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  1. Jewish Center Massacre Suspect, KKK Member Caught With Black Male Prostitute
  2. Driver posts selfies, updates Facebook seconds before fatal crash
  3. Man killed by Pope John Paul II
  4. Sorority 'Dick Sucking Queen' Writes Truly Unhinged Graduation Letter
  5. Hundreds of Students Missing after Ferry Sinks in South Korea
  6. US Airways Tweeted the Most Graphic Photo Ever, and Twitter Erupted With Amazing Puns
  7. PETA seeks to turn Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home into vegan eatery
  8. Family Sues N.Y. Nursing Home Over Male Stripper Visit
  9. Report: Multiple students stabbed in Pennsylvania
  10. Chavscot! It's Aintree 2014!
  11. Source: Active shooter at Fort Hood
  12. New Evidence the Black Death wasn't Actually A Bubonic Plague After All
  13. The Real Story Behind Steel Magnolias
  14. Man Expecting Quintuplets Finds Out His Girlfriend Isn't Pregnant
  15. All Men In North Korea Are Now Required to Get the Same Haircut as Kim Jong Un
  16. Danish zoo that culled giraffe kills family of lions
  17. Fox Affiliate accidentally broadcasts Dick Pic, has perfect reaction
  18. Fred Phelps on death bed
  19. Man Known As Kissing Sailor From One Of History's Most Iconic Pictures Has Died
  20. C*nty, C*ntish, C*nted and C*nting Added to Oxford English Dictionary
  21. Ladies Day fashion at Cheltenham races
  22. Woman bites driver’s finger off at New Jersey mall after she steals her parking spot
  23. Malaysia Airlines flight to Beijing disappears with 239 on board
  24. How 'Midnight Rider' Victim Sarah Jones Lost Her Life
  25. Ukraine Crisis: Russia enacts de facto military takeover of Crimea
  26. Daughter live tweets her dad dying
  27. McDonalds Man Sues for $1.5 Million They Only Gave Me ONE NAPKIN!!!
  28. Comedian Tim Wilson dead at 52
  29. Renowned Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia dies at 66
  30. The Girl Who Fought Her School's Antigay Actions (And Won)
  31. Girl Scout Sells 117 Boxes of Cookies Outside a Marijuana Dispensary
  32. ‘Who’s The Daddy?’ Homework Assignment Prompts Parent Complaint
  33. Kimberly & Craig Fugate, Parents of Surprise Quads: 'Taking It One Day at a Time'
  34. Discovery of graves affects UMMC parking plan (1,000 bodies)
  35. Six Lions destroyed at Longleat Safari
  36. Baby Giraffe Killed at Copenhagen Zoo and fed to Lions
  37. LGBT Activists Dump Blood on Olympic Flag Outside Russian Consulate
  38. 'Japanese Beethoven' Mamoru Samuragochi exposed as a fraud
  39. Michael Morones, 11, attempts suicide after being bullied over My Little Pony
  40. Cops Cutting Off Black Woman's Hair
  41. Warhol Superstar Rene Ricard dead at 67
  42. Police search for Leonardo DiCaprio's 'abducted' six-year-old niece
  43. Beverly Hills Suicide Jumper Was Facelift Patient of Surgeon to Stars (Exclusive)
  44. Coca Cola Defends arrest of gay Russian human rights advocate
  45. Brazilian boy and gran survive after being run over in car accident (boy walks away)
  46. Amazon Wants To Ship Products Before You Even Buy Them
  47. Nun gives birth - names the baby Frances
  48. Dead Texas Man... Probably not TOO mysterious
  49. Rainbow Flag removed from atop West Hollywood City Hall
  50. Rep. Sean Maloney is Engaged to his Longtime Partner, Randy Florke
  51. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Dead At 85
  52. 23andMe Test Reveals Disturbing Artificial Insemination Switch
  53. Florida parents of sick children seek use of new pot strain
  54. Israel Unveils Memorial to Gay Holocaust Victims
  55. Ex-wife of Cormac McCarthy pulled silver handgun from her genitals during argument
  56. Brain-Dead Woman Forced to Stay on Life Support Because She’s Pregnant
  57. Tiger Mom: Some cultural groups are superior
  58. Mother and Daughter Die Of Food Poisoning/Allergy in Bali
  59. A Tweet acknowledges Gus Smith in 1914 Nile Flight in S80 sea plane
  60. Missing Michigan doctor accused of stalking gospel artist Marvin Sapp
  61. Florida population growing - will soon be 3rd most populated state!!
  62. Family of brain dead California girl battles hospital to keep machines on
  63. Did SeaWorld stuff ballots for 'Blackfish' poll?
  64. 70 People Injured After Piranha Attack in Argentina
  65. John Wayne Gacy Victim Found Alive
  66. Judge halts Icelandic road project because of possible detrimental impact on 'elves'!
  67. Father drops toddler from hi-rise building in NYC, jumps to his death custody battle
  68. GR neighbors to the north now legit: Canadian Anti-Prostitution Laws Struck Down
  69. New Mexico Supreme Court: Same-sex Marriage Legal
  70. One in two hundred US women in study report having virgin births
  71. Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) dead
  72. Fox News host Megyn Kelly tells kids: Jesus and Santa are both white guys
  73. Incestuous 'cult' family found in Australia - "severely deformed" children removed
  74. Nelson Mandela dies
  75. Woman Kills Three For Last X-Box at Chicago Wal-Mart
  76. *Graphic* A 20-year-old man allegedly tried to kill himself on 4chan
  77. Child taken from womb by social services
  78. Python Eats Passed Out Drunk Guy
  79. At $142.4 Million, Triptych Is the Most Expensive Artwork Ever Sold at an Auction
  80. Homophobia hoax? Bullying note to waitress went viral, but it might be fake
  81. Mavis Batey, Allied Code Breaker in World War II, Dies at 92
  82. How These 5th Grade Football Players Responded To Their Waterboy Being Bullied
  83. Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins
  84. Florida Woman Hands in Resume to Sex Shop Then Tries to Steal Sex Toy
  85. Virginia legislator in critical condition after home assault
  86. Our hero! Batkid saves the day in San Francisco
  87. Wisconsin children's hospital locked down after shooting report
  88. Airline Bans Fat Bloke From Flying
  89. White supremacist Craig Cobb refuses to believe DNA test result = 14% African
  90. Russian performance artist nails himself to Red Square cobblestone by his TESTICLES
  91. How Standardized Testing is Ruining Public Education
  92. Jeremy Paxman called out PM's WWI commemorations as £50 Million are allocated
  93. Police Raid Grotesque “Gay Addiction” Torture Clinic In Ecuador
  94. Senior citizen pleads for more money for transportation costs and to heat home
  95. Man sues wife over ugly kids and wins
  96. UK teens' burning World Trade Center costumes spark outrage
  97. Whitley County teen refuses to run race because of '666' number
  98. Family sues New Jersey for right to put their child in gay conversion therapy
  99. Two planes carrying skydivers collide - all eleven on board survive (video at link)
  100. Shooting reported at Garden State Plaza mall
  101. Michigan woman’s Boston Marathon bombing costume sparks outrage, threats
  102. King Tut: Chariot Race May Have Led to King Tut’s Death
  103. Nazi-seized artwork worth $1.35 billion found in Munich apartment
  104. Man behind Oregon's infamous exploding whale dies
  105. West Point Hosts First Wedding For Male Couple
  106. Lovely Virginia Mom Dresses Son Up in Ku Klux Klan Costume
  107. LAX shooting; Gunman in critical condition
  108. Five women to a bed in world's busiest maternity ward
  109. Woman won't give Halloween candy to overweight kids
  110. Meet Mr. Balls
  111. Gay Art School Student to Lose Anal Virginity in Front of Class [NSFW]
  112. Settlement for a Shackled Pregnant Woman
  113. St Louis Cardinals fans supposedly getting a visit from Westboro Loons
  114. The Truth Behind 'The Most Widely Misunderstood Story in America'
  115. Parent Files Bullying Complaint Over Football Game...
  116. RFK Probably Stole JFK's Brain
  117. Paralyzed Man Finds Angry Note After Parking in Handicapped Spot
  118. Sephora Really Wants French People to Work on Sundays
  119. Most popular girls names, by state, for last 60 years
  120. Couple Marries after 80 years together and having 8 kids!!
  121. EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana
  122. US borrowing crisis 'days away' from danger, says World Bank head Jim Yong Kim
  123. India's Cyclone Phailin leaves trail of destruction
  124. 16-Year-Old Malala Yousafzai Leaves Jon Stewart Speechless W/Comment About Pacifism
  125. Boy, 9, sneaks onto plane and flies to Las Vegas
  126. Rochus Misch Hitler's bodyguard and last survivor of the bunker, has died at 96
  127. BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired @ U.S. Capital
  128. At Least 94 Dead, Hundreds Missing After Shipwreck Off Italian Coast
  129. Sewing jobs piling up in US manufacturing
  130. Real-life Sons of Anarchy plays out in NY streets
  131. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) sells branches to Corsair consortium
  132. Tories remove retired Colonels from conference for protesting Army cuts
  133. Next Tory plan - "bringing real change to Wales"
  134. NHS cuts protest in Manchester, during the Conservative Party conference
  135. Durham police chief Mike Barton - treat addicts not criminalise them
  136. Prince Charles honours Police at National Police Memorial Day
  137. Child dies, now parents want to ban window blind cords
  138. Woman Steals Ball from Kid at Baseball Game
  139. UN: Tabloids Were 'Xenophobic' To Brazilian Bedroom Tax Inspector Raquel Rolnik
  140. Alan Lewis, Tory Vice-Chairman, Arrested Over 1960s Rape Allegation
  141. British newspaper accuses Spanish school staging Gibraltar invasion play
  142. What is the Most Screwed Up Thing About Your State? Check This Chart
  143. Shot California Girl's Bleeding Mistaken for Period
  144. Transgender Teen Named Homecoming Queen
  145. Coca-Cola apologizes to Alberta family for ‘YOU RETARD’ bottle cap
  146. Divers Discover Two Old Cars with Six Bodies in Them in Oklahoma Lake
  147. New Zealand Will Let 'Too Fat' Chef Stay in Country Without Healthcare
  148. Chọn bếp điện từ hay bếp hồng ngoại hay bếp điện từ hồng ngoại
  149. After three decades swimmer Diana Nyad, 64, finally completes Cuba-to-FL swim
  150. Woman hospitalised after hiding stolen $5,000 in rectum
  151. David Frost, Who Interviewed Nixon, Is Dead at 74
  152. Kim Jong-Un's ex-lover executed by machine-gun
  153. Man, 96, enters song contest to pay tribute to love of his life
  154. Bear Grylls installs huge metal slide on his private island
  155. The Guardian Claims British Government Destroyed Their Hard Drives
  156. Man aged 70 has 10cm fork removed from inside his penis
  157. Forensic Artist recreates how Mary, Queen of Scots, may have looked
  158. In DUHHH News: 'Pull-out method' tied to unintended pregnancies
  159. Hacker Gains Access to Web Cam in Baby's Room
  160. Tenn. judge changes infant's name from "Messiah"
  161. Family rescued after 3 months at sea - left USA for religious reasons
  162. A ball-snarfling too far? Swedish men told to beware testicle-munching fish.
  163. Boss announces redundancies & his holiday plans in same e-mail
  164. Stephen Fry calls for Olympics ban over Russia's anti-gay laws
  165. Back alley plastic surgery killing and maiming women
  166. Exotic snake suspected in boys' deaths in Canada
  167. Pakistan Game Show - Win a NEW BABY!!!
  168. Safeway Shopper Horrified to Find Piece of Chicken in Her Chicken
  169. George H.W. Bush shaves head for 2 year old cancer patient
  170. Bank repossessed wrong home, won't pay up
  171. Woman Is Thrown to Her Death from Rollercoaster in Texas
  172. Genius Who Helped Beat Nazis Only to be Castrated by UK to be Pardoned
  173. White House journalist Helen Thomas dies at 92
  174. Schindler's List Up for Grabs on eBay
  175. Odd Aussie streaker with no penis
  176. Alexander McQueen Store Accused Of Racism, Former Security Guard Files Complaint
  177. Oklahoma City woman tells police her neighbor told everyone she had sex with cat
  178. Nadezhda Popova, WW II ‘Night Witch,’ Dies at 91
  179. Nothing To See Here, Just A Man Caught Boning an Inflatable Pool Toy
  180. *NSFW* Rising Ballet Star Claims He Was Kicked Out Of School For Starring In Gay Porn
  181. School kids correct celebrity grammar mistakes on Twitter
  182. Military ousts Mohammed Morsi
  183. Two Dozen Police on a bike ride find couple having sex on park bench
  184. Mystery of the woman with two names
  185. Your Guide to the TWA 800 Conspiracy and Its New Truther Documentary
  186. Eighth Graders Play Macklemore’s "Same Love" For Gay Teacher
  187. Michael Hastings Dead: Reporter, Author Dies In Car Crash At Age 33
  188. Whole Foods Revises Employee Language Policy After Hispanic Boycott
  189. Denver Boot for deadbeat dad of 22
  190. America's worst charities
  191. Uninsured man paralyzed after saving drowning child
  192. Horrible Florida Woman Who Filmed Herself Berating Dunkin' Donuts Workers
  193. Officer cleared after shooting kittens
  194. 14 year old pregnant rape victim slut shamed
  195. Our Wonderful San Francisco Subway - Crazy Man
  196. Washington Teen Goes Missing While on Naked 'Spiritual Quest'
  197. Paralyzed teen regains use of legs
  198. Diary of Hitler confidant found
  199. Prince Harry stood up against homophobia
  200. Incest prank at high school
  201. Facebook bans mastectomy pictures
  202. Nelson Mandela hospitalized with lung infection
  203. Chinese parents left childless battle against one child policy
  204. Four year old fatally shoots father
  205. Boy, 4, dies after mirror falls on his head at Hugo Boss store
  206. AP sources: Texas actress arrested in POTUS ricin case
  207. Man wakes from rhinoplasty operation to find top surgeon removed his ENTIRE nose
  208. 'Black people are like animals': Racist Facebook rants get 911 operator fired
  209. Deadly MERS-CoV virus spreads to Italy
  210. Oklahoma tornado deaths include three veteran storm chasers
  211. Joran van der Sloot engaged to wed Peruvian woman in prison
  212. Nike severs ties with Livestrong
  213. Abandoned baby rescued alive from sewer pipe
  214. Jacqueline Simpson Sues McDonald's, Claims Chicken Sandwich Incident Ruined Her Voice
  215. Massive Tornado (F5) Hits Oklahoma City...
  216. Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed to make roads
  217. Malcolm X's Grandson Malcolm Shabazz Killed in Mexico City
  218. Bride, 4 friends die in a fire in bachelorette limo
  219. Teen faces federal charges for bad science project
  220. Evidence of Cannibalism Among the Early Jamestown Settlers
  221. Twins born a grueling 87 days apart set world record
  222. Yugoslavia's exiled Queen Maria Repatriated For Burial
  223. TX Man: After 34 Years My Partner’s Sister Forced Us Apart
  224. Catholic midwives win right to object over abortion planning in Scotland
  225. Waco TX Fertilizer Plant Explosion Sends 120 to Hospitals, Levels Homes, Businesses
  226. Bizarre email exchange between state senator and displeased constituent
  227. DJ Peter Rauhofer Diagnosed with Brain Tumor
  228. Same Sex Marriage Legalised in New Zealand
  229. Because humanity isn't dead
  230. Mother Violently Ditches Baby So She Can Beat Up Woman for ‘Disrespecting Her Baby'
  231. Gay Man Arrested At Hospital After Refusing To Leave Bedridden Partner
  232. Australian couple caught by Google Street View
  233. Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing a Guantanamo-Themed Coachella Party
  234. Chile exhumes body of Pablo Neruda
  235. Annette Funicello, Original Mouseketeer, Dead at 70
  236. Margaret Thatcher Is Dead
  237. Christian Bale Helps Cheer Up Young Cancer Patient
  238. Biology Teacher Faces Investigation for Use Of Word ‘Vagina’ in Anatomy Lesson
  239. New Jersey Man wins the big lottery
  240. ‘Whale bone porn’ at Vancouver museum should be censored, says offended mom
  241. Wealth and income inequality is permanent
  242. Dad's love letter to gay teen son
  243. God hates Fred Phelps
  244. Jehovah Witness dad battles school district
  245. CO Civil Union Bill passes first hurdle
  246. Intern killed by Lion at Fresno County Wild Cat Park
  247. No Suit, Sherlock: Doyle Estate is Embroiled in Public Domain Legal Battle
  248. Cause of The Hindenburg Disaster...Hydrogen and Static...Well, duh.
  249. Nurse refuses to perform CPR, citing policy and stress. Woman dies as result.
  250. 7-year-old suspended for biting Pop Tart into gun shape