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  1. Winter storm wallops Kansas, eyes Northeast
  2. Pa. shop owner backs English-only policy
  3. You're only gay in peace time says 60 Minutes
  4. World's only septuplets turn 10!
  5. Mom gets 12 years for leaving son in dumpster
  6. So reindeer really can fly through the clouds
  7. US 'serial killer' gets 438 years
  8. 'Rogue Elf' sending filthy letters
  9. After 45 years, woman gets haircut
  10. Bell Canada slaps user with $85,000 cell phone bill
  11. One in seven claim they've been dumped via text message or e-mail
  12. Woman married to ten men at same time
  13. Contractor, home owner feud over hidden cash
  14. Unexpected uses for bathroom items
  15. Jury sentences Ohio man to death for raping 5-year-old girl
  16. Man chugs liter of vodka in airport security line
  17. After 223 days, Portugal finally turns its back on missing Madeleine McCann
  18. Judge: Spend time with black kids for racist remarks
  19. Google "Earth" images may help solve murder
  20. Jelly the cat uses one of her nine lives
  21. Pope blasts "dubious ideology" of climate change; Irony dies laughing
  22. Arctic to be ice free by 2012 says NASA
  23. Damn you, XBOX!!!
  24. Ex-Officer gets what he deserves (almost) in child rape
  25. Sore loser sues over Inter Milan 'Crusaders' kit
  26. Rape case ruling shocks Australia
  27. Cancer mother - given six months to live -kills 5-year-old son before killing herself
  28. Wife-beater released early during prison crisis killed girlfriend five days later
  29. US Midwest braces for ice storm that has already killed up to 18
  30. World's oldest mother, 66, who lied about her age to get IVF, is 'stricken by cancer'
  31. Black men must regain children
  32. And this week's Darwin Awards go to.....
  33. Relative of Davy Crockett, 5, kills bear
  34. Drew Peterson asks public for money
  35. Toronto girl murdered by family for dressing too "western"
  36. Pregnant at 13, mum at 14, GCSEs at 15
  37. 15-year-old girl jailed with 20 men and raped
  38. Australia should introduce a baby tax 'to save the planet'
  39. The Netherlands plan to make their mark with a tulip island
  40. Merck drug company vaccines division admits injecting cancer viruses
  41. Free energy battery inventor killed at airport?
  42. Picks for Worst Employees of 2007
  43. Gunman kills 6 in Crandon, WI
  44. Mysterious (and cute!) mammal caught on film for the first time
  45. San Jose man arrested in infant daughter's death
  46. "Pig-brain mist" suspected in Minnesota workers' disease
  47. Man suing Burger King after claiming he found a condom in his Whopper
  48. Elderly Briton leaves fortune to Chinese restaurant owner
  49. Man in Guinness for getting hit by car
  50. Is this racist???
  51. NBC rejects ad from conservative group Freedom's Watch
  52. Gay couple not allowed to divorce
  53. India police break up tiger poaching ring
  54. Iranian hanged after verdict stay
  55. Hams 'delicious for Chanukah'
  56. Middle school kids beat woman viciously on bus
  57. Woman who caused little girl's suicide shunned by neighborhood
  58. "Sergeant" Miss America?
  59. God sends a message: Dr. Phil audience bus crashes into church
  60. Obese at 8 months: the baby that already tips the scales at 41 pounds
  61. Gunman kills nine at Omaha Mall
  62. Officer fired after suing family of near drowning victim
  63. Cop delivers baby because DADDY GOT LOST!!!
  64. Did filmmaker find Osama Bin Laden? Must wait one year to find out
  65. There really is a seperate God for children...six year old hero takes bullets for mom
  66. Bloggers defend teacher who allegedly praised Columbine shooters online
  67. German official 'wants Scientology banned'
  68. Debra Lafave, teacher in sex case, arrested again
  69. Presidential candidate Huckabee's pardon of rapist that strikes again
  70. Sick F**k breaks puppy's spine
  71. The Peak Oil crisis: our government is speaking
  72. Study: Most sinus infections not helped by antibiotics
  73. Cat cafe soothes Tokyo's busy feline lovers
  74. Grandma at 29...in US
  75. Did anyone know "Pork Chop" was offensive???
  76. Missing canoeist "drowned" 5 years ago turns up alive
  77. Toddler fools the art world into buying his tomato ketchup paintings
  78. Do giant footprints found in the Himalayas prove the yeti does exist?
  79. Taipei diner attracts clients with toilet humor
  80. Do you know how to tell if a croc is dead or alive? Help this town!
  81. Too "small" to flash defense...lol
  82. This guy is SOOO getting coal this year
  83. Wife of pitiful fisherman at her wit's end...funny!
  84. Working late causes cancer
  85. No Christmas for Washington school...funny!
  86. Teen breaks law...but refuses to break curfew!
  87. Man too fat to adopt tries again
  88. Father/son idiot pair hunt at Pittsburgh Airport
  89. Aunt stabs boy in eyes
  90. Sikh student jailed for stabbing of pregnant Muslim love rival
  91. Another child killing
  92. DR Congo child rape victim dies
  93. Baby has heart swap at five weeks
  94. The snowman who lost his head...$600 in damages
  95. Horrible human of the month
  96. Baby Grace killed for not saying please
  97. Who wants to cuddle with roadkill? Anyone? Anyone?
  98. Alaska out of Santas!!!
  99. CAT scans cause cancer
  100. Boy refusing blood due to religious beliefs dies
  101. Son kills mom while on with 911
  102. Rodney King shot in the face...guess we can't all get along
  103. Ann Coulter hides from haters
  104. $1m dollar lottery winner may have broken the law
  105. Flight attendant retires after 50 years
  106. Exploding mobile phone blamed for man's death
  107. Missing Kansas college student may have been porn star
  108. Alaska's 'Papa Pilgrim' gets 14 years for sexually assaulting his children
  109. Bow and arrow used for robbery
  110. Prison back to being a prison...no more SNL
  111. Hospital makes third brain surgery mistake!!! WTF
  112. Judge jails 46 for cell phone in his court
  113. Finders jailed for keeping?
  114. First no-spank state?
  115. Texan kills thieves: hero or homicidal?
  116. Slimming club consultant sacked 'for being too fat'
  117. Man cuts off his own arm with a penknife to escape raging fire
  118. Couple tries to burn baby remains on barbecue grill
  119. Cops: Mom says couple tortured 'Baby Grace'
  120. Madeleine McCann 'was killed as she screamed at pervert prowler', police to conclude
  121. Couple murdered teenager with concrete slab 'because she was irritating'
  122. Miss Puerto Rico wins Miss Universe pageant despite being doused with pepper spray
  123. Police on the look out for cross-dressing crooks
  124. British teacher arrested in Sudan for letting children name teddy bear Mohammed
  125. Eight fans die as stand collapses in Soccer stadium
  126. Shock for 5ft-tall mother who gave birth to a 14lb 8oz baby boy
  127. All Hell breaks loose at Kmart
  128. Guy exposes himself to shoppers
  129. Theives break into cars during funeral
  130. Woman who beat son to death still wants alimony
  131. Philadelphia judge sparks controversy in rape case; calls it "Theft of Services"
  132. Monkey meat at center of New York city court case
  133. Malibu, California is burning again; 35 homes gone so far
  134. Illegal immigrant rescues boy in desert
  135. Woman kept migrants' baby
  136. Two year old left in freezing car while parents shop
  137. Gay sperm donor fights for parental rights
  138. New York City toddler survives 20-foot fall
  139. Girls facing three years in Ghanaian jail after convicted of cocaine trafficking
  140. Shocking video emerges of driver tasered for not signing speeding ticket
  141. Saudi Arabia under increasing global pressure to reverse sentence of rape victim
  142. The Queen presented with her most 'unlikely' portrait ever
  143. Young Britain is cocaine capital of the world
  144. Doctors untangle the strange case of the giant hairball
  145. The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground
  146. Thanksgiving corn attacks family
  147. PC morons strike again-mourn Thanksgiving
  148. SWAT Team gases wrong home and destroys it
  149. Babies gravitate toward good Samaritans, study says
  150. Greens ripped up after ducks are shot at Sydney golf club
  151. Woman AGREED to have leg broken by boyfriend in bid to claim 100,000 insurance
  152. Man 'torched 350,000 home to stop his wife getting it in divorce'
  153. Outcry after Japan ends 44-year ban on humpback whale hunt
  154. Found: The cave 'where wolf suckled Romulus and twin Remus'
  155. Horrific picture of drowned diver captured in underwater tourist snap
  156. Mother jailed for allowing daughter to play truant because she had 'a bad hair day'
  157. Neighbours wage 'Scrooge-like' vendetta against father's Christmas light show
  158. Georgia boys ages 8 and 9 charged with rape
  159. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip celebrate 60th wedding anniversary
  160. Little boy accidentally kills sister
  161. Bad dad of the year
  162. Repeat drunk driver kills teen
  163. We will ban mobiles in classrooms say Tories
  164. Boy, 10, finds a tooth in his sausage
  165. A gang of young kids brutally attack a police officer on the Gold Coast, Australia
  166. Tawana Brawley, in the news AGAIN
  167. Detroit is No. 1
  168. Video released of stun gun death at airport
  169. 'Madeleine McCann's alive and we are very, very close to finding her kidnappers'
  170. Nine-year-old Leukaemia girl gets blog death threats
  171. Death of Drew Peterson's 3rd wife ruled homicide by medical examiner
  172. New Zealand to British woman: You're too fat to enter the country
  173. Woman plays kissy face with painting, gets fined
  174. Adult neighbors harass thirteen year old via MySpace into committing suicide
  175. PC A** monkey strikes again
  176. Oregon Police find 8 dogs in freezer, 24 loose while serving child porn warrants
  177. Ex-drill instructor Marine gets six months
  178. Name initials may influence grades: study
  179. Historic whiskey could go down drain
  180. Woman too sexy for southwest airlines - poses for Playboy
  181. Rare robbery case in Northern California brings cries of racism
  182. Saudi gang-rape victim is jailed
  183. Barry Bonds indicted
  184. NBA reprimands coach Phil Jackson for off color remark (anti gay slurs)
  185. Papa John's pizza chain now takes texted pizza orders
  186. No more Ho Ho Ho - it offends too many women
  187. Probation for man caught having sex with bicycle
  188. Keith Olbermann tears Faux News a new one for using sexual images in its news
  189. Eewwww! Used condoms were being recycled in (gasp!) China as cheap hair bands
  190. Police officer whose wife is missing is on Today
  191. Four get AIDS virus from organ donor
  192. 15 year old kills 18 year old in San Francisco for standing still on escalator
  193. Woman who falsely cried rape EIGHT times is spared jail
  194. Supermarket refused to sell alcohol to grandmother, 47 - she couldn't prove her age
  195. Child minder who shook child to death jailed for three years
  196. Part-time Google masseuse retires a multimillionaire
  197. 2 Michigan teens charged in dismemberment
  198. Egg throwing jerks almost kill a teenage boy
  199. King of Spain tells Hugo Chavez to STFU - youtube video included
  200. Report: Malaysia to make 'Islamic cars'
  201. School wants parents to buy spell checkers for kids
  202. Parking cop gave out 10,000 false tickets
  203. Robber too good to have committed crime...and acquitted!
  204. "911! I'm out of beer! Help!!!"
  205. Hillsboro teacher found guilty of felony theft in eBay jacket case
  206. Something good has come from bad
  207. Curious George dolls linked to lead (from guess where)
  208. Man killed in wood-chipper accident
  209. Woman believed to be one of last two Titanic survivors dies at 96
  210. Many mammals came from India, discovery suggests
  211. Ten things the DMV will not tell you
  212. Madeline McCann: Parents' friends want to change their story on checking the kids
  213. Chinese made toys will RAPE YOUR CHILDREN
  214. Mother sent stripper to schoolboy's classroom as birthday treat
  215. Eight dead after Jokela High School Massacre YouTube post
  216. 10-year old who started CA wildfires may be charged
  217. Political correctness gone amok in West Virginia
  218. Teenager 'hired hitman to kill mother after she confiscated his Playstation'
  219. Foxy Knoxy: the twisted world of flatmate suspected of Meredith Kercher's murder
  220. Pregnant woman killed in Los Angeles brawl
  221. Soldier survives knife to the head
  222. Trying to keep drunk priests off the streets
  223. Smoking pot not so bad for students
  224. Poop gets you high
  225. Cow!!!
  226. Toddler with eight limbs to undergo life-saving surgery
  227. Shopping centers showing mallrats the door
  228. Santa's told to lose weight! We have gone too far!!!
  229. Horrific Worldwide child sex network broken up
  230. Mixing vodka and Red Bull can be deadly
  231. Teacher arrested in Mexico, ran away with 13 year old boy
  232. Man sues over loss of his penis
  233. Get your Sept. 11 mug!
  234. Martin Luther King Museum too white???
  235. Gnomes without homes...so sad
  236. Really bad judge
  237. Pilots slept on flight
  238. Runner, 28, drops dead during U.S. Olympic marathon trials
  239. The baby who wouldn't die
  240. Woman takes out ad to sell breast milk
  241. Floods trap 300,000 in homes as 'one of worst natural disasters' hits Mexico
  242. Madeleine McCann: DNA 'does prove her body was in McCanns' hire car'
  243. Paramedics refused to run to boy of 11 dying on a beach, in case they got breathless
  244. Police and FBI ask for help in identifying little girl
  245. Disco Dentist nearly blinds a patient
  246. Drowsy driving is big killer in U.S.
  247. Madeleine McCann 'advertising' spoof in German magazine is 'extremely hurtful'
  248. Scientists find oldest living animal, then kill it
  249. Totino's and Jeno's pizza recalled due to E. coli
  250. Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92