home schooling
  224. Pro-life rockers clash with Amnesty
  225. Glut of homes hits 16-year high
  226. USA Fatty Alert: Obesity rates rise in 31 states
  227. Controversy over selection of Chinese sculptor for Martin Luther King Jr. memorial
  228. Brutal culture of US dog fighting
  229. Two dead in Canada balloon fire
  230. Fires prompt Greek national alert
  231. Study: Chick magnets today look like cavemen
  232. Klansman given 3 life sentences
  233. Teenager "unlocks" iPhone from AT&T network
  234. Single mothers three times more likely to have children who die young
  235. Revealed: what happened the night Madeleine McCann went missing
  236. New fossil dates human/ape split at 14 to 20 million years ago, say scientists
  237. Mayoress banned from breast-feeding in her limousine wins £200,000 damages
  238. The baby born at 30,000ft on holiday flight who weighed just 1lb
  239. Two female sunbathers prosecuted for flashing their breasts at CCTV camera
  240. Mocha-angelo or Frothy-celli! How to turn your cappuccino into a work of art
  241. Woman sets fire to ex-husband's penis
  242. Man hit by a stray bullet shot a mile away
  243. Stephon Marbury defends Michael Vick, calls dogfighting a sport
  244. Spirit CEO accidentally hits 'reply to all,' tells flier 'we owe him nothing'
  245. Schoolboy, 11, dies after shooting in pub car park by 'hoodie on a BMX'
  246. 80 lashes for 'immoral' Iranian who abused alcohol and had sex (Graphic photo)
  247. Detectives 'now believe Madeleine died by accident'
  248. Top doctor who hit his wife 24 times is spared jail
  249. Women are born to shop, experts say
  250. Camel kills woman after trying to rape her